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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 354 There Was Deep Meaning Behind Boss Pei’s Process!

Chapter 354 There Was Deep Meaning Behind Boss Pei’s Process!

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He Desheng and the other professionals from Dream Realization Ventures began sorting out their comments on the modification of IOI.

This process was actually rather painful.

That was because most of these professionals were very familiar with the Gods Rising game. The difficulty level of this game was the key gap between them and ordinary players.

For them to propose modifications to the difficulty of the setting was undoubtedly for them to deny their own game experiences and to weaken their advantage in certain aspects. It was very difficult for them to make a choice.

However, on second thoughts, if they did not propose modifications now; Boss Ma’s gaming experience would definitely not be improved.

In that case, Boss Ma would be bored by it in no time even if it was a rigged match.

Once Boss Ma gets bored… Won’t that mean that everyone’s rice bowl was in jeopardy?

Therefore, they had to let Boss Ma play comfortably! The modification plan for this game had to be done!

He Desheng racked his brains for the changes while trying out the beta version of the IOI. It was not difficult to obtain the beta version of this game since they were the shareholders of Finger Games and IOI’s local agent.

It was just that everyone did not play it very often. They played Gods Rising in the rigged matches most of the time.

The reason was simple. To everyoneincluding He Desheng and Ma Yang, IOI could only be considered just a lower-end version of Gods Rising.

Differences in map size, game settings, and the like were not very big. The most important difference was in the screen and hero skill design.

IOI’s only advantage was that it was an independent and online game. It was very convenient to add friends and team up. However, this only advantage did not exist since it was currently in the testing phase.

Everything else—such as the various details of the game, the richness of the hero design, etc.—was still inferior to Gods Rising.

That was normal. Gods Rising had been continuously updated for several years. The current development time of the IOI was too short; these contents need to be polished up.

However, to He Desheng and the others, that meant that IOI had a higher possibility of modification.

He Desheng took notes as they discussed. “The rigging will not be able to continue much longer. We have to continue trying new challenges and try playing against strangers. We can only continue to maintain Boss Ma’s interest this way.

“However, as far as the current game setting is concerned… Boss Ma will probably find it a targeted shortcoming. His gaming experience will definitely not improve.”

“If that is the case, we have to consider how Boss Ma would be able to have as much gaming experience as possible when facing a real enemy.

“I think the current map is too big. We cannot get to Boss Ma immediately when he is in danger. The map has to be smaller for us to support Boss Ma at any time.”

“Boss Ma’s basic skills in last hit and deny[1] are generally lacking. It is unrealistic for him to practice them, considering his busy schedule. How about we just do away with deny and keep last hit? He can still earn some rewards even if the last hit is unsuccessful.”

“Should there be a bounty setting to prevent Boss Ma from having a bad gaming experience if he was killed too easily? An opponent who was killed too many times would be worthless. There will be extra rewards for ending opponents’ streaks. Perhaps a proper compensation mechanism if someone falls too far behind in their level?

“We have to ensure the gap between professionals and rookies is maintained while Boss Ma stays afloat. If not, would we not seem to be very useless if we cannot bring Boss Ma to victory?”

“Yes, I think so, too. This game is much simpler for Boss Ma, but the difficult techniques must be retained for people like us.”

“It’s good that IOI has fixed lanes. We can keep it. Other than that, can we request for some mid-lane heroes that require higher mechanics or junglers[2] to make things easier for our carry[3]?”

“I think we can enrich the map resources. It would be best if a few large monsters can be added to increase buff for the team. This way, even if Boss Ma were to die, we will be able to greatly increase our winning rates as long as we can take control of the map and use such monsters to increase the stats of our team.”

“The operation mode as well. Should we provide some more convenient operation modes for rookies? Until now, Boss Ma had not learned the shortcut keys. He’s still clicking the mouse in many cases…”

“They should also have some heroes that could be mixed.”

Everyone participated in the brainstorm. Every suggestion was recorded by He Desheng.

