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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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Meeting Some People I Know. (3/3)

“We did see a girl on the way here. But we can’t confirm that the person we saw was the same person that was kidnapped.”

I tried to reduce the shock as much as possible but all I could see in the woman’s eyes was that she was certain. She nodded quickly and asked again.

“It’s fine I am grasping for any thread I can find. I can’t be sure about long hair but if she was wearing a yellow one piece, then I am certain it was her.”

“Even if you say it was a yellow one piece… the cloth was in pieces so we aren’t certain.”

“Wa… What?”

She began to stutter. Wu Jung-Min, Seon Yu-Un and Chun Seun-Hyun’s fists were clenched tightly already anticipating what was to come. But her eye’s still held hope. Her voice trembled, trying to deny her premonition.

“Why… why was the cloth torn into pieces?”

“We found the woman collapsed next to a tree. When we checked her… she was already dead.”

“Won Hye-Su…!”

The woman called Won Hye-Su slumped to the ground looking stupor. Chun Seun-Hyun hurried to support her but it was too late as her leg’s slumped completely. Everyone could understand loss and seeing Won Hye-Su on the ground, I could only feel pity for her.

Silence permeated the air for a while.

“How did Hye-Yun die?”

Wu Jung-Min seemed to have already accepted reality and asked me with a strong voice. But with misery being reeking into the air, I am sure he was unconsciously trembling inside. I stayed silent for the moment. Though Wu Jung-Min didn’t relent and asked me again.

“It’s okay. We can guess what happened. Just tell us as you saw it.”

“… We saw blood leaking from her mouth. We think she killed herself by biting off her tongue.”

“Wait. Wait just a moment. That’s impossible. There is no way she would kill herself.”

“When we found her, she was almost nude. And… from her genitals we could see those monkey’s semen coming out.”

As I finished the atmosphere became cold. I could see the fury in Wu Jung-Min, rage filled his eyes and his fist was clenched so tightly. I felt he was going to explode any moment. Next, to him, Seon Yu-Un had blood in his eyes due to how angry he was. The feeling of loss and ire could be felt clearly.

Won Hye-Su in her stupor, looking blankly in the sky screamed.


“Hye-Su! Get a hold of yourself!


Her denial was so wildly that the impudent Chun Seun-Hyun took a step back. Won Hye-Su kept punching the ground, screaming as she fell deeper into denial.

“Impossible! Hye-Yun! Hye-Yun isn’t dead! It’s a lie! A lie! Hye-YuuunAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

“Won Hye-Su! Snap out of it! We lost Jin-Tae as well. Don’t you remember? You told us to keep a hold of ourselves and face reality. So how can you do this now!”

“Shut up! Hye-Yun! Hye-Yun is!”

She looked around wildly and then caught my eyes. Her lips were pursed in anger as she suddenly stood up and ran toward me wildly. Shocked, Seon Yu-Un and Chun Seun-Hyun grabbed onto her arms but she still screamed curses at me.

“A lie! Stop lying! There is no way she’s dead! You are lying, right? Right? Say you lied…! Say it, say iiiitttaaaAAAAAA!”

“Hye-Su… Let’s go check for ourselves. So stay calm.”

Chun Seun-Hyun tried to comfort her but Won Hye-Su was already half mad. Staring dazedly at her, I spoke in a soft voice.

“The corpse is that way about 30 minutes by walking. There aren’t many trees there. I am sorry about your sister.”

“You evil bastard! Did you kill Hye-Yun! Huh, did you!?! Stop lying! No. You must have run away like a coward when you saw Hye-Yun being attacked. You ran away when you could have saved her! You fucking coowaaardddDDDDD!”

“What? You crazy bitch… Oppa?”

While Lee Yu-Jung felt bad for her, it seems she couldn’t handle Won Hye-Su swearing at me. I put my hand on her shoulder and shook my head. Lee Yu-Jung looked frustrated but seeing my grim demeanour she pulled back. Wu Jung-Min who had been staring absently into the sky, raise his right hand.


