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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 411 Happy Chinese New Year

Chapter 411 Happy Chinese New Year

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The selection for the outstanding employee was over. Everyone wished the other ‘Happy New Year’ and left, preparing to head home for the holiday.

Pei Qian was about to leave when Li Yada caught up to him.

“Boss Pei, wait! I’ve some questions on the vacation…”

Pei Qian stopped and smiled. “Tell me if you have any problems. If they are problems that are solvable with money, then you can just go to the finance department for reimbursement. You don’t need to go through me.”

Li Yada hesitated. “Boss Pei, can we postpone this trip for a bit?

“Chinese New Year will be here in a few days. The spring festival must be staggered, right? I’m now the person-in-charge of the gaming department. A lot of work cannot be on time if I were to take this one month break.

“My thinking is to wait until after the new year. I’ll make some arrangements for the gaming department to go on a trip from March 1st to 31st before the end of February, is that alright?

Pei Qian gave it some thought. Li Yada was not without reason.

There would be a settlement on March 31st. The entire March was a critical period for GOG to refine game details and improve game quality.

GOG had started its testing phase, and the framework had been set up. There would not be a case of having an unfinished game development and settlement delays.

If Li Yada went on a trip after the Chinese New Year, it would be about two weeks before the settlement. When that happened, there might be some drastic changes.

It would be more advantageous to Pei Qian if they were to travel in March and come back after the settlement.

Pei Qian readily agreed when he thought of that. “Okay, postpone it to March 1st then.”

“Thank you, Boss Pei, for your understanding!” Li Yada pushed her spectacle up her nose bridge and left.

Pei Qian felt a little strange immediately after. Why did she need Boss Pei’s understanding to postpone the vacation? Something felt wrong…

“Brother Qian, when are you going to return home?” Ma Yang gnawed hungrily at a box of chocolate.

He had never thought he would win the third place of the selection of outstanding employee. There might not be any substantial award, but he was very happy. He felt as though his work had been unanimously recognized by everyone in Tengda.

“I’m leaving after I pack some stuff in the afternoon,” Pei Qian said lightly.

His attitude towards Ma Yang was slightly cold not only because Ma Yang’s investment in IOI hurt him deeply but also because Ma Yang’s results in the exams crushed him completely.

Pei Qian was very angry when he thought he spent so long reviewing but did not do better than Ma Yang.

Ma Yang did not notice the subtle changes in Pei Qian’s attitude. He chewed on the chocolate and said, “Okay, Brother Qian, see you next year then!

“I did not spend much effort on Dream Realization Ventures because of the exams. I’ll do my best to invest in a few big profitable projects when I return next year!”

Pei Qian was speechless.

Pei Qian started keeping his stuff after returning to his place. He used to keep everything that might give his identity away when he went home previously. He would wear a set of seemingly cheap clothes home,


However, Pei Qian deliberately chose some newer clothes. He also changed his cell phone and computer. He should give his parents a bit of hint now.

The house he bought could be handed over by the end of February, early March. That was pretty soon.

His parents might not be able to take it all at once if he told them that he bought a house. There would definitely be a lot of questions. He would give them some hints beforehand, that their son ‘was earning money and was making quite a bit’ during Chinese New Year.

Pei Qian had thought of a good reason beforehand. He would say that Fei Huang Workspace was doing rather well recently; he was also now part of the management at Fei Huang Workspace. His monthly income from various sources had reached about 15,000 yuan.

The first deposit for the house had been paid up with his bonuses as well. Even though he still needed to pay every month, it was not going to be a big burden. That could not be said that it was a lie. Pei Qian only told a half-truth.


The developments at Fei Huang Workspace were pretty good. That was not wrong, right?

Pei Qian was now part of the management of Fei Huang Workspace; that was not wrong as well, right?

Monthly 15,000 yuan on average was not a big problem as well. It was even under-declared.

No matter what, he would do his best not to be too high profile when he told them about the financial resources for the house. He hoped to avoid unnecessary trouble.

