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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 340 Guardian of Justice: Modest

Chapter 340 Guardian of Justice: Modest

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It happened to be an empty workstation which was Lu Mingliang’s place previously.

Pei Qian led Tang Yishu to this workstation. “This will be your workstation from now on. Sit here and do whatever you want when you have nothing to do.”

“Alright, go and settle the Encourager first.”

Tang Yishu nodded and went on to unpack the cat food and litter box in silence.

Li Yada and the other employees were fond of Glabella, but it was in a whole new environment and not used to it yet. It soon settled behind a Fortune Tree and refused to come out. Everyone watched on for some time before heading back to their workstations to continue their work.

Pei Qian paid special attention to Bao Xu’s state and found that he was playing his game seriously. He was rather focused, ignoring Glabella even as it walked past his feet.

That was something Pei Qian was pleased about!

Li Yada exclaimed in surprise upon answering a call just when Pei Qian was preparing to return to his own office. “Huh? You are not selling the copyright anymore?”

Pei Qian stopped in his tracks and pretended to ask with concern. “What’s wrong?”

Li Yada hung up the call and muttered silently. “Uh… it’s nothing.”

“I had a discussion with a copyright owner about a character IP from an old animation. It was all settled previously, but now, the other party suddenly called just not to say… they are not selling it anymore.”

Pei Qian, “Hmm? Why are they not selling it all of a sudden?”

Li Yada was at a loss as well. “I don’t know either. They only said that the author does not want to sell it anymore even if we were to pay more…”

Pei Qian could not help but feel amazed.

Hear, hear! What immediate effect!

This luck turned immediately after bringing Tang Yishu back.

Pei Qian tried very hard to suppress his happiness and said in a soothing voice. “That’s alright. Purchasing IP depends on fate as well. We can make our own original characters if we are unable to purchase enough Character IPs!

“We have so many employees in our company. We can choose a few at random and make original prototypes for the heroes in the game.”

This game was to be cannon fodder for IOI anyway, Pei Qian thought to himself. It was destined to make a loss anyway; why not give his employees the opportunity to entertain themselves and make themselves heroes in the game?

Li Yada thought about it. “Then, Boss Pei, can I put you into the game?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course, you can!” Li Yada continued, “We will probably make some artistic modification to the 2D creation of the image, is that alright?”

Pei Qian waved his hand. “No problem, absolutely no problem! Do whatever you like.”

“Alright!” Li Yada returned to her workstation happily. Pei Qian gave Tang Yishu, who was busy feeding Glabella, a sidelong glance and returned to office with satisfaction.

Li Yada opened a new file and decided to design an exclusive hero for Boss Pei on the spot. First of all, the setting for this hero should be a tank.

Boss Pei was just like a huge tree. His stalwart figure sheltered Tengda’s employees from adversities. Therefore, the setting for this hero should be tall, sturdy, and reliable. Boss Pei spared no expenses in striving for excellence in quality, and so his passive skills should be to use extra money to build more powerful equipment.

Boss Pei was an entrepreneur with dreams. He always walked right into areas that were not looked upon favorably by the others. He worked hard in these fields and reaped the rewards with his talents.

Boss Pei achieved greater success as his rivals, and fake reviewers continuously slandered him. Therefore, his first skill included both active and passive skills. His passive skill would be to accumulate rewards through the last hit. That would symbolize his diligence in certain fields.

In the event he received a certain degree of attack and got to kill or assist, the accumulated rewards would be converted to extra money.

There would also be a chance to stimulate fighting spirit, improve defenses, and sprinkle a lot of golden attack special effects around. It would cause damage to the enemy and slow them down a little.

Active release of skills could also cause the same effect.

Boss Pei controlled their time strictly and never allowed his employees to work overtime. He would force those who secretly worked overtime out of the office. That’s why Boss Pei’s second skill should cause a knockback effect on his enemies in a fan-shaped range. It would also prevent anyone from entering the range for some time.

Boss Pei was passionate about exploring new fields. Outstanding employees were deployed to be in charge of new business areas and achieved spectacular results. For that, Boss Pei’s third skill should be to throw a friendly unit across a certain range, causing a small amount of damage and slowing down the enemy unit within range after landing.

Finally, Boss Pei could continuously grow stronger and improve because he spurred himself on tirelessly.

Boss Pei’s ultimate move would be to spur himself on. His speed would be boosted greatly, and his health and resistance would be increased. At the same time, he would cause a small amount of damage back to himself which could frequently trigger one passive skill.

Li Yada then decided to design a unique image for Boss Pei.

He must be tall and stalwart as a tank hero. He should be a giant with broad shoulders and powerful arms. At the same time, he should have all types of weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, and spears-on his back since he frequently suffered sneaky attacks from his enemies.

It should be like the Goddess of Mercy, giving off divine Buddha light, and like Mahamayuri, the Great Peacock, who had a body made of both divine and demon at the same time.

This hero should continuously release attacks with golden special effects if he were to come under sneaky attack.

Finally, the name of this hero…

Guardian of Justice: Modest!

Li Yada believed that ‘Modest’, meaning humble, was the best word to describe Boss Pei’s noble character.

