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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 352 Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others would only Make One Angrier

Chapter 352 Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others would only Make One Angrier

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Chang You was very confident about his development plan.

Since Boss Pei said that Otto Technologies’s eventual goal was to acquire Pineapple, then it definitely had to surpass Pineapple. The advantage of Pineapple was its integration of hardware and software. Its system was its core competitive advantage.

The system of their cell phone naturally should not hold them back if they wanted to gain a foothold in the world.

Chang You believed that they should start working on the system now since it was so important. They should start collecting user opinions and work hard to build a better system.

Pei Qian remained silent.

It sounded as though… Chang You’s suggestion was pretty reliable! What should Pei Qian do?

Chang You would no doubt greatly enhance the competitiveness of this cell phone if he could successfully make a very good custom-made system.

No, Pei Qian had to do something about it.

Pei Qian lowered his head without saying a word and continued playing with the cell phone. He did a very rough test just now which didn’t find any major problems.

Continue drilling into it!

Pei Qian emphatically turned out the functions of the non-original Android functions and tested them repeatedly. A problem finally appeared.

An app crashed!

Pei Qian had no expression on his face, but he was brimming inside.

What did I say? How could there be no bug! All sorts of weird bugs would come crawling out with Tang Yishu’s presence! My dear Chang You, what else do you have to say?

Chang You froze instantly.

This f*cking sh*t just slapped me back in the face!

He was just talking about how the system was stable without any bugs and about his future plans. A bug appeared in the next second…

However, Chang You calmed down in no time.

“Boss Pei, don’t mind it. This is just a trial version after all. It is normal to have a bug or two occasionally.

“You turned it over for quite some time before you finally found a bug. That is enough to prove the completion and stability of this version.”

“The tests to come would definitely… f*ck?”

Chang You’s inner thought had yet to be completed before another program in his cell phone crashed. Vulgarities exploded subconsciously from his lips.

He had nothing else to say.

Chang You regretted a little. He said it too soon!

He just boasted about the stability of the system, and it showed several bugs appeared one after another. Who was it kidding?

He didn’t dare to explain anymore. Things had progressed to this state it was obvious that any more explanation would be shrinking from responsibility. He could only silently wait for Boss Pei to vent his anger.

Pei Qian worked so hard just to find three or four bugs. He heaved a sigh in his heart.

Phew, that was alright. Where should I put my old face if I couldn’t find a bug? Who knows what Chang You would do if he were to become too arrogant?

It was great that there were bugs now so that he could take advantage of the problem and guide Chang You onto the wrong path.

Pei Qian coughed lightly. “I totally agree with your views on the system.

“In the future when cell phones become even more homogenous, the core competitiveness of cell phones would be their easy-to-use systems.

“However, you have to be down to earth and not try to fly before you can walk!

“A system might have many functions, but what use would they be if it isn’t stable?

“Solve the stability issues first. Ensure the most basic and fundamental experiences are working well before considering the other issues you just mentioned.

“Don’t create any more system functions for the OTTO OS before the cell phone comes out. Just keep the current basic function.

“Use the rest of the time to fix bugs, improve system stability, or optimize some details.”

Chang You had no grounds to refute. He could only nod silently. “Yes, Boss Pei, I understand.”

In Chang You’s opinion, it was too wasteful to use such a long time in fixing bugs and optimizing details. He could better utilize the time to develop some system functions.

However, he could only obey since Boss Pei said so.

This demonstration was not considered a success after all. Chang You felt that he had no right to speak since the system showed so many bugs.

January 9th, Thursday…


Hengtu Games…

Wu Bin just finished the work on hand and opened his mailbox habitually to see if there were any new emails. He quickly scanned the mailing list and his eyes lit up suddenly.

There was an email from Tengda!

He clicked on it hurriedly and found it to be a notice for an interview. That meant that he passed the written test!

Indescribable happiness dazzled Wu Bin instantly. He nearly jumped off his chair in excitement.

He didn’t think that he would actually pass!

That was because the morning questions were simply too difficult. Wu Bin was shocked after answering the questions and almost did not take the afternoon session.

However, he was a wily old fox who worked for many years after all. He knew better. He continued his fight in the afternoon after he calmed down.

In fact, the professional questions in the afternoon were unexpectedly simple…

That puzzled Wu Bin but made him hopeless about the exam.

The morning questions were difficult so he felt that he probably would not do as well as the university students. The professional knowledge questions in the afternoon were too simple so it was difficult to bridge the gap between the university students and him.

