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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 368 Realization of the Tengda Spirit

Chapter 368 Realization of the Tengda Spirit

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December 27th, Monday…

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd….

Wu Bin took a deep breath and calmed his mind. A week passed in the blink of an eye. It was time for the second Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

It might not be the last chance, but he really did not dare delay anymore.

Interns were not allowed to do any work. Passing the test one week later meant they could only officially start work one week later.

That was simply too difficult!

It was the first time Wu Bin realized that not working-doing nothing at work—was so torturous.

Fortunately, this time, Hao Yun used her position as the person-in-charge to secretly help Wu Bin ask Li Yada, the person-in-charge of the gaming department, the secret of passing the test.

The secret was simple. There were only two points: overthink and do everything possible to complete the task assigned by Boss Pei.

It might be a little brief, but it was at least a good direction.

Wu Bin deeply reflected on his answers over the past two days. He realized that he must have answered Boss Pei’s question about overtime wrongly.

It should be that they couldn’t work overtime normally. Rather, Boss Pei would personally request for overtime if there was a need!

The open letter sent by Boss Pei in the internal forum basically proved this point.

Wu Bin walked into the test venue with full confidence with this in mind. A crisp mouse click rang forth in the conference room.

There were more than 30 people, more newcomers participating in the Tengda Spirit compatibility test than the previous time.


Three of them passed the test previously, but after the last test, another group of newcomers completed their resignation procedures at their original companies and officially joined Tengda.

Therefore, the number of employees participating in the test had increased.

These new faces had different expressions. Some were puzzled by the questions while some were dismissive of the questions.

Wu Bin knew that these two types of people would probably not be able to pass the Tengda Spirit compatibility test specially prepared by Boss Pei.

Obviously, many departments of the Tengda Corporation had secretly inquired about the secret for passing the test.

However, the key was who could understand it better!

Wu Bin felt that such comprehension ability was one of the qualities that Boss Pei must be focusing on!

He started answering the questions seriously.

Wu Bin was slightly surprised to find that 70% of the questions this time were different from the last test.

Some questions had some simple change in wording, but the meaning had become totally different; some questions were new. He had never seen them before.

The options for similar questions had changed slightly as well.

In short, it was very confusing! In the previous test, Wu Bin answered them based on his feelings so he finished it pretty fast. However, this time, Wu Bin answered it very, very slowly. He read each question repeatedly and guessed the purpose of the question before repeatedly comparing the four options to find one that fit the best for the Tengda spirit.

After the selection, he would put the option into the question and check it repeatedly.

Someone finished answering it in no time. However, there was no doubt they would fail the test. Various sounds came from the conference room.




“Holy f*ck!”

These people left the room one by one with different expressions under the watchful eyes of the invigilator of the administrative department.

Some of them were confused, some were in disbelief and shock… someone had an emotional breakdown on the spot with tears in their eyes. Obviously, it was the second time for some, but they did not manage to pass.

Wu Bin was now answering even more seriously. In the end, only a few people remained in the conference room.

Wu Bin checked the time when he finished all the questions. There were less than ten minutes left.

“Hu… I did not manage time too well. Let’s submit it!”

There might be still some time, but the test software did not allow them to go back to check the answers.

However, it was lucky that Boss Pei prepared enough time for them to answer all the questions so that people like Wu Bin who answered slowly had ample time. Wu Bin guessed that it might be a hint from Boss Pei for everyone to have enough time to explore the deep meaning behind the questions.

Wu Bin held the mouse with trembling hands and clicked the ‘submit’ button.

A line of words appeared on the screen: ‘Congratulations, you passed the test!’


Wu Bin almost shouted in excitement.

He passed! He finally obtained Boss Pei’s approval and officially became a member of Tengda!

Wu Bin could not describe this wonderful feeling. He felt his spirit sublimate after he finished the entire set of questions! He suddenly realized something at this moment. His work experience in Hengtu Games was all wrong! It was all a big mistake!

Of course, the mistake did not originate from him.

Hengtu Games was a wrong environment which was why he went off track. Tengda Games was far more successful than Hengtu Games so Tengda Games’ method must be more correct! Now, the Tengda Spirit compatibility test was using the Tengda Spirit compatibility test to reverse his originally incorrect working model!

Wu Bin returned to his workstation happily. The first thing he did was to open a document to record his realization.

Why does Boss Pei repeatedly mention not to allow employees to work overtime? Even if there is a need to work overtime, why is it strictly controlled and even given ample overtime pay?

