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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 339 Encourager ‘Glabella’

Chapter 339 Encourager ‘Glabella’

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Pei Qian trod carefully as he emerged from the shop near the west gate. He was constantly on the lookout if there were any stones below his feet or if his shoelaces came loose again. Tang Yishu lowered her head and followed behind with small steps. She did not know what type of job she was going to do; neither did she dare to ask too much.

Pei Qian bought a cup of iced milk tea and hot milk tea when they passed by a milk tea shop. He gave Tang Yishu the cup of hot milk tea.

Tang Yishu was slightly embarrassed but accepted it at Pei Qian’s insistence. She held the hot milk tea and warmed her hands.

“Do you have any interests or hobbies? For example… piano? Singing? Drawing?” Pei Qian tried asking, but Tang Yishu shook her head, declining all these options. Pei Qian gave it some thought and felt that given Tang Yishu’s family conditions, it was good enough to be able to go to school. Where was the money to expend on such hobbies?

The problem was… what kind of job should he give her?

Pei Qian recruited Tang Yishu purely as a mascot. She should be placed directly in the center of the office to change the luck of the office given her special halo effect. There was no need for her to be put in charge of specific tasks.

Tang Yishu was very smart after all. She was hardworking and would probably be able to pick up the work rather fast in the future. Boss Pei did not want to be stabbed by smart students.

However, he had to find something for her to do no matter what.

“How about… you come to my office to help me water my plants.’

Pei Qian pondered. This girl nearly watered the green dill in Zhang Wei’s office to death. It shouldn’t be too difficult to destroy all the potted plants in Tengda, right? He could buy a new bunch then. That would allow him to spend some money. What a great idea.

Tang Yishu waved her hand hurriedly. “No, Senior, I cannot take care of plants.

“All living things I’ve taken care of since I was young would become sick inexplicably, be it animals or plants. Except… except for cats.”


Pei Qian gave it some thought. Cats could do as well! It just so happened that there was a pet hospital nearby.

“Follow me.”

Tang Yishu hugged the milk tea, trotted behind Pei Qian again, and entered the nearby pet hospital.

This pet hospital was very small, housing only three treatment rooms and one operating theater. It mainly served the people in surrounding communities with pets.

Stray cats were a frequent occurrence in this area. Students or aunties with nothing better to do in the community would often bring these stray cats over for treatment or sterilization.

Many stray cats would be adopted, but some would be left behind and be kept in the pet hospital.

Pei Qian entered the hospital and asked. “Are there any stray cats sent here recently?”

A young female vet on duty at the front desk replied, “Yes, someone sent a black cat over previously. It was vaccinated and neutered some time ago. Moreover, it had taken a bath a few days ago.”

“Do you want to adopt it, sir? This cat is rather cute; it’s just grown a little too big.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Let me see it.”

The female vet led Pei Qian and Tang Yishu in towards a cage in the corner. There was a black cat in it with short black fur. Only its four paws were white.

Its eyes were wide open, but they were perfectly camouflaged. It was very difficult to tell if it was sleeping or awake.

This cat seemed to be at least six months old, not as cute as a newborn kitten. Perhaps that was why no one adopted it.

Pet hospitals had their limitations so they were kept in cages most of the time for fear that they would be lost if they were let out. They were also fed cat food of average quality; therefore, it was not fat at all.

Pei Qian asked. “Is it a he or she?”

The female vet replied, “It’s a castrated male.”

Pei Qian, “… Very good.”

He turned towards Tang Yishu. “Do you like it?”

Tang Yishu nodded. “I like a-all cats.”

Pei Qian turned towards the female vet. “Okay, I’ll adopt this cat. Please prepare cat bags, cat food, cans, and litter boxes for me.”

These things could be purchased online, but it would not be in time. Pei Qian did not want additional trouble so he bought them at the pet hospital even though it was more expensive.

The female vet got two male vets to arrange without asking anything more.

She could see that Pei Qian was not lacking in the finance department so the cat’s living environment would not be bad. Tang Yishu seemed like a kind girl so she would not need to worry about the cat being abused. Everything was ready in no time. The female vet placed the cat into the cat bag. It complied obediently with its black glassy eyes staring directly at Tang Yishu.

After paying the bill, Pei Qian hugged the cat bag against his chest. He walked out of the pet hospital with the litter box and a small bag of cat litter in his left hand while his right hand held the cat food.

Tang Yishu helped with the canned food, food, and water bowls.

The cat still stared at Tang Yishu next to it.

Pei Qian was speechless. “I was the one who bought your freedom, okay!”

The company’s commercial car was parked at a nearby restaurant. Little Sun was a little confused after seeing Boss Pei with so many things in hand. He hurriedly got out of the car to help.

