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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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I Use My Privileges. Pt.(2/4)

Strength in Hall Plain, or to be more precise, the ‘Player Information’ was what this world saw as top priority. It compiled all the Player’s Year(s), Alignment, Attribute, and Ability in one place, and the world judged you on that.

I’m not sure if this made everyone shrewder. I am not even sure I would receive all my privileges and in the short time I have, it was impossible to set up the perfect setting. But, I had something no one did, I had 10 years of experience.

I want to live. And if I wanted to live, I needed strength. The heart that desired to live, was followed by a yearning for strength. What Ability I should raise, what I must do to become strong. I pondered, agonised and researched. Getting 48 point raise in my Magic Power and rising to the level of Master was not earned by sheer luck alone.

I could have never imagined the knowledge I harboured for so long to be so suitable for the privileges granted to me.

The randomly selected Latent Abilities was within the bound of my prediction. As I read the name of the Abilities that filled the empty slots, I was slightly relieved. The only thing left now to fill was the 1 Unique Ability slot, 1 Special Ability slot, and 2 Latent Ability slot.

Only after repeating the painstaking labour of selecting the Unique, Special, and Latent Ability could I for the first time give out a sigh of relief

“Whew. I am finished.”


Then, I felt a subtle gaze on me. However, there were only two people in the Room of Summoning. There was no need to see who was staring at me right now.

Seraph’s final farewell was tender and affectionate. But 10 years of sediments that built up didn’t just wash away. Moreover, as I now know knew about the inside story, I was far from being able to return the affection.

I purposefully avoided looking in Seraph’s direction. For a while, my back was turned and I tried not to pay attention, but that too was a phase. In the end, I couldn’t overcome that uncomfortable gaze and so I asked.

“What are you looking at.”

My voice was filled to the brim with bluntness, but her eyes became more courteous. Briefly exchanging looks, she spoke slightly above tone.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun’s Attributes. And the Unique, Special and Latent Abilities selected through the use of privilege. I have taken these two aspects and synthesised it with the Sword Specialist settings. I inferred one thing.”

“Says who?”

“Says the Assistant.”

Seeing Seraph immediately hitting back, it kind of felt absurd. Did the Angel just make a joke? Or was she being serious? Or half-half? I didn’t know, but in my bewilderment, I gave a nod.

“Sure. So what did you find?”

“I perceived that you have a deep knowledge pool concerning Attributes and Abilities. It’s as if you are a Player who have experienced Hall Plain for some time.”

“Hahaha. That’s absurd.”

I suddenly felt a serious throb in my heart. But I didn’t show it and as I calmly asked again, Seraph shook her head.

“No, it is nothing.”

“I admit, I have a unique personality.”

“It is not your behaviour I am referring to. Player Kim Su-Hyun’s effective selection through the use of privilege is higher than what we Angels predicted. Such selection is improbable without personally experiencing Hall Plain.”

“Just a moment. Yay or Nay on Navigation?”

“Nay. Let me reiterate, you have no need to worry concerning privileges. Angels are fundamentally different to Humans. What we say does not mean anything else. ‘What,’ ‘So.’ I roughly understand that Player Kim Su-Hyun is trying to arouse provocation. That is all.”

I could detect an honest admiration in Seraph’s tone. Her words were quite profound. My paining heart could not be puffed up about it. Even if I honestly did my research, among the Players with the prominently renowned title, I based all of this on one Player that possess the Class.

It was the price that came with fame, I remembered him all the more clearly as we shared the same name. Sword Specialist Jin Su Hyun. At the time, this Secret Class was an absolute nightmare for the Mages and was famous for its preeminent power in the Great Mage War.

Jin Su Hyun was a Player that entered Hall Plain later than me. If we compared, there would probably be about 1-year difference. But. through the very definition of effort, he made that one year difference negligible. Through the very definition of talent, he overtook me. When I think about my own efforts, that feeling of loss still made my heart feel unpleasant.

Still, coming back to the main topic, trying to obtain Jin Su Hyun’s information right now is near impossible. In the first place, we were never close and he wasn’t a lunatic who would go around tell other Player’s his info. Even if I inherit most of the essential key elements, in the whole context of things, it would only be about 20%. The remaining 80% I had to make my own interpretation, meaning the skeleton was there, I now had to add the flesh. As I said before, I had to put faith in my 10 years of experience and effort.

“Anyway, stop looking at me like that!”

Openly showing my discomfort, Seraph quietly closed her mouth.

‘Anyways, it will be me who’s going to take the Sword Specialist.’

It was not like I did not have a shred of remorse, so I sent up a prayer to Jin Su Hyun. ‘Someone of your calibre can succeed with any Class other than Sword Specialist, so don’t worry much.’ Sending off my none-prayer like prayer, I immediately spun my head to the next privilege.

The fourth privilege.