Obviously, Boss Pei sees the tremendous damage to his employees’ creativity caused by overtime!

Other companies only see the short term benefits and saved costs by squeezing their employees. However, that would lead to a decrease in employee motivation, creativity, and efficiency in the long run.

Some companies force their employees to work twelve hours a day. However, the efficiency of the employees was reduced, and their work enthusiasm suffered. That was why the amount of work completed was about the same.

Tengda, however, forced their employees to complete these tasks within the eight hours a day. That is asking employees to improve their work efficiency and creativity. That was why they could complete the work that other companies could complete by working overtime!

Strictly controlling the amount of overtime and paying enough overtime fees are all about maintaining the enthusiasm of their employees as much as possible!

Therefore, the true meaning of the Tengda Spirit compatibility test is not to encourage employees to be slackers but to screen out those who work really hard! Is someone working twelve hours a day a really hard-working employee?

No! It’s the exact opposite in Tengda. Such employees would be those whose efficiency is low. They work overtime to show their leaders, not really because they are hard-working. That’s all just superficial work.

In Boss Pei’s point of view, completing tasks without working overtime means high work productivity. It means knowing how to combine work and rest, how to have work-life balance!

Only such employees can maintain a healthy body, active thinking, and unconstrained imagination. They would not be overwhelmed by long overtime, killing their morale, and distorting their imaginations. That is a true long-term vision! Therefore, the Tengda spirit is not simply working overtime or simply obeying what Boss Pei wants.

The Tengda spirit is to learn how to have a work-life balance. Not working overtime in order to maintain a healthy body and a good working condition to make one’s career path smoother, develop the company better, and achieve a win-win situation!

This test seems to encourage us to obey everything Boss Pei says on the surface, but that is obviously not the ultimate goal of Boss Pei.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have created such a beat-around-the-bush way to come up with a set of test questions for everyone to guess.

You can only pass the test by understanding to this level. This meant that what Boss Pei wants is not a puppet who listens to him, but people who can truly understand his intentions, have good enough comprehension, and have a strong ability to think independently!

Boss Pei must have selected his talents according to this set of criteria which is why Tengda has gathered so many talents!

If they continue this interview process, the future of Tengda… the future would be limitless!

Wu Bin felt that his views of HR had been completely subverted. In the past, he saw HR as nothing more than hiring, negotiating pay, poaching people, and finding ways to kick old employees away.

However, Boss Pei had taught him a lesson.

Many companies regarded their employees as opponents. They did everything possible to squeeze their employees. As a result, employees had no enthusiasm for work. Once this ethos was formed, it would seriously affect the future development of the company.

In Tengda, the interests of the company and the employees were aligned. That was a harmonious, win-win relationship!

Wu Bin felt like he was completely enlightened. He decided to record his realization in whole.

He must apply the Tengda spirit to HR in the future. He mustn’t disappoint Boss Pei’s good intentions!


Pei Qian was in the office, checking the results of the second Tengda Spirit compatibility test. A total of 12 people passed the test out of the 35 who took them.

The passing rate had increased significantly!

Pei Qian could not help but nod slightly. It seemed like everyone’s understanding of the Tengda spirit was progressing very quickly! However, there were also a dozen new recruits who failed twice in a row. If they still failed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test after their one-month internship, then he would only let them go with regrets. Pei Qian did not feel any pain towards losing these people. They were all diehard fans of overtime. Such people should not become Tengda’s employees!

He could only sit back and relax when he eliminated such dangers as soon as possible!

Li Yada updated two stable versions of GOG at her workstation. One was the regular version, the other was the version revised based on the opinions of Dream Realization Ventures.

The two versions finally seemed passable after such a long period of modification.

Balance was still a problem, but at least, it seemed like a test version of this serious game no longer looked like a crude semi-finished product.

The bugs were mostly fixed. These versions were basically stable.

Of course, there would definitely be more bugs if they updated it, but they would not need to worry in the short term.

Li Yada knew that she could rest assured at least for the five days that she wouldn’t be here.

She would be able to proceed to the next round of development after collecting the opinions of players during the five days she was gone.

Li Yada was about to shut down her computer when she realized that Hao Yun from the HR department sent him a document.

The title of the document was ‘Interpretation of the Tengda spirit (Speculated)’.

“En? What was this?”

Li Yada clicked open the file with some doubts.

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