At the same time…

The study class at Zhongdian Chinese Network in Jingzhou started their holiday as well. The class officially started on January 17th for a month so it would end on February 17th.

However, the holiday for the Chinese New Year could not be missed.

The network would choose its second set of authors after February 17th. The two classes would be conducted seamlessly. That was because the class was just a trial phase. It had yet to be fully confirmed.

This class would become a mainstay if it was confirmed that there was a huge help to the authors. The period might extend from the current one month to three months.

It would also be axed if it went on for some time and found that it was just spending money without much use.

However, this class looked like a success from the current situation.

The authors who participated in the classes were saying goodbye.

“Brother Cui, I’m heading off. I’ll wait for your new book during the new year!”

“Just post in the group chat if anything were to crop up. Big Boss, remember to send red packets in the group!”

“Ming Yuju, don’t forget to write a recommendation for my book!”

Cui Geng was biding them goodbye as well. He might be a special observer in Tengda Corporation, but he was still part of the class.

Cui Geng only set out to the airport in a taxi after getting recommendations from some authors with weight for his new book.

He suddenly had an inspiration while in the taxi. He couldn’t help but want to write, and so he took out his notebook from his bag and opened a new document.

Insert title: The Butterfly Game.

He had been gathering materials with the

Tengda Living fossil’ Bao Xu for the past few days before the holiday. He got to know some pretty interesting facts about Tengda when it was founded.

These were things he could write into his book.

He quickly wrote the first line, breathing life into the story.

“Um, I can write a few versions of this opening for the next three days to see which the best is before I modify it a bit.”

“This way, I’ll be able to publish the novel on the first day of Chinese New Year as my New Year greetings to everyone!”

Cui Geng’s eyes sparkled as if there was a kind of cheering-a kind of calling from the soul.

At Tengda Games…

Li Yada called the three newcomers of the gaming department over to arrange their tasks beforehand. They were Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, and Zhang Nan. They were the three who passed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test on their first try.

Boss Pei might not have rewarded these three, but Li Yada felt that they must have something different from the others since they could pass the Tengda Spirit compatibility test in one sitting. Talents identified by Boss Pei naturally should be given important tasks!

“I’m going on vacation in March. The gaming department would be left in your charge then.”

“Xianbin, I feel that you have the best comprehension. I’ll bring you to familiarize yourself with the workflow after the new year and then with the work of a chief planner. The progress of work will be pushed by you in the future.”

“Jingchao, you have experience in the finance department and have a good foundation in mathematics. Get some guidance from Brother Bao on GOG’s system design problem. You shall be responsible for the balance of system design.”

Li Yada finally looked towards Zhang Nan, the only female of the three. “You used to do fashion design. You’ll be in charge of the design of the heroes’ skin in GOG.”

“Big Sister Li, don’t worry, I have been working on system design and should be able to be proficient in it in no time,” Min Jingchao said immediately.

Zhang Nan nodded. “I’ve designed a few new skins recently. I’ve received pretty good feedback. I’ll send these design manuscripts to our outsourced art team for them to make these new heroes’ skin.”

Only Hu Xianbin was a little hesitant. “Big Sister Li, I’m to be a chief planner only two months after I joined? Is that… okay?”

Li Yada smiled. “No problem.”

“How do you think the previous chief planners of Tengda Games were chosen?” Hu Xianbin, “Huh?”

Li Yada gave a long meaningful smile.

From Huang Sibo to Lu Mingliang to Li Yada… each had not much experience before they were made chief planners. The gaming department had many older employees; some of them were even more qualified than Li Yada.

However, they were all used to their own responsibilities and were not interested in being a chief planner

They did not feel that a newcomer as a chief planner was inappropriate as well. None of the chief planners of the gaming department of Tengda Games were ever experienced.

Li Yada smiled and patted Hu Xianbin’s shoulders. “Don’t worry. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. Being a Chief Planner is much easier than you think. You’ll definitely be good if you give it your all.

“Alright, go home if there’s nothing else. I’ll familiarize you with the work details after New Year.

“Everyone, Happy Chinese New Year!”

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