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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 387 Zero Overtime Competition

Chapter 387 Zero Overtime Competition

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January 12th, Wednesday… Pei Qian was checking the results of the latest Tengda Spirit compatibility test in his office.

Tengda Spirit compatibility test was conducted almost every week. However, many new employees entered, and their timing for onboarding was different. Therefore, a large group of employees had not become regular employees until now.

Many were left with one last chance. They could only take compensation and leave if they did not pass it. They would be said to be visibly nervous.

Even though Tengda’s compensation was bountiful…

Even though they could try again next year…

Who could bear to leave after working in Tengda for some time?

These new employees might not be involved in the work during the probation period, but they could see the working status of the other people as they were learning. They could see the benefits Tengda offered, and most of them had a strong yearning to work here. Therefore, the last Tengda Spirit compatibility test was crucial to them. Pei Qian flipped the results and was surprised to find that the passing rates had significantly increased again.

“Those with one remaining chance had all passed. The overall passing rate of the test this time had reached more than 70%.

“Almost none of the new employees would be fired then. “What is happening, the questions leaked?

“It can’t be.”

Pei Qian checked the question bank of the Tengda Spirit compatibility test doubtfully.

Every question in the question bank was written by him personally. The various options were confusing. Each test was randomly selected from the question bank, and the order of the answers changed randomly.

Could the staff that made the website program leak the questions?

That should not be the case. No one should dare to blatantly engage in such things that Boss Pei explicitly prohibited. The possibility of the questions being leaked was very low.

Pei Qian was not sure if the producer of the website left a backdoor, but if he did and Boss Pei found that the problem leaked, then the only suspect would be him. That would be equivalent to self-destruction.

Pei Qian felt that his employees shouldn’t be that dumb.

However, the passing rate for the test did increase very obviously.

Pei Qian recounted some relevant clues.

“Hmm… the passing rate was very low at the beginning, but it gradually got higher.

“The new members would talk to each other in private, but that should not have such a big impact. The question banks were completely random after all. They shouldn’t be able to accurately grasp the spirit of Tengda by rote memorization.

“Talks between new staff are just part of the reason.

“Most new employees must have mastered the essence of the Tengda spirit. Overtime in the company has greatly improved recently.

“Not only did these new employees improve their understanding of the Tengda spirit, but even the ideology of the existing employees seemed to have improved as well.

“Could it be that the atmosphere of the company had greatly improved with the test questions? It has perfectly achieved my original goal?” Pei Qian seemed to be able to only find one reasonable explanation no matter how he thought about it.

How else would the overtime situation with the existing employees be improved?

The request for overtime by the departments had decreased recently. Some departments even had zero overtime for two consecutive weeks. That made Boss Pei so happy that he almost wanted to give them trophies. Wait, trophies? Yes, that seems like a good


Pei Qian sent a message to Hao Yun of the HR department immediately. “We’re going to have a zero overtime competition from this week onwards.

“Departments with no overtime on a particular week will earn a ‘zero overtime week’ record. There will be a selection every month. The department with the most records of ‘zero overtime’ will obtain a trophy and a bonus of 50,000 yuan!

“Be aware that ‘zero overtime’ means that there can be no signs of overtime work, be it evenings or weekends, whether at home or at work! There can be no document upload records during non-working hours.

“Shift positions, like in Upwind Logistics, should be determined based on actual working days.

“The HR department and Administrative department shall supervise together and each other! Report to me immediately if there are any suspicious signs and cancel the qualification for ‘zero overtime week’.

“If there are multiple departments which completed four ‘zero overtime weeks’, then the department with the largest number of people will win. However, the department who had not won any prize would be given priority for the running next time.”

Fifty thousand yuan per month was not much, but that was the maximum amount allowed by the system.

Why was he a bit stingy this time…? Probably because the system felt it was unreasonable to pay bonuses for zero overtime.

However, that was not important because that was an honor, the bonus was incidental.

Boss Pei would personally give the awards as long as there were trophies and bonuses. These departments would naturally be motivated to compete for this award.

In this way, the other departments would follow in good faith and create healthy competition.

Hao Yun replied very quickly. “Okay, Boss Pei, I’ll do it right away.”

Huanyu Tianjie shopping mall…

A large number of onlookers had gathered around the shared phone booth.

Ruan Guangjian was earnestly putting the final touches for this painting. This painting should be more or less completed after two days. It would take another half a day for it to be completely done up.

This was an original painting of ‘Modest, the Guardian of Justice’ in prominent thick coat style.

Modest in the painting had a strong figure and firm eyes. His broad arms seemed to protect everyone. His back might be filled with various weapons, but he had no fear and had a face of persistence.

Ruan Guangjian had been painting for more than two days. That gradually attracted a crowd.

Everyone looked at the painted side of the phone booth and was moved by the outstanding style.

“What is this painting? So handsome!”

“This is the real big boss. It was painted fast and well. I cannot wait for it to be done so that I can take a photo of it.”

