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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 70

Chapter 70

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I have been watching Vivian’s body show for a while and was getting less interested in it. I wasn’t myself, but the thing in my hands – that was more interesting. I just robbed it from Vivian. I was willing to do anything if I could raise my stats. So, I rubbed my hands with a sense of excitement. I was going to confirm and explore the information of the nucleus with the help of the third eye.

“Huk…. Kuk! Euk!”

She was still screaming with pain. She was twisting her body and trying to appeal towards me by showing her pain. My heart was so upset with what was happening, but I decided to turn away from Vivian. Soon, I made my heart strong and attended to the necessary matter, which was the ball in my hand.

It was unlikely that this prototype was a Mana Stone, but this wasn’t something that I was certain about. To transform into a spider, it was definite that the girl had to go through a lot of processes. Expecting some kind of achievement, I activated the third eye.

[The nucleus of ancient Alchemist Vivian]

After reading all the information thoroughly, I opened my eyes. Vivian watched me and swallowed her spit. I didn’t answer immediately and went silent. Frustrated, she moved her mouth weirdly. I turned my head away and avoided her gaze.

“I think it isn’t possible. I think I said something wrong. Let’s just skip it.”

“Yah. Where is it? If I can get the words out more, humanly.”

“…. Don’t like it.”

The way to acquire Vivian was simple. In the city, you could use one or two elixirs from the user-specific warehouse. But, I didn’t prepare two bottles. It had to be the elixirs of the masters. If they could really be helpful in her restoration, honestly, I wouldn’t end up feeling that bad.

Eventually, when I turned, Vivian grabbed me again and pleaded. But I kicked her away and then walked into the pathway silently. Then, I heard a voice burst out in the back.

“I want to live… I want to live…! You! Human! How can you be so cruel? Think of all the things that you did to me… I… I……”

“Twisting the players’ necks, removing their waists, ganging up on the others. You never did think about what you did, though.”

“I am the owner of this place. I have the right to defend myself and punish the intruders who break into my house. In addition, I can even slaughter my people.”

I sighed at this kind of appearance of Vivian; I licked my shivering lips. In fact, she wasn’t wrong, but humans are truly selfish animals. There wasn’t time to quarrel. For some reason, the back of my head felt sore and I turned around once again.

I wasn’t going to play around anymore, but I was seriously considering Vivian’s treatment now. At that moment, Vivian, who received my gaze, bowed her head.

“I’m, I’m sorry. My words were very harsh. I’m at fault.”

I could still see Vivian saying sorry. Honestly, she isn’t in a position to be angry. I thought of her as an enemy previously, but now she has the possibility of changing into an < Ally >.

After a short period of awkward silence, I started speaking with an almost inaudible voice.

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