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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 69

Chapter 69

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Vivian had to transform from a human to a spider. Body modification or infection is necessary to go through the transformation process which essentially requires a catalyst called <nucleus>. The nucleus can be any material fused with mana, but the most recommended one is the Mana Stone. One might think that it would be a Mana Stone in Vivian’s case, but it wasn’t so.

Mana Stone inside the body transforms into a nucleus over time. In human beings, it can be seen as the backbone of heart and magic. This was the place where magic was stored and from which magical power flowed through. After a long period of time, the Mana Stone would turn into a nucleus and one’s nature changes depending on the nature of the mana.

Of course, it isn’t really comparable to the spiritual mind, but this was something that I knew. Knowing something is better than being in the dark. I was worried.

“Well. This is not enough.”

“EH? Aeh~ Just look at them. Really not enough?”


“Yeah, yeah. Really, really.”

“You really mean it?”

Vivian put up an unfair face and asked me again, no, she yelled at me.

“Aish! This is so frustrating. I told you, really! If you don’t believe me, then look at it yourself.”

“I would want to.”

I slowly lifted my finger and pointed it in the direction of that girl’s body. Vivian saw my finger and moved her head straight along that direction. Vivian saw her body in that direction, put her head down, and then looked up at me and opened her mouth.

“Human male. I’m curious about something. You really have a unique disposition, don’t you?”


“Huh. Well, for example, to get past a spider….”

“Shut up.”

“Yikes. I’m sorry!”

I just cut her words off. I didn’t have the time to listen to her stories. Vivian shivered, and her eyes were moving fast. I watched her for a while and oscillated my sword up and down. The trembling intensity seemed to increase. Somehow, when I saw that kind of reaction, I felt like I wanted to harass her a little more. I opened my mouth slowly.

“I didn’t mean that I wanted to have sex with you. I want to have something from inside you.”

“Inside me….? There is nothing useful inside me. I can pull out threads.”

“No, no. That’s alright. I didn’t mean that. You were originally human, right?”


Vivian nodded her head earnestly. I felt more sorry for her. But I kept my composure and continued to speak.

“If I were to turn into a spider, then there ought to be a substance that would act as a catalyst.”

“Then… The thing I felt before… Wait a minute. Are you talking about nucleus?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“Now, you’re asking for my nucleus? Are you crazy?”

Does she remember it or did she know that it was a part of her research by directly inducing it into the body? Vivian rolled her eyes and and asked. I gazed back with a decisive face. After realizing my determination, her face turned pale. But she seemed to have set her mind.

“Ah… a joke?”

“This isn’t a joke.”

“He~y. It is a joke, right? Ho… hoho.”

“I said no. Bring out the nucleus quickly. I’ll save you if you give it to me. Come on. I promise.”

When I tapped my little finger, Vivian’s face became distorted. She went back and shouted in a loud voice.

“You’re crazy! Why should I give that!”

“Don’t worry. You won’t die by taking it out.”

“Even I know that! Can one just tear out their heart and its arteries? Do what you said you would!”

“Of course, I wouldn’t. Give that to me anyway.”

“What bullshit! I hate it!”

“Give it.”

“Die! I’ll just die! I’d rather die than give it you! If I give you this, I’ll… huh.”

“Okay. This such a sad thing.”

I took out the sword and stepped forward. When she saw this actions from me, Vivian clutched her hands and quickly retreated. But it wasn’t the studio. In the back, she was waving her palms. Seeing the passage behind me, Vivian quickly opened her mouth in a desperate tone.

“Wait a minute. Wait a second! First. Put that sword inside. Let us talk. Converse. Hey! Don’t come closer!”

I accepted her request properly because I’m a good person. After I stopped, I once again spoke with a stiff voice.

“I’ll say it again. Now give me the nucleus in your body. Just give it, it’ll be a life saver.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense.”

“No negotiations.”

In the end, Vivian broke down and stared towards me as I said there weren’t any negotiations.

“Ah ah ah ah!!!!! You’re a b*stard who doesn’t have any blood or tears!!”

“I am. You are revealing your true colors now. Also… This is so annoying. I should rather kill you and pull it out. I can just dissect your body slowly and….”

As I moved forward with a fast pace accompanied with a hum, Vivian became stunned. Desire to curse. Disruptive. Fear. Her face was overflowing with so much negative emotions, she looked like she would cry any moment. Why am I doing this? Is this really that weird?

I eliminated all the distractions and concentrated. My sword turned bright along with a change in my facial expression. Vivian read the change in my facial expression and found a way to breakout from here. But, it was in vain. The studio was completely covered by me.

Yet, she couldn’t give up hope and the spider tried to run away on the wall. I noticed it and approached with lightning speed, wielding my sword. It felt like cutting tofu, as one of Vivian’s legs fell to the floor. Without hesitation, I brandished the sword above her head.

“Good bye. By the way, you were a pretty nice girl.”

“Euhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wait. Wait a minute!”

