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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 82

Chapter 82

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82 New Face ( 4 )

Shin Sang Yong seemed like he was a really introverted person. I started to feel a little frustrated as he was going around the same thing that he said for the past 5 minutes. I forced myself to listen as there were many eyes on me, but now, the kids were also putting up bored expressions.

“Mr. Player.”

When Jung Ha Yeon gave out a sign by asking in a loud voice, Shin Sang Yong shed an awkward laugh at this time. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth this time with his eyes shining.

“Have you come across the term The Magic Circle?”

The Magic Circle. I have heard of it, that was for sure. However, from now on, Shin Sang Yong will focus mostly on his own destiny than simple magic that he was trying to perform in the past. At the same time, I activated the third eye. I wonder what kinds of powers will come out.

< Player Status >

Name: Shin Sang Yong ( 2 years )

Class: Normal Mage Expert

Affiliated Nation: Barbara

Clan: –

Native . Nationality: Those who pursue true magic . Korea

Sex: Male ( 28 )

Height . Weight: 183.7cm . 69.2kg

Alignment: Lawful . True

< Stats >

[ Strength 40 ] [ Resistance 42 ] [ Agility 45 ] [ Vitality 40 ] [ Magic 85 ] [ Luck 60 ]

< Achievements (0)>

< Original Ability (1/1) >

The magic of Harmony ( Rank: A Zero)

< Latent Abilities (3/4) >

Magic (Rank: C+)

Orthodox Magic (Rank: B)

Ancient Language decryption (Rank: D)

(Not yet bloomed)

“I don’t know how much I’ve improved at this moment. But I have one thing in common with the regular players. That’s… there was no special ability from the initiation of the Hall Plane. I didn’t have it from the beginning. It was a special case that evolved into a unique ability that wasn’t originally present.”

“That is….”

I just stared at him with curious eyes. He was speaking to me in a vague manner that I haven’t heard from him before.

“I’m sorry to say so. But these are my words. I don’t know how to study about it and my social life isn’t that great, and it isn’t the right thing to deceive others to help me. Moreover, I want to disclose my player information to Mr. Su-Hyun from now on, even though this is unreasonable.”

“…. That is a little burdensome.”

“You don’t have to feel like that. That’s what I just said.”

I sighed and nodded. To be honest, I didn’t have any special ability or inherent ability in the first place. It was rare sight to see in the first round ( my first time in Hall Plane ), but I remember seeing a few of those players. However, what caught my curiosity was the ability that he had, ‘magic of harmony’, a unique one.

Shin Sang Yong waited for my signal and then lifted both his hands immediately. Naturally, everyone’s gazes concentrated on Shin Sang Yong’s two hands. Except for one.

Jung Ha Yeon had been looking at Shin Sang Yong’s face from the moment he started to talk. Perhaps she felt that he was trying to make some judgment, trying to decide. I focused my attention on the two hands of Shin Sang Yong with a lot of concentration.

“From here, I’ll show you my unique ability.”

Hwark! Chchang!

After his speech, Shin Sang Yong started to sense magic around himself. Soon, there was a flame in one hand and ice in the other. He had two auras of mutuality. No way, that Magic of Harmony is….

Before my thoughts could be aligned, Shin Sang Yong’s both hands flared up. And now that the third eye had been activated, I was surprised to see that there were numerous magical particles between the palms of his hands. I was able to see that the eyes of Jung Ha Yeon were getting darker.

Shin Sang Yong had the aura of two different entities that couldn’t coexist with each other theoretically, ice and fire. He looked down at these auras with affectionate eyes, and he opened his mouth softly.

“Beautiful isn’t it….? This is my original ability. The name is Harmonious Magic…. Haha.”

Soon the fire and ice went away from his hands. It was definitely beautiful to see this here. Even if the exact extent of the power is unknown, the destruction it could cause for managing it improperly was very obvious.

I felt that the unique ability of the Harmonious Magic was crazy. If you can combine its aura with that of the Hwajung…. I thought for a moment, but I shook my head. I could see the mark of Hwajung taking its toll on my body, and Hwajung was higher compared to the ranks and efficiency of this Harmonious Magic. Nevertheless, it was only a matter for holding Hwajung’s power. If this harmonious magic were to be combined with my Hwajung, well, all hell will break loose.

Looking at the expression of the kids, Shin Sang Yong scratched the back of his head. He calmly continued, “It would be a little too much to say that I was its inventor. I was originally a worker at a research institute in Korea. I like to calculate, and I always had an interest in making things. And one of my favorite areas was magic.”

The magic circle. A shape that arranges the natural number from 1 in a certain order, one by one, without overlapping or missing and keeps the numbers of each group in a constant manner/pattern.

“Nowadays, the principle of magic is to maintain ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’. You might not know this, but there are a lot of examples that apply these theories and principles of magic into our real life.”

