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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 83

Chapter 83

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83 瀉千里

“Shin Sang Yong your suggestion is a little difficult.”

Shin Sang Yong had the face that I expected. The kids were all looking at me with round eyes. However, accepting such suggestions was something a novice player did. I know that this wasn’t the person, still this was just a speculation and it could be defamatory for the group.

“We have a goal now. Taking Shin Sang Yong and his valuable talent as the student for Vivian will most likely cause a lot of trouble in achieving our goal.”

“Of course. I understand. I also came with the intention to not hold discussion on this matter.”

I gazed at Shin Sang Yong with diligent eyes.

“There is nothing more left for me because of the failure of this expedition. Of course, eating and living doesn’t hurt, but that is all I do. Finally, I feel like I’m at my limit. I have lived my life out of luck till now, but I think it is hard to expect such kind of luck in the future. So…..I would like to be with the party of Mr. Kim Su-Hyun.”

On the side, Jung Ha Yeon seemed to sigh. Clearly, Shin Sang Yong is a pure human. This was a very worrying but important thing. I turned around not knowing what to say. He is a person who spoke in a good way to the good people, and to the bad ones too.

When I hadn’t given any answer, he hurriedly added.

“I think that I’m still comparable equally to the players of the same age. I am confident that I can help with just any one of the authentic spells. At least, I won’t be a burden. And…..”

He couldn’t speak for a moment, and he was speaking in a spiteful tone as if he had decided on something.

“I will not ask for any benefits in the future. I would just be happy to get advice from Miss. Vivian and receive guidance from time to time. I will try my best to fulfill the goal of Mr. Su-Hyun and his party.”

I can not afford to have this right now, it was like thinking about my future with my current ability as a collateral. I thought about the Chimera Alchemist book. At that moment, a lightning stuck my head and I turned towards Vivian.


“I’d do it for Su-Hyun.”

Vivian immediately answered as I called out to her. It sounded peculiar, but that wasn’t what I wanted to ask. I tried to ask what were the conditions to become a Chimera Alchemist, but this was how it had ended up to be.

The Harmony of Magic can certainly be seen as a tremendous inherent power. And if it is used well, it is quite compatible with the Chimera Alchemist. And this was my idea, but Shin Sang Yong might not be able to create his special ability once he becomes a Chimera Alchemist.

I’m just saying this, but it’s rare for an ability to evolve into a secret class or rare class. There were a few different cases, but they are at least special cases, and the latent abilities that each class needs is different for each player.

General players can learn one special ability and four latent. Players with unique abilities lose one latent ability. I have a unique ability but I have preserved my special abilities and four latent by the achievement rewards.

But there could be cases like this. For example, you get a Summoner, then you must learn Summoning. Especially, if one already has a special, latent or unique ability, half of his job is already done. However, Shin Sang Yong’s situation is different. He himself evolved a special ability for some unknown reason.

If one tries to upgrade to a rare class after having one latent, they may also be able to create special abilities with a low probability. Only if it is just…..

However, I can’t just give him that book for the purpose of impressing him, and he would turn himself into a rare class. I think I can learn to trust him after watching a little more of him in action, and it won’t be delayed much either.

Anyway, I thought that the proposal made by Shin Sang Yong was very appealing even though it put me in a thought for a moment. Players with good stats can be taken in freely under the condition of non-bias. As long as we had the book of Chimera Alchemist with us, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to join in our party.

I turned my gaze and looked at Jung Ha Yeon. Originally, when Shin Sang Yong made the suggestion, he tried to put both of them together in his proposal, but now Jung Ha Yeon was not a priority. If I speak a bit more precisely, it was no longer needed to hold onto Jung Ha Yeon as a bait for the new members in s group. With Magic Harmony, Shin Sang Yong can be promoted to be a player with the same value of Jung Ha Yeon.

Of course, she was still an attractive worthy user. But there was no reason for me to hang onto her. By my standards, I’m still the best on the Hall Plane. I wouldn’t have sent the Secret class Kim Han-Byul in the first place if I had been hanging by my neck.

It seemed that Jung Ha Yeon’s worry on her face, deepened very much, as if she realized the intentions in my eyes.

A while back, Shin Sang Yong’s words “I will do my job”, and the Vivian’s words “I’ll do if Su-Hyun says”, had lot of meaning. To tell the point, Shin Sang Yong declared that he will follow my opinion entirely as a leader of this party if he was accepted, and I showed my position in the party through the response from Vivian.

He had a good reason to train in Alchemy, he was a minor. But that wasn’t the case of Jung Ha Yeon.

To her capabilities, she could join another proven caravan or apply to join a clan. Of course, I don’t think that there are any clans at the present, but I didn’t know anything about them.

I activated the third eye while she was still in her concerns. I wanted to see her information in a little more detailed manner.

