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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 351 OTTO OS

Chapter 351 OTTO OS

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Bao Xu panicked, feeling a sense of inexplicable crisis. He started sending a series of texts to Chen Kangtuo.

“Why aren’t you here at work today?”

Many possibilities flashed through Bao Xu’s head before Chen Kangtuo replied.

Was he fired? Impossible, Boss Pei had never fired any employee.

Did he resign? That was even more unlikely. How could they find a better company than Tengda? He couldn’t possibly be kidnapped by aliens, right?

Now that all these possibilities had been denied, there would only be one possibility left…

Chen Kangtuo replied, “Brother Bao, you might not believe what I’m about to tell you.

“I… have been assigned to a new project. Boss Pei said that he wants to invest in a haunted house project and put me in charge. “Everything happened too fast, I left in a hurry as well. The farewell dinner can only be held at another time. Please let everyone know there’s nothing to worry about. I had only switched departments…”

Bao Xu, “Huh? Haunted house? You have been sent there to be in charge?”

Chen Kangtuo, “Brother Bao, I’m also very confused. I was still working overtime to change the GOG design plan during weekends. Now, I’m inspecting the site of the haunted house…”

He then sent images to Bao Xu.

Bao Xu looked at the photos Chen Kangtuo sent over. It showed a rather remote and old industrial area, sparsely populated and overgrown with weeds. There was an inexplicable sense of depression and sadness.

It was not difficult to imagine Chen Kangtuo’s current feelings.

Bao Xu was silent for a short while before he typed his reply. “Why did Boss Pei choose you?”

Chen Kangtuo, “How would I know…? Boss Pei only told me that he has high hopes for my potential and hope that I can show my talent on a larger stage…”

Bao Xu fell into deep thoughts. Sure enough, it was yet another ‘Boss-Pei-styled promotion’. The entire promotion process seemed to be quite random no matter whether it was for Huang Sibo, Lu Mingliang, or Li Yada previously.

He promoted not the most senior nor the strongest or the best in the project team. Most of these people were a little unknown before the promotion. However, all of them quickly adapted to the new position after being promoted and exploded with amazing potential!

Obviously, Boss Pei had a unique vision. He could see the hidden infinite possibilities and talent in the employees.

It was the same for his promotion of Chen Kangtuo this time.

Bao Xu often looked through the design documents as a member of the design team. He often discussed with Li Yada about the design team. He knew that Chen Kangtuo might be quiet on the surface, but he had a strong desire to improve.

There was a small quota for overtime last weekend. Li Yada only included the names of the more senior colleagues and those with more important positions. They were limited by the quota which meant they had to compete to do overtime.

Chen Kangtuo might not have obtained a slot, but he took the initiative to work overtime to amend his plans.

That was enough to show that he was someone who was demanding of himself.

Bao Xu was suddenly startled as he thought of this. Could it be that Boss Pei had a clear grasp of everyone’s working attitude, potential, and fighting spirit?

In addition, Boss Pei could reasonably select talents based on these factors and arrange for more motivated and possessed pioneering spirit for new projects?

Combined with the tense feeling previously…

Bao Xu’s heart sank and thought of something very dangerous.

Would he be doing the site survey for the haunted house with Chen Kangtuo now if he had not concealed his normal working state?

Bao Xu did not want to go to the haunted house project.

Bao Xu only wanted to be a normal designer for Tengda Games, writing documents, adjusting the details of the games, and changing the design plan. Other than that, he was only interested in playing games and was not interested in going out or to other projects.

“That was too close.

“Boss Pei might not come to the company often, but he is always watching the company. Not one who was truly capable and made outstanding contributions to the company could escape his observations!

“This kind of insight is amazing!

“I’m lucky not to be found out for the time being. I cannot take any more risks. I have to endure until the next outstanding employee selection at the very least!”

Bao Xu silently saved and then closed the modified file before immersing himself in the game.

He made up his mind to be an ultimate slacker this time!

In the afternoon…

Chang You brought a testing machine to Tengda. This test machine was the flagship phone from another brand. It was equipped with the latest product from Otto Technologies’ recent development which was the customized system for cell phones.

It was named OTTO OS.

Chang You was mainly busy with two matters recently. The first was finalizing the cell phone production plan with an Original Equipment Manufacturer and securing the supply channel. The second part was leading the team to develop the OTTO OS.

In the era of smartphones, cell phones were becoming more homogenous. That was an inevitable trend.

Before smartphones, cell phones came in a variety of shapes. There were blocks, flip, slide, full keyboard, and different designs.

