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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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An Hyun looked at the spiders with a fierce expression. An Sol hadn’t spoken a word and tightly held onto her staff, while Yoo-Jung held the daggers as if her life depended on it. Looking at their faces, these were the faces that seemed like they would run away immediately.

On the contrary, the human spider, no, Vivian’s face was overflowing with confidence. She smiled as she watched her younger brother’s fervor and laughed. She opened her lips and spoke in a lively manner. Words started rushing out from her mouth.

“Laughing? You’re laughing! Even you think like that? Like the human male?”

“From your point of view, it makes sense, female spider.”

“Yoohohoho! Not a female spider. Khal, khal, khal. You’ve got to be kidding me for real. You are also something different. Nice! I’ve been patient for a long time. You won’t die… um… I’ve decided to capture you.”

Vivian really had a rigid and expressionless face. He listened to the voice from the two-legged human and felt it was funny. It felt great to hear those noises, too. The kids weren’t laughing. Though we were within a dungeon, sounds of swishing winds were audible.

Whatever, seeing from my point of view, it was a fairly pleasant monster. I also brought up a light smile and spoke in a mischievous manner.

“I’ve something I’m curious about. Do you think you can handle it?”

Understanding what I meant, Vivian rolled his eyes.

“I can. What, what? You want the other kids to live, too?”

“Not that. I saw two player bodies while coming here…. Did you kill those two?”

At my question, without any hesitation, he nodded his head.

“Hmm. I did it. But why?”

“But you’re an alchemist. Do you not use the bodies for experiments? I don’t understand why it was left alone, Vivian.”

“Ae~h. I’ve torn that shrill…. Ohing? But how did you know that I was the alchemist, Vivian?”

After seeing Vivian’s reaction, I put a smile on my face and managed a gentle expression. It was refreshing and I was being intelligent. But that was all. There seemed to be no higher intelligence that could be noticed in the old Alchemist. Once I saw the response, I couldn’t get any closer.

I had a bright face and was pleased that Vivian knew that I was aware of him. (I’m afraid that the ground will shake every time I make a move, but what I’m worried is that the dungeon will collapse.) Though it may be my guess, Vivian probably used a body modification or an intentional infection with the desire to live more. In this case, I could see it as the words of an Alchemist who was not good enough to be rich. I don’t know if I’m satisfied. This was a rare case, anyway.

“For the first time, other human females came in. There are still a few people who are on the lower grades. I lost a lot of useful people, too. So, did you pass the vacant lot with the Goblins? They weren’t originally here. I had to fill it forcibly as the originals were wiped out…. Eight! It’s hot!”

Vivian grew so upset that she was getting really angry. She poured a poisonous liquid into her mouth, which proved her anger. She was breathing restlessly and speaking in a high voice.

“Do I have to see it? I couldn’t leave it that way. But it was like a museum. Exactly. I only used a little bit, but one of them was about to run away? The one holding the bow! The other humans were abandoned, and yet he was running away alone to live, and I was overwhelmed. The man. What. But thanks to him, the rest of them lost their lives.”

“And so?”

“Honestly, I wanted to kill him at first. But, I couldn’t let the humans leave. Especially the male priest, I liked him, but I started killing first, and then continued to kill. I grabbed the other kids and ran away. Then, I returned and pierced my leg into priest’s waist and tore it into half. Um. But then, I suddenly thought of something and realized that I had forgot to chase the first runaway male. I didn’t check. Is he dead?”

Vivian narrated the whole story in a quick manner. I wanted him to be a person who talks a lot. While I talked with Vivian without any hesitation, the kids were all watching my face. An Hyun suddenly went from a glance to a stare as soon as I changed my serious face with an awkward one. Perhaps was I misunderstood as trying to regain as much as possible while taking the time to talk. I was just curious….

Even then, having such a misunderstanding isn’t a bad thing, so I accepted the brief explanation from Vivian.

“Hmm. He’s dead. So the archer user was finally hit by you?”

“Hoho. It feels good to have a conversation after a long time. Yep! You know, you know. Honestly, those guys weren’t as good as me. I went till the end. Scratched his throat and he screamed. Was I good? Whoaaa!”

Vivian’s face was completely filled with joy. She closed her eyes as if she was recalling what she did and displayed a pleasing expression. Meanwhile, An Hyun was breathing slowly. He doesn’t have any answer unless it was about Sol; this guy was really a spoilsport. It was like push and pull; my heart came and went.

Soon, he shook his face and pointed to the air with his face.

“Hey! Hey, ask me more! I’m so delighted to talk with you, strangely ~ heihi.”

“Okay. What happens to the female player hanging on the ceiling?”

When asked that question with a normal, nice voice, the spider twisted its body and opened it mouth. A voice from the back “That woman….”, was spat from Yoo-Jung. Yoo-Jung ah. Are you jealous of the monster right now?

“Khya! The female hanging on the…. yes. I haven’t liked her from the first time I saw her. I was annoyed as she looked down on me with those eyes. After all, it is supposed to happen like its needed to. I don’t like it, don’t like it.”

“Even if you didn’t like it… That is a bit much.”

