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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 73

Chapter 73

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Once we left the Mule and entered inside, everyone’s face glowed brightly. We entered the North Gate that we had left. No one said anything, they just looked at me with eager expressions. I sat down, took out a small pouch and tossed it over to An Hyun, who was still carrying a player. He was flustered and didn’t react on time, but fortunately, Yoo-Jung succeeded in catching the pouch.


“Don’t give me praises; give me the reward.”


I dropped the player that I was carrying and handed him over to Yoo-Jung. She grumbled a bit but still carried the player properly. I looked at her for a moment and spoke in a gentle but powerful voice.

“You know where the lady’s inn is, right? I have enough for two rooms to last a week. Go and have dinner first. You can eat anything that you want. And once you’re done eating, go in and rest first.”

“And Oppa?”

“I need to clear something with Vivian, and we have to report it.”

“We can go together…”

“It’ll be more comfortable to go alone. It’s alright, go and rest.”

Yoo-Jung didn’t like it, but she reluctantly nodded her head. However, regardless of that, I still wanted to go to that rustic inn and take a break, first. Honestly, it was frustrating, but this was something that I had to do.

After I sent the kids first, I stayed there with Vivian. Vivian stared at me before sighing heavily.

“They really don’t know about it.”


“The kids… about you.”

I raised a brow and inched closer to Vivian, silently hinting her to tell me why she had asked that question. It seemed that Vivian had grown more stubborn and had begun to vocalize her thoughts.

“The kids aren’t newly born babies. Although they look up to you, it also seems like they’re scared of you. You’re not much different, either. I know it’s very difficult to explain it to the kids, and I don’t even want to see time like that coming. Why? Because I’m nervous.”

“About what happened in the dungeon?”

“Yes? Then I’ll just go ahead and do it.”

I raised my hand, silencing her. Vivian looked away and sighed again. Just as she was about to say something more, I moved my hand to her head.


“Oh, what?”

“Your body seems alright.”

To my surprise, Vivian was embarrassed. She rolled her eyes and stuttered. Then she slowly lifted her face and spoke carefully.

“It’s… good for now. I can endure it. But this hand…”

It was bothersome, so I turned around and faced the other way. I could feel her staring at me from behind, and she seemed a little hesitant, but she soon took the initiative and came behind me on her own. She needed to start trusting more and giving as much to the team as she possibly could, in order to get the maximum amount of monetary reward.

The streets of Mule were definitely more crowded than the morning we left. Most of the players were headed to the shrine to submit the reports from their recent expeditions, just like me, but there were a bunch of explorers outside, who were gearing up for their expedition. I noticed a player who had just submitted their own exploratory reports and asked a few questions.

Before I went to the shrine, I decided to stop by the user’s warehouse, first. If the shrine and the user’s warehouse were in opposite directions, it would have been a bother. Fortunately, they were in the same direction. I could see the Shrine from where I was, and it wasn’t like Barbara’s, but there were a number of players in there.

Once again, everyone around looked at Vivian. She felt insecure and put her head down, moving closer to me. Although I was in a good mood, I still felt a hint of jealousy.

In the streets of the continental shelf, these kinds of clothes could send a completely different message: “I wore this type of outfit because I want to be eaten by you. So by all means, and without any restraints-eat me.” This wasn’t an appropriate image to create, but that didn’t get me worried. As soon as Vivian regained her full ability as an alchemist, she’d make a great impact in the party, wielding a power that no player can possess.

As soon as I arrived at the players-only warehouse, I immediately brought out an elixir and some gold coins. The gold coins that I brought out exceeded 1200 gold. If I sold the jewelry and the other stuff that I had, I’ll gain an amount that was too huge for new players. However, the more money one had, the easier it was to plan ahead. Since I decided to use it already, I brought out a heavy pouch.

“What’s that?”

Vivian asked curiously and leaned in for a closer look. There were bottles inside the pouch filled with bright-yellow elixir. I noticed her leaning even closer, so I simply answered.


Vivian couldn’t take her eyes off them, and as if it was her first time of seeing an elixir, she could respond with an “ah”. She slowly turned away from them and looked at me instead, where is this person from?


“Never seen an elixir before?”

“Idiot. Alchemists make these stuff. Elixirs are what they’re best known for. First, Give it here.”

“Come and see for yourself.”

Upon hearing my words, Vivian grumbled and brought her head even closer. As she stared at the Elixirs, her gaze seemed to grow even stranger. I stretched out my hand, bringing the pouch even closer to her. Vivian’s gaze was serious; It was obvious that the Alchemists who had made this batch had a certain level of skill.

“It’s-its weird. Wait just a moment. Don’t take it away.”

“There is something I need to do. Here, you can drink this.”

It wasn’t in my personality to do things like this, but I was set on handing it to her. I immediately opened the sealing lid on an elixir and handed it over to her. It was a small vial of elixir. Vivian quickly took the vial, sniffed it for a moment, inhaled it deeply a few moments after that, before drinking a mouthful of it. I took the vial back.


“How was it?”

