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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 67

Chapter 67

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Hwajung (火正). It can be interpreted as the pure flame of the god-in-charge of Hall Plane. It contains the power to incinerate everything. It is because of the aforementioned power that Seraph objected to my decision to take it into my body.

Hwajung is a mythic class item that can literally burn everything that exists. Not only is it above S-class, it is also the highest class of fire that exists in nature. Humans don’t have the capability to handle it. Seraph says its similar, but from a pure (destruction) perspective. If the ancient record I studied is true, it seems that Palestine’s last wife, Mugan was a coward who took a step back when she encountered the same scenario as me.

Above all, by combining the power of a swordsmith expert who can cut everything with the power of Hwajung, it simply results in the fact < everything in the world can be divided and burned >. The problem is that Hwajung is mythical class, so it includes quite a lot of attributes. If I could raise its power now, I could possibly have the ability to kill Seraph. (Of course, it’s not like the angels are so gullible; it’s only a theoretical possibility.)

Anyway, the destruction of hell due to it could simply be a fallacy that was spread, but at best, the spider’s thread is incapable of stopping Hwajung’s flame. After all, the kids were turned into cocoons and were hanging in the air the last time I confirmed. So, I immediately employed the magic.


“Oh… Oh?”

A light scarlet mana started to bloom. Soon, the threads wrapping around me disappeared instantly like an ice cream that began to melt. Becoming flustered, Vivian shot the threads again, but the result was still the same. The web threads from her mouth became thinner, so she suddenly opened her mouth wide. It looked like she was spitting out poison.


The infuriated Vivian spurted out poison, and the poison from her mouth hit me immediately. I continued facing the poison nonchalantly with a smile. The poisonous liquid that came into contact with my skin just oxidized into the air without leaving any scars.

“Hehehehe. How’s that possible? You’re not dying. I’m getting very angry!”

“I’m not dead.”

After I responded to her lightly and as she saw me walk toward her, Vivian’s face crumpled as if she was looking at a monster and screamed loudly. Ah, it’s unfair. You’re the monster and I’m the human, but why am I being treated like a monster? Anyway. I stroked my smooth skin and moved slowly. Whether the poison penetrated or just touched the body, it was only matter of a few seconds before I borrowed Hwajung’s power and burnt it away.

“This… This doesn’t make sense.”

“What doesn’t make sense? What?”

“Just… just a human, how….”

“Just… Just a spider, how….”

As I imitated her, the spider frowned and grasped both her legs. I wanted to shoot down, but by borrowing Hwajung’s power, I was showing more of it and it was showing on the body. Hence, I held the sword and slashed it once. It would be just a normal slash for the others who see, but the waves my power was creating can’t be ignored.

Before long, my magic slash hit the spider’s raised legs.


I cut it in a flash. This whole process took place in just a single second. She was hit and yet didn’t fall down. Vivian screamed and screamed, took a step back immediately, and spewed out venom and thread as rapidly as possible. I felt that it was an attack that seemed to come out as an instinctual defensive maneuver due to my attack.

I believed that my body would be alright, but still I swiftly swung the sword to get away from Vivian’s attack range. My defense is really simple. The thread and the poisonous liquid were simply separated using a simple Taeguk ( 太極 ) attack that I learned in High School.

Consequently, the opposition was tasting death. I am attacking with all my strength and did not intend to stop. Without stopping, I move forward. The yarn was sparkling everywhere and looked like it was dancing beautifully. The spilt threads fell down to the floor, and the poisonous liquid that it spit passed over me.

As I stepped closer, Vivian stepped back in fear. I opened my mouth with a very ridiculous facial expression.

“Your name contains the term Alchemist. Isn’t the attack too monotonous for an Alchemist? The ancient Alchemists will probably cry. Vivian? Answer me. Hahaha.”

Vivian’s expression became stiff. Due to my taunts, she was sweating as if she couldn’t handle it anymore. However, I could see that even though her face was turning pale, she continued using both threads and poisons. She wanted to spew out a large amount of threads, but only a few thin threads came out.

“Khe…! Khuk….! Khukeke….!”

Vivian was stuttering with her voice; she looked up at the ceiling and rushed up the wall. I suddenly saw the spider going onto the ceiling through the wall, and I also started to run towards the wall.

“Let’s go together.”

Already on the wall, Vivian watched me narrow the distance between us and faltered back to the floor. Oh my gosh. A spider falling from the ceiling. Why do I look so surprised?

“Euh euh….”

Suddenly, I heard groaning sounds from the spider, and I stood up hanging upside down. Unfortunately, as the spider fell, the female player also fell down. First, the female player turned into a cushion for the spider, and then her stomach was hollowed. On the floor, the green beads seemed to roll over. It seemed that the spider had unintentionally dropped the beads by pressing down on the female player’s stomach. I frowned as it was not a good sight to watch.

