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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 344: Human Ice Sculptures

Chapter 344: Human Ice Sculptures

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With the help of the Corpse Wizard King, Yang Ling commanded the Magical Beast Army to attack the pouncing Long-haired Evil Demons who did not fear death.

Under the command of the Tarantula King, the Spider army hiding underground released sharp spurs. Wave after wave, piercing the underside of their big feet till they bled profusely. If any one of the fellows fell onto the floor, then it would be even more unfortunate for them. In an instant, they would be pierced into a mash by the relentless spurs from the ground, a horrible sight.

Under the Evil Eye Tyrant’s command, the Evil Eyes army shot out a wave of Flash Rays, and immediately attacked the Long-haired Evil Demons, who had momentarily lost their ability to see and were not able to avoid the attack in time. After finishing a bunch of them off, the Evil Eyes shot out another round of Flash Rays, then attacked ferociously again. Cycling the attacks like this, they slaughtered huge numbers of Evil Demons.

After absorbing many Essence Crystals and much white fog, while the ordinary Evil Eyes did not level up, their capabilities visibly improved. They were able to fire almost ten rounds of Flash Rays every day and for the ordinary Ray, they could even sustain it for up to half and hour.

Half an hour could be the time taken to drink a cup of tea to the ordinary people, but on the battlefield, that time was precious!

In that short half and hour, the corpses of the Long-haired Evil Demon piled up in front of the Evil Eyes army, blood flowing like a river!

The Long-haired Evil Demon was very strong and very fast. If they got close enough to grab hold of you, even the Twin-legged Flying Dragons, strong in close combat, would find it hard to deal with.

Apart from being strong in close combat, its long range attack was also terrifying. One breath was all that was needed to freeze the enemy, even to point of being frozen solid, unable to move. At this point, if anyone got hit by its heavy hammer, even the Immortal Golden Deity would not be able to save him.

The Long-haired Evil Demon was powerful, but unfortunately, their shooting range was a step less then the Evil Eyes. The Long-haired Evil Demons paid a heavy price for this bit of distance!

The relentless ground spurs from the Spiders, the storm of Rays fired from the Evil Eyes, the Corpse Wizard King’s Mind Magic Field that made one dizzy and sluggish…

With Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King working in sync, and the ruthless attacks by their nemesis like the Evil Eyes, the Long-haired Evil Demons were unable to effectively use their Ice Sealing special ability, no matter how powerful it was. Wave after wave of Long-haired Evil Demons fell in front of the Evil Eyes army.

Within half an hour, the swarm of Long-haired Evil Demons were almost completely decimated. Even those fellows who had realized that something was wrong and started running for their lives, were caught up by the lightning quick Yang Ling and the Level Surpassing Dark Dragon King. One by one, they were all killed.

After stopping the Mind Magic Field and looking at the Long-haired Evil Demons laying in a huge pool of blood, the Corpse Wizard King let out a sigh of relief. “My Lord, there has to be a mass grave deep within the mine, with a strong aura of grievance. That’s why the Long-haired Evil Demons mutated. Although their strength and speed had increased greatly, their intellect was also greatly affected. If they had slyly scattered and ambushed us, we would have been in trouble!”

“Let’s go, and see what secret is hiding deep within the mine!”

Transporting the Magical Beast Army, like the Spiders and Evil Eyes, back to the Wizard’s Pagoda, Yang Ling strode forward while talking, under the protection of a few high level Magical Beasts, like the Dark Dragon King, Flying Dragon King, Unicorn and Chimera King. The Thousand-faced Mink, about the size of a rabbit, also cheekily perched on his left shoulder, sniffing at the strong stench of blood. It exaggeratedly covered its little mouth, and even wiggled its little bottom, from time to time.

“Hehe, my Lord, legend has it that the Thousand-faced Mink, when of age, can transform into a beauty. How about giving it to me as a present early!” Pinching the Thousand-faced Mink’s little bottom, the Corpse Wizard King smiled perversely.


After glaring at the ill-intentioned Corpse Wizard king, the Thousand-faced Mink bit his dry and withered index finger, and immediately leaped to Yang Ling’s right shoulder, out of the evil clutches of the dirty old man, the Corpse Wizard King.

He even set his sights on the small Thousand-faced Mink?

Looking at Corpse Wizard King who looked perverted even after being bitten, Yang Ling shook his head. At the start, the Corpse Wizard King might have started torturing flirty women out of vengeance, but now, it seemed that he might be addicted to torturing women, getting a kick whenever he saw a female.

“Rodriguez, there are some female Sharo Pigs in the Beast Taming Ground of the Hunter Association. I heard that they can transform into human form after becoming fat. Their buttocks are also unusually large. Why don’t I introduce you to a few? I can get Goode to send you a batch using the Teleportation Formation!”‘ Looking at the salivating Corpse Wizard King who seemed as if he was thinking perverted thoughts, Yang Ling smiled.

Sharo Pigs?

Listening to what Yang Ling said, the Corpse Wizard King broke out in cold sweat. He might like women with big behinds, but a Sharo Pig with big buttocks, even when transformed into human form, was still a pig.

Even though he had never heard of Sharo Pigs transforming into human form, after hearing the news that the Magical Beasts Realm was secretly building a Beast Soul Altar, he did not doubt that one day, Yang Ling could really mix a pig and human together and use the Beast Soul Altar to create a demoness.

