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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 370 Coin-Scattering Hedgehog

Chapter 370 Coin-Scattering Hedgehog

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Pei Qian stood behind Ma Yang silently, looking at him being driven away by the enemy’s heroes.

Eh? Was it not a rigged match?

Pei Qian was a little puzzled, seeing how the other side attacked so ruthlessly. It didn’t seem like it was someone friendly.

Both sides fought extremely violently in a wave of team battles. The three teammates on their side and the five from the enemy team were indistinguishable. They managed to hit them down to three with superb coordination and tacit cooperation.

Another team member was frantically taking the lead. He successfully demolished two towers during this wave of team battle, threatening the opponent’s high ground.

And Ma Yang…

Ran away in the midst of bloody cries for ‘Boss Ma run away’. Pei Qian took a closer look. Ma Yang was playing as a strange beast hero. It looked like a wolf but had a sturdy body and a dragon tail. It had a huge head, two unicorn-shaped horns on top of its head. It had a huge basin as its mouth and looked rather uncoordinated. However, there was a strange sense of cuteness to it.

Pei Qian had a slight impression of this hero. It was a Taotie; its IP belonged to an old domestic animation. Of course, the figure in the animation was inspired by an exotic gluttonous animal in traditional culture.

The Taotie had many images. Everyone had different opinions, and there was no absolute right answer.

The Taotie in domestic animation was rather influential and had a high degree of recognition. That was why they bought the IP in this game.

This was a hero with both defense and team-building capabilities in the design of GOG. It could swallow both their teammate and enemy heroes. It could also control the enemy within a limited range and also activate skills to improve one’s own damage reduction ability. In theory, this should be a rather good support hero to novices. One could just rush to the enemy’s defense or use its swallowing skills to project your key teammates even if one was a novice.

It had a very high lower limit. Its upper limit wasn’t too shabby as well.

However, in Old Ma’s hands, this hero did not do anything of that sort. He slipped off, covered in blood, and sold his three teammates decisively.

Pei Qian couldn’t help but sigh. He had seen many rigged games, but it was the first time he saw four tanks and one assist!

Pei Qian confirmed it after taking a closer look. The other party was really not a friendly opponent. It should be an enemy randomly matched online.

In previous 5v5 rigged games, the party on the opponent side acted realistically, but Pei Qian could see traces of the game being rigged. After all, allowing Old Ma to kill nine people in the game by himself could only be achieved with some rather inferior acting.

Now, the opponents seemed to be hitting Ma Yang rather cruelly. They did not seem like current employees but employees that left. Luckily, Old Ma escaped pretty fast; otherwise, he would have died miserably.

The other employees had spotted Pei Qian standing behind Ma Yang by now. However, none of them spoke, seeing the ‘hush’ gesture by Boss Pei.

Ma Yang wore the earphones and stared at the screen intently, unaware a person was standing behind him.


Of course, even if he did see Pei Qian, he would probably just greet him and go back to his game.

Old Ma might be muddled, but he never gave up on his teammates. He was still rather reliable from this point of view—if one did not consider his performance in the game.

Old Ma’s current actions were no different from abandoning his teammates now.

Pei Qian watched on happily. If he was in the game and was Old Ma’s teammate, he would probably have cursed him.

However, Pei Qian only had one thought in mind as a bystander.

Was there any food? Bring me some; I’m so hungry!

However, he could not help but sympathize with Boss Ma’s four teammates. They were obviously better than the opponents, but they were hit so badly.

However, Pei Qian’s smile gradually faded from his face as he watched on.

Extreme pleasure would end in sorrow!

Wait, this version of GOG… doesn’t look right?

Ma Yang’s last hit was executed so badly. Why did his equipment not fall too far behind? Also, wasn’t his hero a support hero?

Ma Yang killed the enemy with the help of his teammates and was awarded an 800-yuan bounty?

Such a setting was relatively familiar to Pei Qian so he did not immediately realize that something was wrong.

However, he noticed something wrong immediately after thinking for a while!

The original GOG design wasn’t like this because this game was copied from Gods Rising!

He took a closer look. Not only were there changes in the last hit and the rules to bounty, but even the map seemed smaller than what it was previously. The elements on the map seemed to be changed as well!

Pei Qian’s heart sank and turned cold.

What’s going on?!

Who modified the game? Why were there so many problems the more he looked into the details?

