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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 393 Movie Schedule

Chapter 393 Movie Schedule

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Pei Qian went to the office in the afternoon first to review the progress of GOG’S development. Ma Yang had then sent the trial version of IOI over.

Dream Realization Ventures had shares in Finger Games and was their local agent after all. They would naturally obtain a trial version.

It was an English version, but Pei Qian relied on his level four proficiency and translation on Qiandu to understand most of it.

Boss Pei was more at ease after comparing the current versions of IOI and GOG.

There was an obvious gap!

IOI was not publicly tested previously, but they occasionally sent a few versions that were being continuously improved. Pei Qian saw it but had no clear idea of what stage the game was in.

The IOI in Pei Qian’s memory was already in a mature and perfect form. It was naturally awkward to look at IOI in its embryonic stage and was difficult to evaluate it objectively.

However, Pei Qian was roughly certain after knowing the reactions of the players during the trial.

The quality of the game itself had no problem. Its competitiveness in the current field, at least for now, was self-evident.

In contrast, GOG was far behind in terms of completeness.

Pei Qian did not know if that was because IOI was initiated earlier so its development was faster, or was it because Li Yada and the team were being lazy?

Pei Qian hoped it was the latter.

He had to say that once the Tengda Spirit compatibility test was out-not only did the mentality of the new employees change, but even the attitude of the old employees had also been greatly improved!

For example, the diehards of the Tengda Games department—who often worked overtime—had significantly reduced their frequency of overtime.

It seemed as though Li Yada and the rest were preparing to strategically abandon the first zero overtime competition.

Between completing their tasks and receiving their bonuses, they chose the former—which made Pei Qian feel a little regretful.

However, Li Yada and her team did not fall into a vicious cycle. They did not work harder during overtime because they were out of the zero overtime competition. Instead, they were trying to reduce the length of overtime and share of overtime each week.

That made Boss Pei very satisfied. There was a kind of joy that ‘the diehards finally got it’.

In any case, GOG seemed to be in good shape. It did not seem like a major problem to invest a few million yuan more in the future if there were extra money that he did not know what to do with.

The gap between GOG and IOI did not seem like something a few million yuan could solve after all.

Pei Qian felt a little relieved thinking about that. He continued to review his studies while looking forward to the dinner tonight.

Evening, Ming House…

“Boss Pei! How have you been!”

Several important members including Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao received Pei Qian at the entrance of the hotel.

“What are you doing? It’s so cold. Hurry, get in.”

Pei Qian quickly led them in.

“I said this before: I have to do my part as the host since everyone came all the way to help me make a movie,” Pei Qian told everyone in a low voice before entering the restaurant.

“The reservation at the nameless restaurant is on the 20th, which is three days later. Let’s have another good meal then.

“Everyone please have fun in Jingzhou during these three days and have a good rest.

“Today’s meal is to celebrate the end of the filming

“The meal three days later is to wish that the movie would be a big hit in the box office!

“Therefore, even though the dinner tonight might not be that good, please don’t mind it and make do with it.”

Pei Qian’s words were to give everyone forewarning so that they were psychologically prepared for today’s meal while, on the other hand, trying to find a reason for two meals in a row.

The two reasons were legitimate and impeccable. There was no reason for the system to disagree.

Zhang Zuting smiled. “Boss Pei, you are too kind.”

“We joined in partly because of you. The good script and team of this movie were important factors as well.”

“Boss Pei’s script is good. If it were to sell out at the box office, the rest of us can bask in its light as well. We can’t thank Boss Pei enough!”

Everyone greeted each other and took their seats in the Ming House.

Li Shi was not here today. He seemed to have to settle something at the office.

However, he had already greeted him in advance. The branch manager knew Pei Qian. Moreover, they booked the entire place so it was natural for the branch manager to serve him eagerly.

Delicious food started emerging in no time.

Everything was normal with the dishes probably because he did not bring Little Tang with him today.

Everyone in the movie crew tasted the exquisite dishes and ate to their full. They were just a little confused.

Boss Pei said ‘make do with the food’. Was that being humble, or did he really feel that way?

If the standard of this place was not high, then what sort of high standards did the nameless restaurant possess?

The heroine Lin Ruyi could not help but clarify her doubts with Lu Zhiyao who was next to her since he had been there before.

Lu Zhiyao thought for a while. “It’s not very easy to describe, but… the nameless restaurant is indeed better than here—much, much better.”