However, with the advent of the smartphone era, the appearance of cell phones became more homogenous. Only a few physical buttons were retained under the premise of increasing the screen-to-body ratio. There were different designs for the full screens, but they were soon unified as well.

The integration of mobile phones was getting higher; therefore, the possibilities on the external design of the phones were getting more difficult.

In such a situation-other than the design and the hardware, the operating system was the key to distinguishing different cell phone brands.

If two brands of cell phones were similar in their hardware and had not too much of a difference in their prices, the consumer would give priority to the more user-friendly system.

Chang You understood this well which was why he had been working on the development of the cell phone operating system since Otto Technologies was established. Other than ,Pineapple the other cell phone brands were mostly relying on the Android system for their optimization.

The original Android System was light and portable, but it had limited functions that were not in line with domestic mainstream user habits.

Therefore, most of the domestic cell phone manufacturers were committed to making the functions in their own systems richer and convenient, hoping to capture the hearts of the consumers.

Chang You was naturally the same.

He had tried out the basic functions of the OTTO OS system on the way here. There were no big problems. The contents that he wanted to show this time were mainly the following areas:

The style of the interface, such as system fonts, themes, etc. It was mainly to show off the beauty of the system.

Detailed optimization such as the design of the minus-one screen and the optimization effect of some system functions.

Special functions such as some small programs that came with it like the data transfer requested by Boss Pei.

It was the first version, but it could not be said to be made from scratch.

First of all, this system was customized based on the native Android System. Secondly, Chang You’s team had experience in system development. Therefore, Chang You was filled with confidence in this system.

There would not be many bugs.

The development of a system was a relatively long-term process because customers’ desires would never be satisfied.

There would definitely be a lot of bugs in the system every time it was updated. However, the system this time was modified from the previous system. They did things they were more familiar with so there were not many bugs. It had good stability as well. Chang You came to the door of Pei Qian’s office and knocked gently. “Boss Pei, this is the first version of the OTTO OS. Come and try it out. You can let us know if there is any dissatisfaction. We’ll correct it as soon as possible.”

Chang You passed the cell phone to Pei Qian.

Pei Qian stretched his hand out to take it. He could not help but sigh inwardly as he looked at Chang You’s confident expression.

Sigh, Vice President Chang, you’re still too confident. It was likely you would not encounter many bugs when you tested it at Otto Technologies.

Here, however…

A minute of silence for Vice President Chang.

Pei Qian began testing the basic functions of the OTTO OS.

His first impression of this system was that it was very similar to that of many domestic cell phones. There might be some changes in style, but there was not much difference in the overall user experience.

Many areas of this cell phone were still lacking compared to those with more complete systems like Shenhua’s cell phones.

However… it was usable.

That was enough to shock Pei Qian. Pei Qian’s face was filled with confusion after playing with it for five minutes.

There were really no malicious bugs!

That was impossible!

Pei Qian was sure that Tang Yishu was still outside. The halo effect should be in effect.

There were some minor flaws, but it was understandable. There was no complete collapse like when Ye Zhizhou showed the game demo yesterday.

Pei Qian could not help but be astonished. Chang You’s team was so reliable in building a cell phone system?

That should not be. Wouldn’t that directly destroy the Dream team of Hongcheng Technologies?

Pei Qian quickly emerged from his confusion and understood the situation.

Chang You’s team must have developed a similar cell phone system when they were in Hongcheng Technologies. They should be pretty familiar with this route having stepped through it once.

Therefore, the development of the first version of OTTO OS was naturally a walk in the park for them.

Pei Qian breathed a sigh of relief when he thought of this. It was alright, a false alarm.

It was equivalent to Chang You’s team taking an exam paper that they had done before. They might have scored well on it, but that did not have much reference value.

In any case, the completion of the system had exceeded Pei Qian’s expectations.

Chang You started introducing the development plan of the system to Pei Qian. “Boss Pei, rest assured. The current system is still rather rudimentary, but there is absolutely no problem with its stability!

“I always believe that the cell phone system is vital to the consumer’s experience.

“Therefore, we’ll follow the lead of the large cell phone manufacturers to develop faster and more convenient functions.

“For example, a one-click to open game mode, multi-screen interaction, fast data transmission, fast payment, power saving mode, etc.

“Other than that, I suggest creating a forum that allows users to put forward their opinions and suggestions on OTTO OS freely. In this way, we will be able to continuously optimize and improve OTTO OS through constant communication with the users. That would bring greater competitiveness to our cell phone!”

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