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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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As Vivian said, it didn’t take much time to reach the desired destination. After leaving the aisle, we entered another passage. Beyond that, I saw yet another passage. It was quite different from any other passage that I’ve ever seen. After passing through the passage. we were able to see the workshop of the Alchemist.

There were a lot of attractions in the studio. There were documents and records scattered around, monster carcasses, and liquids in glass bottles which were emitting unusual smoke. In one corner, there were two cocoons that were nicked by the white thread. It seemed like these were the two players who were caught the other day.

Vivian asked me to wait for a moment and then let me down on the floor. Vivian was careful with her every action after she begged me for her life. Soon after, Vivian seemed to move busily, leaving me to gaze at the studio.

I wanted to look around for a while, but Vivian started to build something in front of me. Just looking at it, it looked like she was working really hard. Finally, I saw Vivian tugging a box that was old and square. I was seriously worried if this was what she planned to give in exchange for sparing her.

Vivian, who wiped the sweat off her face by lifting up her hairy legs, soon glanced at me and opened her mouth. In the meantime, it seemed like the monster turned out to be in a good mood, so I don’t know when she’ll come with her teeth to bite me. After I was done thinking of my boundaries, I listened to her.

“Phew~ ew. I pulled it all out. There are more, but there isn’t anything unique like this. Anyway, I pulled out everything I thought would be useful based on human needs. I hope you like it.”

Looking at her smile like that, I just shook my head. But once, she used to be a famous alchemist; how in the world did her intelligence deteriorate? But, before I saw the relationship between me and the monster, I was completely evangelized. If you thought about at it, it looked like he was nothing more than an intruder.

There is no burden before the desire to live. After I convinced myself of this awkward situation, I picked up a large leather pouch on the far left. It seemed to be full of pills and the pockets were surrounded with spikes. The amount was humongous. I just unpacked the pouch and looked inside it… This is….

“Jewelry… That’s it?”

“Yo ho ho ho. Huh. Humans usually like jewels, right? I also had a time when I used to be a human, and I liked these sparkling things very much. Anyway, they are all good stuff. You don’t have to worry about buying anything for a while. What do you think…. Do you like it?”


Vivian was intently staring at my face. Anxiety was building upon her face. I slowly looked up at her, glanced at the jewels, and then I pouted. Surely. There was nothing wrong with Vivian. The value of the jewels was certainly great.

I swallowed my saliva, and then turned back slowly. Inside the pouch was a jewel that was emanating a bright color. At first glance, amethysts, aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, topaz, and so on seem to be present. It was clear that the best quality ones were those that glistened.

Inside Hall Plane, jewelry was also popular for simple ornaments, but was more popular among the mages because they provided help for a variety of jobs the mages perform. Gem Wizard, a Secret Class. Kim Han Byul’s face came into my mind. It would have been really helpful to show this pouch to a wizard who consumed jewelry.

But, I just erased the memories of that one from my head. In the end, she kicked away her own blessings. Of course, I do understand her feelings, but the future doesn’t change, and dismantling the Golden Lion clan was a prejudiced action.

When I was satisfied, I faintly smiled. Seeing this, Vivian’s face brightened visibly.

“Good… I’m supposed it will do.”

“Hehehe. What? Nothing is more valuable than life. And I do not need these jewelry anyway.”

There was a lot of obsession with her life. Anyway, I put the pouch containing jewels aside and picked up another pouch lying next to it. It seemed like gold coins, because when I lifted it, the sound of things clanking to one another was audible. I could also see the gold color faintly emitting out. At the same time, the boasting started, too.

“Hmm. It’s gold. It has 200 gold coins. Is this the only gold?”

I touched the leather pouch repeatedly and then threw it away. I was unable to keep my composure at this moment. I can’t say that it was small, but the precious gems were so abundant that I felt disappointed when I saw those things. Vivian clutched her leg and portrayed a grim face. Soon, she opened her mouth with a low voice.

“So… sorry. It’s exactly 204 gold, 27 silver, and 306 bronze…. I wasn’t greedy about the gold coins. I only scraped and threw them… black. That’s all… Sorry. I’m really sorry. If I knew it, I’d have kept them safely…. Forgive me.”

Vivian started to cry as she spoke, and her tears were flowing down. I was surprised, and I hastily spoke to the spider in front of my eyes to pacify her.

“No, no. its okay. Come on, now. Don’t cry and look up.”

The attacker who came to explore the dungeon was comforting the owner of the dungeon and asking for forgiveness. No matter what, this was a rare sight in Hall Plane.

I was the bad guy who was ripping everything off from Vivian and yet, I was comforting her.

