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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 402 How to Thank Boss Pei

Chapter 402 How to Thank Boss Pei

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January 22nd, Saturday…

Pei Qian was in a good mood last night. Moreover, he had a little wine with Cui Geng at the Ming House so he slept very well.

He woke up naturally at nine in the morning.

He glanced at his phone after he woke up. There was a memo on it. “Go to Huanyu Tianjie and take a look at the shared phone booth.”

Pei Qian took his time, preparing to head to the steamed bun shop downstairs for breakfast before heading over.

Pei Qian received another news when the steamed buns were brought out. Huang Sibo, “Boss Pei, the rough cut of the film is out. Would you like to take a look?”

Hmm? Rough cut?

Director Zhu Xiaoce did seem to mention this when the crew was eating at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. The so-called rough cut version was just a product of simple editing with the material that was shot. There would be no special effects yet, and one had to be imaginative with a lot of the content.

However, it was still a complete film in which you could see something.

Pei Qian considered it. It seemed like this was more important. He could go to the phone booth in the afternoon. He then replied, “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

He was about to keep his phone when he realized something was wrong.

“Today is Saturday. You are working overtime?”

Huang Sibo replied in no time, “Um, Boss Pei, we paid overtime.”

Pei Qian put on a tough attitude. “You cannot work overtime so self-righteously even if you are giving overtime pay! Avoid it at all costs in the future!”

Huang Sibo, “I understand, Boss Pei.”

Fei Huang Workspace was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tengda, not a department. Pei Qian was not able to be too strict with the overtime for it. He could only chide Huang Sibo and let him carry it out by himself.

Pei Qian might not have asked much from Fei Huang Workspace, but he definitely had to take the trip to Fei Huang Workspace. He had to give himself reassurance since the rough cut of the film was already out.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch…

Lin Chang ordered a cup of hot coffee and drank it while warming his hands. He still felt a little dusty. He just came from the airport and had yet to settle down.

The first thing he did when arriving in Jingzhou was to come to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe near Handong University, hoping to meet Boss Pei to discuss the progress of the previous plan.


Unfortunately, he only knew that Boss Pei had reached Fei Huang Workspace and was watching the rough cut samples when he sent the news.

He would need at least three hours to watch the clips and travel.

Moreover, Boss Pei said that he had a matter he had delayed for a very long time to deal with in the afternoon. He might be delayed for at least another hour.

Lin Chang estimated that he would only be able to meet Boss Pei at three to four in the afternoon.

Now, that was awkward.

Lin Chang knew that Boss Pei was usually busy at work. He fully understood that, but he did not plan to just sit around and wait either. He decided to meet Lin Wan and observe the progress for a while.

Previously, Lin Chang and Boss Pei conspired pretty well to let Lin Wan be in charge of the horror games of Shang Yang Games while being in charge of the cell phone business.

There were many complications on both sides which greatly increased the chance of failure for Lin Wan’s projects.

The two of them originally considered leaving room for maneuver.

To better combat the mobile phone business, they were considering releasing a mobile phone here.

Lin Yu was in charge of developing a benchmark mobile phone in Shenhua’s cell phone department. The quality of the phone would be a bit better and would be a little cheaper. Their publicity would also be a little better.

Such close-contact combat was to eliminate hidden dangers in the budding stage enough for them to remain invincible.

However, Boss Pei sent Lin Chang a message when this mobile phone was developed halfway: ‘there was no need for this backup plan.’

This cell phone was going for 8,000 yuan. Shenhua’s flagship cell phone could already meet the requirements for ‘higher quality, lower price, and better publicity’. There was no need to build a targeted mobile phone.

Therefore, there was no need for this back up plan.

Lin Wan arrived just as he was thinking. She sat down opposite of Lin Chang and ordered a coffee as well. She then frowned and asked, “Brother, why are you here again?”

Lin Chang’s mouth twitched. “What do you mean by ‘again’? Can’t I see my own sister?”

Lin Wan looked on with disbelief. “I feel like you’re running here very frequently. Do you have some ulterior motive?”

“How is that possible?! I just like the livable Jingzhou environment!” Lin Chang smiled rather unassumingly. “Also, don’t I have to come over and see you frequently? How are you doing? Everything going well?”

Lin Wan swirled the coffee in her cup. “It’s still alright.”

Lin Chang couldn’t help but be secretly delighted by Lin Wan’s low spirits.

There might be an opportunity!

Lin Wan would have boasted about it if these two projects were progressing well. The two projects must not be going well since Lin Wan was not boasting!

He was rejoicing within, but he could not show it on his face.

Instead, Lin Chang showed a face full of concern. “Why, did you meet some difficulties? Do you have anything that you need help with? Let Bro know, and I’ll do my best to help you!”

