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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 408 The Tengda Wealth Contained Within The Tengda Spirit!

Chapter 408 The Tengda Wealth Contained Within The Tengda Spirit!

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He Desheng looked at Pei Qian bitterly after hanging up the phone. “Boss Pei, there are three more investment firms; should I continue calling?”

“We have dissuaded at least two million yuan worth of investments in such a short time…” He Desheng felt that it was simply incredible. You don’t want the money that people bring in front of you?

What was Boss Pei thinking?

Pei Qian had no reaction to the two or three million yuan gone with the wind. He was still drinking tea very calmly; a smile even appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Continue calling!” Pei Qian felt that his strategy worked! Dissuade everyone; stop them from making trouble!

He Desheng had no choice but to continue calling the next investment firm. “Boss Chen! Yes, I’m He Desheng. I want to discuss the matter of ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ app with you…”

He Desheng continued to follow the previous protocol. He first briefly asked the other party their view on the project and then began to talk about the current problems of the project and then the possible risks in this investment.

Boss Chen listened silently, reacting with ‘um’ and ‘ah’ from time to time.

He Desheng waited quietly after he was done explaining


After listening so much, he was afraid that Boss Chen would be like the previous bosses of the investment firm and would reconsider the investment.

Finally, it was Boss Chen’s turn to speak after a short silence.

“Well, if that’s the case… I want to increase my investment. I originally wanted to invest one million yuan, but now I’ve decided to invest three million yuan!”

Pfft! Pei Qian almost choked on the tea he drank.

What the hell?!

Was there something wrong with this Boss Chen’s brain? You are investing more after telling you so much?


He Desheng was surprised as well; he couldn’t speak for a while.

Boss Chen’s smile came through from the other side of the phone. “Why, you’re not happy that I want to increase my investment?” He Desheng replied immediately. “No, no, no, of course, we are! But, why…?” Boss Chen smiled. “I heard from Boss Li that Tengda’s Boss Pei is very interesting. He always put his own interest out of the picture. I have to say that it’s very admirable.

“It’s the same this time. Other companies boast about their projects. They exaggerate every small result. They shut up and hide around every single hidden danger and risk of the project. They have a cheating mentality to attract more investment.

“But your company is totally different. You clearly state the stakes before investment, which had the concept of letting people choose whether to willingly fall into the snare or not.

“I think the management of your project is very responsible, going by this attitude! Such is Boss Pei’s style!

“Therefore, I want to invest three million yuan. To be honest, I’m optimistic not about your project, but about your group of people. A group of down to earth people like you can accomplish any project! “It doesn’t matter if it fails. Venture capital investment is inherently risky after all. Haha.”

He Desheng was moved. “Alright, Boss Chen! Our Boss Pei will certainly be pleased to hear what you said!”

Pei Qian looked at the sky with his teacup in hand. He could not speak for some time.

Sh*t, all the investors they managed to dissuade had been recovered from Boss Chen!

He Desheng was encouraged and continued to call the next investment firm.

After Boss Chen, the next investment firm did not change its stance and maintained the previous investment. The subsequent investment firm also increased its investment!

In the end, the investment amount was 800,000 yuan more now!

He Desheng raised his thumb happily after the calls. “Boss Pei, your strategy of letting people choose whether to willingly fall into the snare or not really opened my eyes!”

Pei Qian was speechless.

He waved his hand dismissively and asked feebly. “So, how much investment has this project received now?”

He Desheng calculated. “About seven million yuan, Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian looked up in anguish, feeling utterly speechless. What the hell was this?! I dissuaded you in kindness, but all of you were so ignorant! There were still people who wanted to increase their investments? Crazy!

You don’t want to walk the ready path to heaven, bashing your way into hell…

Don’t blame me for being cruel then!

Pei Qian put the finished cup on the table, gritted his teeth, and said. “Alright, they want to invest? Invest all they want!

“Continue burning all the money, until not one cent is left!”

Pei Qian was still pissed off on the way back to the office.

Nothing was going well for him! The shared phone booth project had overturned. It seemed like the Shared Top Student project had no more future as well. During this time, Ma Yang was busy with the exam like Pei Qian.

However, considering Ma Yang’s contribution to IOI’s current momentum in Europe and the United States and the 35 million yuan that was almost a free gift, Pei Qian felt that he could not restore his trust in Old Ma for the time being.

Pei Qian’s heart broke that he could not find a trustworthy person in a huge company like Tengda with thousands of employees.

“Hm? Right, how is Cui Geng?” Pei Qian suddenly thought of this lazy bum and felt as though he had a straw to clutch at!

Pei Qian took out his cell phone immediately and opened the Zhongdian Chinese Network app. He checked the updates of the authors in the study class.

He found that there was a clear downward trend in the updates of the authors in the study class after a bit of flipping!

The one with the most obvious drop was Ming Yu, which was that ‘model hard worker’. He only wrote a little more than 4,000 words yesterday, which was one-third of the daily update!

The amount of updates by the other authors had dropped obviously as well. They had generally dropped by one or two thousand.

