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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 397 Both Humans, Different Treatments

Chapter 397 Both Humans, Different Treatments

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The patch that Pei Qian made was naturally meaningful.

The study classes were held for a week. During this time, the authors ate and stayed together. They were originally people with a tendency to struggle for success and were now unified in their thinking.

Pei Qian wanted to reduce the burden on them, but it was rejected by all of them. It could be seen that this problem could not be solved overnight.

Therefore, Pei Qian thought of digging a hole first!

Give those who were the most diligent-who wrote the most a day off, let that person play without pressure for a day, and let him realize how happy he would be as a bum.

Let those who wrote the least experience the Tengda spirit-using Tengda’s entertainment atmosphere to continue killing their passion for writing and make him a bum!

Those who wrote the least were undoubtedly the laziest bums amongst this group of authors. It was also the breakthrough point.

Bring him directly to Tengda and entertain him. He would definitely tell the other authors about this when he was back.

When the other authors knew that those who wrote the least would be able to enjoy themselves at the Tengda headquarters, they would definitely scramble to be lazy and write less, forming a vicious competition.

Before long, there would be a group of authors who would write lesser and lesser. The solid struggle would forge an alliance that would naturally break itself!

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more he felt that the plan was simply perfect!

At night…

The crew of Tomorrow is Beautiful had a meal in Ming Yun Private Kitchen and was officially disbanded.

Everyone said goodbye outside the villa.

“Boss Pei, thank you so much for taking care of me during this period! Feel free to contact me at any time if you have anything in the future. I’ll definitely come through!”

“Thank you for the meal! It is the most delicious meal I had!”

“Would Boss Pei welcome me if I come over often to Jingzhou in the future?”.

“Wishing all the best for the movie!”

“Boss Pei, I know a few development banks and the people from the theater chain. I can help link up if there is a need…”

Pei Qian said goodbye to everyone and sincerely invited everyone to come and play at any time.

He could use more money whenever he gave a treat anyway.

Pei Qian only rejected the last suggestion.

“There is no need to worry about the movie publicity. I have my own arrangements!”

He finally sent everyone away. Pei Qian gave a long sigh. There were indeed many things on hand recently. Another came when one just ended.

Of course, the movie had just finished filming. He would only be assured when it was released. However, that would be at least one month later, which was still quite far away.

He should take care of what was in front of him first.

Do things one by one, I’ll solve the problem at Zhongdian Chinese Network and then take a lot at the Shared Top Student… Pei Qian thought forlornly.

Sigh, there seems to be something that keeps slipping out of my mind…

Oh, right, the shared phone booth!

Pei Qian suddenly remembered the matter that he had always forgotten when he thought of the Shared Top Student.

The Shared phone booth!

He was supposed to visit it on Monday, but there was too much stuff this week. Exams, dinner… Boss Li made trouble, and Ma Yiqun’s website made some unexpected problems. He forgot about it completely.

There should not be many big problems since it had only been five days, right? Pei Qian thought. Five days would allow Ruan Guangjian to draw on two additional phone booths at maximum. Adding on to the very first one, there were at most three phone booths.

What could three phone booths do? There shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Of course, he had to check it out this week to be on the safe side.

Pei Qian jotted down on his notebook, afraid that he would forget again.

January 21st, Friday…

Cui Geng got out of the car in the underground garage nervously. He took the elevator together with the chauffeur up to the 16th floor of Shenhua View.

He had sent a leave note to Ming Yu last night.

However, reader comments below the two’s leave notes were completely different.

Ming Yu’s leave stated that he wrote the most in the study class so was granted a few days of activity. He would not be able to upload anything tomorrow, but he would update with 15,000 words for three consecutive days starting tomorrow as compensation.

Most of the comments below were generally encouraging.

“Awesome Big Boss!” “Rest well, we’re waiting for your explosive work!”

“Quickly @ the one chapter beasts here so that they can learn from this example!” Cui Geng’s leave did not mention any specific reason. He only said that he had something important and needed one day off.