All in all, the suggestions were simply to ensure that the game had a certain difficulty ladder that a professional could easily drive the rhythm of the whole game for a one-on-five while giving casual players as much space to survive as possible.

It would be alright even if one did not possess good basic skills, positioning, and awareness.

The game setting would give more gold if the last hit was done well so that the depth of the pockets would have too much gap. Players would not become extremely poor after forty minutes of gameplay.

If someone was not good at positioning, then they should choose some hero that could flesh out after a short period of development.

It would not matter even if someone had poor awareness. With the reduction in the size of the map, one could easily give support where the battle went and vice versa.

All in all—if this version was implemented, it would be an epic enhancement for Boss Ma!

He Desheng summarized everyone’s opinions, compiled it into a document, and translated it into English to be sent to Finger Games. His English was definitely not poor since he was in the investment industry. It was time to knock off after everything was done.

He estimated that they would only receive a reply after three days—which would be Monday, taking into account the time difference and the weekends.

He Desheng stretched and knocked off on time.


At the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Ming Yun Villas branch…

Bao Xu peered in sneakily at the entrance while hiding his face with a baseball cap. Alright, there weren’t too many people around.

It was 8:30 in the morning. Many university students would come to the popular neighborhood of Ming Yun Villas to play during weekends. Even so, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would only be full after one in the afternoon.

There were still many vacant seats so early in the morning

Bao Xu pushed his baseball cap down and entered the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. He quickly found Li Yada, also in a baseball cap, in the internet area in no time.

Bao Xu was still cautiously looking towards his back as though he was afraid of being followed before he sat down.

“Is the beta version of GOG updated?” Bao Xu asked in a low voice.

Li Yada nodded. “Yeah, I spoke to Zhang Yuan. The game has been updated. All the computers in the internet cafe can play it now.”

“Moreover, a player can obtain some online time if they play GOG for a certain length and write a 500-word suggestion for modification.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. This place is very far from the company. The probability of meeting Boss Pei and the others is very low.”

Bao Xu nodded. “Um, I know, but it’s always better to err on the safe side. Where are the others?”

Li Yada looked at her watch. “They should be arriving soon.” “What about the office?” Bao Xu asked.

Li Yada said, “I got Liu and the others to be on top for the time being. However… is this really necessary?”

Bao Xu breathed a sigh of relief. “It is important to always be cautious.

“Okay, let’s experience the game first and slowly modify it. Note down the revised plan. You’ll submit it on Monday.”

Li Yada was a little embarrassed. “Brother Bao, you suggested a large part of these changes. I feel bad doing this. I feel like I’m taking away your credit…”

Bao Xu waved his hand dismissively. “That’s exactly what I want! You only need to do one thing if you really want to thank me. Just accept all these and don’t mention my involvement in front of others!”

Li Yada couldn’t help but sigh. “Brother Bao is really humble. You’re becoming more and more like Boss Pei.”

Bao Xu shook his head and sighed. “How can I be compared to Boss Pei? Boss Pei is truly humble. I have no choice but to be humblethat’s it…”

They started playing the game. “Strange, why do I feel like there are much fewer bugs playing GOG here…?” Bao Xu murmured as he played on.


Pei Qian rubbed his nose in the rented apartment as he emerged from his slumber. He then whispered, “Strange, why am I sneezing more frequently recently.

“Is it because the weather is turning cold from the winter, or is it because there are always people talking about me?

“I feel as though I have thorns behind my back…”

Pei Qian quickly picked up his cell phone to check the list of people doing overtime today that was sent by Tang Yishu. “A guy that looks a little fierce… that should be Liu.

“Hmm? Li Yada didn’t go today? It’s very different from last week’s overtime list. Did everyone schedule to take turns working overtime?

“They can obtain the rest they require on the one hand, and everyone would also have a share of overtime pay. Not bad, everyone’s doing well.”

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction. He had yet to see any signs of the projects having gone out of control.

