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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 415 This Question Has A Correct Answer!

Chapter 415 This Question Has A Correct Answer!

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“No!” Pei Qian rejected it decisively. Li Yada was a little worried. “But…” Pei Qian did not wait for her to finish but immediately interrupted. “There’s no need to talk about it. This is a matter of principle that cannot be compromised.

“Work will never be finished. Would GOG exceed IOI even if I were to approve for you to go back to work a week in advance?”

Li Yada could not reply to him. “We definitely can’t in a week, but…”

Pei Qian immediately took over. “That’s the reason. If I approve of your request to go to work one week earlier, are you going to apply for overtime on weekends if you did not surpass IOI?

“If you are to work overtime this weekend but fail to surpass IOI, are you going to continue next week?

“You must understand… the dike of a thousand miles collapsed because of an ant’s nest. You should understand the principle of preventing dysfunction.

“Where do you put the rules and regulations of Tengda if you were to continue doing this?!”

Li Yada, “Uh…”

Pei Qian said earnestly. “So, since two more days of overtime would not produce decisive results, then don’t work overtime. Meaningless overtime wastes everyone’s time and the fees I pay for overtime, why bother?”

Li Yada suddenly could not think of a good way to refute, but she felt something was wrong the more she thought about it.


“But Boss Pei, IOI had been launching new versions and the current momentum in Europe and the United States is going very strongly. GOG and IOI are direct competitors. One step behind means falling back many steps.

“One wrong move at this critical period will have unimaginable consequences!”

Li Yada’s tone was very anxious.

Obviously, she had been paying attention to the situation of IOI during her holiday. She could not sit still seeing the quality of IOI improving rapidly.

Pei Qian could not help but sigh. Sometimes, the strong responsibility of employees was not good!

If GOG was doomed to fail from the start, then why spend such effort?

Working overtime and chasing progress yet finally failing, wasting their emotions…

It was better to do it casually from the beginning and spend money to finish it. Pei Qian coughed lightly and said. “I understand where you’re coming from, but this is a matter of principle. It cannot be compromised at will.

“Yada, I think there is a little problem with your mentality.

“It is common to encounter problems at work, and yet your first reaction is to work overtime to solve them?

“Working overtime is not a panacea for everything. On the contrary, it is drinking poison to quench the thirst!

“Use it once, and you’ll become dependent and will sink deeper into it. Use if often, and your other skills will degenerate. You’ll use all skills other than ‘overtime’.

“Think clearly, which is more important.

“Remember, the important thing is not to work overtime, but to do the right things at the right time.

“Being clear about what is right is always far more important than pure hard work.” Li Yada, who was on the other side of the phone, fell silent. She calmed down after some time.

“Boss Pei, your remarks inspire the benighted. I did have the wrong thinking.

“I should not solve any problem at work through overtime. On the contrary, I should use methods outside of overtime to solve it.

“It is indeed my negligence as a person-in-charge if I only know to let the employees work overtime!

“Thank you, Boss Pei, I understand now! Wishing Boss Pei a very happy new year!”

Pei Qian listened to everything silently. “Um, happy new year.” Pei Qian could not help but sigh after hanging up the phone. She was indeed his employee. She could make good arguments, drawing inferences from his words.

The idea of overtime was completely dispelled with a little guidance.

Hm, not bad!

“Finger Games, lend me some strength. Work harder during Chinese New Year and drive GOG to the ground…”

Pei Qian prayed silently.

February 10, the eighth day of the new year…

Work formally started, and yet school had yet to reopen.

Pei Qian still returned to Jingzhou the previous afternoon. His parents knew that Pei Qian was busy at Fei Huang Workspace especially with the new movie about to release. They did not get him to stay more than necessary.

They only urged him to stay healthy and never overdraw on his health.

Overdrawing on his health was very unlikely, Pei Qian thought in his heart.

His job was pretty good for his health. He would sleep until he wakes up naturally every day. He would laze around at work and eat good food at Ming Yun Private Kitchen from time to time.

Everything was rather comfortable, of course, except when getting backstabbed by his own employees.

17th floor, Tengda Games gaming department.. Cui Geng continued collecting material from Bao Xu.

The Zhongdian Chinese Network study class was to resume today. Cui Geng might be a member of the class, but he had an official position in Tengda-‘special observer’. Therefore, he need not be locked up in the ‘little black room’.

The other people in the gaming department quickly entered their work state, typing intently at the keyboard. It took too much time to even sip some water.

No choice, they had much to do!

Many people like Li Yada were paying attention to IOI’s movement during the Chinese New Year. They wanted nothing but to rush back to work after seeing the updated version of the game.

They realized that Li Yada had been criticized and educated by Boss Pei when they vented to Li Yada. They could only wait patiently for the end of the holiday. They could not wait to start revising the game on the first day of work.

