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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 357 Placement Advertisements

Chapter 357 Placement Advertisements

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“Boss Pei!”

Zhu Xiaoce hurried over to say hello. The other people on the set including Lu Zhiyao and Zhang Zuting also noticed Pei Qian. They hurried over to greet him.

Pei Qian smiled and waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry, I’m here for a spin. Go ahead, don’t need to bother about


Pei Qian picked up a prop cup next to him with great interest and played it in his hand after exchanging a few words with his old friends.

Zhang Zuting said to Zhu Xiaoce quietly, “Director Zhu, it seems like Boss Pei is in a good mood today, eh?”

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “It seems that way. I think… he might be feeling gratified.”

Zhang Zuting was a little confused. “Gratified?”

“Yes, gratified.” Zhu Xiaoce looked at the relaxed Boss Pei. “The previous time Boss Pei came, he had some concerns about the set even though he was also in a relaxed state. Boss Pei stepped up immediately to correct Lu Zhiyao’s excessive acting previously.

“This time, Boss Pei watched on without saying a word. This means that the actors have gotten Boss Pei’s approval.

“Boss Pei finally felt gratified that everyone’s acting was alright. He feels relieved, which is why he can wander around the set with such a leisurely attitude.”

Zhang Zuting nodded. “Hm, I see.

“The performances of the male lead and heroine are rather good today. It is not easy to get the approval of Boss Pei. It looks like Boss Pei places much importance on this movie even though he doesn’t come here often.”

Zhu Xiaoce smiled. “Of course. To be precise, Boss Pei places importance on all projects; if not, he would not have the success he has now…

“Just as well. I’ll settle the advertisements since Boss Pei is here.”

Zhu Xiaoce came to the side of Pei Qian who was wandering around the set. He was planning to take advantage of the on-site preparations to finalize a very critical issue.

“Boss Pei, can I take a few minutes of yours to report to you about the current advertising bids for this movie?”

Pei Qian was taken aback first before nodding. “Of course, let’s listen to it.”

Obviously, the word ‘advertisement’ hit his nerves.

Zhu Xiaoce accompanied Pei Qian around the set as he reported, “Boss Pei, we have many advertisements in this movie. The future world is set in a world filled with advertisements according to the setting. Just like how the male lead is surrounded by advertisements while he lives in the capsule.

“We have been pondering about how to do these advertisements for the longest time. I’m thinking of finding some companies, cooperating with them, and engaging in advertisement placement!

“There are three advantages to this method:

“The first is for these companies to shoot their own advertisements. It would be very economic this way. Moreover, the quality of their advertisements could be guaranteed as well.

“Secondly, it would be easy to create hot topics after the film is released. It may help the film spread wide and far.

“Thirdly, the placement of advertisements in traditional movies tends to be abrupt and blunt which could easily arouse disgust from the audience. However, the placement of advertisements in our movies would face no such problem. The negative impact will be very small.

“Therefore, we have also contacted some manufacturers and companies to ask if they have any intention to cooperate…”

Pei Qian became nervous instantly. “How’s the situation?”

Zhu Xiaoce’s expression became slightly awkward. “Uh… the big companies we took the initiative to contact basically ignored us. However, some lesser-known small companies came knocking on our door. However, their advertisements were too old-fashioned and did not apply to the futuristic world. We, therefore, rejected them.”

There is still no progress then, to put it bluntly…

Pei Qian let out a long sigh of relief and couldn’t help but say. “That’s great!” Zhu Xiaoce was stunned. “?”.

Pei Qian secretly rejoiced. How much less money would he be able to spend if they really managed to get advertisement placements?

Wouldn’t Boss Pei cough out blood if a few big companies spend millions on advertising fees?

Thus, he definitely could not do that!

Fortunately, Fei Huang Workspace did not have much reputation in the movie circle. They looked for big companies this time, which was why they were so unsuccessful.

However, this was not a problem that could be taken lightly. The signs had to be stopped in time.

In case Zhu Xiaoce persevered in obtaining sponsorship and convinced these wealthy large companies, a large part of the cost would have been recovered by the advertisements before the movie was released.

That would destroy everything!

Pei Qian became serious as he thought of that. “You are right about the first two points, but the last point has some problems.

“Putting brand advertisements that are available in real life will give the audience a sense of reality no matter what. The subject of our movie might be special, but it would still affect the audiences’ viewing experience.

“Moreover, strong irony exists in our film. The companies to buy our advertisements will more or less be satirized.