Originally, Pei Qian was most worried about IOI, but so much time had passed. He did not hear anything about IOI making any news.

It should be fine for this settlement cycle, right?

December 13th Monday…

The hotel venue had been set up as an interview venue. Wu Bin arrived very early, but he did not expect the interviewer to arrive even earlier than him. Several interviewers were chatting happily, supplementing relevant knowledge in the interview room.

Li Yada, chief planner of Tengda Games; Ye Zhizhou, head of Shang Yang Games; Lu Mingliang, head of Upwind Logistics; Huang Sibo, the head of Fei Huang Workspace; Zhang Yuan, head of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe; Ma Yiqun, head of Zhongdian Chinese Network…

They were basically all there.

The interview process went this way:

When the applicant was interviewing for the Tengda Games department, Li Yada would have to leave the room temporarily for the other departments to conduct a joint interview. The questions and standard answers were prepared. Everyone had a copy of it.

There was a time limit to the questions. They would have to stop when the time was up.

All the interviewers would compare the standard answers they had on hand after that and mark the answers.

They would then take the average of his scores after removing his highest and lowest score. That would be the score for this person’s interview.

They would be ranked and admitted from front to back after the interview score and their written test scores were added back together. They would then start their internship.

Finally, they would be confirmed as Tengda Spirit compatibility test’s official employees if they could pass the Tengda Spirit compatibility test after a month.

Interviewing was not a difficult job in theory. They needed only to free up one or two days in a year for it. However, these interviewers arrived more than an hour early…

Because of nervousness!

They might not be held accountable even if they gave random scoring, but many of these heads from Tengda knew each other. They would not be able to save their faces if they gave random scoring.

In the unlikely event that the interview was not conducted seriously and put someone useless in their friends’ department, would that not let down their friends and Boss Pei?

Heads, in-charge… they were basically there to take responsibility. How could they be called heads if they could not even take on such little responsibility?

Therefore, everyone arrived early to make a surprise before the interview.

For example, the questions from the game department were given by Li Yada. Li Yada thus briefly explained the main points of these questions and what kind of person she wanted.

The same went for the other departments.

The scoring table was very detailed. It included not only real knowledge content, but other soft aspects like clarity, fluency of speech, and the like. These had quantitative scores that were not easy to fill up randomly.

The people in charge were exchanging pointers while chatting.

“Brother Huang, how’s the workspace? Is the movie going on smoothly?”

“Can you help my mom get an autograph? She is a fan of Zhang Zuting.”

“Boss Lu, thanks to Upwind Logistics for helping me out with the delivery of the ROF system units previously. I’ll treat you to a meal soon.”

“Yada, the link between the website and the game was very successful previously. Shall we do it again after a while? I’m already thinking about planning an event plan.”

“Sure, Zhongdian Chinese Network can hold an essay competition with GOG as the theme, how about it?”

“No problem at all. It’s just one sentence.”

“By the way, Lin Wan doesn’t seem to be here today? She should have contacted you, right? Have you offered solutions?”

“There’s no need to rush for that. We have not even made an engineering machine yet. Let’s wait until the cell phone is made.”

They were more excited as they chatted away.

Many of them were confused when they heard they were going to be interviewers in cross-interviews. Zhang Yuan was a good example.

I’m in charge of an internet cafe. Isn’t it a joke for me to be interviewing those who are seeking employment at Zhongdian Chinese Network and Upwind Logistics? However, everyone understood it now.

They could even regard the whole event as an experience-sharing session with the various heads of departments!

Chat to understand about the current situation of the other departments, give interviewees their scoring, and then talk about potential collaborations in a meal after the interviews.

Wasn’t that just perfect?

Boss Pei’s arrangement of this recruitment process was pretty meaningful!

[1] This pertains to denying the enemy from dealing the last hit to your friendlies.

[2] These are heroes whose main task is to kill neutral monsters to earn gold and EXP.

[3] This one pertains to heroes that deal the most damage.

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