Lin Wan glanced at him. “Forget it, one of my projects is a horror game; the other is a cell phone. Which can you help me with?”

“These projects are still ongoing. There might be some progress, but I still don’t have much confidence in them.”

“The horror game does not have any problem with its general framework, but there are many small details that need to be modified. Moreover, even if these small details are done, it would be difficult to gauge if the players would accept this new type of horror game…

“So I’m a bit worried.

“Fortunately, we have a very powerful artistic big boss who has been adjusting the game style and enriching the game details with us. It looked a lot better recently.

“For the cell phone… sigh. To be honest, I really cannot do it.

“A horror game alone is enough of a headache so I did not have much time for the cell phone. The staff gave me a brick-like prototype the last time I visited. I felt it was a huge problem even then.

“The prototypes have been made even though I have not been involved in their development. It’s impossible to tell them to overthrow and start over.

“I can only wait until the cell phone is made and run to the other departments of Tengda to ask for a bit of welfare. That would be considered a contribution.

“Even so, I think this cell phone will be a flop.” Lin Wan’s relationship with Lin Chang had always been good. She did not think so much during the meeting and revealed everything – her confusion and distress—to him.

Lin Chang looked worried for Lin Wan on the surface, frowning deeply; but he was jumping for joy within.

Great Boss Pei, this plan is truly perfect! Ah Wan has yet to notice anything.

The blow to Ah Wan will definitely not be small if they were to maintain the current status with the horror games and the cell phone hitting the market together!

Lin Chang could not help to feel elastic when he thought of that. He then whispered, “It seems like I have to find a way to thank Boss


Lin Wan frowned. “Hm? What did you say? Why thank Boss Pei?”

Lin Chang was shocked. You heard my whispers?

“What I mean is that Boss Pei trusts you so much, giving you such an important responsibility. As an older brother, I will definitely have to find an opportunity to thank Boss Pei as well!” Lin Chang hurriedly explained, seeing a hint of suspicion from Lin Wan’s gaze.

Lin Wan’s expression lightened. “That’s true.” “However, Boss Pei doesn’t seem to need anything.” Lin Chang thought for a while. “What about if we ask Second Brother to forgo his rent?

“Or I can go and take care of his Fish-Catching Internet Cafe business?”

Lin Wan shook her head. “That feels as insincere. Boss Pei doesn’t care about such a small change.”

Lin Chang agreed. “That’s true. These small favors are not enough to repay Boss Pei’s sincerity. Then… is there anything Boss Pei urgently needs? It’s best if it’s something I can help out with.”

Lin Wan frowned and thought for two minutes.

“Aha! You know that the movie Fei Huang Workspace was filming recently was finished,


Lin Chang thought for a while. Boss Pei did say that he was going to watch the rough cut version so he nodded.

Lin Wan continued, “The movie was Boss Pei’s creativity. The entire story summary was written by Boss Pei himself. That effort in itself shows the great importance he must attach to this movie.”

Lin Chang was a little puzzled. “So? If you had told me earlier, I could have found a good director and a few popular celebrities. It’s useless now that it’s done filming.” He paused understanding immediately. “Oh, I understand now! You want me to help contact the distributors and theaters?”.

Lin Wan nodded. “Yes, it’s simple to you, but it’s something urgent that Boss Pei requires now.”

Good wine needed no bush[1].


Lin Chang gave it some thought. That was really the case.

The Tengda Corporation might be big under Boss Pei, but it was Fei Huang Workspace’s first film. They did not have relevant contacts and resources.

However, Lin Chang was different. He was responsible for the entertainment, television, and media business of Shenhua Corporation. He had lots of resources on hand.

“Alright, consider it done! I’ll let Boss Pei know now!” Lin Chang was very happy, thinking that his ‘thank you’ gift should be quite sincere.”

Lin Wan waved her hand dismissively. “Uh… I think there is no need to tell Boss Pei. Boss Pei has been very busy with work recently. He shouldn’t be bothered with such trivialities. “What about I just give you the number of the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace for you to contact?

“Won’t it be better to give Boss Pei a surprise when the movie is released?”

Lin Chang thought about it; that seemed right as well.

Boss Pei was going to at least three places today. There was also a long-delayed job to deal with, which showed that he had a very full schedule.

Thinking about it this way, the people from Fei Huang Workspace must be responsible for things like film distribution, talks with theater chains, and the like. Such trivial matters could not be the responsibility of Boss Pei, right?

Wouldn’t it be much more splendid if he were to meet the people from Fei Huang Workspace to get it done and give Boss Pei a surprise?

Lin Chang nodded as he thought of this. “Okay, give me the contact of the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace then. I’ll talk to him.”

[1] This means that something of good quality doesn’t need any advertisement as people are bound to discover it.

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