The faces of the kids were getting stiff once again. Especially, An Hyun and Yoo-Jung who were right in front of me. They were literally turning that way. I saw them with a sorry look. Shin Sang Yong was feeling light, so he laughed and clapped his hands together.

“I came to the Hall Plane and got a job as a wizard. I wanted to be a priest, but the chief asked me and invited me to be a mage. Honestly, being a mage was right for me, but…. I’m a little different from the regular mages.”

That was for sure. They don’t have such a special ability, but he did have a unique ability to possess such good things with him. Orthodox magic is what mages usually learn. What kind of decryption and other magic needed to be bloomed?

He did have the ability, and he also somehow managed to survive. But I was disappointed that he couldn’t use it efficiently. If the rank of magic was high, it would be worth it, but both regular and authentic magic were at B Rank. I pretended to not know anything and waited for him to speak with a normal face.

“Learning to be involved in orthodox magic more than normal magic is quite an explanation in the Hall Plane. But still. Although it maybe the nature of this place, I was very interested in Alchemy. People around me didn’t want to learn Pension magic, but I grew up learning because of my personal greed. Haha. Pathetic? It is a life that goes back and forth because the world has failed to face the reality, so I couldn’t pursue my idea.”

Yes. I was sorry. I wanted to say that. But I slowly shook my head.

“But I don’t regret it. If I hadn’t done alchemy for these two years, my original weak self would’ve been crazy…. This. The talk has become too long. Now, I will tell you the reason why I came here, Mr. Su-Hyun.”

Shin Sang Yong took a breath ‘hah’.

“Getting information from the ancient alchemist dungeon is the real deal. So I shared information with my noona Jung Ha Yeon and Jung Ji Yeon and packed up for a secret caravan. I didn’t recommend Golden Lion Clan because of their influence now. So, in my opinion, it was my responsibility. Had I not told them about this…. I still regret telling them.”

That is it. They didn’t just go in to the Dark Forest, but they even had the least information. I heard his voice quietly.

“There is a moral responsibility for what I did. But that is what I’m responsible for. And I’m responsible for everything. I was not reluctant to follow, but I decided it for myself. So…”

Jung Ha Yeon listened to the bitter speech, and Shin Sang Yong made a sad face. She didn’t want to hear this story anymore, so she decided to turn her head away.

“Even though we failed to get into the dungeon, we haven’t lost curiosity about ancient alchemy. I know that I’m acting like a jerk, but if it wasn’t for Mr. Su-Hyun, or if I was conscious, I might have entered the dungeon then itself. But that is no longer necessary because…”

After stopping for a while, Shin Sang Yong looked at Vivian with a distant face. He changed his sitting posture, brought his legs together and kneeled down. I couldn’t stop him; he was on the floor with both hands and remained there in a polite manner.

“I know that it is unreasonable to expect the dungeon’s reward and goods. And I don’t want those things to be secret. I couldn’t stay still when I heard that the alchemist still exists. Please accept me under her, so that she could teach me.”

“Shin Sang Yong. Get up.”

“No. I know you think that this request is too blatant. However, alchemy isn’t mainstream in Hall Plane. So, there is no way to get advice from a subordinate, no way to get advice at all. I only got through by self-learning… I still don’t know if I’m on the right track. What’s more, it has been a half-year-long feeling of being stuck. Maybe in this direction, I might….”

Shin Sang Yong was still speaking without lifting his head. And I was able to determine that he had tears in his eyes through his words. I closed my eyes, and a sudden memory came to my mind.

Now, I was more aware of the feelings of the player more than anyone else. I also didn’t receive any teaching from others. I was a self taught swordsmith master, but when I was doing it, I still had emotions from that time.

It was like a huge wall was in front of me. I had to jump above that wall, but it was hard, and I couldn’t make up my mind. The feeling of frustration at that time was out of desperation.

In particular, although it varies from person to person, it is safe to say that most of the stats are completely developed as they enter the second year. They don’t grow up immediately anymore, but there was a need to put in enormous effort to change a single point or level. I opened my mouth with the softest voice I could.

“I read some old book, and I’ve seen something. The contents of the book are impressive, and I like them.”

It seemed like Shin Sang Yong wasn’t going to get up until he got the answer for his question. But I could see that he was concentrating on my words. However, as a second year user, it was true it was nice to see such a high level kneel down towards the zero year player. I continued speaking in a gentle tone.

“If you see a wall, you start worrying a lot that you have to jump. If you want to jump over your wall, it must be with your own strength. But somehow, if you jump over the wall with…..”

I stopped talking for a while. After getting over the nervousness, I spoke again.

“The wall is a solid support, a support at the bottom of your feet.”


I opened my mouth as I watched Shin Sang Yong held his head as I opened my mouth. A request for a new service. I can’t take him because I haven’t judged him yet, because I didn’t know that extent he could go, but still it was a good opportunity.


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