He wanted to inspect even closer, but the game was already over. It was a 405 most of the time, but Ma Yang’s team still won because his teammates were really strong

Ma Yang took off his earphones and contentedly. “Winning streak!

“The special training some time ago really helped me gain improvement. We can now win randomly matched players continuously!” The employees around applauded, bootlicking all around.

“Boss Ma improved leaps and bounds!”

“Actually, Boss Ma’s skills were rather good in the first place. You just did not meet good teammates until now.”

“Even though Boss Ma did not win the MVP for this round, you played the biggest role in our victory!” Pei Qian remained silent.

Old Ma, this year’s tree planting day has been over for quite some time now. Why hasn’t a B-tree taken root in your heart?

Moreover, what a bunch of bootlickers you’ve hired… I can’t continue listening anymore! Forget it, the bootlickers weren’t important.

Let’s clarify the problem with GOG first!

Pei Qian was a little speechless. Didn’t Li Yada and Bao Xu travel to the United States for a tour?

How could you all still give me trouble being so far away? Or perhaps you buried this minefield for me before you left?

Luckily, I came to borrow notes from Old Ma today. If not, I don’t know how long I would be kept in the dark!

Pei Qian subconsciously wanted to ask about the game but changed his mind. What would these investment individuals in Dream Realization Ventures know about GOG?

Forget it, he’d search for the answer himself!

Someone had pulled over a chair beside Ma Yang for Boss Pei to sit. Pei Qian gave a slight cough. “Did you bring it?”

Ma Yang nodded hurriedly. “Yes, Brother Qian, please keep it well.”

He pulled out an ordinary-looking hardcover notebook from the drawer as he spoke.

Pei Qian reached for it and passed it to his chauffeur, Little Sun. Little Sun put this hardcover book hurriedly into his business bag for Boss Pei. No one else took another look.

What was in that book?

Probably some confidential information!

Why would Boss Pei personally make a trip down to take it from Boss Ma otherwise?

Pei Qian planned to find a copy shop to make a copy and take some time to memorize the notes for the only closed-book exam during the exam week.

However, the most important problem at hand was GOG.

“We haven’t played together for some time. Up for one game?” Pei Qian suggested.

Ma Yang was elated. “Sure, Brother Qian! I’ll also show you the results of my special training!”

Pei Qian remained silent. He was in total doubt about the results of Ma Yang’s special training!

The sun would rise from the west if a slacker like Ma Yang could really improve with four professional players who would not outplay him no matter what.

However, Pei Qian’s objective was to observe the current situation of GOG.

They entered the ten-person selection interface in no time.

Pei Qian was a little lost when faced with the dazzling array of heroes. Of course, there were only a dozen, which was not too many. The game was in the development phase after all.

However, Pei Qian had never played any of the heroes here so he naturally felt at a loss as to who to choose.

Pei Qian clicked on the heroes one by one to view their skills and introduction.

Pei Qian noticed a line of words under Modest, the Guardian of Justice: ‘I would like to use this hero to pay tribute to Boss Pei, the Chief Designer of Tengda Games!’


Pei Qian couldn’t help but feel great.

Such inadvertent bootlicking was always irresistible!

Let’s use it since it’s my exclusive hero!

Pei Qian did not hesitate to use Modest, the Guardian of Justice.

He only noticed the many weapons behind the hero’s back after he chose him. Why did he have so many weapons? Putting aside the knife, gun, and sword; why was there hayfork and broom?

What did this mean?

The Gate of Babylon(a) of the others was hidden in the void and could be summoned at any time. Why was my Gate of Babylon on my back?

The Iron Thrones[b] of the others were usually beneath their butts. Why is mine on my shoulders?

Was this part not thought through carefully?

Ma Yang turned towards Pei Qian just as he wanted to ask his question.

“Eh? Brother Qian, you’re going to play as the Coin-Scattering Hedgehog?”

Pei Qian remained silent.

Why are you swearing at me? Pei Qian’s face turned black. “What Coin-Scattering Hedgehog? Am I not the Guardian of Justice?”

Ma Yang replied. “Yes, yes, yes. He is the Guardian of Justice.

“But it’s designed like a hedgehog. Moreover, he would scatter coins when stabbed in the back. It’s a really fun character!”

Pei Qian remained silent.

He really wanted to know who designed this hero now. He had no other intentions but to give the designer a paid travel package to the Sahara Desert, Antarctica, and the tropical rainforests of East Africa to broaden their horizons.

[a]Please put a TL note for this. What does it mean?

[b]Same for this one.

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