As if talking with a friend, Vivian laughed and closed his eyes again. And seemed like he was recalling once again. I’ve had a quite a few opportunities to do it. However, I didn’t intend to attack as it was fun listening to it, because he made it look like a tasty meal. Of course, even then I had other ideas that kept pouring into my mind.

“Hehe. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see it with you? At first, I tied them up and tried to sharpen myself. I really wanted to break them down. And so, they were surrounded. The Rengas received~, the goblins received, and the Ramik got the first one who ran away; once they were totally done, the spiders’ duty was to just clean it up!! That girl was so proud in the beginning, yet when the archer saw the plight of his team against the monsters, he ran away. That’s how one’s supposed to cry…. that face was so funny, I was staring at her and smirking, then I forgave her. Eventually, she lost herself as she conceived and gave birth to an egg. Heihe! Hehe! Stupid girl. I wish I would’ve done it earlier. Then, I could have kept them alive like the other males and females.”

“…. Then, there are players that are still alive.”

“Uh. I had a good conversation with you. They are alive for the time being. But, I’m worried about where they are. I’d love to have kids…. or make Chimeras using them. Hmm. The latter one is more of bullsh*t.”

All the kids’ breathing slowed down and was now stable. Thinking that I needed to end the conversation, I peeked down at my sword and listened to it. Looking at me and my sword, Vivian muttered with a sad face.

“Aeh… you want to fight? Let’s not do anything troublesome ~ huh? I won’t make you feel too bad.”

“It’s annoying. But, I think I should knock you down first. It looks like the kids don’t like you.”

“Ha, cha! Something good. He dares to punish me. But I won’t be killing you just because I like to do it…. Hey. Again insincere. And lives with a cute male beside him.”

An Hyun’s face changed oddly. However, the atmosphere of the open space and myself changed subtly, while Yoo-Jung and Sol’s emotions were getting more and more intense. After wiping my sweat, I gulped and talked.

“The other two?”

“Uh…. Honestly, maternity seems to be a good time. The mana is also seeming to be abundant. But I guess I’ll take a little time to do it. These kids before turning into mother they’ll be treated like kings who will commit suicide. I’ll be looking into them next year.”

“Crazy bastard.”

“Hmm… It’s right, I’m crazy.”

“Sounds like you have a dick.”

“I’ve a dick?”

“email protected#$%^&*&^%$#@!”

With the affirmative response of Vivian, Yoo-Jung shouted, speaking in a language that could not be understood. Vivian, who listened to it, laughed at Yoo-Jung, and soon began to look serious. Every time I talked with him, I saw a spider who changed the atmosphere and was sneaky. It wasn’t a spider with regular characteristics.

As soon Yoo-Jung was done talking, Vivian felt her emotions and began to bite her lips. I saw the children with serious expressions on their faces and raised my strength. However, something was telling me that it was a little unreasonable to leave it to the children entirely. This time, I thought of going out even if the other ones were coming out of their boxes. The moment I made my mind, I took a step forward. The spider who was analyzing us had its lower jaw opened, and threads started pouring out like a waterfall.

“If you get caught, I won’t hurt you. I plan to catch all you at once. Hahaha.”

With the heinous laughter of the spider, a silver thread ejected from its lower mouth. It was something to be proud about as this web was not comparable with those of the other spiders. It poured out the thread onto the floor and were scattered like the shape of the umbrellas, and soon, they came toward us like arrows.

It came toward us at a very fast pace. I realized it in the moment the thread of the spider touched our bodies. Soon, the threads were beginning to enter our bodies. But, I didn’t just stay still and accept the results. For a moment, a thought flashed over my head. If there was no threat to life in this situation, it would be nice if I could enter his secret place and make it back.

“You were surprised, right? He he het!”

I didn’t resist much, but the kids were desperate. But, it was at a rate that I couldn’t react. An Hyun was late, swinging his lance and trying to pull out the thread, but it was in vain. The problem wasn’t because of its thickness and viscosity, but because it was heavy with slime. Even if An Hyun managed, Yoo-Jung and Sol couldn’t. Nonetheless, the boy kept on struggling, and Vivian laughed with a shrill voice and a huge smile.

“Hehehe.. It’s just vain. I didn’t make the yarn weak enough to be cut by men. Do not underestimate me. Just accept reality like the males in front of you. The eyes, ears, and mouth will be blocked, but at least I’ll spare your nose.”


“Ah. Just a minute. It’s all blocked except for the nose?”

“What? Oh, Yeah.”

My face was half pale as I opened my mouth; Vivian just moved his eyes and stuttered. After confirming it, I turned my head back. The speed at which the thread was closing the body was so fast that the kids were already completely surrounded with threads, wrapping their entire bodies like pupae.

I bent downwards and saw the yarn winding itself around my body. The five senses were blocked. That being said, the kids inside could neither see nor hear what I saw. I thought that it wouldn’t be necessary to go to the secret place if I were going to be inside the yarn.

As I set my mind, I immediately awoke Hwajung that was sleeping inside my body.

Translator Note – In the beginning, the author changed the terminology between ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’ whenever he dealt with Vivian from the MC’s perspective to show that our hero didn’t perfectly grasp what she truly was. But in the later chapters, Vivian’s true gender is revealed. So, no it isn’t a translation mistake when you read Vivian being mentioned with both he and she.

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