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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 72

Chapter 72

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During my brief moment of dizziness, the kids came closer and tried to shake me awake, completing forgetting about the two unconscious players laying there. Fortunately, Vivian was able to pull the worried kids off me. Although I hadn’t completely recovered, I couldn’t help but glance at Vivian, who I was convinced was deliberating trying to avoid my gaze.

“Oppa, is your body okay?”

“Yes. It’s alright. Don’t worry much.”


I walked out of the dungeon and through the forest with an uneasy face. I didn’t take my eyes off the road before me. I was pleased with the concern the girls showed me. However, I was confused about the correlation between the power of Hwajung and my stamina; both had exceeded my expectations.

An Sol continued to ask if I was ok, and I shook my head in affirmation as I picked up one of the unconscious players. Yoo-Jung, who was walking beside An Sol and me, came up and offered to help.

“Oppa, if it’s tough for you, I’ll take over. If it’s like the last time… with the mana, It’ll be bad.”

“It’s alright. Right now, the most important thing is that you and I have another player here to take care off. I’ll be surprised if you don’t want to leave this place.”

“Shit… Why would you think that? It’s only because I’m worried about you.”

“The surroundings are safe. It’s a shortcut to the city, so we should reach there tomorrow,” Vivian suddenly spoke up.

When Vivian butted in, Yoo-Jung shot her a glance and turned her head away. I wanted to explore the surroundings, but my head still throbbed pretty bad to even attempt it. Immediately after using forcing myselt to move, I was exhausted. The accompanying pain was so intense, It made me feel dizzy again.

If this happened in the future, it wouldn’t any less painful than it did today, Although there were still some ability points left over, I still had strength, ability, and magic to develop.

The journey continued in silence. I noticed An Hyun walking beside me, and he seemed lost in his thoughts; that was unlike his behavior the day before. Still, I pulled my gaze away from him and began considering my options.

However, no matter the angle I considered it from, the number of ability points I required was beyond my current capability. I knew that I wouldn’t hit the required threshold. According to my calculations, even if I invested my current points, and probably those I’d get in the future, I could maybe reach a base of 90 stats on all. But, that was it. The lure of achieving 101 in all stats was great and hard to give up.

After thinking about it for a while, I shook my head, not bothering about it anymore, for now. After all, It wasn’t something that I could solve now, so I decided to turn my attention back towards the present situation. The most important things to me right now were; the goods in the dungeon, the two rescued players, and returning to the city to get Vivian some treatment. We took a short break, and after that, we were ready to explore the ruins. Although the exploration was something I still had time for, It didn’t change the fact that my responsibilities piled as high as a mountain. It was easy for one to lose everything at once in the Hall Plane, which was only the first level.

I decided to take a day off and relax when I reach the city.

I shoved my thoughts aside and looked at the kids with an indifferent expression, Suddenly, I heard the voice of a woman. It was only then I realized that I craved to taste the warm pleasure that the flesh of the opposite sex brought about, which I hadn’t done in a long time.

She had an angular shaped face and a petite body. Beneath those supple chin were bulging breasts, which were partially covered by her hair. However, her hair wasn’t so long; I found the long ones really nice. Suddenly, I was gazing at the beautiful face of Sol, her white thin neck, and small dark lips, My gaze shifted to Vivian… but, at that moment, I was able to forcefully jolt myself from those amorous thoughts. Why did I even think about them in the first place?

Just how much sexual desire did I have backed up? Although I couldn’t help but want to relieve myself of the pent-up amorous desires, I still considered my thoughts pathetic. I sighed and looked at the unconscious players, who we had carried out of the dungeon. I still didn’t know who they were, yet.

I hadn’t paid them any mind since we left the dungeon because I had been too concerned about my hunches and my stats. However, since I couldn’t come up with any solutions, I didn’t want to waste any more time worrying about them. I decided to activate the 3rd again since I could tell decipher their identities just by looking.

This time, my head didn’t hurt. This was probably because I took a little rest and was treated well.