4. For 1 time only, you will be able to receive a body modification procedure.

Though it says body modification procedure, there was nothing special about it. Replacing a body part with a mechanical one or becoming a scientific existence, I had seen occasions of people deliberately replacing their body parts. But most of the times, the body modification procedure only happened in unavoidable situations when people completely lost their limbs. Being healthy with all my limbs intact, I did not want to give up any parts of my body. I could become strong without resorting to this method.

There was, however, one thing I had in mind and that was the tattoo procedure. The success of this procedure was an essential part of my plan. If this didn’t exist, the success rate of my plan would not even reach 30%. The item I was about to request through my 5th privilege was that powerful and dangerous.

With the 3rd privilege having taken some time, I decided to immediately request for the tattoo procedure.

“Hmm, let me see. Rather than some grand modifications, I think I will go for something simple like a tattoo.”

“That is possible. I shall call up the tattoo chart. Please wait a moment.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. I already know what it’s called. I want the tattoo, ‘Ancient Miko’s Seal.’”

“Where would you like to etch the tattoo?”

Looking unconcerned, I raise my right hand to my face. When I saw Seraph following my right hand, I moved the hand and pointed it to my left chest.

“The heart.”

“Did you say the heart….?”



Silence reigned on Seraph’s face. Not a word was spoken. But I was sure that within her, she was calculating at a speed I couldn’t fathom. I felt bad seeing her trying so hard to figure out my objectives, but there was no way in hell I was about to her yet.

Most of the times, the normal tattoos were etched on top of the skin. However using Ancient Magic, the Magic Engraving, to operate on the heart seem undesirable.

The central nerve of Magic that Players used was controlled by the heart and its pathway. Tattoo that, directly and indirectly, affected Magic reaction was engraved on the heart. The possibility of unknown complications erupting was ever present with this procedure.

However, ‘Ancient Miko’ tattoo was different.

If I mentioned any other ordinary tattoos, I would still be engaged in verbal sparring with Seraph. If I was applying normal tattoos that dealt with Mana Amplification or Amount, the amount of complications that could arise was countless.

The ‘Ancient Miko’s Seal’ ran contrary to the normal tattoos, in that it had a total of 2 abilities. 1st, when there was a heavy influx of Magic Power it stabilised it. 2nd, it assisted in the effective flow of Magic Power.

I am sure Seraph was agonising as much as there is positive function of the ‘Ancient Miko’s Seal,’ Still, I was slightly nervous as I stared at her lips. This procedure was the final key to turning my likely to fail plan into a success. After a while, Seraph’s fair lips gradually opened.



“I shall accept Player Kim Su-Hyun’s request. It is predicted that exactly 5 minutes and 7 seconds will be consumed. I shall begin the procedure immediately.”


In that moment the air in front of me was filled with Ancient Characters that emitted a bright blue light. They drew into an oval and began to circle my body. With the Characters surrouding me, I felt I was hallucinating as I heard the solemn voice of the Mikos everywhere.

After 5 minutes. One by one the Ancient Characters that were gently circling me were seeping into where my heart.

Even though it was my heart, I did not feel any pain. Rather, each time a Character entered me, I felt a small gush of energy flow in me. With the last line of the Characters entering me, I could tie up the procedure.

I not sure if anything changed as I couldn’t feel any sensations. But this was easily rectified by using Magic Power, so I immediately set out to check it.


I thought I would have a hard time trying to apply my explosively increased Magic Power, but I didn’t feel any burden. My Magic Power seemed to be leisurely following my pathways. The procedure was a success. At this unexpected and satisfying capability, I felt immediate gratification.

“It’s okay. Seraph? Tell me how much time is left.”

“Time left to reach the Rite of Passage from now is 48 minutes and 39 seconds.”

48 minutes and 39 seconds. I licked my lips. Seeing Seraph had nothing to add, she must have thought there was plenty of time left. But to my estimation, time was tight. The 5th privilege was going to be an adventure in gambling. The danger was so great, that I could not even guarantee my own life. But when I weigh the necessity, it was unavoidable. Grabbing my shaking heart, I pulled up the 5th privilege.

5. Player Kim Su-Hyun shall be permitted to choose one equipment with no type restriction. EX ranked equipment cannot be selected.

Looking at it in one way, this was a privilege with quite an extensive selection. Sword, shield, elixir, accessories…. However, if I choose such mundane items, receiving the ‘Ancient Miko’s Seal’ tattoo becomes meaningless. That was how much I needed this 5th privilege.

“Hwajung, Fire of Hwajung sound good. So I will have that as my 5th privilege.”

“Acknowledging Player Kim Su-Hyun’s request….?”

She ended on a strange note. As her toned changed to a question at the end, there was a slight frown on her brows.

‘Did I get caught?’

There was a strong possibility of her figuring out my request. However, it seems that my request had gone through as a small marble was clutched in Seraph’s right hand, emitting a blood red light.



We did not speak at all. But one look into Seraph’s eye said it all. She had no plans to give me the marble. It seems that I guessed right as Seraph as made a strict face and was shooting me with a reprimanding eye. Not to be outdone, I also hardened my eyes and look straight at her.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun”


“Of course. But this is a different issue. No matter the use of Tanay, I cannot comply when it could cause harm to the Player.”

