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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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Boss Monster. (4/4)

I had over 3 million Gold Points?

For a moment, I was overwhelmed by what she said. But then I remembered something Seraph mentioned just before I came back to the past.

<Please do not misinterpret what I am about to say. I spoke before, Player Kim Su-Hyun, you are currently in possession of considerable GP. To let it disappear like this is not a rational action.>

Did I had that much Gold Points left after my Privileges? I wondered if it was possible to have this much Points remaining but it kind of made sense to me. Even though I had accomplished numerous deeds, I had stopped caring about Gold Points in the later half of my life in Hall Plain. I do have a hazy memory of receiving an unimaginable amount of Gold Points when I got my hands on the Zero Code. I guess hindsight is twenty/twenty.

“Good. Then call up the Player store list for me.”

“Yes. Understood. However, there is still an outstanding reward. ”

“This again?”

Seraph nodded her head at my question

“This pertains the Boss monster you have defeated. I shall transfer the reward at once. Please check the message box for more details.”

Hearing this, I lightly flicked my finger. Suddenly, message after messages began to pop up in front of me.

An Outstanding Achievement!

You have defeated the Boss Monster – An apex predator that had kill numerous potential Players in the Rite of Passage. An achievement will be added to the count.

You have received 2 Free Attribute Points.

You have received fifty-thousand Gold Points. Gold Points can be used within the Room of Summoning or in large cities with Player exclusive shops.


Getting an Achievement and fifty-thousand Gold Points was great but receiving Free Attributes Points was quite unexpected and pleasant surprise. A Player could receive these as a reward for completing the first stage mission, which was to graduate from the Player Academy. But that would take three months and the Player only received four points.

There were other methods besides the Academy but they were few and far between. Also the time it took to completely one was insane. In the past, I had twenty-one Achievements but from all that, I was given a partly one free Attribute Point. Knowing this, I became ecstatic.

Seraph still looked on with that casual, nonchalant expressing as she pulled up the Player store listing.

[Player Store]

* Items can only be purchased through Player’s own Gold Points.

[Player Kim Su-hyun’s Gold Points: 3,834,720 GP]

* 1. Weapons(▽)

* 2. Armors(▽)

* 3. Accessory(▽)

* 4. Other Equipment(▽)

* 5. Potions(▽)

* 6. Elixirs(▽)

* 7. Spells(▽)

* 8. Materials(▽)

* 9. Wish(Need GP: 1,000,000)

* 10. Miscellaneous(▽)

Shifting through the lists, I couldn’t see the items I was looking for. But then I had a eureka moment.

“I am going to donate 77,777 Gold Points to the store. So hurry up and show me the hidden items.”

There was a rumour about a Player that had used 77,777 GP by chance and discovered this secret. This 77,777 GP was a secret Easter Egg that allowed the Player to see the hidden items within the Player store only once. The funny thing was that this Player was so broke he couldn’t purchase anything.

“… How did you know this as well?”

“The Boss Monster told me while it was begging for its life.”

“Processing this is certainly not a problem but please stop with your falsity. Also please refrain from doing anything strange like the Hwajung.”

I nodded all the while smirking at her comment. Seraph just scowled lightly with her usual grace, unwilling to take my answer at face value.

“… Confirmed, 77,777 GP has been received. For one time only, all hidden items will be revealed. Player Kim Su-hyun has 3,756,943 GP remaining.”

Seraph indicated as she lightly waved her hand but I could see her slightly cringing as she spoke. The list renewed itself and was updated. I didn’t even bother with all the options on the list, I went straight to the Elixir tab as there might be something that could increase my vitality.

The Potions tab began to spread out and increase in size. I slowly began to scroll through it.

Oh, there was something like this? Having an elixir or two would come in handy… but it was three hundred thousand GP each. Hmm, an elixir that can increase Special and Latent Ability by one rank… Not bad at all at five hundred thousand GP each. Quite affordable.

Other Players would probably gasp at this extravagant prices but I bought them without a second thought. Spending GP was more beneficial than saving it up and with chances like these happened rarely, I decided to spend as much GP as possible. But, there was one thing I absolutely refused to consider and that was buying a wish. Wishes were in direct violations with my principal and other than using it to save another Player, it was useless to me.

“Wha, an elixir that increases Attribute points by six and it’s only nine hundred thousand points. Seraph, this, I want three of them.”

“That is impossible. Items purchased from the hidden list disappears immediately after purchase. Except for potions, it is impossible to buy more than two of the same item.”

This meant no-one else would be able to purchase these elixirs after me. Slightly regretful I decided to concede for the other Players. After carefully going through the store list from 1 to 10, I decided to purchase the following items:

* Angel Tears (x1) : Generates six new Attribute Points. The points can be added to any Attribute the Player desires. (900,000 GP)

* Elixirs (x2) : Cures any status. Recovers all mana and vitality. Can bring back a person from death’s door.