< Player Status>

1 Name : Shin Sang yong ( 2 yrs )

2 Class : Normal Mage Expert

3 Nation : Barbara

4 Clan : –

5 Affiliated Nationality : Those who pursue the truth of magic. Korea

6 Sex : Male ( 28 )

7 Height . Weight : 183.7cm . 69.2kg

8 Alignment : Lawful . True

[ Strength 40 ] [ Resistance 42 ] [Agility 45 ] [ Vitality 40 ] [ Magic 85 ] [ Luck 60 ]

< Player Status >

1 Name : Jung Ha Yeon ( 2 yrs )

2 Class : Normal Mage Expert

3 Nation : Barbara

4 Clan : –

5 Affiliated Nation : Water droplets on the Lake . Korea

6 Sex : Female ( 26 )

7 Height . Weight: 166.5cm . 42.8 kg

8 Alignment : Lawful . Good

[ Strength 34 ] [ Resistance 38 ] [ Agility 40] [ Vitality 32 ] [ Magic 87 ]

[ Luck 80 ]

Hmm? They were both wizards, and they were in their second year. Okay, at first, I wanted to go into a dark forest, but after seeing their stats, I could try and understand.

Suddenly, I decided that it would be a good idea to take them along; after all, my abilities would still be active there. Even if it was a location where my abilities wouldn’t be active, I’d still be interested in exploring. I needed an expert, regardless of where their expertise lay. Also, The additional income would be welcome. I glanced at Sol and noticed her sour expression and wondered, Did the players’ luck gave anything to do with her mood?

I could feel the heat emanating off them, and that made me worried about their health. If they were unconscious, they could offer some stable aid. I suddenly revelled in the feeling of being powerful. Although, for them, the second year was considered the first time for one to reach their limit, they hadn’t gotten close to theirs yet, even though they were already in the 2nd year.

It is at the 4th and 5th year that it’ll be certain what their abilities are, but regardless, they was still a lot of room for them to develop.

Good stats and a good inclination. I’ll think more about it later, but I felt that they would be good candidates.


Since I left the dungeon, I had been walking for a full day. After a few nights of hard work, I felt exhausted. However, as soon as it was time for my physical training academy, I was able to do things with a spring in my step. The route that Vivian had mentioned was a shortcut, and it wasn’t strange for her to know this, as she had been living in this forest for more than 100 years. Actually, the kids had a different look in their eyes whenever they saw Vivian.

Since we had been walking for a day, It was now almost late in the afternoon. When I looked up ahead, I could see the land up ahead, so I heaved a sigh of relief. We had returned in time for the sunset. Even the kids pinched themselves to make sure it was real.

The remaining part of the journey was completed in silence. No one was talking, but everyone seemed to be lost in their thoughts. I looked at An Hyun and realized that he had been carrying that player since we left, and that made me sigh; his strength had doubled. Sol and Yoo-Jung were still irritated by the sight of Vivian. The quiet atmosphere wasn’t that bad, but it sure was uncomfortable.

We left the lush forest behind and hurried onto the plain road.

As we walked along the road, I saw a lot of players around; this was probably because of the time. The crowd grew thicker as walked further, and It was almost night. It seemed quite a lot of people felt the same way I did about venturing outside at night. It seemed to me that were more people here than in the Barbara region.

Having not seen any players in a long time, the kids didn’t know where to look, so I opened my mouth to voice my thoughts.

“We aren’t like those players. I really don’t want to be like those beginner players who’d just done their first expeditions.

I still had to urge the kids on because they were tired, especially Vivian who couldn’t look away from the players around. My words jolted her from her staring, and she put her head down. Suddenly, I noticed that stares were being directed at us. Vivian, who initially had been naked, only wore underwear and a robe that was taken from someone that died.

She just stood there being half pale. Vivian was taller than Jung Ji Yeon, so she had to pull down her robe. It was a little embarrassing. Her beautiful face and voluptuous body caused some of the male players to gaze at her, drooling. I sighed and glanced at Vivian.

“Hey. Not done?”

**”Bro, don’t you see how hard you are now?”**

What the hell were the guys doing? Looking at the two female users with gazes full of lust. Vivian continued to look down, and An Hyun, who noticed this, shook his head, sighed and said:

“Lee Yoo-Jung, An Sol. What is wrong with you guys? This is embarrassing, and I might not fully understand why, but once hyung moves anywhere, don’t go too far from him. I really feel sorry for you.”

After An Hyun had spoken, the girls’ grew even more jealous. An Hyun continued on like he didn’t notice. Vivian glanced at An Hyun and laughed. His comments were akin to pouring oil into the fire. But, she had considered it a pleasant comment. This way, she would remain close by Yoo-Jung and An Sol.

The surroundings were abuzz with activity, and I was hungry. Although everyone felt tired, they were still talking. There were some players who came back with depressed expressions; they may have lost a colleague in their expedition.

The duck came down, and the wall of the Mule, which could be seen from a distance, was getting close. The guards who had greeted us at the beginning were still there, in the same place, and we watched them salute the players. We also slowly entered the door.

Finally, after the very first exploration, we had come back to the Mule.

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