“I am not interested in your meddling with your pretentious advice. Stop with the silly talk and give it here. I need the Fire of Hwajung. What kind of crazy do you think I was when I left all the good procedures to take on the Ancient Miko’s Seal?”

That’s why I hated Seraph, she always fought before giving in. There were so many times when we tied up our the work with our emotions in tatters. Remembering those occasions, like clockwork, my ruthless words filled up to my throat. But that deep and earnest eyes before our parting brushed past my mind. I bit on my lips and turn my ears to her. For now, I was going to hear her out.

“I respect your creativity. For a human to give rise to such thinking, it is truly remarkable. But it is just that.”


“Player Kim Su-Hyun. I am curious on how much you know about the Fire of Hwajung.”

“…. only that it can burn everything?”

“It is not dissimilar. The other name for the Fire of Hwajung is Eternally Blazing Inferno. The fire known through every household for its destructive power is the Hellfire. The concentration of pure fire, the Hwajung can be compared as it’s equal and contains such dangerous power within. Literally, this fire is meant for destruction.”

“I know. I know everything so just give it here.”

“Resistance value 92. Magic Power value 90. Prediction on the rate of success, 21%. Adding the ‘Ancient Miko’s Seal’ into the calculation, the rate of success is expected to be 42%. In reverse, this is above the halfway mark with 58% chance of failure.”

Seraph was desperate in her attempt to convince me otherwise. Still, no matter how much she tried, the privileges still ranked as Tanay. I wasn’t sure if she could act on her own advice, but my decision could not be blocked. So, I stretched out my right hand and requested for the Hwajung in a grand manner.

“Then I just need to succeed, don’t I?”

Even if I said it, the words were there to bring comfort to my heart. Seraph’s dress is probably all upside down by now. Having talked so much now, I don’t think she would swallow any more rubbish from me. Seraph was hanging by the thread with her plea.

“There is nothing to speak in case of failure, but success will cause undue complications. Fail, you will lose everything and become a crippled. Succeed, there will be an unpredictable drawback.”

“I am sure I read that I could take any equipment that wasn’t EX rank. Is Hwajung EX rank?”

“Original the Fire of Hwajung was EX rank. As long as the equipment exists within Hall Plain, it can never make an appearance. Merely attempting to grasp it is a distant dream, but through the work of the Balance, it was granted an S ranked but the danger is ever prese….”

This path had no end. I felt a bone weary tiredness settling in. Lifting up my hand, I stopped her. Any other day I would have listened to her till the end, but the remaining time made it all the more urgent. Or, I had a sudden mental jolt, could it be Seraph was trying to waste time until I was dragged off to the Rite of Passage?

“I don’t want to lock head with this anymore.”

“This is difficult to attempt with Resistance and Magic Power Attribute over 90, but with Vitality at 78, it is impossible. I understand your confidence but please look at the reality of the situation.”

Of course, I knew the worries that permeated Seraph. Her worries were filled with warmth that any ordinary person would have caved in a little at her earnest plea. But I could not do so. If I could compromise on anything else I would have, but this was something I have long awaited for. If I gave up on Hwajung like this….

“The recovery time isn’t easy to deal with. If we dawdle any longer by the time we enter the Rite of Passage we are going to be half corpses.”

“Player Kim Su-Hyun.”

“I am not going to speak anymore. The Fire of Hwajung, I am completely certain of my request.”

In the end, I spoke with a cold, thunderous voice. I am not sure if she picked up on the seriousness in the air or that she couldn’t refuse against Tanay, but Seraph slowly manoeuvred her fingers. Her face was still filled with dissent, but after a while, she pushed the Hwajang in my direction. It wasn’t a gentle push.

“I assure you, even if you succeed, a day will come that you will surely regret this action.”


Gently floating.

The Fire of Hwajang. A concentration of pure fire. An Eternally Blazing Inferno.

There was no need for preparation. For a long time I was set on this path, and taking into consideration the aftermath of the storm, there was not much time left.

The Hwajung drew a very thin crimson trajectory toward my mouth and flew straight into it.


I had finally obtained the Hwajung. For the first time, Hwajung came into my arms. Relief and joy rushed in me and I hurriedly contemplated what’s inside me.


Moving my larynx with a gulp, I felt a round marble rolling down my oesophagus.

It was only now that my true ordeal started.

===== Translator’s Note =====


Privilege 4 has been redefined. Something to note: 신체 개조 시술 을 받을 수 있습니다.

“you will be able to receive a body modification procedure.”

More commonly used word is 수술 but 시술 has been used and there is a difference.

시술 is a short procedure vs 수술 which is a surgery with the use of anaesthetics.


고대 무녀의 각인 – Ancient Miko’s Seal

I know Miko is Japanese but 무녀 seems to most commonly refer to women who receives Shinto gods.

화정 – Hwajung (火正) Hmm… let’s just leave it at that, there is enough hint here already.

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