< Player Status >

1 Name: Jung Ha Yeon ( 2yrs )

2 Class: Normal Mage Expert

3 Affiliated Nation: Barbara

4 Clan: –

5 Native Nation: Water droplets on lake, Korea.

6 Sex: Female ( 26 )

7 Height. Weight: 166.5cm . 42.8 kg

8 Alignment: Lawful. Good

[ Strength 34 ] [ Resistance 38 ] [ Agility 40 ] [ Vitality 32 ] [ Magic 87]

[Luck 80 ]

< Achievement (0) >

< Special Abilities (1/1) >

1. Number of Lakes ( Rank: A Plus)

< Latent Abilities (4/4) >

1. Authentic Magic ( Rank: A Zero)

2. Magic Current Application (Rank: B Plus)

3. Purification (Speed) Soul ( Rank: B Plus)

4. Anti- Magic ( Rank: B Zero)

I looked into the abilities of Jung Ha Yeon and I smiled in the inside. Latent abilities followed by the magic of a mage, and the lakes as her special ability. She will probably have something to do with the magic associated with water.

Especially, I like the fact that she learned the application of magic circuits and (疾速) spirits. If they were memorized in a good enough manner, they couldn’t be used efficiently, but it said here that her rank is B+. This is wonderful for a player whom I met the small city of Mule.

Everyone saw me and Jung Ha Yeon looking at each other, and they had stiff faces. The children asked me to take in Jung Ha Yeon in the beginning, so it was sure that she guessed the treatment that Shin Sang Yong would get was because she was our first choice.

After a while, her lips opened slowly.


“Good Morning.”

“Ah. Leader. Good Morning. Ha Ha.”

Opening the door Shin Sang Yong came down the stairs while yawning. When I greeted him in the morning, he greeted me with a lively smile. From his polite words, I opened my mouth with a small smile.

“You don’t have to address me as leader. Every time I hear it, I get embarrassed.”

“But a leader is a leader. Did you wake up just now?”

“Yes. By the way, seems like you were up all night again.”

“I’m busy these days. It is time for me to practice, I’m not able to recreate what Master has taught me, and its time to go and practice for my personal training.”

Shin Sang Yong had a sincere face which was funny. I was a little envious seeing him being happy, but I just nodded my head.

“It is good to work hard, but please try to maintain your condition. Tomorrow morning we will go out and explore the city once again.”

“I think I’ll go to sleep on time today. But when I hear these words from the leader, it makes me feel sad.”

Shin Sang Yong pointed out about my schedule, which is much tighter than his. I didn’t have anything to say in return. So we just laughed at the same times. It was pleasant to laugh like that.

While he was talking, he was going out of his way to mingle with the members of the party. After Shin Sang Yong greeted me, he watched me go out the room as I opened the door, I turned away from him. Now a thought came in, what could this party of such gathered people be capable of.

When I walked into the lobby, I saw Go Yeon-Ju who was asleep on a table, but she opened her eyes. She was so tired that she wanted to sleep, so I just sat down in my place. And I just remembered the new ones Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon.

In the end both of them came into our party, but in contrast to Shin Sang Yong, Jung Ha Yeon came in with a whole set of different conditions. She wanted to act for the party and stated the same as Shin Sang Yong. That she wouldn’t take the advantages.

“I hope I will be let to leave freely in case I want to leave later on. This is my basic condition.”

That was what she asked. We weren’t formally a clan yet, and it wasn’t so uncommon for the members of a caravan to leave it, so it was just on the normal footing. If Shin Sang Yong wasn’t getting so friendly with the others, and since I didn’t like him, I told him that he could also leave whenever he wanted to, he nodded his once or twice, but it seemed like he had no intention of leaving for a while.

Originally, as soon as they come out I thought of going out on an expedition but I changed my mind and decided to stay in the city for a few more days. Shin Sang Yong was in a state of wanting to learn, so he accepted my consideration.

Thanks to him, the most important person now was Vivian. Because Shin Sang Yong calls her as his teacher all the time, and most of all, the harassment of Yoo-Jung reduced greatly. That’s why I was feeling a little delightful her liveliness in the dungeon came back.

The two of them, so far as I’ve seen are very, very good. And I was pleased. The past impression of these two wasn’t present anymore, as every time I see them, they know what they are supposed to do even in my absence.

Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon came in at the same time, but their behavior was the exact opposite.

Shin Sang Yong was living it really tight, everyday. He has already reached a certain level, and his profession is also different. But he raises early morning and begins meditation.

It could be seen from the way he was living. The behavior he’s showing is either to impress me or to be faithful to his past. I saw this as a foolish thing, but at least it felt good to see this. He wasn’t a genius, but he was struggling to rise somehow. I could understand how he felt.

On the other hand, Jung Ha Yeon was continuing her life normally. Frankly, she wasn’t a human clock, nor was she tired of living on the schedule every second. She always went by time, the time to eat, fall asleep, and the personal time to practice. And the time to wake from mediation. She was showing concentration which was scary to see. However, she seemed to be flexible with her schedule and she changed it time and again.

In some ways, this could be because both of them have seen the Hall Plane. Even if one tries so hard, it was hard to be a top player. The kids also seemed to feel like that. I can see that they practice so hard, but these two always had the thought of being a top player and were living with that feeling from day to day.

I saw that the kids attitude changed a little by little after they came into the party, and it was in a positive manner. They do not lack desperation.

“It’s time to go and see.”

As soon as I was done talking with myself. I heard someone from the upstairs. The sound of walking again, at the same time. I smiled and then pulled the chair away very hardly. It seemed like it would better to wake up Go Yeon-Ju who was sleeping soundly.

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