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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 84

Chapter 84

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84 瀉千里 ( 2 )

The party lost the colour from their faces as they watched the Institute reveal itself in front of theirs eyes. Especially Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon, their lips were sealed. It seemed like it was a little difficult for them to accept their present situation as this was bit to soon.

“It……… it makes no sense. Even if it is beginners luck. This, this is……”

“Ha. I’m a ……. I’m a little surprised.”

Soon, Jung Ha Yeon who seemed to have got her composure back turned her sight towards An Sol. I laughed a little and went close to Sol by putting hands on my waist.

“Our Sol is really gangster.”

Even though I got close to her, Sol hadn’t shown any signs of rejection. She turned towards me and with a very innocent look and asked.

“I’m a gangster?”

“Hum. Yes. Our Sol is really the best.”

It was then Sol knew that I was complimenting her, and I saw a smile creep up onto her face. I lifted up Sol like the airplane and waved her in the air a few times up and down.

“Woah. Woah.”

Sol also waved her hands and shouted cheerfully. I put Sol on the floor and the turned again. On the third day after leaving Mule, we were able to find the ruins of laboratory.


We finished the morning very simply and went out of the Inn. Everything was alright, except for the strange eyes of everyone and Go Yeon-Ju. The atmosphere of the party was very stable and the power of the party was further strengthened after the addition of two powerful wizards.

“But Unnie. I’m a bit worried.”

“About what?”

Yoo-Jung was following Jung Ha Yeon very well. The both of them had been talking with each other as if they were real sisters. I felt like a string of leashes were flying away from Yoo-Jung and holding onto Jung Ha Yeon.

Yoo-Jung looked at my face slightly and said to me.

“In the meantime, Su-Hyun oppa and we will hunt down the monsters on the outside, that is my guess. But Unnie and player Shin Sang Yong….”

When I listened to Yoo-Jung, I felt that my face was getting hot. And it got more hot when I heard the sound of Jung Ha Yeon laugh from behind. I wanted to look back at her, but it seemed better to just pretend as if I didn’t know anything.

So we passed the north gate and went in towards the north direction. If we went northwest we would see the Dark Forest, but north was just plain land. Well, it was beyond plain, it was a barren land, a barren land where end couldn’t be seen. This time we were going in this direction.

This time too I had a thought in my mind, and so I called Vivian in a quiet tone.


Vivian was in the midst of answering the questions from Shin Sang Yong. She smiled and answered his question, and was a little disgruntled when I called. She had been showing a little bit of rebellion these past few days. I lifted my hand a little, when I did that she smiled and she enjoyed it and laughed.

“Hmm. Su-Hyun. Called? He he.”

“Huh u. I’m sorry to call while you were in the midst of talking.”

“So be careful of the best…….. ho ho ho. What did you want to say?”

I looked at Vivian who was sweating, and turned away with a smile. Currently Vivian is 24 years old, but she had lived as a spider for 100 years. I basically checked all the information, but still I had a feeling.

“In the past. Before you became a spider. Was there no laboratory in the north of Mule?”

“Laboratory? Huh. It was there.”

I heard the voice of Vivian responding me swiftly and felt that the steps of the party getting slow. I was quick and spoke with a little excitement.

“Then, do you know where it is?”

“For one thing, I don’t know the exact location of it is. I don’t remember anything much from that time. If we go all the way till the end in this direction, it will come. You didn’t know it?”


As I listened to Vivian’s answer, which turned all my expectations into disappointments at once, I dropped my shoulders. But at least the information I had got about the place wasn’t wrong, so it wasn’t so disappointing.

The ruin lab is a place which was discovered when I wasn’t in Mule, so I don’t have a big memory of it. I just caught a glimpse of it from a newsletter when some other caravan succeeded in exploring the institute. Vivian went back to her original self with a frustrated face.

I could find it using the 3rd eye. However, that could get me into problems. It is obvious, that it did seem strange to find a dungeon once ( alchemist dungeon ) and this again, especially when the player wasn’t one years or two years, but has 0 years experience and a 0yrs player couldn’t have exploration ability.

Even if everyone was settled on clan, they weren’t completely settled on the party yet. It would be nice to think like the philosophy of Shin Sang Yong’s that ‘everything is good’, but I couldn’t do it that way. At least not now, as the Jung Ha Yeon had her suspensions.

In the case of Jung Ha Yeon, she hesitated to join the clan and I found it a little offensive, I had no interest in recruiting people who had no intention in joining me. I firmly entrusted myself to the kids, that the book and other stuff will be revealed to the kids in the future, but that future was a problematic one.

I heard the voice of Sol, who saw me in distress and came to my side to comfort me.

“Oppa. It is okay.”

I wanted to say that “What’s fine.”, but she would just breakdown in tears so I just smiled and turned away my head.

It was very long second day and after we walked, we were able to get out of the plain. The further we went from Mule. As we walked, we were stepping on the land that was gradually turning from greener to the rusty earthy colors.

After we entered the barren land, the party changed, from being friendly it became quiet. Not to mention, Jung Ha Yeon and Shin Sang Yong were watching everywhere with their eyes similar to mine, if they could remember anything in the meantime.

In response to our expectation (?), the battle with the monsters happened immediately.

We couldn’t just go on all day long, so we sat down for a break in the middle. We just sat down, drank water and chewed on the jerky, but a group of monsters approaching us caught my detection. One thing that was peculiar was the distance that was being reduced by the crowd was from underground.

