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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 338 How Could You Believe In Such Metaphysics?!

Chapter 338 How Could You Believe In Such Metaphysics?!

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Someone knocked on the door as the two of them were chatting.

“Teacher-Teacher Zhang, Apologies that I was late for two minutes. My sh-shoelace broke on the way.”

Pei Qian glanced at his watch subconsciously. It was a little over four in the afternoon.

The college often arranged students to be on duty. Their job was mainly to help the counselors and other teachers run errands and other miscellaneous work within their means.

This student should have been helping out in Zhang Wei’s office.

Zhang Wei seemed to have been mentally prepared and did not bother in the least. “It’s okay. Don’t worry if you were to encounter special circumstances in the future. It doesn’t matter if you are a few minutes late. Your safety is most important.”

Pei Qian turned his head to look. A tall girl in thick winter school uniform came in. She looked just shy of 1.7 meters tall. She had a pair of washed-out jeans and a pair of sneakers on. One of the laces on the sneakers was broken.

Most universities did not have uniforms. Handong University was no exception.

The school uniform worn by her was obviously from her high school. It was almost December, and winter was here. Many people were wearing thin down jackets. The ability of this school uniform to keep out the cold was rather worrying. The hands and cheeks of this girl were indeed flushed from the cold. However, she seemed to be used to it.

“Oh, just nice. Hey, Yishu, this is the senior who put 500 yuan into your meal card.”

The girl bowed hurriedly. “Thank you, Senior!”

“It’s alright,” Pei Qian said while looking at Zhang Wei blankly.

“This is Tang Yishu, a freshman in our university. She is also in your financial aid program. Eh, no need to water the plants, no need to water the plants…” Zhang Wei introduced her.

Zhang Wei stopped Tang Yishu from picking up the watering can next to him.

Tang Yishu squeezed her fingers helplessly and asked. “In that case, what else can I help with, Teacher Zhang…?”

Zhang Wei handed her a document on the table. “Run an errand for me. Send these for stamping. Be safe on your way.”


Tang Yishu nodded and gave the document a glance before leaving with her lowered head. Pei Qian was a little puzzled. “Why did you emphasize on safety?” “Did you not hear what she said? Her shoelace broke on the way here. There could be more situations waiting for her during her errands.”

Pei Qian, “?”

Zhang Wei continued. “She watered the green dill on my table on her first day of duty. Its leaves turned yellow for some unknown reason. As a result of that, I spent a lot of effort taking care of it-adding fertilizer and gave it plenty of sun-before it managed to survive.

“Strange happenings always revolve around this kid. She could be walking and trip over a stone. Blown away by the wind while sunning the clothes. These are all run-of-the-mill for her.”

“The most outrageous incident was when she made a reservation at a restaurant for the class gathering. All of us heard the service staff confirm the reservation. Later on, the service staff forgot about it. The restaurant gave us a complimentary fruit platter, but I never dared to let her handle such tasks again.”

“However, she is serious about her work and studies very hard.”

“I arranged for her to be on duty because her family isn’t in good condition. She can earn a little salary this way. However, I don’t dare to let her do too much work. I’m worried that she would knock herself while running errands.”

Pei Qian was shocked. “There is even such a thing?”

Zhang Wei nodded. “Yes, some of her classmates even teased her about it and nicknamed her ‘Loser’ because it sounded like her name. It sounds a little overboard, but it is very difficult to explain everything from a scientific perspective…” Pei Qian said sternly, “Teacher Zhang, we are both highly educated. How can you believe in such metaphysics?! “Ahem, ahem, if you don’t mind, I can consider giving her a part-time job.”

Zhang Wei was a little surprised. “Really? That’s great! She doesn’t make much money with me here. I tried to give her some money privately, but she refused.” “It’s great if you have a suitable part-time job for her. Don’t worry, she’s just a little less lucky. She is one of the best and most reliable freshmen in our college in terms of study and conduct.”

Pei Qian was not interested in everything else, only in her luck.

They were just chatting when Tang Yishu came back with the stamped document in her hand. For some reason, there was a little red bump on her forehead.

Zhang Wei took the document. “What happened to your forehead?”

“I-I ran a little too fast and accidentally hit the glass door…” Tang Yishu said with some embarrassment.

“Teacher Zhang, don’t worry. There was no damage to the door. I’m fine as well.” Zhang Wei was a little dumbfounded. “Why do you care about the door? What matters is that you’re alright. What do you have in your hand?”

Tang Yishu had a paper bag in her hand. She handed it over to Pei Qian with both her hands. “Senior, this is f-for you. Thank you.”

Pei Qian found a scarf inside after accepting it with confusion. It was monochrome and pretty obviously hand-knitted. It was very different from the scarves sold in the malls.

Pei Qian looked down at the turtleneck sweater he was wearing and the thick down jacket that he left unzipped because the office was too hot. He also remembered the commercial car waiting for him at the west gate outside the school.

He then looked towards Tang Yishu in her old school uniform, face still flushed from the cold.

“I think you need this scarf more than me…” Pei Qian said sincerely.

Tang Yishu waved her hand hurriedly. “No, no, no, please keep it, Senior. I’ll knit another one soon.”

Zhang Wei smiled. “Keep it, Pei Qian. That’s just like her. She dislikes accepting favors.

“Yishu, you don’t have to come to run errands for me from now on. Your senior will give you a part-time job. You will be able to get more income.”

“Huh?” Tang Yishu’s big eyes were blank. “Why are you still in a daze? Go, listen to the work that your senior has arranged for you. You don’t need to come here for errands in the future.” Zhang Wei waved his hand dismissively and continued with his work on hand.