Everything was stuffed into the trunk, and Pei Qian placed the cat bag into the back seat. He gestured for Tang Yishu to sit at the back while he went to the passenger seat. “Head back to the office.”

Tang Yishu was obviously uneasy in the car. She looked at the cat in the cat bag from time to time. The cat looked back at her.

They reached the office in no time.

Little Sun helped carry the cat food, litter box, and other miscellaneous stuff back to the office after he parked the car in the underground garage. Pei Qian led Tang Yishu in front. Tang Yishu walked quickly to keep up with Pei Qian. She whispered, “Senior, w-what kind of job am I to do?” Pei Qian pondered. “Hmmm… encourager…” Tang Yishu was a little surprised. “Eh? En-encourager? But, Senior, I’m not very good at communications; neither am I good at encouraging others. What should I do…?”

Pei Qian looked at her. “Listen to the rest of my sentence. Your job is the… keeper of the encourager.”

Pei Qian pointed towards the cat and said. “That is the encourager.”

“I’ll give you an individual workstation in the company. Come over when you have no classes. You’ll be responsible for taking care of it by feeding it, clearing its sh*t, taking it to the vet, etc.

“As for your salary, I’ll temporarily offer you 3,000 yuan a month since it is a part-time job.”

“If there is nothing else to do after you clean and feed it, you can study here or surf the web. You have the freedom to do anything and go off anytime you want.”

Tang Yishu was shocked. “That’s t-too much.”

Pei Qian shook his head. “This is our company’s salary structure. Follow me.”

They took the elevator to Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief secretly as he emerged from the elevator. They did not meet with problems like tire punctures, brake failures, or elevator power failures on the way here.

It seemed like the halo effect on Tang Yishu was still relatively limited. It did not possess terrifying destructive power.

Come to think of it, that should be the case. How could Tang Yishu grow up safely if she really met with accidents wherever she went?

She was unlucky and could affect the luck of the people around her at best. However, Pei Qian was more than satisfied with it.

What Pei Qian needed most was such small occurrences of bad luck!

It would be too scary if she brought huge misfortune like brakes failing when in a car and engine catching fire when in a plane. Pei Qian would be very worried about his employees’ and his own safety if that was the case.

However, such small occurrences of bad luck could reverse Pei Qian’s profitable stance without endangering the safety of the people around him.

Pei Qian knew very well that many of his successes were actually due to coincidences.

For example, The Lonely Desert Road only became popular because it was discovered by Teacher Qiao. What if Teacher Qiao did not discover it because Pei Qian’s luck was not as good?

In that case, there would not be so many matters to deal with!

A stroke of luck could mean a thousand miles of difference. The domino effect may not occur if any tiny link was missing. Boss Pei’s grand loss-making plan could have been successfully achieved.

Therefore, this level of bad luck was just right!

Little Sun put down all the stuff in hand after entering the company. Pei Qian opened the cat bag and released the little thing. Li Yada put down the work she had on hand and rushed over when she saw a cat.

“Eh, Boss Pei, where did this little cat come from? So cute!”

That caught the attention of the other members of the company. They immediately surrounded the little black cat.

The little black cat pranced around with its four small white paws, smelling around without any hint of unease.

Pei Qian smiled and said. “Everyone had been working too hard recently so I specially hired an encourager. This little guy will be everyone’s encourager from now on. You can play with the cat when you are tired to relieve your fatigue. “Also, we have Tang Yishu here. She is a new member of our company from now on. She is responsible for the care of our little encourager.”

Tang Yishu lowered her head. “Nice to meet you.”

Everyone was a little shocked to hear that Boss Pei had specially hired a cat keeper for the cat. There was no need for a specific person to take care of the cat. They could just feed it when they were taking a break from work.

However, everyone immediately felt that Boss Pei might have been joking when he said that. They speculated that this girl who looked really uncomfortable was actually responsible for some other task.

“Boss Pei, what is the name of this little guy?” Li Yada asked.

Only then did Pei Qian remember that he had yet to give it a name.

“Let’s call it ‘Glabella[1]’,” Pei Qian said after thinking for two seconds.

Li Yada, “Huh?”

‘Glabella’ which happened to be patrolling Bao Xu’s workstation then turned scornfully towards Pei Qian. It meowed twice in protest. “See, it loves its name.” Pei Qian ignored Glabella’s protest. His eyes quickly scanned the entire office area and quickly determined the center of the entire office. Pei Qian wondered if Tang Yishu’s halo effect could radiate throughout the entire company if she were to sit there.

[1] Glabella refers to the smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows.

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