With an annoying face, Vivian pushed Jung Jiyeon away and crossed her legs and lifted her face as if pondering for a good idea. Something good came into my mind. Yet, I waited patiently for her words. It was a good time to hear what she was up to. When I lowered myself and landed lightly, Vivian lifted up her legs and I remained in wait.

“He… you, you’re also a human, right?”


“If you come any closer, I’m going to kill this female player.”

“…. Phew.”

I heaved a sigh. Watching my reaction, Vivian licked her lips and a flood of relief came to her face. I looked at the face of the player who was distorted by the pain. Jung Jiyeon’s eyes were gazing into mine’s with a hint of plea.

“He…he. Will you let go of your sword?”

“I will.”

I released my sword onto the floor. The dubious Vivian checked my actions and then painted a thin smile on his face. Regardless of what happened, I further reduced the distance between the spider and me. Whenever I set my foot forward, Vivian shuddered a little but soon extended her legs to the front. Almost enough to come close to me…. a fool.

Jung Jiyeon’s and my eyes exchanged glances with one another. There was no guilt. I didn’t want to kill the player anyway. However, I bowed my head toward to apologize, and I reached out to the white neck of the female user.

“Didn’t I say I was going to do it…?”

I caught the woman’s thin neck with my hands.

“Ha… hand…?”



Twisted it as it is. Because my muscle strength is at 94 points, it is easy to twist the throat of the female player. The feeling of the neck bone crumbling was transmitted to my hand. I quickly pulled out my hand and watched her die. I was amazed by Vivian’s expression of disbelief. While I was enjoying it, she jumped to the ground and sprung to the side of the face. I gently stroked the head. Vivian just had a blank expression. I opened my mouth.

“You idiot…. You have to catch those kids who are with me. What good is it to catch the humans who have no utility for me.”

“Ha… but it’s the same human… Why….”

“It’s annoying and disturbing. And this has nothing related to me. The death thing.”

“E, even then! You killed someone so badly! Are you really a human?”

“Something feels awkward whenever you say that. Ah. And the legs stretching out to the kids aren’t going to work. Do I have to rip them off?”

I laughed and warned her. Vivian pulled back her legs with a grim expression on her face. Based on her sweaty face, it seems I’m now getting on her nerves.

My hands were radiating with a soft scarlet light. It was the magical power that was in the flame, Hwajung. It was a good choice to choose her as the boss monster. I am quite excited to take down this monster. But, how am I going to kill it?

Vivian, who exchanged gazes with me, twisted her head right away. It was the feeling of difference between my existence and my price. Vivian, who was worried about me and my confidence, put up a desperate look. It seemed like she still wanted to live. Every time I stroked her hair, a disgusting tremor rippled through her body.

By the way, I only used a portion of my strength just now. Frankly, I was somewhat surprised. I was confident that I would win, but I never imagined that it would be this easy. When I was in town, it was all about the dungeon monsters and the boss monster. So, this is how it feels like to have power.


Vivian’s face suddenly frowned as I released my strength unconsciously. She kept looking at me and gulped. At last, she opened her lips.

“Do it.”


“Let me live.”


This sounds like a dumb request. I scratched my head once or twice and then replied with a not-so-sure face.


“Why. Spare me. Hmm? Let me live.”

“…. But you’re the dungeon’s owner, the boss monster. Don’t you have any pride?”

“What is that? Being alive is the most important thing to me. Let me live. Please.”


I was able to speak like this because I could see Vivian, who changed her face and opened her eyes wide upon seeing Hwajung, begging for her life. As long as Hall Plane wasn’t a game, it will end as soon as all the humans or the creatures in it die. Furthermore, it is normal for intelligent people to have the desire to live.

“It is too weird to be so easily begging for your life. Hmm hmm. Let’s fight a little more and decide…. You might possibly win, you know….”

“I hate it. For some reason, since then, I have noticed that I can’t rebel against you. I feel terrible on thinking that I would die. I’ll give you one good thing. So, please spare me, huh?”

I felt good. In fact, I was about to kill Vivian in the next few moments. But after the female player came down, I couldn’t feel any life from her. If I were going to feel emotional, would I end up being submissive? I was glad that Vivian ended by saying something good.

“Like it?”

“Mhm hmmm. Anyway, the reason that I came here… there could be other reasons, too. Nevertheless, I’m here to get my treasure.”


Vivian quickly fell flat on the floor and was struggling. It was as if a puppy was looking at the owner and wagging the tail. For once, I decided to listen to the finer things that Vivian could spew out.

“What are you giving me? You do know that the price of a life is expensive, right?”

“Well… I’ll give it all. Let’s go to my place once… Once you see it, if it appeases you, then spare me. The place is right in front of the passage.”

“Well, sure. But, the way the kids are… Are they fine for the time being?”

“I don’t care…. Huh. Don’t worry about it. In fact, there are a couple of people already alive inside. I got them yesterday, but they are still alive.”

When I saw the three inside the cocoon made of yarn, I felt a little sorry. But, when I turned to the right, the spider turned and quickly revealed the path with a hint of relief in her face. But, my body was still burning.

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