Tang Yishu could only follow silently behind Pei Qian as he left the office building after she was sold by the counselor inexplicably.

Pei Qian was thinking over the kind of work he should give Tang Yishu as he walked. Theoretically speaking, he was bringing her back to the office as a mascot. However, he couldn’t possibly just let her sit in the office every day without any work, right?

What kind of work should he give her?

Pei Qian staggered suddenly as he contemplated and nearly fell. Tang Yishu reacted fast. She grabbed Pei Qian immediately and prevented him from suffering the ill fortune of falling down.

Pei Qian was a little surprised. “Thank you.”

Tang Yishu blushed. “No need to thank you. I-I’m used to it. I’m sorry, Senior.”

Pei Qian lowered his head and found that his shoelace had come loose without him knowing. He almost fell because his left foot stepped onto his right shoelace just now. Pei Qian could not help but fall into silence. Could there really be such metaphysics in this world? Was there really a naturally unlucky being that could spread her unluckiness to her surroundings? Tang Yishu supported Pei Qian and waited for him to stand firm before she stood silently to the side. She kept more than one meter away from Pei Qian, probably because she was afraid Pei Qian would be affected by her again.

Pei Qian was not angry at all. Instead, he was elated.

“Come, come, come, follow me.”

They walked towards the university’s west gate. There were many small shops after the west gate. One of them sold lottery scratchcards for twenty yuan per piece. It could be used to scratch for many prizes.

Pei Qian brought Tang Yishu to his small shop. He fished out 200 yuan without a second thought. “Boss, give me 10 pieces.”


Pei Qian looked at Tang Yishu, who was standing outside the shop, after getting the lottery scratchcards. He fell into a brief period of consideration.

Pei Qian decided not to hand these lottery scratchcards to Tang Yishu. He would scratch them himself.

There had to be a control case even in good or bad luck.

Tang Yishu subconsciously stepped back more than two meters away seeing Pei Qian scratch the lottery scratchcards.

Pei Qian did not say anything as he started scratching away.

Five yuan.

Ten yuan.

Fifty yuan.

Pei Qian’s face became darker as he continued scratching

As expected, I’m a godd*mn winner in life!

Two hundred yuan worth of lottery scratchcards yielded me more than three hundred yuan. I even made a profit!

Pei Qian had long felt there was a huge problem with his luck. How could it be so difficult to lose some money?

He handed these lottery scratchcards to the owner. “Exchange all of them for more lottery scratchcards.”

Scratchcards that won 5,000 yuan and below could be redeemed directly at the sales outlet. However, anything more than 5,000 yuan could only be redeemed at China Welfare Lottery Issuing Center.

Pei Qian redeemed the lottery scratchcards for more lottery scratchcards and beckoned Tang Yishu over.

“You scratch them.”

Tang Yishu shook her head vigorously. “No, Senior, I… cannot do it. My luck is really bad.”

Pei Qian stuffed the lottery scratchcards into her hands. “No problem, just listen to me and scratch them.”

Tang Yishu pursed her lips. “Senior, t-this is 300-odd yuan…”

However, she had no choice but to scratch reluctantly under Pei Qian’s watchful gaze.

Pei Qian watched seriously by the side.

First card, second card, third card…

The winning rate plummeted ever since Tang Yishu started scratching. She would get nothing for consecutive cards.

Tang Yishu stopped to look at Pei Qian after every few pieces of cards with tears in her eyes.

Pei Qian gestured ‘do your best’, signaling her to continue.

Halfway through the lottery scratchcards, only a few pieces won the lottery. The pieces that won were only worth 10 yuan. It was a total loss.

“Alright, stop,” Pei Qian said. Tang Yishu stopped immediately as if she was saved.

Pei Qian took the rest of the lottery scratchcards and stopped Tang Yishu from removing herself away from him. “Just stand here.”

Pei Qian continued to scratch. This time, he did not win a single card after eight consecutive pieces!

Tang Yishu subconsciously tried to retreat. However, Pei Qian would look at her every time she made any small movement. That made her too scared to move.

The 300-odd-yuan worth of lottery scratchcards was finally done. Pei Qian counted the winning cards. They yielded a total of 120 yuan. Moreover, more than half of them were scratched by Pei Qian.

The change of luck for the worse was visible to the naked eye!

Pei Qian was too tired after scratching so many lottery scratchcards. He handed them to the boss and redeemed them all.

Tang Yishu stood by the side, pinching her fingers nervously and looking very distressed. Pei Qian did not believe in metaphysics originally. That had changed now.

He paid 200 yuan and recovered 120 yuan. Pei Qian was overjoyed even though 80 yuan had gone to the Welfare Lottery.

“Here, for you.”

Pei Qian handed Tang Yishu the remaining 120 yuan, but she pursed her lips and shook her hand.

“How stubborn. You really don’t accept benefits from others.”

Pei Qian had no choice but to keep the money and left the shop with Tang Yishu. Five minutes after they left, the shopkeeper put away the bunch of lottery scratchcards that did not win and was about to throw them away.

A student from Handong University walked past to buy a bottle of water and happened to see the pile of scrap lottery scratchcards on the table.

“Lottery scratchcards? IQ tax. Someone actually bought so many…”

This guy muttered, expressing his disdain for this matter. However, he hesitated for quite some time after he purchased the water before finally fishing out 20 yuan for one scratchcard.

His eyes nearly popped out when he scratched it.

“F*ck, 100,000 yuan!!!”

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