Everyone in the gaming department of Tengda Games worked with a vengeance.

We, Tengda Games, had always been the shape knife force that fought tough battles! Every game we made was popular under the guidance of Boss Pei. A golden brand like this cannot be destroyed in our hands, right?

They could not face that person if GOG were to lose out to IOI!

Everyone started working very hard.

Li Yada had handed over the ‘work responsibilities’ to the three generals before the new year. However, they were new after all and needed time to be familiar with the issues and to take over.

During this period until the end of the month, Li Yada must also transfer the work to the three of them as much as possible to ensure a smooth handover while ensuring the process of R&D was going well.

Li Yada took a short break, drinking coffee and thinking about the current situation after giving Hu Xianbin an account of the execution of the main policy recently.

She would constantly recall what Boss Pei said every time she became involuntarily anxious because she firmly believed that the way to success was in it!

“Remember, the important thing is not to work overtime, but to do the right things at the right time…

“Then, what is the right thing?

“Do R&D serious? That is what I should do within and is the safest way. It cannot be said to be ‘right’.”

Li Yada thought for a long time, but she still could not understand. She instinctively wanted to ask Bao Xu. Bao Xu had his own way of interpretation of Boss Pei’s thinking after all.

However, Bao Xu was busy telling Cui Geng about Tengda’s past as part of the material that Cui Geng was gathering for his new book. Li Yada was too embarrassed to bother him.

Who else could she ask if not Bao Xu?

Huang Sibo? It was not like she could not, but Li Yada knew that Fei Huang Workspace was preparing for the release of the new movie. Huang Sibo was probably too busy and had no time on his hands as well.

She thought it would be best to ask Lin Wan in the end! Lin Wan had her own set of interpretations of Boss Pei’s thoughts as well.

Li Yada sent Lin Wan a message about her confusion. She even asked her. “What did Boss Pei mean by doing the right things at the right time?”

Lin Wan replied before long: “You’ve asked the right person! I have the correct answer to this question!

“Boss Pei told me something similar previously!”

Li Yada became interested as soon as she heard it. She hurriedly made a call.

“Quickly tell me, what is it all about?” Li Yada seemed to have caught a glimmer of light instantly

Lin Wan smiled and said confidently on the phone, “Do you remember us working on the Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version in Shang Yang Games previously?

“The game lost money since it went online so I asked Boss Pei what to do.

“Boss Pei said to wait for the right time. Everything would be fine when the time came.

“Think carefully. Was this sentence similar to others that he had said to you? Did they all emphasize on the ‘right time’?”

It dawned upon Li Yada suddenly. “Oh! You mean…”

Lin Wan smiled. “That’s right. Boss Pei stated it clearly. Working overtime is meaningless. You will only get half the results no matter how much hard work you put in. He meant that there were ways to solve the problem without overtime!

“I will not continue fighting head-on with IOI on client-side games if I were you. You’ll lose the war no matter whether you win or lose the battle.

“I’ll change a field, beat them to it, and then beat them up in that territory!”

Li Yada’s eyes lit up, many of her confusions were resolved instantly!

As to what the ‘right time’ was, Lin Wan had found the right answer when working on the Bloody Battle Song. The upcoming wave of mobile games was the right moment!

Lin Wan changed the half-dead Bloody Battle Song into a mobile game because she understood this point. Moreover, she caught onto the fast lane-Shenhua’s application store. That was how Bloody Battle Song soared into the sky and fought a beautiful turnaround!

If one would turn this into a standard answer…

That was to transform GOG into a dual-terminal game operated on both cell phones and computers!

Boss Pei said as well. IOI started early; they were not just a little ahead of GOG.

Such a gap was not something that could be closed by everyone working overtime in Tengda Games.

Therefore, Boss Pei did not want everyone to work overtime because he wanted to prevent everyone from doing wasteful work and depleting their energy. He hoped they would rather put their limited energy into more meaningful things.

What if they were to make GOG into a mobile game? They would then directly overtake them from the corner!

Currently, there was no such mobile game. GOG would be able to dominate even if the gameplay was not so rich if it was transplanted into the mobile world.

If GOG were to quickly occupy a dominating position in the mobile games world, it would naturally affect the computer territory.

Imagine, if a player—who had played GOG on a mobile phone-were to play a similar game on the computer for the first time, would he choose GOG with the heroes and skins he had played on the mobile phone or the heroes that he knew nothing about in IOI?

The current consensus in the game industry was to turn successful PC games into browser games and then turn browser games into mobile games. Sinking one level at a time, they would make old games shine on another platform.

That was the current mindset.

However, things were not that absolute.

Who was to say that games could not be first offered on the mobile before going onto the PC even though there was no epic game that had yet dominated on both platforms?

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