He originally wanted to just drift along, but readers’ comments pierced through his heart.

“It’s over. Giving up after one week of hard work? No determination!”

“You did not even mention anything about updating! As expected of you!”

“Has the kidnapper received the ransom to let him go? Please don’t, continue keeping him. We’ll raise the money!”

“Underground gossip from other author groups! It was said that no-show was sent for ideological education because he wrote the least, hahahaha!”

“The person who wrote the least during the entire class? That does sound exactly like him!”

Cui Geng sighed, feeling the different treatment. Sigh, they were both humans who received different treatments!

The other person had a day off to enjoy himself. Readers rejoiced.

What about me? I’m at the headquarters to receive ideology education and am being mocked by the readers.

So difficult! Cui Geng heard a ‘ding’ as these thoughts ran through his mind. He arrived on the 17th floor.

Cui Geng walked out of the elevator to the front desk and explained his intentions to a pair of beautiful twins. Someone soon came out to greet him and led him in.

“Hello, I’m Wu Bin from the HR department.”

Wu Bin was full of smiles while Cui Geng’s heart turned cold.

The HR department!

As far as Cui Geng knew, most of the HR departments were used by large companies to quell rebels and to gather intel. His learning task today probably would not be easy.

Cui Geng felt a building amount of pressure as a typical no-show.

However, Wu Bin opened the door to the entertainment room. “Please.”

Cui Geng, “?”

He probed his head in and found a large television, game machines, piles of game discs, high-end computers, and even several large game consoles.

Novels, manga, magazine… filled an entire wall.

It was very difficult for him to describe his first feeling. However, to summarize it all up in one word… it would probably be… heaven?

Cui Geng looked at Wu Bin with a confused look.

What was the meaning of this? Enjoy my last supper?

He was about to enquire when Wu Bin smiled. “Please enter. Boss Pei arranged for this.”

Cui Geng heaved a sigh upon hearing that it was Boss Pei’s arrangements. Cui Geng’s imagination was very vivid as a web novelist.

At that moment, he thought that he did something really wrong.

However, he thought that the idea was ridiculous after thinking about it. The probability of Boss Pei cheating himself would be probably about the same probability of the person in front of him giving a fake imperial edict. It was infinitely close to zero.

He might be doubtful, but no lazy bum could resist the temptation of this entertainment room.

Cui Geng then walked in without hesitation, sat on the sofa, and picked up the game console.

Wu Bin closed the room door quietly.

Cui Geng, “…

“I don’t know what sort of trick this is, but come what may…”

Cui Geng was too lazy to think anymore. He picked a game he liked and started playing. Wu Bin returned to his desk after closing his door. His mission today was specifically requested by Boss Pei. Wu Bin was also a little puzzled by the intention.

Boss Pei only told him to lead Cui Geng to the entertainment room and take care of his lunch. Let him do whatever he wanted. There was no need to care if Cui Geng decided to stay or leave.

He just mentioned: ‘give Cui Geng some hint if he asks about the Tengda spirit.’

At ten in the morning, Pei Qian woke up naturally, turned over, sat up, and yawned.

He looked at his watch. Cui Geng should have arrived at the company and be receiving the influence of the Tengda spirit now, right?

Pei Qian had arranged it all yesterday to let Wu Bin take charge of his reception.

In Pei Qian’s view, Wu Bin passed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test on his second try. He must have a lot of experience lazing around.

Let Wu Bin bring Cui Geng to the gaming room for one day. Wouldn’t that be obvious enough?

If Cui Geng did not understand still, he would get Wu Bin to give him some hint to impart him the ways of a lazy bum.

Double guarantee, there would definitely be no mistakes.

In short, Cui Geng would bring with him a ‘lazy bum’ seed to take root in all the authors when he returned to the study class.

Such a seed would make them compare with each other, bravely innovate, and disintegrate the entire class from inside out…

Pei Qian got up to brush his teeth in a great mood as he thought about it.

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