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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 401 A Tailor-Made Position

Chapter 401 A Tailor-Made Position

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Ming House…

Pei Qian looked at Cui Geng with a smile, making Cui Geng’s hair stand.

“Boss Pei, please eat, too.”

The dishes on the table looked scrumptious to Cui Geng. Each dish was delicious, and it might not be a lot to Cui Geng. However, he would not be able to finish so many dishes by himself.

Boss Pei did not seem interested in the dishes. He picked at them as though he was eating at home.

Cui Geng was flustered for no reason as he looked at Boss Pei staring at him with some appreciation. He started to subconsciously fill up some outrageous plots.

A web novelist had great imaginations after all.

Of course, Pei Qian did not know what Cui Geng was thinking at this point in time. The main reason why he stared at Cui Geng was that he felt he found a great talent!

Pei Qian did not think much of it originally.

Let the author who wrote the least in class come to the company to learn about the Tengda spirit mainly to let him feel the lazy atmosphere of Tengda. He could then bring this spirit back to class and disintegrate the class of hardworking people from inside out.

Pei Qian did not expect Cui Geng to perform so superbly. Not only did he successfully fulfill his expectations, but there was also a surprise!

He went to the game room in Tengda headquarters to play games in the morning.

He posted a preview in the afternoon, indicating that he would write this book casually in the future and would be finished soon. He didn’t care if the readers would read it or not! How carefree!

How casual!

Pei Qian could not help but think that there would be nothing to worry about if all the authors in Zhongdian Chinese Network were the same as Cui Geng.

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more satisfied he was. He even wanted to entrust Cui Geng with an important task.

However, Pei Qian did not reveal it immediately. He considered it, thinking that he should be more cautious.

He had to at least test Cui Geng if he was really the talent he needed.

“I have a few questions, just casual chat,” Pei Qian said.

Cui Geng nodded immediately. “Alright, Boss Pei, please say.”

He had some suspicions in his heart since he did not know what Boss Pei had up his sleeve. However, he could be certain that this was definitely not a simple meal.

Boss Pei was a big boss with a net worth of at least 100 million yuan based on the scale of this company. How tight a schedule would such a boss have? How could he have time to dine with a small character like him?

Cui Geng might have been feeling good about himself, but he also knew very well that he was just an ordinary author. He wasn’t even considered the top one of Zhongdian Chinese Network.

Cui Geng might be a lazy bum, but he was neither stupid nor silly. He might hate human civilization, but that did not mean he knew nothing about it. Therefore, he immediately plucked up his spirit and geared up his brain, waiting to answer Boss Pei’s question.

“This book is progressing rather well. Why are you suddenly giving the notice to end it?” Pei Qian asked casually while eating. He deliberately made his tone very casual and smiled, afraid of putting pressure on Cui Geng.

However, Cui Geng’s heart still dropped.

What is this? I only announced the preview of ending this novel less than two hours ago, and Boss Pei knows it already?

The problem was how did Boss Pei know about it?

Did Boss Ma tell him? Impossible, how could Boss Ma disturb Boss Pei over something so trivial?

Therefore… the only remaining possibility…

Could Boss Pei be reading my book!?

Cui Geng suddenly panicked. He immediately realized that this was the only possibility.

Then, Boss Pei’s attitude was very interesting…

Cui Geng looked across at Boss Pei with a warm smile on his face under the soft light. Yet, there was an indescribable mystery behind this smile.

Cui Geng understood it instantly.

Sh*t, Boss Pei was urging me in person to update! Inviting me to dinner was trying peaceful means before resorting to force! Cui Geng was not someone who could not discern the good from the bad. He hurriedly replied. “I can delete that chapter immediately if Boss Pei likes to read it! I will not end the book if Boss Pei does not agree to it! I’ll write it in five million, no, ten million words!”

Pei Qian, “?”

Sh*t, this Cui Geng got me wrong.

“No, no, no, I think it’s good to end it now, or as soon as you can. I’m serious,” Pei Qian quickly explained, “A man should be decisive and do things neatly. I admire you for that.”

Cui Geng blinked, still lost.

What kind of deity reader is this!

I would be so happy as an author if every reader could be as considerate as Boss Pei!

Cui Geng held up his glass of wine excitedly. “Boss Pei, say no more; it’s all in the wine!”

Pei Qian was convinced by Cui Geng’s excitedness that axing the book was his true desire.

“Why did you post the ending notice today?” Pei Qian asked.

Cui Geng let out a long sigh. Everything was easy as long as Boss Pei was not here to push him to update. “Boss Pei, I was deeply inspired by the Tengda spirit today. This notice was sent out based on these feelings.”