“That might not have a good effect on their brand image. Therefore, they might not be willing to do this kind of advertising placement.

“In short, this behavior is not desirable.”

Zhu Xiaoce considered carefully before nodding his head quickly. “Yes, Boss Pei, I understand now!”

Zhu Xiaoce could not help but feel a little afraid of seeing Boss Pei’s solemn expression. He nearly screwed the whole thing up!

After thinking about it carefully, Boss Pei was right. No matter what they said, placement advertisements were placement advertisements. The audiences had already bought the tickets to the movie theater. It didn’t seem very right to let them watch placement advertisements.

That would probably be a downfall if it was not managed well!

They might make money then, but it would definitely not meet Boss Pei’s expectations if their reputation was destroyed.

Zhu Xiaoce could not help to reflect. Placement advertisements were clearly against the Tengda spirit.

He had to remember this lesson!

There had to be an alternative since the first plan was rejected by Boss Pei.

Zhu Xiaoce hesitated for a while before he continued. “Boss Pei, if we cannot use the advertisements from other companies, then we can only shoot them ourselves.” Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, of course, we have to shoot them ourselves!”

How could he pass by such a good opportunity to spend money? Pei Qian gave it some thought before continuing. “The advertisements are pretty important in my opinion. It must be high-end, low-profile luxury yet with class.

“I think… uh, tell me how you want to shoot it first.”

Pei Qian had thought of a general direction at first, but he suddenly stopped himself. He thought about his glorious history of repeatedly ‘turning stones into gold’ and decided not to interfere with Zhu Xiaoce’s ideas and gave him a free hand.

Perhaps he might have better ideas than Pei Qian himself? Boss Pei would only interfere if Zhu Xiaoce’s idea had a high chance of making money.

Zhu Xiaoce gave it some thought. “Boss Pei, I think…

“Take a brainwashing advertisement! That is to continuously repeat a simple advertisement three, four-or even more times—so that people will never forget it.

“We can also add some simple rhythm to it so that the advertisement will be even more brainwashing

“Such advertisements appeared a lot during the past few years. It had decreased recently, but they still exist.

“We have shot such commercials before. In this way, we can very well arouse the disgust of the audience and make them empathize with the male lead, deepening the irony of this movie!”

After listening to Zhu Xiaoce’s thoughts, Pei Qian fell into a brief silence. No, it seemed like it might still hit the jackpot if he were to follow Zhu Xiaoce’s method!

Pei Qian had felt the power of brainwashing advertisements before.

The characteristic of such kind of advertisements was to flaunt. If it was done right, a brand would be able to become the face of an entire category and create the illusion that ‘this brand is the top among this category of products’.

In short, such advertisements were widely popular because of its outstanding effect.

If a movie was filled with a large amount of brainwashing advertisements like this, it might trigger heated discussions among the audience. It might create unnecessary heated discussions.

Pei Qian sighed secretly. No, these subordinates were too effective to count on! It was too difficult to have Zhu Xiaoce generate a loss-making idea!

He had to do it himself.

Pei Qian gave it some thought before saying. “Brainwashing advertisements are not too appropriate either.

“First, technology is developing, and times are advancing. The effects of brainwashing advertisements are obvious, but it has also aroused the disgust of many people. They are diminishing in numbers.

“The setting in the movie is in the future. The advertising industry would have developed further and moved to a more elusive direction. If we are to show audiences the brainwashing advertisements, they will definitely think if the advertisement in the future world was just like this?

“It would be like the people now watching advertisements from decades ago. It would look very strange and incompatible with the whole environment.”

Zhu Xiaoce nodded, seemingly convinced.

Pei Qian continued. “Second, such advertisements might be too overwhelming and might outshine the movie. If the audiences pay too much attention to the advertisements, they would not have time to see the actors’ skills nor the profound meaning behind the plot of the movie.

“Therefore, my suggestion is to shoot some large, cool settings with inexplicable meaning as advertisements!

“Repeatedly play these advertisements so that the audiences would keep watching yet feel at a loss, totally not able to understand them. That would then be in line with the development trend of future advertising.

“As for the brands in the advertisement… make them completely fictional. “The advertisements must be of high standards and quality, understood?”

The advertisements had to be shot, but Pei Qian would not say exactly how they would look. He could only point out a possibly wrong direction and watch Zhu Xiaoce’s performance.

Zhu Xiaoce fell silent for a long while before replying. “Boss Pei, this is a very difficult task… but… I have confidence!”

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