“Huh? What? I’ll listen to you for the last time.”

Vivian just squeezed her eyes when she saw the sword and shook her head. She sighed in relief when I stopped, but I could see that she was still shuddering slightly when she realized the situation she was in. Oh oh. Finally, luck…. D*mn!

Anyway, when she saw my eyes, she realized how serious I was. Her tiny lips opened.

“…. I’ll give.”

“What? Say it loudly.”

“I’ll give it! Since I’ll give it to you, so don’t kill me! You bastard!!!!!! Euahhhhh euah!”

In the end, I smiled a little while Vivian burst into tears. Glancing at her face, I realized that she was very beautiful. I’m curious about her human appearance. I laughed at this thought and put down the sword.

“You’ve thought well. Ha ha.”

“Euahhhhhh! Aigoo. Aigoo.. Euahhh! Euah euah!”

I did the work of lifting the spider, all by myself. She accepted my hand, but the crying did not cease. Rather, I was scratching my head as I watched Vivian crying. I did treat her very badly. I felt a little sad when I saw the spider constantly crying. Also, I was sorry to see the legs which weren’t cut off properly.

“Euahhhhh! Euahhhhhhh! Euahngggg!”

“Ah! Noisy.”

My words just came out. Even then, Vivian couldn’t stop crying and her face was tinged with red. But I couldn’t stop her from weeping endlessly. I tried to go towards her legs (expecting it to be a shoulder) and her running nose. In the meantime, Vivian was hesitantly asking “really?”, “Really going to take it?”. I was waiting for the right moment and then opened my mouth.

“Are you done stalling? If you’re going to give it to me, give it fast. Ah. You can do it comfortably.”

“I get it, f*ck you! I wonder if I can give… Euah!”

I couldn’t bear the sadness, but my determination remained unwavering. Vivian wailed again and made her belly bulge. It was shaped to push out the from the inner side to the centre. Once, twice, and thrice. Vivian made her stomach go bumpy and then looked at me with a desperate face for the last time. But, she heard the whizzing sword at this otherwise silent place.

“I’ll just give it to you! F*ck! This is crazy! You bitch! Euah!!”

I responded to Vivian’s curses with a shrug. In the end, out of Vivian’s mouth, which was showing the signs of being forcefully pushed out, came a black and round sphere which was almost the size of a palm. I checked the information.

[Obtained the nucleus from Alchemist Vivian.]

In the end, Vivian, who just puked it out from the inside, fell down with a frowning face. It was a form of energy. Vivian’s tears fell down her face. I stretched out my hand towards the ball with satisfaction. After that, Vivian spoke with a small voice in my ear.

“Black…. It’s poisonous. If you pick it up then also, well, it’s a blackjack! You die!”

In the meantime, she remained anxious. This was really funny. I laughed and grabbed for it into my hand. Upon that action, Vivian’s face turned awkward and looked at me half-worried. I shouted at her to hand it over quickly and took it, as I wanted to tease her more.

“Urgh! By touching it, poison could enter. Ouch! Die!”

“What, what? Hey! So… I… Ah… This isn’t. Oh yeah! It’s nice.”

My desires rose along with my slightly raised hand. It was the desire to remove the fumes from its body. Soon, the color inside started to change. Gradually, magic power started to emanate in my hand. At first, it was pitch black, but it was gradually returning into its original color, blue.

This was the merit of the mythical class. If it was an S class, it would end up burning it unconditionally. But the mythical class was able to control it with the help of the player. Vivian looked at the process with a strange face. Soon after I finished the process, I looked at it with a distant face and put the nucleus in my arms.

I laughed and said, “Actually, this was crazy.”

Then, she touched her mouth and started to wail again. I giggled at that sight.

After this period of disturbance, Vivian just plopped down with a fretful face. I spoke to her. Of course, in the meantime, Vivian had packed up the pouches.

“Congratulations. You will live as I promised. Haha. Don’t think badly. I’ll give you a piece of information just for reference…. You better leave the dungeon as soon as possible. In the near future, the dungeon’s information will be revealed and the city inspector will investigate.”

“Don’t care!!”

“Even if you die in here?”

“I lost a lot of my power the moment the nucleus was confiscated. It’ll be the same even if I go out. I’ll just die there too… Huh.”

With a painful face, Vivian said this. Her body became unstable after losing the major source of her energy.

“Ah… Kuk… Hu… Hurts!”

Vivian looked at me and tried to say that it hurt, but I had nothing that I could do. If she were daring enough, I would’ve killed her. I naturally pointed to the sword with my face. Vivian just turned away her head, feeling a sense of betrayal.

“Bastar… ah… You took my body and mind… euk… kuk… ahhhhhhhhhk!”

“What bullsh*t.”

I watched Vivian very closely. And seeing this kind of situation play out in front of me, I was a little surprised. Her body was twisting and her legs began to fall off one by one. It just looked like a robot that was being disassembled part by part – this phenomenon caught my eyes. By any chance, is this phenomenon….

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