* Vision Elixir (x1) – increases Skill: This elixir can increase Special : Latent Ability by one rank. However, this does not apply to Unique Abilities. (700,000 GP)

* Vitality Boosting Elixir (x1) : Increase Vitality by 2 Points. Cannot increase other Attributes. (200,000 GP)

* Nil-Sword (x1) : An invisible sword that has been passed down since time immemorial. The sword confers an ability to the Player. The sword is invisible to the naked eye as it is made from a substance that exists in the spirit world. Therefore the sword’s attack can pierce enemies in different dimensions and if the Player can satisfy a set condition, the Player can summon a Sword God into the world. The sword possesses an impressive sharpness and boasts an excellent durability, with an ability to restore itself in the case of damage. Another of Nil-Sword’s properties allows it to consume 100% of Magic Attacks and create a Magical Defense. (1,200,000 GP)

* Exchange GP for Hall Plain Gold (10 GP = 1 Gold) : 10000 GP → 1000 Gold

Total purchase amounts to 3,610,000 GP. There is no refund. Would you like to purchase?


Purchase complete. Player Kim Su-hyun has 146,943 GP remaining. Items have been transferred to the Player’s storage. Player can access their storage in any settlements.

Whew. After ending a joyful shopping session, I lifted up my head and saw that Seraph was palming her lovely face with her hands. This was the first time I saw Seraph being so frustrated. Naturally, I took advantage of it.

“Seraph. Are you hurt? Why are you crying?”

“… Player Kim Su-hyun”


“To spend so much at once… I can understand a few things but… and that Nil-Sword… And…”

Letting out a deep sigh, Seraph looked at me strangely. I bought this much as I was certainly not going to get this opportunity again. The GP? I could simply save it up again. I spent the GP I earned the way I wanted to so I couldn’t fathom why Seraph was giving me such a look.

Catching her staring at me, Seraph hastily fixed her expression.

“The Nil-Sword… on the surface, its design is quite plain. There are numerous other swords with good abilities and splendid design. I would like to hear the reason why you have selected this particular sword.”

“Only fools focus on the appearance of their swords. Also, while it’s a shame that it doesn’t have particularly good perks, the fact that the sword is invisible gives me a huge advantage at the start of the battle. This sword also provides 100% defence against Magic attacks and reuse that mana as Magic Shield. If I use Hwajung in conjunction with the sword, there would be no equal. The sword is also durable and recovers itself… What? You worried now?”

Seraph let out a solitary laughter at my jab.

“To be honest, I do feel a little worried. Player Kim Su-hyun is strong. With all the items you have obtained using the Gold Points you can be considered stronger than the other top Players who had entered before you… However, monitoring is forbidden. Perhaps you might know this already but in Hall Plain, the Players have a strong tendency to keep and protect their vested interests. There are also small groups that resort to using extreme measure. In there, it is impossible to accomplish things alone.”

Her last couple of words poked my heart sharply. I unconsciously chewed on my lips before replying.

“I understand what you are saying. The protruding awl is a target. You don’t have to worry.”

“I am relieved that you know this.”

I looked at Seraph nonchalantly.

“By the way, how much time is left?”

“Two hours has passed since you have cleared the Rite of Passage. If you would like, I can provide an overall explanation of Hall Plain.”

“… Don’t want to hear it.”

With the remaining time, I decide to meditate. Meditation was primarily a training tool in which one lost track of time while contemplating one’s inner being. I sat cross-legged and was about to sink into my inner being when I heard Seraph’s alluring voice.

“Player Kim Su-hyun.”


“There is one thing I would like to ask.”

“Spit it out.”

No matter how harsh I spoke, Seraph still looked at me calmly.

“Player Kim Su-hyun, do you hate me?”

What dribbles is she on about now? Opening my eyes, I gave Seraph an unpleasant look. I couldn’t grasp the meaning behind this sudden rhetoric. Having realised this Seraph amended.

“Player Kim Su-hyun, I am your Assistant and guide.”

“To me, you are an annoying Angel that meddles in everything.”

“In the Rite of Passage, I saw a man who was patient and reliable to his fellow companions. Is that Player Kim Su-hyun’s real persona? Or is the person whom I am speaking with the real persona?”

I looked at her with scrutiny. To put it bluntly, the me right now was closer to my real self. The Rite of Passage allowed me to practice and build my persona. With her amendment, I understood what she was trying to ask.

“… Humans are creatures with thousand different faces”

Seraph eyes became wide as I answered her gently rather than snapping at her again.

“I would like to request a more detailed explanation.”

“It means you act differently depending on the person. I act nice to those who like me and do you think I need to act friendly to those who hate me?”

Seraph nodded briefly at my answer.

“The line between the two seems to be clearly drawn. Based on your explanation, I do not hate Player Kim Su-hyun. However, you have yet to look at me in a friendly manner.”

“Don’t distinguish between the two so easily. Human sometimes hopes for those who hate them to like them. That means the exact opposite also exist.”

If there is one thing I like about Seraph, conversation flowed directly and to the point. She didn’t misinterpret but accepted things as I said them and analysed them rationally. Seraph nodded once more and answered.

“I understand. I feel as if I received good guidance today.”

“I really have no idea what you hoped to gain from someone you forcefully kidnapped and using as a guinea pig. Unbelievable. Anyway, don’t talk to me anymore.”

Seraph looked like she wanted to continue the conversation but she kept her mouth shut. Clearing my mind, I immediately started my meditation.

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