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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)


In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world.

Firearms, cannons, battleships, airships, and difference machines. Potions, divination, curses, hanged-man, and sealed artifacts… The lights shone brightly, yet the secrets of the world were never far away. This was a legend of the “fool”.

650 • 2019-03-28 22:37:21


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 699: Boss Fight2019-11-18
Chapter 698: Fifth King of Angels2019-11-18
Chapter 697: Story’s Progress2019-11-17
Chapter 696: Giant Guardian2019-11-17
Chapter 695: Stark Contrast2019-11-16
Chapter 694: Burn Upon Chanting2019-11-16
Chapter 693: Attempt2019-11-16
Chapter 692: Suspect2019-11-16
Chapter 691: Meeting2019-11-16
Chapter 690: Miss Messenger2019-11-16
Chapter 689: That’s It?2019-11-16
Chapter 688: Fruitless Wait2019-11-15
Chapter 687: Blatherer2019-11-15
Chapter 686: A Hard-to-complete Ritual2019-11-14
Chapter 685: From A Delay to Disconnection2019-11-14
Chapter 684: Battle Encounter2019-11-13
Chapter 683: So You Are Here as Well2019-11-13
Chapter 682: Seeking “Food”2019-11-12
Chapter 681: Indirect Answer2019-11-12
Chapter 680: New Thoughts2019-11-11
Chapter 679: Murder Request2019-11-11
Chapter 678: Punishment2019-11-10
Chapter 677: Falling to the Ground2019-11-10
Chapter 676: Tripartite Transaction2019-11-09
Chapter 675: Building Ties2019-11-09
Chapter 674: Leaving the Ship2019-11-08
Chapter 673: Blood Text2019-11-08
Chapter 672: Bystander2019-11-08
Chapter 671: The Fourth Name2019-11-08
Chapter 670: Repenter2019-11-08
Chapter 669: Exchange of Information2019-11-08
Chapter 668: Confidence Might Also Be a Weakness2019-11-07
Chapter 667: Prayer2019-11-07
Chapter 666: Afternoon Town2019-11-06
Chapter 665: Spirit Body Threads2019-11-06
Chapter 664: Every Second Counts2019-11-05
Chapter 663: False Alarm2019-11-05
Chapter 662: Powerful Aura2019-11-04
Chapter 661: Approaching2019-11-04
Chapter 660: Behind the Mask2019-11-04
Chapter 659: This Beyonder Power is Very Powerful2019-11-03
Chapter 658: 55,000 Pounds2019-11-03
Chapter 657: Terrifying Vitality2019-11-03
Chapter 656: Crazy Mutations2019-11-02
Chapter 655: Dream Analysis2019-11-02
Chapter 654: Prisoner and Guard2019-11-01
Chapter 653: Black-faced, Black-handed2019-11-01
Chapter 652: Mermaid Clues2019-10-31
Chapter 651: Meeting Again2019-10-31
Chapter 650: The Unlucky Anderson2019-10-30
Chapter 649: Black Cloister2019-10-30
Chapter 648: Noon and Night2019-10-29
Chapter 647: Sea of Ruins2019-10-29
Chapter 646: Leymano’s Spellbook2019-10-28
Chapter 645: Calming Method2019-10-28
Chapter 644: Laughter2019-10-27
Chapter 643: Klein’s Version of “Magic Mirror Divination”2019-10-27
Chapter 642: Killing Three Birds With One Stone2019-10-26
Chapter 641: A Well Mouth That Humans Can’t Pass2019-10-26
Chapter 640: Female Pirate2019-10-25
Chapter 639: Name List2019-10-25
Chapter 638: Poison Expert2019-10-25
Chapter 637: The Future2019-10-25
Chapter 636: Slaughterer2019-10-25
Chapter 635: Meeting2019-10-25
Chapter 634: City of White2019-10-25
Chapter 633: Two Types of Parasitizing2019-10-24
Chapter 632: Finishing Up2019-10-24
Chapter 631: Three Days of Absence2019-10-23
Chapter 630: Timeline2019-10-23
Chapter 629: Heavenly Body Sect2019-10-22
Chapter 628: Prohibition2019-10-22
Chapter 627: Late into the Night2019-10-21
Chapter 626: Amyrius’s Decision2019-10-21
Chapter 625: Successful First Day2019-10-20
Chapter 624: Warning2019-10-20
Chapter 623: First Night2019-10-19
Chapter 622: Temporary Contract2019-10-19
Chapter 621: Governor-general’s Office Banquet2019-10-18
Chapter 620: Stand-in Mission2019-10-18
Chapter 619: Unable to Speak2019-10-17
Chapter 618: Volunteer Work2019-10-17
Chapter 617: The Mysterious Adam2019-10-16
Chapter 616: Silver Lining2019-10-16
Chapter 615: Grayish-white Fog2019-10-15
Chapter 614: Adventurer Association2019-10-15
Chapter 613: Leonard’s Investigation2019-10-14
Chapter 612: In Hand2019-10-14
Chapter 611: Fate Councilor2019-10-13
Chapter 610: Throwing the Die2019-10-13
Chapter 609: Paying a Visit2019-10-12
Chapter 608: Professional2019-10-12
Chapter 607: Discovering an Abnormality2019-10-11
Chapter 606: Intimidation2019-10-11
Chapter 605: “Judgment”2019-10-10
Chapter 604: A Different Enemy2019-10-10
Chapter 603: Conditions2019-10-09
Chapter 602: Becoming Famous2019-10-09
Chapter 601: Scaring Oneself2019-10-08
Chapter 600: Clearing the Place2019-10-08