A human gives birth to a human, a pig gives birth to a pig! Even if the demoness was created with the Beast Soul Altar, it would still be a pig!

If one day he were to get drunk and Yang Ling were to mix in some super aphrodisiac like the Ambergris, and he confusedly spent a night of passion with a demoness, the Corpse Wizard King feared he would lose face if the news spread to the Dimension of Dead Souls!

“Forget it, my Lord, you can keep it for yourself to slowly savor!” Looking at Yang Ling’s evil smile, the Corpse Wizard King quickly moved away, putting some distance between them.

“Hehe, Rodriguez, don’t stand on ceremony!” Seeing the Corpse Wizard King move to one side like lightning, Yang Ling’s smile brightened. “The Beast Soul Altar will be complete soon. You might be a bit skinny, but you’re very powerful. I think the future Demon Tribe won’t not mind you at all!”

“Nnng… My Lord, I’ll… I’ll go scout ahead!” Looking the forced smile on Yang Ling’s face, the Corpse Wizard King quickly made up an excuse to run off. All new things need experimenting, including the Beast Soul Altar. He did not wish to become Yang Ling’s guinea pig.


Seeing that the perverted Corpse Wizard King had run off with his tail tucked between his legs, the Thousand-faced Mink made a few delighted cries, jumping into Yang Ling’s arms and arched its back. Even though it could not yet transform, and talk, but its intelligence was far above a normal high level Magical Beast’s.

This small little fellow could transform in the future?

Looking at the Thousand-faced Mink intimately laying on his shoulder, Yang Ling shook his head while stroking its smooth, shiny fur.

It was not that he could not keep up with the times, it was just that this world was too crazy. If it was on Earth in the 21st century, he was afraid that the Magical Beasts that were with him would all be taken to the top research labs in the major countries to be dissected and studied!

After killing the big groups of Octopuses and Long-haired Evil Demon, the two of them did not encounter any other monsters along the way, but they did see more and more Black Sand Ores.

Black Sand Ores were all black, like unassuming pieces of rough rock. If the Corpse Wizard King had not told him about it, Yang Ling would never have assumed that these black things were the Black Sand that was so rare that you could not buy it for even a thousand pieces of gold on the continent.

Even though it was nothing to look at, Black Sand was extraordinarily hard. Even the sharp Blood Elf Dagger could barely cut off a few pieces off it. So, Yang Ling simply kept all the Black Sand Ores he encountered along the way. The small pieces, he stuffed into the Space Ring, and ones that were big like a small hill, he directly used Restriction to move the entire thing into the Wizard Pagoda’s Space. Looking at him, the Corpse Wizard King shook his head.

As they neared deep within the mine, the top quality Black Sand Ores got more and more, including many sculptures made out of Black Sand. There was a Giant Dragon with wings spread in flight, a Priest prostrating on the ground in prayer and a ancient Titans holding a giant sword… The sculptures were intricate and lifelike, and looked like they were naturally formed. Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King got a shock when they saw them!

With their power, they found it hard to even cut the extremely hard Black Sand Ore with their sharpest weapon, not to mention sculpting the Black Sand into lifelike sculptures.

Who was the person who used the hard and precious Black Sand to sculpt the many mysterious sculptures?

And who placed he sculptures here in this mysterious underwater mine? What had the Tribe of the female captain, which had lived in the shadow of a curse for hundreds and thousands of years, got to do with all these?

Brimming with questions, Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King carefully walked past the numerous and magnificent sculptures, nearing deep within the mine with each step.

On the surface of the sea, they had already felt he faint energy pulses. As they neared deep within the mine, the energy pulses were strong enough to almost knock them off their feet. It filled every corner, putting immense pressure on the two of them, as if they were carrying a heavy mountain.

Thankfully, the pirates did not follow them in. If not, not to mention dealing with attacks by monsters, just this immense pressure alone would make it difficult for them to breathe, or even move!

“My Lord, be careful, something’s very weird is going on here!”

After forcefully sucking in a few breaths, the Corpse Wizard King had a serious look on his face that had never been seen before. While talking, he tried his best to cast the Mind Magic Field that had not yet fully recovered.

After feeling the boundless pressure, without needing the Corpse Wizard King’s reminder, Yang Ling decisively expanded the Ice-sealing Throne. Unfortunately, the pressure here was just too terrifying, so Yang Ling was unable to summon the Magical Beasts Army for support. The high level Magical Beasts like the Twin-legged Flying Dragons or Chimeras might be able to just withstand the pressure, but if he were to summon low level Magical Beasts like the Horned Bee Beasts and Spiders, they would not be of any help.

“Aye, my Lord, look. What’s that?”

After walking round a few giant sculptures, an open plaza appeared before them.

In the middle of the plaza, was a huge pentagon shaped spell formation, filled with top quality Crystals. Around the plaza, apart from the uncountable number of sculptures, were a group of human ice sculptures. There were heavily armored, ferocious warriors, spellcasters in white robes holding staffs, mothers carrying infants and butt naked children… All of their expressions were different and very lifelike!

Could it be that these ice sculptures were the Tribesmen that Margaret, the female captain, had talked about? Then, where was the evil demon that was so-called sealed away?

Looking at the ice sculptures with varying expressions, Yang Ling had a sudden thought, and recalled the purpose of Margaret’s journey. He took a deep breath, raised the sharp Blood Elf Dagger and carefully observed his surroundings, afraid that if he were not careful, he would get ambushed by an evil demon!

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