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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 398 Adopt a Different Approach to the Tengda Spirit

Chapter 398 Adopt a Different Approach to the Tengda Spirit

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Three in the afternoon..

Cui Geng put down the console in his hand and glanced at the time on his watch in the game room.

“Is there really no one who would bother? I’m really going to leave if no one is coming, alright?”

Cui Geng felt confused and incredible.

He might have felt ‘come what may’ when he was first led into the game room in the morning, but he also thought that someone might push the door at any time and tell him to ‘start learning about the Tengda spirit’.

He had played till noon in the blink of an eye. Wu Bin did push open the door, but it was only to get him to order a Fish-Catching Take-Out.

Cui Geng lay on the sofa for a while in the entertainment room after lunch. No one came to bother him the whole afternoon. He just continued to play his game for nearly three whole hours.

The sun was about to set if he were to continue for another few hours.

Where was the Tengda spirit training he was supposed to undergo? Cui Geng wondered.

No one was training me? Could the HR department have more important work on hand and so my training was shelved?

That wasn’t possible. Wu Bin did not seem as though he had any particularly important work to do? Moreover, wouldn’t it have the highest priority since it was work arranged by Boss Pei?

Cui Geng fell into a state of deep confusion.

Even a lover of games would feel more or less tired and annoyed after playing for a whole day.

Cui Geng started to feel a little dizzy. He started flipping through his cell phone.

He read reviews of his book habitually.

“No updates today?”


“Sigh, the no-show king has been captured for lecture today. What a terrible day.”

The chapters of the other authors had yet to be updated as well since it was not yet six in the evening

They would usually be flooded and updated in batches after six. They were minimally seven to eight thousand words. Those with more might have 10,000 words.

Compared to himself who failed to write a single word.

“Sigh, you can’t blame me for that. I’ve been delayed because Boss Pei arranged for me to study the Tengda spirit.”

Cui Geng threw the blame to Boss Pei with a peace of mind.

Cui Geng would have been quite happy if he had known from the beginning that he would be playing games for a full day in the games room.

However, he came with the mentality of ‘participating in the Tengda spirit training! but instead played games for the whole day. The strangeness of his situation greatly weakened Cui Geng’s enjoyment of the games.

“Wait, could this training not start if I don’t ask for it? Don’t drag it to tomorrow!”

Cui Geng was suddenly shocked when he thought of it. He felt there was a very serious problem at hand.

Of course, he had no problem with playing games in the games room for an entire day, but he did not feel good at all when it was a ‘schedule completely arranged by others’.

Cui Geng stood up as he thought of this and decided to ask Wu Bin to see if there was anything up his sleeve. He had to know if he was to play or undergo training. Hanging like this felt very unreal.

Cui Geng left the game room and glanced at the workstation by the side subconsciously.

He was surprised to find some were laying the ergonomic chair flat and slept on it; some were watching dramas while eating potato chips. However, others were typing very quickly on the keyboards.

This floor was basically occupied by the administrative, human resource, and finance departments. The gaming department was upstairs on the 17th floor.

The HR department had become less busy since the Tengda recruitment drive. Those who had nothing to do would obviously slack off.

This scene was a little astonishing in Cui Geng’s eyes. He originally thought that they would be gritting their noses to their works here.

Cui Geng found Wu Bin. He struggled for a bit, not knowing how to broach the topic.

However, Wu Bin seemed to be prepared for this. He stood up directly. “Come, let’s talk in the guest room.”

They entered the guest room and sat down.

Wu Bin poured some tea elegantly. Boss Pei had told him that he should give Cui Geng some hints if Cui Geng did not understand.

Therefore, Wu Bin was prepared and knew that it was time to give the hints.

“Fire your questions away.” Wu Bin smiled.

Cui Geng hesitated for a moment before asking. “I want to know when the Tengda spirit training will commence. It won’t be dragged to tomorrow, would it?”.

Wu Bin’s smile became even wider. “Tengda spirit training? It has already begun.

“From the time you arrived in the morning until now, all of which were part of the process of Tengda spirit training.” Wu Bin added upon seeing Cui Geng’s dumbfounded face.

“As to what Tengda spirit is…”

“Boss Pei said that he believes you will reach an answer yourself.”

Cui Geng was even more confused now.

The training had started? Didn’t I just idle the day away playing games? Cui Geng scratched his head and asked. “Is every Tengda spirit training the same process? Play games in the game room for an entire day?”

Wu Bin looked thoughtful before he replied, “The process is all the same. They were all brought to the company, but they might not necessarily go to the game room to play the entire day. In fact, you don’t need to play games. You can go wherever you want. No one is restricting your freedom.”

