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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - e Chapter 047 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #1

e Chapter 047 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #1

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In the end, they couldn’t master Sense within a day. Yoo-Jung managed to maintain it for 28 minutes before she passed out. To be honest, it was quite an achievement for her first time, but I didn’t mention it.

As it was an undeveloped city, there were only a smatter of buildings when Mule was first discovered. New ones were only built when there was a necessity. There was nowhere for me to train their physical bodies here, so I had them train in Sense.

I stepped outside of the inn to gather information while the others trained. Even if I was able to glimpse my past that was to be “the future”, there was no guarantee that the information that I “remembered” was accurate. Minor details were better to be confirmed first before moving ahead. There was something I had to take care of first.

I first headed to the warehouse dedicated to users. You can think of the user warehouse as an inventory space that you can’t carry around. According to how Hall Plain was set up, each user was provided with their own space that no one could touch. However, the caveat was that one can only store items that were purchased with GP here.

I managed to find the warehouse based on my memories. I carefully looked through the items that were inside. There were items that would be useless to me later, so I decided to take them all. After taking out some of the potions, I started to drink them all one by one.

You have used Angel’s Tear. Six attribute points have been created.

You have used a potion to increase your physical strength. Your physical strength has been increased by two points.

You have used the potion of Vision. One additional attribute point has been created.

Seeing the messages pop up one by one made me smile. Wanting to check my stats as soon as possible, I loaded the status window.

< Player Status>

1. Name : Kim Soo-Hyun (0 Years)

2. Class : Sword Specialist Master

3. Nation : –

4. Clan : –

5. Title · Nationality : Owner of the Sword · South Korea

6. Gender : Male (24)

7. Height · Weight : 181.5cm · 75.0kg

8. Character : Lawful · Chaos

< Attributes >(You currently have 12 attribute points remaining).

1. [Power 94] [Endurance 92] [Agility 98] [Stamina 72] [Mana 96] [Luck 88]

< Achievement(1) >

1. Rite of Passage Boss Monster

< Innate Skill (1/1) >

1. Third Eye(Rank : S)

< Special Skill (1/1) >

1. Blade Master (Rank : EX)

< Undeveloped Skills(4/4) > (You currently have one unused skill point remaining.)

1. Close Combat(Rank : A Plus)

2. Last Man Standing (Rank : A Plus)

3. Mind’s Eye (Rank : A Plus)

4. Battlefield Protection (Rank : EX)

The more I looked at my attributes and the unused points, the more proud I felt, but at the same time, inexperienced. An odd pleasure that I didn’t feel even during the first war filled my body.

Two points from the boss monster, six points from Angel’s tear, two points from the physical strength potion, and four points from the academy. Excluding the two points from the strength potion, there was still a total of 12 unused points. And, on top of that, there was one Undeveloped Skill point remaining.

I still wasn’t sure where I should use these skills points. It would be reasonable to add them to my stamina, but I couldn’t help but want to use them on power, mana, and agility. It’s not that I hadn’t been thinking of doing so in the first place, but looking at the points made me have second thoughts. The fact that I couldn’t use the points to rank up my innate skills was a shame.

The attributes were power, endurance, agility, stamina, mana. My developed skills were Close Combat, Last Man Standing, and Mind’s Eye.

If others, no, if any other users saw my skills they would get annoyed and exclaim that it was a joyous thing.

In the end, I couldn’t make a decision, so I decided to continue saving them. Since I’ve already absorbed the potions, I could spend the points whenever I wanted. I also wanted to think a bit more before deciding since I didn’t know what would happen in the future; I wanted to be prepared in case there was something I wouldn’t be able to handle.

I briefly contemplated whether or not to take the sword and the elixir, but ended up leaving them in the warehouse. They’ll only be useful later on so there was no point in taking them with me now. Also, while the sword may look ordinary, users with a keen eye might feel something and the situation may get out of hand. Once I obtain Subspace, the token of top-ranked users, I’ll be able to take it out and use it freely. Lastly, I took with me the 300 Gold I saved and left.

I saw the city’s empty road as I turned my head. The information that I wanted wasn’t the Northern Country’s current situation, but that of the task we were planning on completing. If we had the luxury of time then I would go to an unstable territory, get rid of the monsters there, and slowly grow in peace.

However, we didn’t have that kind of time. Before the first Alliance war breaks out and the clans rise up, I wanted to at least have the qualifications of an official clan. Other than when a clan wanted to create a subclan, creating a clan in three months was nigh impossible.

In the end, the only option we had was to fulfill tasks at Mule and build experience.

A research institute of the ruins. The dungeon of the ancient alchemist, Vivian. Screaming Cave.

The first time around, the caravan that I was a part of accidentally found the Screaming Cave during my second year. However, I’ve only heard words about the research institute and the dungeon, so we had to do some research.

Most beginners had a mistaken preconception that caves and dungeons were easy to find. However, those places are hidden very well. Some were located within a barrier, and others required special items to enter.

I’m not sure if my Third Eye could figure out their locations; there were too many possibilities and not enough probability.

Anyways, I decided to head to the library first. The libraries in Hall Plain contained varied information and multitudes of books, and were open to all users to find whatever information they needed.

The current situation of Mule was a mess; the representing clan was making it a priority to maintain the developing city’s safety. To decide to explore a dungeon or cave now was a dumb move. While “going to the library” was an absurd notion, I had no choice.

If the worst comes to worst, we could always explore the Screaming Cave. But if possible, I wanted to visit there last.


Nine days passed. In that time, the others have definitely improved. Among them, Sol improved the most. At first, she had a tiring time controlling her large amount of mana. But after I taught her an effective way to manage and transfer her mana she started to rapidly improve every day.

As time passed, I gave them additional tasks. Instead of just using Sense, I had them move around the room while maintaining the skill. They were able to keep at it for 40 minutes while standing still, but they couldn’t maintain it while moving for even a minute.

An Hyun and Yoo-Jung complained, but they became silent after I asked if they were ever going to fight while standing in one place.

I gave one additional task to Sol. Holy magic is one of the basic magic that a priest learns and among them was a spell called Shackles. After Cure, it was one of most useful spells in the priest’s repertoire.


After taking out a Silver coin, I flipped it into the air. The Silver coin landed on my hand after a couple of flips. Sol looked at me with a serious expression as I carefully explained how to train.

“Note where on the coin I’m holding. For magicians and priests, casting speed is just as important as the skills themselves. It’s about how fast and detailed you’re able to cast the spell. The key point is that you have to restrain it in the air before it hits the ground.”


Seeing Sol smile widely while confidently answering made me softly smile. Suddenly, Sol stuck her head out towards me, which surprised me. After realizing what Sol wanted, I extended my hand and patted her on the head.

After Sol left with a goofy smile on her face as I prepared to study the documents I brought back from the library. Moments later, I heard the next room’s door open loudly. A few more moments later, my door, too, opened loudly. I wondered who it was so I raised my head and looked over my shoulders. Yoo-Jung’s was face peeking in.

Translator: Hikari

Editor: ZeXu

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