At the other table, Pei Qian was discussing the arrangements after the movie was finalized with Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce.

“The movie is in the editing phase. A rough cut will be produced in a few days for your eyes.

“After editing, there will be a series of miscellaneous tasks such as post-production special effects. In short, we’ll try to get it done in less than a month.

“But, Boss Pei, I cannot promise it. I can only try to adhere to the timeline.”

Pei Qian was slightly disappointed. “One month… it will definitely not make it by Chinese New Year.

“It would be too rushed for Valentine’s as well…

“A pity.”

The Chinese New Year of the Year 2011 was on February 3rd. There was less than half a month left. It was impossible to air it during Chinese New Year even if he were to work the team to its bones.

Of course, Pei Qian did not plan to rush them; neither did he plan to let them work overtime.

He felt that it was a pity mainly because he felt that the two slots were the best timing for Tomorrow is Beautiful.

Families would reunite during Chinese New Year. It was best for comedies. Valentine’s Day would be the best for romance films.

A poisonous and abusive film like Tomorrow is Beautiful was packaged in the skin of ‘sci-fi romance’. Coupled with its confusing name, it would definitely be scolded like mad if it was released during these two festive seasons.

The timing of the movie release was still rather important.

There was fierce competition amongst the movies released. The attendance of good movies would be high and would naturally squeeze the survival of the other movies.

Pei Qian was looking forward to being squeezed alive.

“The human traffic during Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are relatively large. It’s indeed good timing. However, our movie has such a deep connotation and might not be suitable for such timing,” Zhu Xiaoce said.

“In my opinion, we should release the movie on May 1st, Labor Day. Good things can wait.”

May 1st?

Please don’t joke anymore. The settlement will be on 31st March. It wouldn’t do if it were to drag to May 1st!

There might be a project that could delay the settlement, but Pei Qian wanted to leave such a settlement for the Thriller Hostel. How could it be left to a lousy movie destined to make a loss?

In Pei Qian’s view, it was better for the movie to be released as soon as possible. Any additional day of waiting meant more risk.

“May 1st is too late; it’s not necessary. Let’s set it on February 22nd instead. It’s a good date,” Pei Qian said. Zhu Xiaoce, “?”

He took out his phone and looked at the calendar. February 22nd was a Tuesday. It was not a holiday; it wasn’t even a weekend.

Zhu Xiaoce’s confused expression lasted for two seconds, and then his brows softened.

Does Boss Pei have other arrangements? Or is this some auspicious day?

Boss Pei does not seem as though he is joking.

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “Okay, Boss Pei. We’ll set it on February 22nd then. However… the publicity pressure of our movie would be very great scheduling it on such a day.”


Pei Qian was indifferent about it. What was there to publicize about a street movie? The best outcome would be no schedule time slots after it was released and for everyone not to know about this movie.

“That’s settled then. Let’s eat.”

Appetites were satisfied.

Pei Qian said goodbye to everyone, one by one.

The schedule of the crew for the next three days had been arranged. There would be a specific person to bring them around Jingzhou so that Pei Qian would not need to worry.

Of course, the tour this time was not a roller coaster ride but a normal tour. Pei Qian knew very well how to treat friends and enemies differently.

These people worked so hard to help film a lousy film to burn money. They might even have to bear some infamy because the quality of the movie was too bad. Would Pei Qian still be human if he were to send them on a roller coaster ride now?

“Boss Pei, let’s sit for a while?” Li Shi asked when he came to the door.

Pei Qian nodded, feeling that he had something he wanted to say. “Sure.”

They headed back to the restaurant and found an empty seat. The waiter brought a pot of tea for them.

“Boss Li, just tell me what’s on your mind directly.” Boss Pei wanted to get around all the politeness. He wanted to get to bed early and get up for review tomorrow morning.

Li Shi was a little emotional. “I thought that Boss Pei was just being polite when you said that you would support my business. I did not think that you’d really mean it.

“I was just open for about a week, and Boss Pei has booked the entire venue twice…”

Pei Qian took a sip and found that the tea was indeed good. “Boss Li, I told you many times not to read too much into things. This is just a normal gathering. Boss Li, you aren’t just going to talk about this, right?”

Li Shi laughed as though he had decided. “Boss Pei, I’ve given it some thought.

“I’m prepared to invest a sum of money into your haunted house! It’s alright even if it made ducks and drakes! It will all be a sense of gratefulness towards Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian sipped his tea as a question mark slowly floated over his head.

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