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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 367 Boss Li’s Collaboration Plan

Chapter 367 Boss Li’s Collaboration Plan

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Pei Qian had no more motivation after Zhang Yuan’s actions. He originally just wanted to come here to play a game but then he encountered his employees secretly messing up his plans!

Pissed off!

Pei Qian switched off the computer, sat at the coffee area, and ordered a cup of coffee. He thought about life while drinking.

Life was so tough!

After careful calculations, Pei Qian realized that the only projects that were working hard to lose money were Fish-Catching Take-Out and Upwind Logistics. There was a cold stab in his back suddenly. It was too difficult.

Pei Qian could not take it lightly before the settlement. He had to plan ahead. It was about time to think about the next development of Fish-Catching Take-Out and Upwind Logistics.

Especially Fish-Catching Take-Out. They were currently relying on Fish-Catching Internet Cafe so they could only deliver to the region around Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

However, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0 was now profiting steadily. No matter whether it was raking sales of drinks or online business or the internet cafe. The Internet cafe had now turned losses into profits.

Pei Qian was thinking if he should find an opportunity to hive out Fish-Catching Take-Out?

Try to take the form of a fast-food chain so that customers could eat in stores or could order takeaways.

This way, he could get rid of the profitable Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0, expand Fish-Catching Take-Out to cover the entire Jingzhou, and continue to lose more money…

However, he had to give it some more thoughts. Would that cause any undue repercussions?

What if something went wrong again and made the original loss-making Fish-Catching Take-Out profit-making? That would really not be worth it.

Yes, he had to consider the long-term effects.

Pei Qian thought while drinking his coffee.

“Boss Pei had been living rather leisurely recently. It seems like the haunted house project is going well?” Pei Qian looked up. Li Shi was holding a cup of coffee and sat opposite him.

Pei Qian fell silent for a while. “It’s still alright, thanks to Boss Li.”

Leisurely? It did seem that way on the surface.

Progress on the haunted house? No good news was the greatest good news.

“Why, Boss Li wants to invest in my haunted house?”

Li Shi laughed a little awkwardly. “Hm… I’ll give it some consideration.”

That was what he said, but he did not feel that way in his heart.

Li Shi looked at Pei Qian and found his expression as calm as always. Moreover, it wasn’t just calmness. There seemed to be a sense of boredom.

He couldn’t help but lament. Boss Pei was always so collected and unpredictable.

Li Shi came with an objective today. He originally wanted to be polite, but he decided otherwise after some thought. Boss Pei wasn’t someone who liked that kind of show.

He would go straight to the point if that was the case!

Li Shi pondered for a moment before he said. “Boss Pei, I have a project which I would like to collaborate with you. I wonder if you would be interested.”

Pei Qian gave a polite smile.

A project in which you want to collaborate with me?

The projects that Boss Li liked were definitely not something good!

Boss Li had been in the investment circle for such a long time after all. He might not be able to profit from all, but he had better vision than ordinary investors. The probability of profiteering was pretty high.

Moreover, a fall in the pit, a gain in someone’s wit.

Pei Qian was extremely distrustful of such a cooperation model judging from past collaboration experience.

Pei Qian said with emotion. “Boss Li, I’ll definitely follow your investment when you have a project that would definitely make me lose my investment.”

Li Shi roared with laughter. “Boss Pei can always say such witty jokes with seriousness.”

Pei Qian was silent.

Li Shi continued, “I heard that Boss Pei just had an investment firm established and invested heavily in an emerging games company abroad. The prospects are very good!

“Dare I ask Boss Pei if this is a project that will lose your investment?”

Pei Qian was silent.

This question sounded reasonable so he could not refute it.

“Would you believe me if I told you that this project was invested in without my knowledge?” Pei Qian looked at Li Shi with all sincerity. Li Shi laughed. “Boss Pei, you are good at everything except that you like to deceive others! Hey, I understand. Soldiers are not tired of fraud in business.”

Pei Qian was silent.

Li Shi obviously did not want to debate about this anymore. “Boss Pei, let’s talk business. I do have a project that I truly want to work with you.

“I have two other friends who want to collaborate with you as well to open a chain of nameless restaurants”

‘Pei Qian, “?”

Nameless restaurant chain stores?

One nameless restaurant made me profit so much, another one now? You’re definitely a spy sent by a hostile company!

Hm? That wasn’t right. Boss Li was indeed from a hostile company…

Pei Qian took a sip of coffee. “Not considering.”

Li Shi, “…Boss Pei is always so decisive in your rejections.”

Boss Pei rejected him before he could say anything

Everyone would earn money happily with another chain. Wouldn’t that be great? Moreover, even if he wanted a monopoly and had no interest in collaboration, he would not just refuse without listening, right?

However, he had dealt with Boss Pei for quite a while and knew his temper.

Li Shi recovered. “Boss Pei, we don’t have any other meaning. The nameless restaurant is your business; you can eat it whenever you want to. We, on the other hand, are on a one-month waiting list…

“We just want to be able to have a good meal.