“I had been searching on the web, but there are no similar images. Could this be an original painting?”

“It looks a lot like the original art of a game. Could it be a new game using this phone booth to advertise so that it will attract investments?”

“I feel that this phone booth will be dismantled in a week at most. Wouldn’t it be better to hang advertisements on exhibition boards?”

“It wouldn’t be as impressive as drawing it live!”

“Yes, using an exhibition board means it’s color printing and publicity. This is a painting; it’s art!”

There were a lot of discussions. Artists painting in public were a rare occurrence after all.

Ruan Guangjian gave it another stroke, stood a little further away, and nodded slightly in satisfaction. He felt that the effect was not bad.

It would be completely finished after adding in more details in the afternoon. Then, he could take a rest.

Zhang Wang brought him a drink immediately. “Great Master, you’ve worked hard!”

Ruan Guangjian did not refuse it. “Your phone booth is well-designed. The art actually goes well with the phone booth.”

Zhang Wang smiled. “That’s because the Great Master drew it well.

“Oh, yes, Great Master, I’m thinking of putting a stamp in the booth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s round or square; what do you think…?!”

Ruan Guangjian understood immediately. “This is easy. I’ll make you an original drawing later. You can take it and find someone to engrave it. It will be done in no time.”

It was easy to design. Simplify the line of the hero and then add the hero’s name and the serial number of the phone booth.

Four in the afternoon…

Pei Qian walked out of the exam room exhausted after finishing an exam.


It might be an open book test where the answers were all in the book, but he could not find the answers no matter how he flipped. He could only rely on his super high-speed writing to copy all the content he felt was related to the paper in full.

There should not be a problem passing, but obtaining high marks was impossible.

Pei Qian could not help but sigh. He was too careless!

He knew it wasn’t an open book test and read the book before the exam, but he still faltered. He happened to miss the lesson where they summarized the key points because he had something on.

There were several other open book exams after this exam. He had only read half of the notes he borrowed from Old Ma for the closed book exam as well.

Pei Qian could feel a deep sense of despair.

However, Old Ma looked elated beside him. He was in good spirits, not like someone who had just finished his exam.

Pei Qian speculated that it could be because Ma Yang did really well in the exams or he might be having a good feeling about himself.

There was a higher possibility for the latter.

Considering how he did not attend the key summary lessons for the next few open book exams, he decided to follow Old Ma to Dream Realization Ventures.

Old Ma had been working hard on both work and studies recently. His textbooks and notes were in Dream Realization Ventures.

Pei Qian felt that he could still rescue the other open-book exams that he had yet to take.

Pei Qian casually found a seat to sit down when he came to Dream Realization Ventures. Ma Yang went to get his notes and textbooks.

Pei Qian got a cup of coffee from the coffee machine. He sipped on and looked around subconsciously while drinking from it.

He suddenly realized a problem.

Why were there so little people around? Even He Desheng was not there! It was only past four in the afternoon. It was not even time to knock off.

Pei Qian was a little confused before an excitement rose in his heart suddenly.

Could He Desheng and his gang know that Boss Ma was having exams today, and he would probably not be coming back to the office so they took the chance to slip away?

Look at how reliable the team his bro brought up to be!

Pei Qian couldn’t wait to set these staff up as positive models and promote them throughout the company.

He Desheng and his gang returned as he was brooding over this.

Pei Qian, “?”

He Desheng quickly greeted Pei Qian the moment he saw him, “Boss Pei, you are here!”

Pei Qian was a little suspicious. “Where did you go?”

It would not be so fast even if they did sneak away early and someone notified them. Was it just a coincidence? Did they all go to the toilet together? That was impossible, too. Why would they go to the toilet in such a big batch?

He Desheng smiled and replied, “Oh, the factory in the suburbs of Jingzhou had made a batch of products based on the sample of the shared phone booth. I went to inspect it.”

Pei Qian was even more confused now. “Hm? This should not be your responsibility.”

He Desheng smiled. “It isn’t, Boss Pei…”

“But the shared phone booth is Dream Realization Ventures’ project after all. Zhang Wang will not be able to complete it himself. We are just lending a helping hand.”

“Most importantly, we don’t have much to do at work now. It’s just a matter of lending a hand.”

He Desheng was telling the truth. They could play games with Boss Ma when they had nothing to do at work. However, Boss Ma now said that he would work seriously and stop playing games.

These people screen proposals usually. They were usually very free so they decided to help Zhang Wang deal with the shared phone booth project.

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

He was so wrong!

He thought that these people had such a high level of consciousness to slip away early, but it was not the case at all!

It was enough that they managed to finish their own jobs; now, they were even helping others with their jobs!

Such thinking should definitely not exist!

Zhang Wang and the shared phone booth project were pretty reliable at first. They looked as though they could make a steady loss.

What if He Desheng’s gang helped him and created the opposite effect?

Pei Qian was silent for a moment. “So you don’t have enough workload? I’ve got a new project for you.

“Shared Top Student.”

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