To my back, Vivian put her head down and was wiping tears with her legs…. Ah. No matter how I see it, I can’t adapt to this situation. With a pouch nested with the gems, Vivian pointed to the next pouch with a determined face. The gem pouch was almost three times larger than the gold pouch.

“Tha, that! That one will really please you!”

“Oh, oh. Okay okay. I’ll see it. Thank you, really.”

“Yes. See it quickly. Hehe.”

Vivian, who had seen me pick the pouch, used her legs to push it closer to me. I simply opened the pocket that was sent and checked its contents. I was a little confident and curious about its contents at the same time.

There were glass bottles containing a lot of colored liquid inside. Perhaps it was her self-manufactured potion. I immediately activated the third eye to see the neatly arranged potions. I screamed out.

“Ahem. See those potions? Hmmm! Know what kind they are?”

“There are some advanced treatments… Hmm. There are no superlatives. That’s too bad. There are also ones for mana regeneration… Detox potion – this is good to use. Well. If there is any poison, there ought to be detox. Five? This is an awesome potion, isn’t it? This is fine and… eh? Then, this drug?”

I muttered the information I’d seen with the third eye. Vivian’s voice broke down in the middle. Soon, I looked up with a doubtful face and saw the spider looking at me with an awkward expression on her face. Why are you gazing at me like that? My heart was quite irritated, yet good things came out. I spoke to her in a caring voice.


“Are you an Alchemist? Isn’t this a test?”

“Huh? Huh. I’m not an Alchemist… Why did you ask?”

“Uh? Oh, no. So… no. Huh, it’s nothing….”

I looked down at her, and she closed her eyes. Ah. Perhaps… I was too proud of myself while explaining it, but I wanted to let it play like that. I was sorry for the sickness that I possessed. After I tapped her leg to make her look up, I counted the three pouches I had received.

Gold coins weren’t that meaningful anyway. I already have 1000 gold that I’ve spared after buying the necessary items. The pouches of jewelry and potions could be considered to be a bit valuable. After taking the jewelry pouch, I could use it later for any one of the talented wizards that I might recruit or build several weapons using them. Potions don’t need any words. If you are in Hall Plane, you would have to use a lot of these things. I was willing to reach out to the old box that was left out. This time, I was excited about the fact that it was a box and not a pouch like before.

As I pulled the box closer, her eyes shone brightly. I was a little uneasy with it, but since I could feel the emotions, the one that was present inside her brain this time was pride. After exchanging a gaze with her for a moment, I opened the box immediately. And. There was an old book in there. This….

[Congratulations… Found a rare job (Rare Class). After reading this book, you can become a Chimera Alchemist.]

One message comes up in the air, but before I read it, another message came up again.

[The Chimera Alchemist can be seen as a superior family of wizards. You can create your own chimera, but if you associate with a summoned gin, you can summon the beings that exist in other dimensions. If you’re a magic wizard or a summoner, I recommend taking this class.]

[Currently, Kim Su Hyun has the Secret Class of Sword Specialist. You can acquire books, but your own special and potential abilities can not be reduced to less than 70%. However, it is possible to recover 2% of the decrease by diverting 96 points to magic ability. I don’t recommend learning.]


“The book is from the time when I was an Alchemist and in the process of learning it. Anyway, I concentrated on the essence of the alchemy that I have learned until now and produced this book. Maybe the witches will sneak up on you for this now?”


“Uhm…. don’t like it?”

When I gazed into the air, Vivian spoke out in a ever diminishing voice. I shook my head and retained the book with trembling hands. Right in the first episode, rare and secret classes came out like this. Something is absurd, but my whole body felt overwhelmed with emotions.

Chimera alchemist didn’t appear in the first playthrough. I remember that they had missed the master of the dungeon and people suspected that Vivian was carrying this book. I knew for sure that after learning this book, I should see its effects for myself; I mean, this is a rare class, after all. I felt the whole annoyance at hardships disappearing like snow and I opened my mouth with a normal tone.

“No, I like it. I like this book better than the jewelry and the potions. A book that contains the essence of an Alchemist. This can be really useful.”

“Re…. really? Hehe. You’re a weird human. To like such a thing.”

In the meantime, before I could appreciate the way she put out her achievement, Vivian took an abnormal expression and was kissing her legs. I picked up the book. Even if I throw away the rest of the things, I’m going to carry this book unconditionally. Of course, I do not want to throw the other things away. Seeing my weird expression, Vivian spoke out.

“Anyway.. So, satisfied? Are you going to spare me?”

I tried to answer ‘Yes’. Honestly, I didn’t feel like killing her now. this was enough, but I thought that there was something more to extract. I was thinking about something for a while. Suddenly, something popped up in my mind. It was perfect! I ran my fingers and made a sound. I wanted something more to devour and I would take one.

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