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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 369 What is the Tengda Spirit?

Chapter 369 What is the Tengda Spirit?

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There were a few lines at the start.

“This document should be regarded with absolute secrecy and only be transmitted privately. It is forbidden to be posted onto the internal forum and on the net.

“Boss Pei hates dogma. The real Tengda spirit lies in Boss Pei’s heart. Boss Pei has the final authority to explain.

“This document is just a rough gauge of the Tengda spirit. It does not represent Boss Pei’s real views. Everyone, please maintain independent views about the content of the document. Distill your own understanding from it.”

The general meaning was as such:

This was not a standard teaching material, only a more superficial understanding. It was only for reference and should not be regarded as the only correct answer. It also did not represent Boss Pei’s true thinking.

It was best to comprehend the Tengda spirit by themselves.

Li Yada flipped the page and found that there was quite a bit of content to it.

She continued to read the main body of the document.

Tengda spirit number one: work with high efficiency, focus on innovation.

The first mission is to do your best not to work overtime to realize this first spirit. Not working overtime is one of Boss Pei’s most important principles.

However, many people only simply see it as concern for the employees, but they fail to realize the true meaning within.

Boss Pei hopes that everyone will be able to adapt to such high-pace work life through making a no-overtime mandatory. It is to continuously restrain oneself to increase one’s efficiency and to generate new ideas.

Find all ways to increase work efficiency through not working overtime and make this a good habit.

Tengda spirit number two: obey the leader and maintain independent thinking.

The next thing one had to do is to complete Boss Pei’s request at all costs. Boss Pei often asks for seemingly unreasonable requests. However, it is always proven after that there are deep meanings behind them.

One shall do all they can to complete Boss Pei’s requests even if one does not understand the true meaning behind it. That holds immense importance in understanding Boss Pei’s meaning.

There is a saying: read a book a hundred times and understand it differently every time. You will be able to understand it one day if you follow Boss Pei’s direction with gusto.

However, be careful. Boss Pei does not hope for all the employees to be blind sheep following him.

Boss Pei always puts out requests without explanation because he wants his employees to develop independent thinking.

Therefore, one has to maintain independent thinking to solve problems while carrying out Boss Pei’s requests. One shall not pin all hopes on Boss Pei, but to show one’s own independent ways so that one can share the burden with Boss Pei.

Tengda spirit number three: work-life balance, long-term goals. To realize this, it is important to enjoy company benefits to its fullest. Many employees are embarrassed to play games in the office, eat their snacks, drink their coffees, or to enjoy too much of the benefits in the company.

That is a totally wrong way of thinking!

The company provides these benefits and such a good working environment so that the employees can understand what work-life balance was.

Good health is a prerequisite for work. Many have experienced occupational damage once they reached mid-life. They will not be able to concentrate, and their bad work state will affect their efficiency.

Tengda views their employees as their fortune. It is a huge loss to the company if their employees fall sick.

Therefore, Boss Pei prepares so many benefits and provides such a good working environment all so that the employees can enjoy work-life balance. They will be able to take care of their bodies so that everyone will be able to continue working with Tengda 10, 20, or even 30 years later.

Everyone shall accept these benefits with a peace of mind and enjoy them.

Bury these feelings in the bottom of your heart and use a higher work enthusiasm and a more active working state to reciprocate to the company!

The Tengda spirit is broad and profound. This is just one aspect of it.

Knowing is easy, doing is difficult. I hope everyone can start with the simplest.

Do all you can to not work overtime.

Find all means to complete Boss Pei’s requests.

Enjoy the company benefits to the fullest.

Start with the simplest things, don’t let Boss Pei’s expectations down, and become a true part of Tengda!

Fully understand the Tengda spirit on these bases:

Work efficiently; focus on innovation…

Obey the leader, maintain independent


Work-life balance, long-term goals!

Li Yada fell silent after reading this document. She suddenly felt guilty! It turned out that Boss Pei ordered us not to work overtime with such deep meaning?

Li Yada couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed that she had such a lack of understanding of the Tengda spirit even though he was the person-in-charge of the gaming department. She often worked overtime secretly as well. What a failure of a person-in-charge she was!

On the one hand, it reflected on the inefficiency of her work; on the other hand, it reflected her lack of understanding.

She had to work harder!

This document was really useful!

She replied hurriedly. “Thank you, this document is a great help! Is this something you came up with?”

Hao Yun replied immediately, “It wasn’t me, but one of the staff from our department who had just passed the Tengda spirit test.

“There’s no need to thank me. This is a return gift for the feedback given by that employee previously!

“The employee in our department hopes to guide the new employees in the other departments so that they could better understand the Tengda spirit and truly integrate into the big family of Tengda as soon as possible!