Won Hye-Su, who had been pouring curses at me, was slapped. Her cheek was red with her expression filled with disbelief, looking at Wu Jung-Min’s hand. Wu Jung-Min looked disappointed as he looked down at Won Hye-Su.

“Stop, Won Hye-Su. This is appalling.”

“Wha, what?”

“Face reality… Hu, this isn’t it. You probably won’t hear whatever I say right now. Stop venting your anger and face what happened.”

“Ha…. Yeah. Forget it. It’s because she isn’t your sister, right~. Yeah. She might just be a girl you met for four days, but, but, but! I am different. We have been together for 20 years! So what? Face reality?”

Won Hye-Su spoke with a maliciously childish voice as she looked at Seon Yu-Un pitiably. Unable to withstand her gaze, Seon Yu-Un turned away. Won Hye-Su started to sob once more. Even my Third Eye would say she was mad right now, her disappointment, frustration, fear and confusion.

“Won Hye-Su, have you gone insane? You know me who threw the sword would sound like a hypocrite but you can’t do this! Calm down and snap out of it. Why are you like this?”

“Yeah, I am crazy. I rather be crazy right now. So let me go. I said let me go!”

Her hysteria became worse. Wu Jung-Min let out a loud sigh and spoke in a heavy tone.

“I don’t think you are crazy. We lost Jin-Tae as well, so we know how it feels like losing your cherished sister. Anyone who saw your relationship for the past four days will understand what you are going through. And… this person hasn’t proven it was Won Hye-Yun yet.”

“Yeah, they could be lying to us. They said they only saw part of her cloth. I want to go right now. I am going to go now. Its… it definitely won’t be her. There is just no way.”

Human’s were called rational animals. But Won Hye-Su did an 180 away from her rational thoughts. She had begged, then denied, then was filled with anger and then became hopeful. It was exactly as they said, she was going crazy. Won Hye-Su rejected all talks of her sister’s death and only held hope that she was still alive. It’s not the first time I saw someone going through this but I was not completely apathetic to it.

“Stop. You saw Hye-Yun being taken by those monkey monsters.”

“If you are not going with me, then I will go alone. So let me go. I need to go. I need to go right now.”

“… Jung-Min. Let the two of us go for now. Check it for ourselves… see if the corpse….”

Chun Seun-Hyun spoke cautiously but feeling Won Hye-Su’s glare he stopped speaking. When Chun Seun-Hyun released his hold on Won Hye-Su, she began running in the direction I indicated before. The guys in the party looked awkwardly at each other and then swiftly followed after her. Though Wu Jung-Min stayed where he was.

“Sorry for troubling you like this. I have only been with them for four days but Won Hye-Su and Won Hye-Won were inseparable.”

An-Hyun nodded sympathetically. He was holding An-Sol tightly with his right arm, troubled by what he just saw. Wu Jung-Min looked bitter as he turned to turned his eyes on me.

“Thank you for avenging her. For lifting your hand. But… you aren’t lying to us right?”


Wu Jung-Min had suddenly turned aggressive and searched everyone’s expression. Then he just smiled and spoke again.

“Well… you don’t look like the type to lie. Then excuse me, I have to head out now.”

“Let me express my sympathies once again. Unfortunately, we are busy as well so we will depart now.”

“Ah, wait. You with the crossbow. Come here for a bit.”

Being stopped suddenly, I turned to face him. I slowly walked toward him. Wu Jung-Min lowered his voice, making sure only I could hear what he was about to say.

“It’s not much of a compensation but… let me tell you one piece of information. Are you going to the Central Warp Gate, right? Don’t answer, just nod slightly.”

As I nodded, Wu Jung-Min whispered quietly in my ear.


Sorry for the late update but while I was translating 26, I thought releasing 26-28 at once would be better. So here it is.

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