Moreover, Cui Geng himself updated about 7,000 a day from the initial 8,000 to 10,000 per day. Updating a thousand words less a day was not much, but online literature adds up!

One thousand words less today and another one thousand less the day after. How much lesser would that be per year?

What was more, the authors were in a lockdown state. They had no other entertainment but to write.

Reducing the word count by a thousand under such a situation, for a model like Ming Yu, showed that the work that Cui Geng did was fruitful!

Pei Qian could not help but feel happy. He was right about this person!

Cui Geng returned to the study class with the ‘lazy bum’ seed with him and quickly spread it to the other authors in the study class.

Such an immediate effect!

“Such a talent should be redeployed!”

Pei Qian could not wait to let Cui Geng bring such a spirit to every single department of Tengda!

Zhongdian Chinese Network Author’s study class…

“How about it, Ming Yuju. Do you have any insights on the Tengda spirit?” An author asked curiously at the dining table.

The other authors turned their heads, obviously very interested.

Ming Yu spent a lot of effort in these two days just to go to Tengda’s headquarters to learn about the Tengda spirit.

It took him less than two hours to write 4,000 words. He used the remaining six hours to finish the outline and settings.

The hard work paid off. He finally succeeded in obtaining the qualification to study at Tengda headquarters.

Most of the authors who had never been there were very interested in this mysterious ‘Tengda spirit’.

Ming Yu put down the chopsticks in his hand temporarily, his eyes full of yearning. “How should I say it… it’s completely different from what I imagined.

“Someone from the HR department brought me to the game room and got me to play games on it. There were all sorts of entertainment facilities in that room. High-end computer, system units, manga… novels…”

The authors were lost. “That’s it?”

Ming Yu shook his head. “Of course not! The game room is not the main point! I did not understand at first, but I do now. This game room is like a mirror, a test!

“They will first figure out your personality and crux of the problem through this test and then guide you on your understanding of the Tengda spirit in your own way!”

The authors felt incredulous.

“Are you sure? I thought it’s simply pure theoretical study…”

“Seems like this Tengda spirit connotation is rather rich. Students can be taught based on their aptitude?”

“Ming Yuju, tell us quickly. How did you do it then?”

Ming Yu said with emotion, “I didn’t think so much then. I sat on the sofa and picked a book or two to read. I realized something was wrong after about ten minutes.

“I went in search of the guy from the HR department immediately.

“We had a long talk after that. He pointed out a lot of problems for me. He said I ‘seem to work very hard, but I’m not working hard at all’ and is in urgent need of accepting the transformation by the Tengda spirit!” Ming Yu fell into deep thought as though he was recalling the scene at that time. “I felt as though lightning struck a dark cloud and woke up from a dream!

“It was true when I thought over it. I updated a huge quantity of words every day, surpassing many authors; but my results had not made much improvement. That is because I placed too much emphasis on my quantity and underestimated the importance of quality! “I deliberately reduced my speed of writing for the past few days. My number of words has decreased, but the plot is being well-received by the readers!

“This is the influence I got from Tengda spirit!”

The authors had different expressions on them.

“So powerful?”

“It seems like the comprehension of the Tengda spirit by Brother Cui and Ming Yu is very useful!”

“Why do I feel as though it is mostly psychological hints? Tengda is a game company. Isn’t the Tengda spirit used to urge employees in their work? What effect can it play in our novel creation?”

Some people did not believe it.

Ming Yu shook his head with a serious look. “I thought that it was a psychological suggestion at first as well. However, I realized that was not the case when I thought about it carefully! “The Tengda spirit is completely different from the other companies. Most of them were nothing more than big, empty slogans. Their purpose was to brainwash their employees and squeeze as much labor from them as possible.

“However, the Tengda spirit is completely different!

“Tengda spirit encourages rest and entertainment. They hold the belief that rest and entertainment are higher priority than work. They even adopt a policy of mandatory rest for the overworked employees.

“Furthermore, the Tengda spirit has no clear content to be instilled rigidly to you. It’s like philosophy and Zen meditation. It’s mainly to guide everyone to their own understanding and comprehension! Such a method can strengthen your inherent correct views and reverse your one-sided misconceptions. It will really change the way you think!

“This is because the Tengda spirit pays more attention to tapping and nurturing the potential of employees rather than overdrawing on their potential through squeezing every drop out of them!

“This principle is consistent with the discipline of online literature. Or rather, it can be said to be universal!

“It can even be used as a methodology to guide all walks of life! Perhaps even rise to a philosophical level!”

The authors bowed their heads thoughtfully after listening to Ming Yu’s words.

Someone cheered after a short while. “Makes sense!”

“Alright, I want to experience it for myself to see if it’s indeed this mysterious!”

“I want to go as well!”

“What is Tengda spirit? We’ll know once we make a pilgrimage!”

The authors realized at this time, perhaps the greatest gain from this visit to Jingzhou was not the little black room.

It was the most important spiritual wealth from the Tengda company!

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