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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 429 The Pride Only a Tengda Employee Knew

Chapter 429 The Pride Only a Tengda Employee Knew

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Netizens who were following this post obviously also noticed this phenomenon. The TPDb had not changed like the other website so it stuck out conspicuously like a firefly at night.

“Strange, why did the ratings on this site not change at all?”

“Did the fake reviewers not notice this site because it is too small?”

“Impossible. The fake reviewers are not picky about who they work with. Several websites much smaller than this did not escape their evil hands. How could they just let it go?”

“Moreover, there are quite a few users on this website. You would be considered ignorant if you have never heard of it, alright?”

“Huh, what website is this?”

“Tengda Project Database, containing the ratings and evaluations of every project in Tengda Group. That includes every game and every physical store.”

“Tengda’s own website? Then, the ratings are probably locked… no wonder no fake reviewers can move it.”

“Absolutely not. If you pay attention to this website, you’ll find that the ratings would change. Most projects start off with a low rating and then gradually rise. Moreover, the ratings can be basically said to be objective and fair!”

“Yes, this movie is worth nine points!”

This post was originally intended to record the tragic attacks by the fake reviewers. However, the objective of the thread began to change as there were more readers and discussions.

It became ‘why are the ratings of the TPDb website not affected by the fake reviewers?’

There were different opinions, but not one of them guessed it right.

The ratings of TPDb were hidden from the beginning and were not disclosed at all.

The final ratings were calculated by taking different weightage of ratings of different parties including Tengda Senior Internal Evaluation, General Employee Comprehensive Evaluation, Authoritative Media Comprehensive Evaluation, Consumer Evaluation, and Netizen’s Evaluation.

This rating mechanism could not be said to be the most perfect. An evaluation was subjective after all. However, it could avoid the influence of fake reviewers and malicious reviews. Its final ratings were infinitely closest to what each work deserved.

Everyone who read through this post would find it interesting. Huang Sibo said with a smile, “I think these people would not be able to guess what the rating system is like even if they were to ponder about it for half a year.”

Zhu Xiaoce rubbed his chin. “Hmm… but would the audience question the objectivity of this website? It is our own website after all. We are both the players and the referees. It would definitely attract some rumors.”

The smile on Huang Sibo’s face widened. “There would definitely be audiences-oh, no — contrarians who suspect the objectivity of this website. This is unavoidable. The contrarians can always find inexplicable entry points.

“But… is this important? We don’t even need to explain these things.

“The credibility of the website could not be established overnight. It would only be established when enough projects appear for a long time under the netizens’ watchful eyes and fulfill the expectations of most people.


“The TPDb website is Tengda’s internal assessment mechanism. It directly determined the bonus distribution of each department. Who would dare do any tricks under the supervision of Boss Pei? “One could only stand tall and strong without desires.

“This site will always remain objective and just as long as it did not have any desires and could not be bribed. To put it in another way, this site will become an industry standard sooner or later, as long as Boss Pei is around!

“Moreover, with the help of Tomorrow is Beautiful, the TPDb website has now entered the vision of most ordinary netizens. This is a great start!

“Sooner or later, the ratings on this website would be the most authoritative rating platform and become the standard of various industries!”

Zhu Xiaoce gave it some thought. “Then, what if the other film review websites were to introduce a similar mechanism?”

Huang Sibo smiled and said with obvious pride, “I think this possibility is not likely since there are too many interests involved. I don’t think the other website owners can completely ignore their personal interests like Boss Pei does.

“Of course, Tengda would have moved the entire industry if other film review websites had established a similar mechanism where the fake reviewers can no longer operate. I believe Boss Pei will also be very happy if that happens.

“Anyway, no matter how the movie is reviewed on the other websites, it would always have a fair evaluation on the TPDb website.

“It’s the same for Tengda’s other projects. No matter how it’s being attacked or smeared by the world, TPDb will always be a safe haven. Here, projects will receive their due and fair evaluation.

“Boss Pei seemed to be saying to all the employees: ‘It’s okay. I can see all your hard work. I will not let anyone’s hard work go to


“I believe this must be one of the original intentions of Boss Pei when he created this website.”

There was a certain pride in Huang Sibo’s face that only Tengda employees could understand.

“Achoo! Who’s talking behind my back again….?!

Pei Qian rubbed his nose and continued to scan the web pages seriously.

He did not notice that TPDb had begun to gain visibility with the netizens because he was paying attention to something more important.

The advertisements in Tomorrow is Beautiful had been over-interpreted!

Originally, many audiences did not care about the advertisements. They only thought of them as meaningless backdrops to the movie. That was because the brands in advertisements were all original and had not collided with any existing advertisements. The logos were collated from several departments which were different from the logos existing on the market.

Therefore, no one would notice anything wrong with them at a glance.

However, more people seemed to think that the advertisements in the film had some other meanings when they went into an in-depth exploration of the film.

Some people watched the movie twice or thrice just to study all the advertisements clearly.

Everyone was surprised to find that the logos on these advertisements seemed very similar to Tengda’s existing industries after comparing them to the projects on Tengda’s website.

For example, the advertisements of a certain novel website in the movie were obviously made from Zhongdian Chinese Network’s logo.

The logo of a certain virtual reality entertainment room in the movie also had some strange similarities to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. One would not recognize it at first glance, but one would find it getting more familiar the more one looked at it!

That led to a keen interest in these brands by the audiences!

Some went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, some ordered ROF system units… others went to Zhongdian Chinese Network to read web novels…

The one thing that threw Pei Qian into despair was the Fish-Catching Complex in Lincheng!

Pei Qian went there once when it started operation. He thought that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0 would at most have an attendance rate of 60 to 70%, but it was full on its first day of opening!

What would the situation there be then?

Imagine being someone who was a resident in Lincheng:

They came to the cinema one fine day. They casually looked at the comments on posts of ‘Tomorrow is Beautiful’, and they found a post titled ‘Deep Analysis of Original Brands in the Advertisements of the Movie’.

They found out in surprise that the industries written in the post-including the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, ROF Computer-Installation, Upwind Logistics, etc.—were all nearby or even at their doorstep! They would have the following options then:

One, they could go there and take a look. They could even buy something and take a photo as a memorial. The other option would be to control curiosity and go home to bed. It was very easy to know what most people would choose!

Pei Qian did not dare ask Xiao Peng, the person-in-charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, about it because he was worried his poor heart could not take the reply.

He knew that it would be bad just by imagining it…

Pei Qian closed the webpage and stared out of the window in melancholy.

Forget it, it would be better to use the time to think about what other benefits he could give his employees.

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