Pei Qian’s eyes brightened instantly.

Very good. This guy is really up to speed!

However, he couldn’t be sure with one question. He had to ask some more. “What do you plan to do after you write the ending of this book?”

“Collect materials for a while before starting on a new book. What else can I do?”

“What if the readers criticize you?”

“Just don’t read the comments.”

Pei Qian, “Then, I’ll talk to Ma Yiqun to let you leave the study class and find another job. What do you think?”

Cui Geng had some doubts. Boss Pei asked me to leave the study class to find another job? Why?

Boss Pei saw my work ability and is asking me to take charge of a certain department under him?

Impossible, I’m just a web novelist. What work ability would I have?

Could it be possible… that Boss Pei wants to arrange a position for me so that I can better collect materials?

Cui Geng nodded. “Of course, that would be


Pei Qian examined closely and found that Cui Geng replied to all his questions except the last without thinking. There was also firm light in his eyes.

Pei Qian was very happy. He was definitely trainable!

He picked up the wine glass and took a sip, thinking about how he could use this talent.

There were many problematic departments in Tengda Corporation now. The hardworking spirit had been reversed to a certain extent after the recent Tengda spirit compatibility test, but the speed of change was still too slow.

Pei Qian felt that it would be too wasted for a ‘talent’ like Cui Geng to be placed in a small study class.

He had to send him to the departments which were tough nuts to crack!

For example, the gaming department, Fei Huang Workspace, ROF computer-installation…

These departments had repeatedly stabbed his back since the beginning of their establishment. It had become more frequent recently and had now become rather hard to turn back.

These were all heavy burdens for Boss Pei to carry.

Maybe Cui Geng could reverse this trend if he were to send him there!

As to which department to go to…

Pei Qian was uncertain.

Why not… let him decide himself?

Pei Qian asked slowly, “Which department in Tengda do you like the best?”

Cui Geng was taken aback for a moment. “Uh, Boss Pei, I don’t know what departments Tengda has.”

Pei Qian took out his cell phone directly and logged onto the TPDb website to show him all of Tengda’s current activities. Cui Geng couldn’t help but be secretly shocked when he took over the phone.

This Tengda Corporation was already a monster!

He looked a little dazed. He was interested in many departments, but which one was he most interested in? He was not able to decide.

All the departments should be useful to collect materials for novels.

“Boss Pei, I want to go to all of them. Is it possible? Of course, forget it if it isn’t convenient for you…” Cui Geng said.

Pei Qian was absolutely delighted. “Convenient! Why wouldn’t it be convenient?

“Things are dead, humans are alive. I’ll definitely satisfy your requirement since you have them!

“How about this, I’ll give you a special position. You can go to any department of Tengda at will. The person-in-charge of the department will prepare a workstation and pay you wages. Everything will be done in accordance with the standard of formal employees.

“Everyone in the department has to cooperate with you unconditionally if you have a need.

“You’ll set the job scope yourself, and no one else would have the right to intervene.

“Change the department if you want to. Return to the original department if you want to. No person-in-charge of any department can block you for any reason!”

Pei Qian was simply delighted to hear that Cui Geng wanted to ‘go everywhere’. A pure gold dung-stirring stick would be too wasteful if it was only used to stir the class. It should be used to stir the entire Tengda Corporation!

The script in Pei Qian’s vision was perfect.

Cui Geng was a rare talent who understood the Tengda spirit in its entirety.

Letting him visit the other departments meant that he could spread the Tengda spirit and reverse the hardworking trend.

At the same time, every department had to prepare a work station for him. All benefits such as salary and bonuses were to be given as though he was a regular employee. Setting his own work scope meant that he could laze every day and rouse the jealousy of the other employees in the other departments. Lastly, all departments had to unconditionally cooperate and comply with his requests. He could come and go freely. The person-in-charge of the departments could not do anything to him. That could definitely be able to disrupt the work of these departments! It was conceivable that Cui Geng would set off a bloody storm within the Tengda Corporation sooner or later… Cui Geng’s eyes widened slightly. Boss Pei understood me!

Wasn’t this position tailor-made for me to collect materials?

Receive wages to eliminate worries…

The efficiency of collecting materials would greatly improve if the departments cooperated unconditionally… Come and go freely felt that he could periodically go to different departments to collect materials, which was conducive to the expansion of themes and linkages of the different fields in the book…

Cui Geng picked up his glass of wine excitedly and toasted Boss Pei’s wine glass.

“Boss Pei, I’ll definitely fulfill my mission!”

“Very good, I wish you all the best!”

Both of them were filled with smiles… as well as infinite expectations for the future.

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