“However, this document should not be circulated. It should be kept as part of the company’s secrets. “I think that this document should only be stored on the person-in-charge’s computer and needed multiple-layer encryption.”

“Only those hardworking staff that we think are qualified to learn about the Tengda spirit should understand these contents!”

Li Yada suddenly understood. “Okay, I understand, thank you very much!”

Three people in the gaming department had passed in the first test, but there would definitely be more newcomers who have to go through the Tengda Spirit compatibility test. Such a document would be very important when the time came!

Hao Yun passed this document to the persons-in-charge of the other departments instead of sending it directly through the intranet. Obviously, she felt that this document was just a one-sided opinion and might not necessarily represent the opinions of Boss Pei.

Boss Pei might be enraged if rumors or misunderstandings were to arise or if someone were to interfere with the Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

Therefore, it should only be circulated within a small circle of people and shouldn’t be leaked to everyone.

Li Yada decided that she would show an employee this document to comprehend the Tengda spirit if that employee was about to be eliminated and she liked this person very much.

That was equivalent to having a good guide for those who were temporarily lost and was searching for a path.

In short, only key members could see and learn from this document. If these key members could form good practice in their work, they would naturally be able to guide the normal staff, allowing them to come together spontaneously.

Li Yada hid the document carefully into a hidden folder and encrypted it to prevent leakage.

Li Yada came to Boss Pei’ office when everything was ready. She knocked on the door and gave her schedule to Boss Pei, telling him that she would only be back on Monday and for him to contact her at any time if anything was required.

Pei Qian smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t contact you. Have fun and a well-deserved rest. Don’t worry about anything at work.

“It’s getting late; get going!” Li Yada left the office with an illusion of being kicked out of the company inexplicably.

Pei Qian felt a lot more relaxed now that he saw Li Yada off.

He should be safe now since so many core members had gone abroad for play? He could rest well for one week now, right?

What a hard-won leisure time.

Pei Qian casually swiped the web and checked the latest news.

He searched for ‘IOI’ and ‘Finger Games Company’ as keywords into the website when he suddenly remembered something. There were only some very minor reports. Its popularity was very low, and there were basically no players discussing it on forums.

Pei Qian changed the keyword search to English and searched again. He relied on his Level Four proficiency in English to search for a long time in the vast search results.

He still could not find what he wanted to find!

There were only a few pieces of information saying that IOI had been tested once, but there was not too much information about the results. They only used some more polite terms to describe it.

That meant to say that it didn’t seem like it was very popular.

Pei Qian could not help but feel bothered.

Strange, why isn’t there any news of it becoming a hit?

The game should have become rather popular in the United States after the official testing. It would then spread to the country and around the world in a short period of time according to Pei Qian’s memory.

In fact, a group of information website and opinion leaders among the players paid close attention to the game before LOL’s local service was opened.

Why was there no hustle at all?

It was normal that no one cared about it locally since it was still early.

What about overseas?

Finger Games raised so much money but had done nothing much so far? That efficiency was too low.

However, Pei Qian’s thoughts ran again. The timing of finance of the company was much later than Riot Games therefore. That game would take some time before it really caught up.

There would probably be similar news after waiting a bit?

Pei Qian decided to continue observing for a while.

Pei Qian checked the dates after switching off his computer. It was getting closer to the exam week.

It was about time to get notes from Old Ma.

Pei Qian had not gone to Dream Realization Ventures since Old Ma invested in IOI previously.

On the one hand, he did not want to recall sad memories; on the other, it was because Dream Realization Ventures had run out of money which was impossible to backstab him anymore.

However, he left his good brother alone during this period of time.

He had to make a trip to Dream Realization Ventures for the notes and also to see how Old Ma was now.

He heard someone shouting the moment he reached Dream Realization Ventures.

“Boss Ma, ulti now!”

“No problem, Boss Ma, I’ll back you up!”

“Boss Ma, leave me behind; withdraw yourself!”

It sounded like the battle was rather fierce and impassioned.

Pei Qian could not help but nod slightly.

Yes, this is exactly my ideal company!

Old Ma is my good brother indeed; he never fails me!

Uh… except the previous incident.

Pei Qian felt that it wasn’t entirely Old Ma’s fault the other time. It was also a coincidence. Old Ma did not do it intentionally. It was an accident. Moreover, the success of the investment was inconclusive. He should not just banish his good brother.

He should wait until after the exam week before banishing him at least.

Pei Qian crept in quietly and stood behind Ma Yang. He was not playing Gods Rising, but GOG!


Three question marks appeared above Pei Qian’s head immediately.

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