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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)


In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world.

Firearms, cannons, battleships, airships, and difference machines. Potions, divination, curses, hanged-man, and sealed artifacts… The lights shone brightly, yet the secrets of the world were never far away. This was a legend of the “Fool”.

705 • 2019-03-28 22:37:21


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 866: Home2020-01-18
Chapter 865: Earl Hall’s Suggestion2020-01-18
Chapter 864: Actor and Spectator2020-01-18
Chapter 863: Charity Party2020-01-18
Chapter 862: Kind Warning2020-01-17
Chapter 861: Fors’s Dream2020-01-17
Chapter 860: Runaway Horse2020-01-17
Chapter 859: New Mushrooms2020-01-17
Chapter 858: Generous2020-01-17
Chapter 857: Poignant2020-01-16
Chapter 856: Bodyguards Arrive2020-01-16
Chapter 8552020-01-15
Chapter 854: Confession2020-01-15
Chapter 853: Comparison of Experience in Sophistry2020-01-14
Chapter 852: Straight to the Point2020-01-14
Chapter 851: Dwayne Dantès’s New Business2020-01-13
Chapter 850: The Devil is in the Details2020-01-13
Chapter 849: Consultation Fees2020-01-12
Chapter 848: Getting Caught in the Crossfire2020-01-12
Chapter 847: The Name Hidden in the Dossiers2020-01-11
Chapter 846: Find the Target2020-01-11
Chapter 845: Return2020-01-10
Chapter 844: Which Symbol2020-01-10
Chapter 843: Magical Mushroom2020-01-10
Chapter 842: Behind the Door2020-01-10
Chapter 841: Keeping Each Other in Check2020-01-10
Chapter 840: Using His Advantage2020-01-10
Chapter 839: Descendant of An Ancient God2020-01-10
Chapter 838: Scene from the Historical Void2020-01-10
Chapter 837: The Hangers2020-01-10
Chapter 836: “Tossing Food”2020-01-10
Chapter 835: The Figures Coming and Going2020-01-10
Chapter 834: Good Luck2020-01-10
Chapter 833: Things to Take Note Of2020-01-10
Chapter 832: Town2020-01-10
Chapter 831: Just Inches Away2020-01-10
Chapter 830: Infiltration2020-01-10
Chapter 829: Arrival of June2020-01-10
Chapter 828: Movement of the Night2020-01-10
Chapter 827: Plenty of People Coming and Going2020-01-09
Chapter 826: The Thought of Being Forgotten2020-01-09
Chapter 825: Reservation2020-01-08
Chapter 824: Conflict2020-01-08
Chapter 823: The Maturing Tarot Club2020-01-07
Chapter 822: Another2020-01-07
Chapter 821: Soul Imprint2020-01-06
Chapter 820: Two Dazed Instances2020-01-06
Chapter 819: Gift2020-01-05
Chapter 818: Warning2020-01-05
Chapter 817: Guests2020-01-04
Chapter 816: Completing the Transaction2020-01-04
Chapter 815: After-action review2020-01-03
Chapter 814: Disappeared2020-01-03
Chapter 813: Tyrant2020-01-03
Chapter 812: Myth from Another Perspective2020-01-03
Chapter 811: The Picture in the Catacombs2020-01-03
Chapter 810: Whose Cathedral2020-01-03
Chapter 809: The Danger Amidst the Darkness2020-01-03
Chapter 808: Awful Singing2020-01-03
Chapter 807: Mediocre Luck2020-01-02
Chapter 806: Entering the Island in the Middle of the Night2020-01-02
Chapter 805: Meeting Up2020-01-01
Chapter 804: Archaeological Team2020-01-01
Chapter 803: Name Rectification2019-12-31
Chapter 802: Follow-up Solutions2019-12-31
Chapter 801: Plea2019-12-30
Chapter 800: Psychologically Becoming “Better”2019-12-30
Chapter 799: Spying2019-12-29
Chapter 798: Revisiting an Old Haunt2019-12-29
Chapter 797: Reward2019-12-28
Chapter 796: Slowly Becoming Proficient2019-12-28
Chapter 795: Patience2019-12-28
Chapter 794: Short-Term Investment2019-12-28
Chapter 793: Surprise Visitor2019-12-27
Chapter 792: The Fool’s Authority2019-12-27
Chapter 791: New Model2019-12-27
Chapter 790: The End of the Diary2019-12-27
Chapter 789: Each Person’s Monday2019-12-27
Chapter 788: Hidden Passage2019-12-27
Chapter 787: Dorian’s Warning2019-12-26
Chapter 786: Accounting Fraud2019-12-26
Chapter 785: Trissy’s Discovery2019-12-25
Chapter 784: Character Assassination2019-12-25
Chapter 783: The Trick to Communication2019-12-24
Chapter 782: Saturday Night2019-12-24
Chapter 781: Negative Effects2019-12-23
Chapter 780: Extract2019-12-23
Chapter 779: One-Shot2019-12-22
Chapter 778: 1 + 1 > 22019-12-22
Chapter 777: Sick and Crazy Setup2019-12-21
Chapter 776: Preparations2019-12-21
Chapter 775: Making Use2019-12-20
Chapter 774: Clues2019-12-20
Chapter 773: Additional Development2019-12-20
Chapter 772: Walter’s Abnormality2019-12-20
Chapter 771: Luck Siphon2019-12-20
Chapter 770: A Child Should Act like a Child2019-12-20
Chapter 769: Sacrificing to Oneself2019-12-20
Chapter 768: “Conversation” Between Smart People2019-12-19
Chapter 767: Passing a Message2019-12-19