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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 388 Boss Pei, I Understand, I’m not a Three-Year-Old

Chapter 388 Boss Pei, I Understand, I’m not a Three-Year-Old

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He Desheng was obviously taken aback when he heard those words. “Huh? Another shared?”

He Desheng was a little lost. He Desheng had felt that Zhang Wang’s proposed shared phone booth design was outrageous previously, but it still had a body to it.

However, after observing throughout this period, He Desheng realized that the unreliability was just a superficial appearance. The phone booth seemed to be pretty possible.

This time, a Shared Top Student?

How do you share a top student? It’s illegal to traffic humans! Pei Qian smiled as though he had anticipated He Desheng’s reaction.

Boss Pei could not wait to find some work for He Desheng and the people of Dream Realization Ventures to do. There were so many proposals, and they had read them all previously. Pei Qian did not take a fancy to any project other than the shared phone booth.

The rest were too reliable!

Therefore, Pei Qian was inspired this time and came up with a new idea.

Sharing is good!

Pei Qian recalled carefully. In fact, most of these shared ideas were selling gimmicks. Not many of them could actually make money. It was mostly fake investment opportunities. Of course, that being said, Pei Qian did not dare do the bike-sharing project until now.

Many projects seemed pretty reliable once they were linked to ‘sharing’ after all. The consequences would be disastrous if he really made back the capital.

Therefore, Pei Qian came up with a very unreliable project based on his own requirements: Shared Top Student!

To put it plainly, it was to spend money on tuition.

Pei Qian had been reviewing his studies painfully so he had been thinking about this issue. It would be great if he could spend money to hire someone to learn for himself.

Of course, that was impossible. There are no shortcuts to learning. It was precisely because of that that knowledge was priceless and not monopolized by the rich.

However, that did not mean that the status quo could not be improved at all.

Pei Qian coughed, slightly seeing He Desheng’s confused expression. “Shared Top Student is in fact sharing knowledge!

“Our model will be very simple. We’ll build an APP and establish a communication platform between top students and flunkies!

“There are many top students and even more flunkies in every city. The flunkies hope to gain more knowledge to be able to provide guidance to themselves. Many top students are happy to help others. Of course, it would be even better if there is some financial compensation…”

He Desheng suddenly understood after hearing these. “I understand, Boss Pei! You want to build a tutoring platform!

“Good project!

“At present, the education industry can be said to be a sunrise industry. Parents are paying more attention to the education level of their children with their improvement in economic status. Many parents are willing to find tutors for their children from elementary school to high school.

“However, there is no fair and convenient platform that can be introduced by acquaintances.”

“The launch of this APP will be able to solve this problem. I can almost see the educational software on the rise, valued at a billion yuan!”

Pei Qian, “?”

Tutoring platform? No, no, no, that’s not it! Why does the same idea sound so reliable coming out from your mouth?

Pei Qian panicked and hurried to correct it. “No, you understood it wrongly. It is not a tutoring platform to be precise.

“Our core is shared services. Do you understand what shared services are? The fees will definitely not be as high as tutoring. We are going to a semi-charitable project.

“Moreover, the coverage of our project would be wider than that of tutoring…”

He Desheng mulled over it and nodded. “I understand now! It will not be just a tutoring platform… but also an online question bank!

“Questions with clear answers would not require top students at all. We only need to prepare the question banks so that users could search the original questions for detailed answers. The coverage would be wider then!”

Pei Qian was speechless. He finally understood why he was able to succeed in every project he touched.

He Desheng showed him up close today how a normal human filled in details on a situation which he did not have sufficient information


How dare he misinterpret Boss Pei’s words in front of him?

Pei Qian’s face darkened, almost firing this dangerous guy on the spot. However, he calmed down a bit after thinking about it. He had experienced too many similar situations after all.

It was better for this to happen before they commenced then after.


Pei Qian decided to change his way of expression after careful thought. In all fairness, Pei Qian did not think there was any possibility of success for the shared phone booth and shared top student projects.

Especially this Shared Top Student project. Someone else would have done it if it was something viable.

In Pei Qian’s memory, he had never heard of similar apps even during the time when sharing projects were the hottest. It was enough to show that there were innate flaws in this model.

The biggest problem was that there wasn’t such a big market, and the top students did not have that much time on their hands.

They were so busy with studies every day. It was good enough for them to spare some time tutoring others. How would it be possible for them to travel far to earn some loose change?

Private tutoring was very expensive; only the wealthy families were willing to hire people for this. Middle-class families would enroll their children into tutoring classes even if they wanted to send their children for tuition.

In short, this project had many innate flaws that could not be solved from Pei Qian’s point of view.

Pei Qian lowered his voice and said to He Desheng. “To be honest, there is a very large probability of failure for this project! Therefore, you don’t need to feel responsible even if it fails.

“Treat it as doing charity, understand?”

He Desheng was shocked. What did Boss Pei mean? In He Desheng’s mind, four words summed up Boss Pei’s investments: stable, accurate, ruthless, and irregular!

