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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 358 New Employee Handbook

Chapter 358 New Employee Handbook

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December 15th, Wednesday morning…

Wu Bin came to Shenhua View with excitement and anxiety. He learned the results on Monday. He passed the interview! He simply cheered at that moment.

He had never been so happy since he entered the working scene.

According to Tengda’s arrangements, new employees could join at any time after they passed. Tengda would not force them to join by which date so there was no need to worry about handover at all.

They could start officially whenever their formalities were completed.

Wu Bin returned to Hengtu Games to break the news to his boss that he would like to resign. He was naturally retained.

There were good reasons for the retention.

For example, there was work to be handed over or that year-end bonuses were about to be discussed at the annual meeting. Everyone had worked together for so long; there was a relationship. Wages could be raised, etc.

However, Wu Bin still resigned resolutely without a moment’s delay.

The reason was simple. The earlier he started in Tengda, the earlier he could get a higher salary from Tengda.

Hengtu Games might have promised to increase his pay, but that pay would never be able to match Tengda Games’ basic salary.

The earlier he joined, the earlier he could earn more!

Therefore, Wu Bin did not delay a minute longer. He strived to the first of the new batch of employees.

The only thing that he wasn’t certain about was that he did not know if he could still be eligible for the year-end bonuses and the gifts from the annual meeting.

He would definitely get them if he stayed on in his previous company.

However, Wu Bin knew that the year-end bonus and annual meeting gifts from Hengtu Games would not be too spectacular. Their year-end bonus would be a symbolic one-month worth of salary. The annual meeting gift would probably just be a door gift. It would be very good if he could receive 200 or 300 yuan of red packet.

That little temptation was not enough to prompt Wu Bin to stay.

Wu Bin was feeling emotional. Poaching people had nothing to do with the HR after all; the most important factor was to see how the company treated their employees. Tengda’s employee policies required no HR to poach talents. Job seekers would naturally flock to them as long as these benefits were to be leaked out.

On the other hand, Hengtu Games might say all they could; but they would not be able to say anything else once they were asked ‘how do you poach talents with a lower offer?’

Wu Bin wore his most expensive suit and walked into the Shenhua View with his head high. He took the elevator to the 16th floor.

Tengda’s total floor area was already relatively larger.

Fei Huang Workspace, Upwind Logistics, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Otto Technologies, Dream Realization Ventures, and other industries were not located in Shenhua View. They were all in their own office buildings.

Tengda Games, Zhongdian Chinese Network, and TPDb were the only ones in Shenhua View. They were located on the 17th and 18th floors.

Tengda did not have enough office space after the recruitment this time again.

In the past, the administrative and finance departments of Tengda Games were all squeezed on the 17th floor. The space was more than enough at first, but the workstations were full as the number of members increased.

There were also frequent ‘promotions’, but that speed was too slow. It did not help the situation.


Therefore, the original office space was completely insufficient after the intensive recruitment this time. They would need to rent another floor.

Tengda rented the entire 16th floor as well and decorated everything in the same manner to welcome the new recruits. It would be a little strenuous if they were to continue expanding. Shenhua View’s rent might be expensive, but it was a high-end office building after all. There were not so many floors with the entire space empty.

Expansion would only be achievable either by renting floors that were farther apart or by moving to a large space, such as a unique office building.

However, that was something for the future. They could start looking for a suitable location from now on, but the office space should be sufficient in the short term.

The games department was separated from the administrative and finance departments after the recruitment this time.

The gaming department was left on the 17th floor while the administrative, finance, and legal departments were shifted to the 16th floor.

The 16th floor was more spacious because there were fewer people.

Pei Qian was on this floor. He specially set up a huge conference room on this floor and moved his office over.

Large television and projectors were installed for presentation and reporting in the office and the conference room.

Tang Yishu was naturally assigned to this level as well. That was so the departments would be more or less affected when they came over to report.

However, Pei Qian also felt that if Tang Yishu was on the 16th floor all year round, then the bugs on the 17th floor would be significantly reduced.

Therefore, Pei Qian planned to adopt a few more stray cats from the vet and evenly distribute them on the 16th, 17th, and 18th floors.

He could arrange for more pet supplies with so many pets around like large cat climbing frames. He could even spend more money this way.

That way, Tang Yishu would be able to take care of the cats on all three levels and bring the halo effect all around.

Moreover, Pei Qian moved the gaming department to the 17th floor while moving his office to the 16th floor because he was hinting the employees of the gaming department: Please be sloppy since the boss isn’t on the same level anymore!

Wu Bin’s workplace would be on the 16th floor.

Wu Bin was a little nervous when he found out that he was on the same level as Boss Pei’s office. He would be working under the nose of the boss so he could not be sloppy.

Tengda was still a mystery in Wu Bin’s eyes so far. It was impossible to guess what it was.

The information that Wu Bin learned about Tengda was all hearsay. There were many outrageous claims in it so the credibility was not very high. He did not learn much from the written exam and the interview.

However, Wu Bin guessed that Tengda would probably pay more attention to spiritual building Why would there be a Tengda Spirit compatibility test’ otherwise?

Wu Bin had successfully passed the written exam and the interview and had officially entered the job. However, according to the process, he had to undergo three Tengda Spirit compatibility tests within a month.