“Just…oh? ah-Ah?”

Vivian, who only drank only a mouthful, smacked her lips and enjoyed the taste for a while. When her lips parted in incredulity, I realized that something was happening to her body, so I immediately activated the 3rd eye. This time, I had planned to get her information very quickly.

< Native Status >

Converting resident information into Player information

1 Name : Vivian La Clarydas

2 Class : Rare . Chimera Alchemist Master

3 Nation : Espinion ( a fallen city.)

4 Clan : –

5 Affiliated Nation : Ancient Alchemist . Black Hunting Spider . Hall Plane

6 Sex : Female ( 28 . 128 [?])

7 Height . Weight : 165.5cm . 48.8 kg

8 Alignment : Chaos . Neutral

< Stats >

[ Strength 48 ] [ Resistance 50 ] [ Ability 56 ] [ Vitality 45 ] [ Magic 92]

[ Luck 74 ]

Body recovered after drinking a small quantity of elixir. If there are no additional intakes, body will return to its original state.

< Achievement (3) >

< Special Abilities (1/1) >

66 ruler of the legion of athletes. ( Rank: A +++)

< Latent Ability (4/4) >

Pension Magic ( Rank: A Zero)

Authentic Magic ( Rank: C Plus)

Building a Magical place ( Rank: A ++)

Making Potion ( Rank: B Plus)

< Ability Comparison. >

Kim Su Hyun: 540

( There are 12 ability points )

[ Strength 94 ] [ Resistance 92 ] [ Ability 98 ] [ Vitality 72 ] [ Magic 96 ] [ Luck 88 ]

Vivian La Clarydas

(No ability points.)

[ Strength 48 ] [ Resistance 50 ] [ Ability 56 ] [ Vitality 45 ] [ Magic 92 ] [ Luck 74]

Are these Vivian abilities at full power? As all her powers had just been restored, I glanced at her beautiful face again. A high stat in magic was a necessity for players who were mages and priests. If a player had 90 magic and an average of 30 in their other abilities, they would be quickly taken in by any of the other clans. In the Hall plane, the mages had that much value.

I wondered what the ability of the < 66 Master of the legion athletes >, who was awarded the A+++ rank, would be. The rare classes couldn’t be compared to the secret classes, but they certainly differed from the regular classes. Naturally, those with regular classes could also grow really strong if they were nurtured properly, but only those with rare classes could maximize the efficiency of team battles. They were also very powerful. **So, the two classes that every player hopes.**

I put my thoughts aside and raised my head. Right in front of me was Vivian, who looked flustered yet serious. It was evident from her eyes that she was deep in thought.

There was a moment of silence, but the quiet period was only momentary. Vivian suddenly jumped on me.

“Give them to meeeeeeeee!”

“Good Luck.”

I used my hand to push her face back, but she was waving her arms wildly, trying to snatch the pouch from my grasp. It wasn’t enough, but she was getting more restless by the second. Afterward, she resorted to use her words to get the elixir from me.

“Give! Give! Give!!!!!!”

“I can’t give it to you right away. How did it taste?”

“I won’t say. Really. So, give it to me!”

I tried hard to push her back, but Vivian kept struggling. I sighed and extended my hand again, but this time, my hand wasn’t aimed at her head; it was aimed at her chest. As soon as Vivian rushed toward me, I felt my right hand grab a fistful of supple flesh. Het! It felt good.


“Hmm. Nice.”

“Ha? Khat? Eauh?”

When I stretched out my right hand at the incoming chest, I was able to grab the supple breasts of a woman; a pleasant feeling that I hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. Vivian pulled back and rushed toward the pouch of bottles again. in her rush, she didn’t remember to protect her chest and this time, her breasts were welcomed by my outstretched hand… both of them.

“What are you doing?! Get your hands off! This idiot!”

“Stupid, who runs like that?”

She forcibly pushed my hands away and went back to charging at the elixir. Although I felt bad for her, I still admired her tenacity. It was getting harder to hold her back. She began taking aim at my chest, no – my heart. When I retreated beyond her reach, Vivian began to cry.

“Uk! uk… How could you… you dirty…”

“I have only one heart, so should I stand idle and let you hit me?”

I laughed so much that my throat got sore. However, Vivian just nodded. I laughed some more, as I had planned to give her another elixir, anyway.

“I’ve decided anyway, so wait a moment. “We can at least make a promise.”

“I remember everything that you said in the dungeon.”

“You don’t even know what I’m going to do.”

Vivian couldn’t refute my reply. She hadn’t yet recovered her Alchemist’s state of mind, and she was in a state of urgency. This was the moment that I had been waiting for. There was nothing more precious than an elixir to her, right now, and she knew that she wouldn’t get it if she was uncooperative or tried to flee. So, I needed to make some preparations.

“Then what am I supposed to do..”

“Hm… Let’s make a contract.”

“A contract?”

I nodded at Vivian and spoke in a serious tone.

“Yes. Contract. Let’s go to the shrine at once. I’ll have to report about the expedition and then write a contract.”

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