Li Yada was very satisfied with the completed design manuscript. “Hm, let’s make the concept art as soon as possible. I believe that Boss Pei will be very happy to see his personal hero appearing in GOG, right?”

Nonetheless, Li Yada knew that the players would not necessarily call this hero as “Guardian of Justice’ or ‘Modest’. They would most likely give him a whole new nickname.

“I wonder… what would the players call this hero?

“I can’t wait for GOG to launch.”

Pei Qian watched drama in his office while keeping his ears pricked at the movements outside his office.

“Glabella, come, here’s a dried fish for you!” “Eh? Why is our water cooler leaking? Call for repair now!” “F*ck, didn’t I just fix this bug? Why is it acting up again…?”

“Have you submitted the art resource? I’ll modify it again…” Some strange conversations were mixed in from time to time from normal work communications.

Pei Qian could not help but say. Tang Yishu’s halo effect was really immediate!

Yes, let’s just let her play her role in the company. What other qualitative changes could happen as the halo effect accumulated?

Tang Yishu arranged the litter box, food bowl, water basin, etc. and watched as Glabella peed in the litter box for quite some time before she carefully returned to her workstation. Tang Yishu avoided her colleagues’ workstations carefully as she passed by. It was as though she was afraid that she would bring bad luck to others if she was too close.

Fortunately, Tengda’s desks were very large. There was a large gap between workstations; therefore, Tang Yishu was not too awkward.

She sat down cautiously on the office chair and was surprised at the comfort of the coziness of the chair. She leaned back carefully and shrank herself into a ball with embarrassment.

She had used a computer before in the computer class in school but had never seen such magnificent dual monitors. That huge desktop seemed to draw her in.

She pressed the keys carefully which immediately returned a crisp ‘click’ sound, scaring her into withdrawing her hand immediately.

This sound was much louder than the keyboard in the computer class.

However, Tang Yishu stretched her hand out towards the keyboard and mouse again when she saw everyone around her typing furiously on the keyboard. She opened the webpage to check the homework assigned by her computer class teacher.

There were all sorts of games installed on the computer, but Tang Yishu did not know what these colorful desktop icons were. She surfed the internet in silence.

She turned her head towards Glabella, only to find that little back cat playing with the green plants in the office. She then turned her eyes to the computer again with relief. Suddenly, a girl with a round face and huge eyes came to her. “Hello, Tang Yishu, right?”

Tang Yishu stood up hurriedly. “Hello.”

Hao Yun smiled. “Aiya, there’s no need to stand up. I’m Hao Yun from the HR department. This is your internship contract.”

“Your monthly salary will be 3,000 yuan. No fixed working hours. Take a look and sign if there’s no problem.”

Tang Yishu accepted the internship contract and read it from beginning to end.

The content of this contract was very simple. There were neither pits nor traps. There was no problem except for the high pay.

Tang Yishu looked up at Hao Yun. “The pay… is a little… too much.”

Hao Yun smiled. “No, this is Tengda’s normal pay scheme.”

She took out a wad of money from her pocket seeing Tang Yishu sign the contract. There were ten pieces of 100 yuan bills. “Boss Pei asked me to advance this amount of salary to you so that you can buy some warm clothes. The weather is getting colder. The company’s heating might be warm, but the difference in temperature indoors and outdoors is rather huge. It’s very easy to catch a cold.

“Have lunch with us later. The Fish-Catching Take-Out is delicious.”

“Al-alright.” Tang Yishu nodded hurriedly, somewhat at a loss.

Her clothes might be thin, but her heart was warm and fuzzy. That was probably not due to the heater in the office.

November 26, Friday…

Pei Qian was in the car, heading to the filming site of Tomorrow is Beautiful’.

The filming location was a local studio in Jingzhou. There were not many great scenes in the whole film. It was just a few simple scenes if one were to analyze it.

The capsule space where the male lead stayed, including the large screen in space; the futuristic urban scenery; talent show event location; the male lead’s mansion…

These scenes were not difficult as long as the costumes, makeup, and props of each character were more refined. The scene just had to look more futuristic.

Some of the more complex scenes were done using the green screen, waiting to add on special effects. Anyway, not many of such scenes required special effects.

The capsule that the male lead stayed in was set up in no time. Many scenes were taken here; most of them were one-man shows. The scenes were simple and easy to shoot; therefore, the priority was naturally higher.

Shooting in this scene could commence while many settings for other scenes were being built.

Pei Qian looked for Zhu Xiaoce when he arrived and then came to the shooting scene.

The staff was busy. Pei Qian did not know what they were doing and did not want to ask some more so he followed behind Zhu Xiaoce.

Zhu Xiaoce probably thought that Boss Pei was here for inspection so he put his best forward and commanded his staff to do the same.

Pei Qian was here purely to take a look. He had not filmed a movie before so it felt very exciting to him. It was said that the crew had to burn incense and pray for blessings before filming, but Pei Qian didn’t see such a setup. He didn’t care about it anyway.

He just wanted to join in the fun and see if he could create some setbacks for the filming of this movie.

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