The results of the written test were not too optimistic if he thought about it this way…

The notice for the interview finally arrived after a few days of anxious waiting!

His cell phone vibrated slightly. Wu Bin glanced at it. The text message for the interview had arrived. The content of the email and text message was the same. It was just to ensure that the job seeker would not miss the email.

Wu Bin went to Tengda’s recruitment website immediately to confirm the interview schedule. He began to struggle internally again after he was done with these.

He did not harbor much hope for the written test… which was why he did not give much thought to the interview.

However, Wu Bin started worrying now instead.

Wu Bin would be very confident if it was a general interview because he had a good resume. He must have an advantage over university students.

However, it was clearly written on Tengda’s recruitment website that Tengda’s interview would be completely different from the interviews by other companies. There were fixed questions with standard answers. Moreover, this would be a cross-interview with the heads of various departments.

It was not a guaranteed pass!

Wu Bin really wanted to work for Tengda.

He would like to find a Tengda employee to inquire about how to prepare for this interview and the style that the interviewers would like if possible.

As the saying went, do not fight wars without the confidence that he would win. He would have a better chance of winning if he possessed more of such information.

However, Wu Bin did not know any employee from Tengda.

He finally thought of someone after giving it some thought. Wasn’t Hao Qiong someone he tried to poach from Tengda?

He might be at Shang Yang Games, but he should also know some information about Tengda, right?

Wu Bin searched for Hao Qiong’s contact information immediately and sent a friend request.

He was still worried if he would be rejected when the notification that the friend request was approved reached him.

Wu Bin gave a simple introduction of himself and then asked his question very sincerely.

Hao Qiong replied in no time. “…I really have no idea how the interview is conducted.

“There weren’t so many processes when I joined the company. I was hired after a brief chat with the head of the department.”

Wu Bin was speechless.

What a shock!

Why was this kiddo hired after a brief chat and had his salary risen all the way but so difficult when it came to him? He had to pass a panel of interviewers, a written test, and a Tengda Spirit compatibility test in the interview?

This world was simply too unfair!

However, Wu Bin knew he was asking for help so he could only quietly suppress the complaints in his heart and continue to ask for guidance.

“Bro, just help me out. We might even become colleagues in the future!

“Bro, which department are you in now? Are you still in Shang Yang Games? Perhaps you can ask the person-in-charge in your department, perhaps he might be responsible for the interview then as well.

“I’m not asking for much, just a little hint!”

Hao Qiong replied in no time.

“To be honest, I’m currently the person-in-charge of my department. However, I did not receive any task for the interview so I really cannot help you…”

Wu Bin was speechless.

He read what Hao Qiong sent twice and almost passed out from anger! He still remembered his conversation with Hao Qiong previously when he spoke about his career prospects.

Hao Qiong said that Tengda was filled with talented people, and Hao Qiong might not be able to be someone outstanding amongst them.

That wasn’t too long ago, and Hao Qiong was now the person-in-charge for his department?

It was too much!

He was very angry, but he needed to maintain his cool.

Wu Bin felt as though he just had a ton of lemons. His heart was filled with sourness. “Bro, which department are you in charge of now? Shang Yang Games?” The reply took some time this time. Hao Qiong replied after about a minute, “I don’t know how to explain this to you.

“My partner and I are still in a complete state of confusion. To be honest with you, I’m not at Shang Yang Games anymore. I’m now responsible for a haunted house project.” “Isn’t it very magical…?”

Wu Bin was taken aback, and then he heaved a sigh of relief.

And here I was thinking what great project that would be!

It was definitely worth mourning if he had now risen to the top of Shang Yang Games. However, he was just the in-charge of a haunted house project. To put it simply, he was the boss of a haunted house. What gives?

A small haunted house of 100 or 200 square feet might not even be profitable. This wasn’t a promotion but obvious marginalization!

Wu Bin felt much better. However, he had to continue to be polite.

Wu Bin typed. “That sounds good, too. Where is the haunted house? How much is the investment? I’ll consider going there to support you then.

“Even though the space to showcase your talents might not be like when you were in the game department previously, you have to also set your mindset right. This is a good opportunity for you to train…”

Hao Qiong had replied to him before he could finish typing his message. “The first investment is estimated to be around 10 million yuan according to Boss Pei. He would increase it based on the situation in the future.

“Sigh, I have no idea how to spend this 10 million yuan until now. This is so frustrating!”

Wu Bin was speechless.

His heart collapsed. He did not manage to obtain any information about the interview but was shown off to by someone else instead. How was he supposed to continue living?!

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