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Low Dimensional Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 229: Devil Species

Chapter 229: Devil Species

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This was a dark and silent world. For countless monsters, their days consisted only of killing and swallowing each other, and evolution was their only focus.

At the center of the Abyss World, at the core of the black spot where all energy was born, a huge floating island existed. This was where countless creatures were constantly being born, only to later disappear.

Suddenly, a giant soul worm emerged from the floating island. It had a big mouth, which spun a web and then turned itself into a cocoon!

A few days later, it emerged again, but this time it was a monster with a ferocious head and no body! However, four claws could be seen sticking out from both sides of its head.

Unlike other monsters, this monster had a high degree of wisdom. In fact, it was very smart. After it was born, it had selectively devoured other worms, which had made it grow big and strong.

It also selectively transformed soul worms into life forms like itself, then quickly made them its subordinates. At first, the same kind of monsters grew on the central continent, constantly occupying the whole continent and killing and devouring other monsters. They did this in order to establish their own monster country in the central bubble of the Abyss World. Among the numerous other bubbles, many were experiencing similar occurrences.

“The evolution is out of order!” Lu Zhiyu said to Eva.

“Survival of the fittest,” Eva said.

Lu Zhiyu observed the interior of the Abyss World through a picture scroll. The smartest monster, which was huge like a castle, was floating in front of countless other monsters of much smaller sizes. With a loud collective roar, all of the monsters cheered at the same time.

These monsters occupied the central continent of the Abyss World and were the most powerful ones within it. The higher their levels, the more claws they had. These claws were like countless fierce whips that were constantly waving around and making sharp noises.

The monsters used their mind powers and awarenesses to communicate with one another. Although they had no proper language and were not conscious beings, Lu Zhiyu could understand a bit of their intercommunications.

“Stikua! King of the Devil!” All of the other monsters bowed before the smartest huge monster. He was Stikua, King of the Devil.

The King of the Devil stood on the dark peaks in the central continent and declared his power and authority over all of the other monsters. As he spoke, red flames came out of his mouth and surged up into the sky, illuminating vast areas of the continent and turning the whole world red. In the light of the fire, countless monsters’ shadows appeared.

Lu Zhiyu took a record of all of the monsters that were led by the King of the Devil and named them the devil species. This was the first official species ever to be recorded in the Abyss World.

In his record, Lu Zhiyu wrote: Name: Stikua, species: the devil species, birth place: Abyss World, ability: the Shadow of the Blade, the Flame of the Devil, and devouring awarenesses and emotions…

What interested Lu Zhiyu most was the species ability to devour awarenesses and emotions. This ability was related to the origin of consciousnesses and souls.

From his perch outside the Abyss World, Lu Zhiyu observed and recorded the strange monsters for a long time. Lu Zhiyu found that these monsters’ life forms were very close to the mythical creatures’. However, they did not have the immortal bodies and longevities that mythical life forms possessed.

But, in terms of some special abilities, they were very close to mythological life forms. For example, because mythological life forms could actually ignore space, the transmission of awarenesses among mythological individuals were also able to ignore distance. These monsters also had this amazing characteristic!

But, as these monsters were born in the Abyss World, they were also limited by the Abyss World. If they left, they would become homeless and die!

Thus, they were greatly dependent on the Abyss World, a world very similar to the Divine Kingdom. In fact, if they entered the astral or other worlds, they would not be able to fit in and would eventually die.

After discovering these characteristics, Lu Zhiyu did not attach much importance to them, but regarded them as a kind of original ability of this special species. Seeing that the operation of the Abyss World was on track, Lu Zhiyu was now ready to leave. Besides, the cold and lonely astral and the dark and terrible Abyss World were far less attractive than the colorful Maria’s World!

Moreover, Lu Zhiyu had stayed outside the Abyss World for nearly a year now. Although he could get almost everything inside the floating castle and there was a botanical garden that had an artificial blue sky and artificial sunlight within it, they consumed too many resources. Plus, his life here was too boring compared with his life back in Maria’s World!

“Let’s go back! I don’t like it here!”

“Let’s go back and see the snoring fire-breathing dragon!”

“And the silver dragon!”

All of the small little group echoed his desires, each shouting their demands to leave this place. Even Eva told him in secret that they had run out of the majority of their fresh food and vital materials.

Although they planted a lot of crops in the botanical garden, the area was too small to produce all that they needed. Thus, it was clearly time to get out of here!

As Lu Zhiyu prepared to go, he bound together some manuscripts that he had written records on, sealed them with a leather cover, then put them on the shelves beside him.

Amid the children’s cheers, the floating castle left the astral, soon reappearing just outside of Maria’s World. It then penetrated the bitwall and returned into Maria’s World!

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