“Is this wish too much?”

Pei Qian was silent.

I can eat whenever I want to? Boss Li, it seems like you are mistaken about the operation model of Ming Yun Private Kitchen…

I can only eat five times a month as well!

However, it was indeed the case after thinking about it. It was so difficult for Boss Pei himself to have a meal, let alone someone else.

The appointments for Ming Yun Private Kitchen were full up to two months later. It was simply unbearable for average diners.

Pei Qian sighed slightly. “Boss Li, you misunderstood me. I had never thought of and didn’t mean to monopolize the food.

“Forget it, tell me your plan.”

Li Shi nodded. “This idea stemmed from the resentment of not being able to eat delicious food. I’m not the only one with this resentment in Jingzhou.

“Xue Zhebin and Wang Peng have similar resentments.

“Boss Pei should know these two people right? One of them is Xue Yuanqing’s only son, a professional rich second-generation heir; the other is the co-founder of Quanmin Reviews.”

Pei Qian was silent.

Of course, he knew! They were the two idiots who made Ming Yun Private Kitchen popular!

Boss Pei still remembered what happened that day as though it was yesterday.

Xue Zhebin, this rich second-generation heir, was attracted by Zhang Zuting’s Weibo. He then brought this Wang Peng over. Wang Peng personally wrote a review for Ming Yun Private Kitchen on Quanmin Reviews, then… there was no more.

Ming Yun Villas later used Ming Yun Private Kitchen as publicity. Boss Li took the opportunity to follow and heated up the nearby low prices which led to the popularity of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in Ming Yun Villas…

That was all for later.

In short, Boss Pei would be irked when these two were mentioned.

And now you still want to make money with me?

Go to hell!

Li Shi did not notice the abnormality in Boss Pei’s expression and continued. “Boss Pei, the three of us are loyal diners of Ming Yun Private Kitchen!

“But it’s simply too painful to wait for an opening! It was okay at first when there were few people, but it became more popular as time went by.

“An appointment one week in advance is acceptable, but one month in advance is completely different!

“We originally booked a restaurant according to our schedule. Now, we have to change our schedules according to the availability of the restaurant!

“If you want to book a large scale banquet at Ming Yun Private Kitchen, you would have to book in advance wait until the dates are approaching before you can invite your partners to Jingzhou.

“It’s too inconvenient!!!”

Pei Qian sighed secretly.

He could only say that the three of them deserved it…

Sure enough, happiness depended on the comparison.

Boss Pei felt really inconvenient being able to only book the entire place on the 20th of every month and the largest private room once every week.

However, Boss Li and the other two were


Pei Qian couldn’t help but sympathize with them when he heard that.

Li Shi continued. “Therefore, all of us agreed immediately to open a branch of Ming Yun Private Kitchen together with Boss Pei.

“We’ve agreed that the capital, manpower, and management would be handled by the three of us. Boss Pei, you need only come out with the ‘Nameless restaurant’ brand name. We’ll pay you dividends every month!

“Or, if Boss Pei is worried about its profitability, we can also use the franchise fee + dividend model. We’ll first pay a franchise fee for the golden brand of ‘Nameless restaurant’.

“We’ve selected the location, to open it in a big shopping mall nearby so that traffic would be guaranteed.

“In short, the prospects are very good!”

Pei Qian was silent.

The project sounded too reliable! It was so reliable that he did not dare participate in it blindly…

Pei Qian replied in a very sincere tone after thinking about it. “Boss Li, I really cannot participate in this project. Moreover, the brand nameless restaurant is nothing much. You will be able to create a whole new high-end food and beverage brand as long as your dishes are excellent and your services are good. “But don’t worry Boss Li, I’ll support you spiritually!

“You can ask me anytime if you meet any problems in the process of opening a restaurant. I will tell you all I know!”

Li Shi sighed gently. “Alright, Boss Pei, I understand. I’ll definitely not hand over this golden brand if I were you as well.

“The brand value of the nameless restaurant was created by Boss Pei’s hard work after all…”

Pei Qian was silent.

Misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding! But Pei Qian could not explain it so he could only keep smiling politely. Li Shi said with slight regret. “Okay, we can only rely on ourselves then. We hope that Boss Pei will join us on the day our restaurant opens!”

Pei Qian nodded profusely. “Of course, I’ll definitely go! I’ll also bring all my staff with me! We’ll patronize frequently!”

Li Shi smiled. “Boss Pei is the only one who can say such polite things so sincerely.”

Pei Qian was speechless.

Being polite? That was my true heartfelt feelings!

I’ll be more than grateful to you if you could really open this restaurant and take away some customers of Ming Yun Private Kitchen and allow me to eat anytime without waiting in line!

Li Shi said goodbye to Pei Qian and turned to leave.

Pei Qian sent his sincere blessings silently.

All the best, Boss Li! Bring down Ming Yun Private Kitchen as soon as you can!

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