Cui Geng, “Huh?”

I could go anywhere I wanted? Why did I stay in the games room for an entire day then?

However, he immediately remembered that Wu Bin did not say he could not leave when they entered the games room. “That means that this so-called training is a free ticket to moving around Tengda? It is to show the Tengda spirit indirectly?” Cui Geng was confused. “But I don’t feel like I felt anything remotely similar to the Tengda spirit…”

Wu Bin knew it was time to give Cui Geng ‘some hints’ as tasked by Boss Pei.

“What did you see in the office?” Wu Bin asked.

Cui Geng recalled what he saw and was embarrassed to speak.

Wu Bin smiled. “Speak, no matter.”

Cui Geng hesitated. “I saw some people working hard, some were sleeping, some were watching drama… some reading books…”

Wu Bin nodded. “What do you think represents the Tengda spirit then?”

Cui Geng thought for a while before saying with great uncertainty. “Uh… the company doesn’t care what the employees do during working hours. They can play and laze around at will? Boss Pei encourages everyone to be lazy?”

“…” Wu Bin was momentarily speechless. He then asked, “Think about it; is this an inference a normal person will make?”

Cui Geng “…no.”

He reacted subconsciously but immediately felt it was outrageous when asked by Wu Bin.

Wu Bin then explained his take on the Tengda spirit.

“The people you saw resting and watching drama had either completed their work or they needed to adjust their status to achieve higher work efficiency.”

“Their rest and entertainment were not only for rest and entertainment but to better complete their work.”

“The Tengda spirit, if summed up into one point, is… how to make better use of entertainment and rest as a means to obtain higher efficiency and long-term output. “Tengda spirit encourages rest and entertainment but not aimless entertainment and rest. That would only destroy people. “Using rest and entertainment to ensure physical and mental health to better realize your own value. That is what the Tengda spirit really advocates.” Cui Geng fell into deep thought after listening to Wu Bin’s words.

So Boss Pei’s actions had such meaning? Boss Pei did something very simple today. That was to throw him into the game room to relax.

However, Cui Geng was experiencing an indescribable sense of emptiness in his heart right now.

Why was that so?

Was it only because he was playing while the other authors were writing? That played a part, but it was not all of it.

Wu Bin’s words made Cui Geng suddenly realize a problem. His entertainment and rest had no purpose!

That was why he felt empty often.

Take an hour of afternoon nap for instance. Some take naps out of procrastination and to avoid work. However, they still had to finish their tasks when they woke up. He might think that his job might have been half done if he did not take the one-hour nap.

He would feel empty at this time and felt that his time was wasted.

However, some people took naps in order to maintain a better mental state and finish the afternoon’s work in a better mental state. They would immediately devote themselves to work when they wake up.

This time, the nap was filled with meaning which was why he would not feel empty.

Entertainment held the same reasoning. Rest and entertainment were essential parts of life. However, they could not become everything

A person’s ultimate value was still what he produced.

It was a very simple truth, but Cui Geng found that he had never seen it before.

He had a worry-free life because of the windfall from the resettlement projects. He was unable to concentrate on his creation, but playing games every day did not bring him happiness… only endless emptiness.

He had never understood where his emptiness came from.

Today, Boss Pei threw him into the entertainment room for a day of games and then got Wu Bin to nudge him a little. He immediately understood.

Cui Geng’s brows relaxed as he said his own understanding. “So, the Tengda spirit should be…”

“Encouraging rest and entertainment. However, rest and entertainment were meant to adjust one’s own state to better realize one’s value.”

Wu Bin was noncommittal. “What else?” Cui Geng frowned as he continued thinking. “If I were to place the Tengda spirit on myself…

“The reason why I became the person in class with the slowest releases was because I do not possess such a spirit.

“My rest and entertainment were just because I was lazy and resisting work. My time was wasted. In fact, if I can combine rest, entertainment, and work; I can fully guarantee my rest and entertainment time while increasing my output at the same time…

“I’d exploded too much recently and did not construct the plots and content well. That was also the result of me opposing work. I need to adjust my mentality urgently…

“In any case…

“I don’t have to resist or reject rest and entertainment. Neither should I feel guilty about it. I should use them to maintain a better working condition.

“At the same time, there is no need to worry too much about the word count. The more important factor was the quality of the output…

“Am I right?”

Cui Geng looked at Wu Bin.

Wu Bin smiled. “Everyone has a different understanding of the Tengda spirit. I cannot judge your understanding. It is right if you think it’s right.”

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