Boss Pei could often see investment opportunities in unreliable projects. He would not hesitate to plunge huge sums of investment once he identified them.

It had been proven that the projects that Boss Pei chose were all profitable!

This project was just in its elementary stage now; why is Boss Pei hinting that it has a high probability of failure?

Could this project be something that even Boss Pei is not optimistic about? Why would Boss Pei invest in this project in that case? Did he really want to make it a charity?

Impossible. Why didn’t Boss Pei just donate money to charity if he really wanted to do that? Why beat around the bush?

He Desheng fell into a state of confusion. He felt that there must be some deep meaning behind Boss Pei’s abnormal behavior.

Suddenly, inspiration struck him!

Boss Pei seems to be hinting me! He seems to imply that this project has innate flaws that will definitely fail in the end. Boss Pei is far-sighted so this judgment is probably correct.

If that’s the case, what should I be doing as an investor?

… find a way to cash out at a high point!

He Desheng nodded, understanding instantly. “I understand, Boss Pei!”

He did not explain clearly because such matters should not be said explicitly. It was just like how Boss Pei was hinting now. It was impossible to speak so straightforwardly.

“Do you really understand what I mean?” Pei Qian asked with suspicion.

He Desheng laughed. “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’m not a three-year-old. What kind of understanding is necessary for such a simple sentence?”

Pei Qian resonated deeply with this sentence.

Yeah, even a three-year-old can understand what I mean. Why would I need to explain? Why do the others always understand it wrongly then?

What a bother!

Pei Qian felt slight relief, seeing He Desheng act this way. “Don’t follow Zhang Wang in his shared phone booth project anymore. Focus on this shared top student project.

“Right, I think the name Shared Top Student is not appropriate.

“I think it’s better to call it ‘Top student, come quick app’.”


Pei Qian was worried that this ‘shared’ concept would be targeted by some other investment institutions with ulterior motives. It would be troublesome if it became a hot investment opportunity.

Changing it to ‘top student, come quick’ hinted at it being a joke. No other investment institutions would come and mess things up, right?

Zhongdian Chinese Network…

After two days of arrangement, the list of the first batch of students had been finalized. Preliminary work was mostly done.

Ma Yiqun got Zhu Xingan, the current editor-in-chief, to contact the middle and higher authorities of this website to let them sign up on their own. The list was finally produced after the website was screened.

The authors of the first training course were relatively young, judging from the list. They were all under 25 years old.

That was partly because the older authors were often established in their work and family. They generally had matters at home and could not be able to travel to Jingzhou alone. Another reason was that the website selected younger authors.

There were a basic salary, five social insurances and one fund, and the opportunity to interact with other authors. These authors were worth looking forward to.

January 18th, Thursday…

Huanyu Tianjie shopping mall…

Zhang Wang brought everything he bought to the shared phone booth and installed them one by one. He was at rest during the time when Ruan Guangjian was painting the skin of the phone booth.

It was all thanks to the help of He Desheng and his gang. They had new tasks soon after, but things at the phone booth were fortunately more or less done.

Most of the things in the phone booth were there, including the coffee machine, jukeboxes, capsule machine, weighing scale, AED, etc. They were all there.

These were fixtures in the phone booth which could not be removed.

It was in a big shopping mall. Zhang Wang had spoken to the cinema staff and the clerk at the drink shop who had the phone booth in their line of sight. They would be able to keep an eye on the phone booth at all times.

Moreover, there were surveillance cameras at the entrance of the phone booth and the cinema. Anyone deliberately sabotaging the phone booth would be caught in minutes.

These devices had undergone basic simple modifications.

Take the beverage machine as an example. Zhang Wang purchased a commercial multifunctional beverage machine that supported payment by both QR code scanning and coin insertion. This machine also has an automatic cup drop function that would be cleaned automatically. The machine would prompt if there was no paper cup or water. Zhang Wang had also spoken to the staff of the shopping mall to regularly replace the paper cups, pure water buckets, cleaning machines and to clean it regularly. Such a set of procedures would not take long.

The jukebox could be used at will after the customer scanned the QR code to enter. However, the drinks machine would only give him free drinks twice. If they wanted more, they would have to either scan the QR code or to insert coins.

It was the same principle with the capsule machine. Pay more if you want more capsules.

In addition, the stamp of Modest the Guardian of Justice was on the right, just under the retro phone. Zhang Wang nodded in satisfaction after everything was done up properly. Humph, now this is the complete shared phone booth!

The entire phone booth was packed from top to bottom with stuff. There was a phone, a small scrolling display, a beverage machine, a jukebox, a capsule machine, a three-port charger, Wi-Fi, foldable seats, AED, weighing scale… blood pressure monitor…

In short, the layout was very reasonable. There was basically no space wasted, and yet it would not make the customers feel cramped up.

Zhang Wang checked if all the equipment was properly arranged; everything was functioning normally before he closed the door.

The mural of Modest, the Guardian of Justice at the front had a look of confidence as if to hint that this shared phone booth would definitely succeed!

Zhang Wang was very satisfied. The shared phone booth was finally ready to be officially put out there for users to experience!

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