He could only become a full-time employee only if he passed these tests. Otherwise, it would all be for naught.

Therefore, Wu Bin had mentally prepared in advance that in addition to working hard to win the approval of his colleagues and Boss Pei, he would have to truly understand what the Tengda spirit really meant in his first month of joining.

The pretty front desk lady gave Wu Bin a new employee handbook after he explained his intention. She then led him to the HR department to report to Hao Yun.

Hao Yun led Wu Bin to his workstation after expressing his welcome. He then got the administrative department to come over to grant him intranet permissions, arrange TPDb website accounts, and so on. During this period, Wu Bin sat on the office chair and began reading the new Employee’s Handbook, hoping to find some information relating to Tengda spirit on it. This new handbook was custom-made by the administrative department recently. It had also been reviewed by Boss Pei. There were no such items for employees previously because Tengda was at a relatively small scale by then. The on-boarding process was relatively simple so there was no need for these fanciful things.

It was different now. Employees joined in batches so there were many things to pay attention to. Penning it all down in the Employee’s Handbook would help the newcomers integrate into the work environment faster.

Wu Bin looked through the Employee’s Handbook and found that it was basically divided into several categories. It also talked about the precautions after entering the job.

The first large category was related to lifestyle, including advice on daily life, clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

For example, the company would uniformly order from Fish-Catching Take-Out for daily meals. There were comments on the dishes inside. In short, they were all delicious depending on personal taste.

There were subsidies for house rental and daily travel. The subsidies were very high. The specific amount, subsidy method, reimbursement process, etc. were all clearly written.

Wu Bin was drooling as he looked at the work meal on the handbook.

“Such good work meals, all free?

“Full reimbursement for taxis with a mandatory monthly reimbursement limit? I can use this money to buy anything related to work?

“There are gym benefits and private training sessions for every employee?

“These… these benefits are too good…”

Wu Bin was so excited that he continued flipping

The second category was entertainment which mainly included various leisure and entertainment facilities on the company’s side.

For example, a variety of coffee and beverages in the pantry, various snacks in the snack area, fitness equipment, and recreation rooms could be used freely without restrictions.

Wu Bin couldn’t help but sigh. “This might be image building, but it is not easy to do it with such care.”

Wu Bin had always felt that building gyms and recreation rooms in the company were nothing more but a means to attract employees to work overtime.

It would just sound nicer if mentioned blatantly.

‘Our company has prepared a gym and recreation room for our employees.’ Such bluffs were very suitable to deceive fresh graduates or those who had not been in the working environment for long.

That was because most of the gyms and recreation rooms could only be used after work hours.

If they could only use it after work hours, wasn’t that just a covert trick for overtime?

Moreover, when it came to working overtime, the entire project team would be immersed in work. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you went to the games room to play?

Therefore, most of the companies prepared these to build their images. The symbolic meaning was greater than its actual value.

Wu Bin continued flipping to the next page. This page was a note to the previous page. Wu Bin originally thought that it would say ‘please do not go to the recreation room during working hours’, but that was not the case at all!

It was clearly stated: ‘Each employee must use four hours of fitness facilities or recreation room every week and strive to achieve work-life balance.’

‘Note: Please do not use the gym or recreation room during non-working hours. Please go home immediately after work.’

Wu Bin felt a little giddy. The words were similar to what he had anticipated, but there was an additional ‘non-‘ in front of ‘working hours’.

The meaning had changed completely! Other companies were all about not using their gyms and recreation rooms during working hours, but Tengda was completely reversed in this case!

Did that mean they could only play during working hours?

Wu Bin almost thought that the employee handbook printed it wrongly, but after thinking through, they shouldn’t make such a low-level mistake, right?

He was a little confused. He could only continue reading with confusion.

The third category was about work.

Other companies often put this category as the first, but Tengda was the exact opposite. They put it as the last, occupying only the last few pages of the employee handbook. The description was quite brief.

The life category provided not only beautiful color photos of various work meals but also introduced the taste of each dish in detail. It could not be any more detailed.

The same went for the entertainment category. They had even introduced the various games in the games room with some simple reviews.

However, the style changed completely when it came to the work category.

There were only a few simple notes.

‘Overtime is prohibited in principle.’

‘If there is a need to work overtime due to work, you’ll have to report to the person-in-charge of the department. The in-charge will apply for an overtime quota and can only work overtime when this application is approved.’

“Report to the person-in-charge of the department immediately if you feel work pressure. They will recruit new employees as soon as possible.’

‘It’s strictly forbidden to contact colleagues for work reasons during non-working hours as it will cause trouble to your colleagues.’

The other comments were similar to the above.

Wu Bin’s head was spinning.

The contents were basically pointing to the same point: no overtime! The content that Wu Bin was expecting did not appear at all!

For example, work arranged by the in-charge had to be completed on schedule or colleagues cannot shrink on their responsibilities…

There were no such sayings at all!

Wu Bin thought that it could be further behind, but he turned the page over only to find that the new employee handbook was done!

What about the explanation of the Tengda spirit that he anticipated?

What about the hundred expected employee codes?


He closed the handbook, remembering nothing but the delicious meals and various benefits.

Wu Bin felt lost, vaguely feeling if there was something wrong somewhere.

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