“I think the monsters will come soon. Get ready for battle.”

At my words, the kids were all puzzled. At that moment, suddenly, I saw something bubbling up from the surrounding land. I frowned and stood up.

“Wh, What? Earthquake?”

This is an earthquake. The voice was completely flustered, but the kids weren’t still. An Hyun was ready bringing out his lance and Yoo-Jung was getting ready to enter the fight. I saw that Sol was already ready with her staff, and I opened my mouth.

“Not an earthquake. Land moles.”

“Land moles?”

“Ground moles.”

I briefly answered them and simply I brought out the swords. The moles were here with a motive, and their instincts were based on hunting so they gathered around us. I was able to see them when I saw the rising bumpy land. So, now we were surrounded by them. At first glance, there were more than a dozen holes, but when I opened my detection, I could feel more numbers coming up from the bottom.

Soon the smooth ground was broken, and a rough and hard looking structure came up from it. Seeing the figure of those who were catching the ground, these were the land mole that I had expected.

The arms and legs were like that a human and the torso too. Seeing them I was about build a barrier.

It was then.

“______ Stream of Aqua!”

I couldn’t understand it because it was spoken at a very high speed, but Jung Ha Yeon just finished her order with only three words, and immediately moved her staff forward. Soon the water came out of the staff and flew into the air and then it parted itself and flew towards the ten pits that were around us.

The speed of memorizing the order, the method of reaction against the monster, and the application of magic were all at full scale.

The land mole are those animals who live in the ground and feed on the flesh of humans. It is a miscalculation when people think that these moles are mischievous. It was stunning, rocky body, man like height and sharp toenails.

The bodies of theirs were hard and rough, so the attacks don’t go well. This was a problem when it came to confronting them with a lot of magic or to stab them with overwhelming power. However, there was an easy way to get the land moles down.

It was to water the body. In other words, Jung Ha Yeon had the most appropriate response when opposing the monster, that land mole.

As soon as they pierced out the ground, they became drenched with the water. Sooner or later, they paused themselves, unlike charging themselves in the first moment.

Shin Sang Yong also stepped ahead this time.

“Miss An Sol. You should also prepare a magic spell from now. In case you don’t know, well prepare a protective spell. Please cast the spell at the same time that I cast one on the land mole.”

“Yes, Yes?”

An Sol stammered when she heard that she was supposed to cast a protective spells on the land moles. However, hearing those from Jung Ha Yeon quickly cut off her magic power and began to memorize new orders.


Shin Sang Yong also cast it right away. For a while, the land moles were moving back seeing that a wizard was reciting the spell. It seemed like since we knew their weakness, they decided to run towards us faster than water. But our caravan had another wizard. She was someone who could destroy hundreds of the land moles, and it was the Chimera Alchemist.

“Come! ARANYA! The web of death that rules over the 32nd legion!”

Vivian also had been preparing her body and a metaphysical magic had been summoned. I could see that the spider came out and the magic circle grew in size. Unlike the common spider, Vivian had reinforced a chimericized spider Aranya.


At the cry from Vivina, Aranya had opened its lower jaw as she knew what Vivian meant.


The silver thread from the lower jaw of Aranya. Those threads were the webs of the spider. As if the living snakes danced, they spread out all over the place and caught all her companions.

“Kulik? Kulik?”

The land moles tried to break the thread with bloody sharp claws, but they weren’t in a comfortable position. The land moles were just screaming out of their lungs as more and more threads were tightening their bodies.

Then Shin Sang Yong completed casting his spell and opened his mouth and moved his left hand.

“Miss An Sol. I’m going now. I will try to do it carefully, but I don’t know if you can cast at the same time.”

“Eh? Yes, yes!”

“Chain Lighting!”

The words of Shin Sang Yong, ended the same time he spelled them, I could see a zigzag- shaped bolt bursting in series. The lightning, which went on for a long time, created a new sight when it reached the land mole on top of the head.




A combination magic of water and lightning. However, Shin Sang Yong’s order wasn’t over. His left hand was still out, extended his remaining right hand. Did he want to do a double casting?


Shin Sang Yong’s target wasn’t the land moles but the things that held them the webs, the rays that he shot. It was made so that there wasn’t any more diversion in them so the electricity would hit the land mole was soon as it was generated. And that was the timing of An Sol.

“Miss An Sol. Now!”

“Come on!”

An Sol was a little squeamish, but she managed to spell out her order after the urgent request of Shin Sang Yong.


Even though it wasn’t all the land moles, some monsters could see the shield around them. And the pure voice of Jung Ha Yeon, rang everywhere.



When Jung Ha Yeon’s voice was heard, Shin Sang Yong cut off the link that was connecting to his magic. Were they aiming for this, no way. I just looked at them with puzzled faces. And…..

With the protection around them and the reverse spell inside it, the land moles were literally turning into pieces. With the body that was caught in the webs, and the lightning that went out to them and hit them once again because of the protective spell around them, their body was getting badly beaten. Of course, every time the lightning hit, the protective spell was cracking a little, but it was a good idea. An Sol was also stunned, as she didn’t realize that the protective shield could be used in this manner.

The protective spell blocked the impact from coming outside, all the impact was on the inside. It would change the nature of reverse. Reverse is one of the high-end applied magic, and I thought it was great to use it so easily.

All the land moles inside the enchantment were terrible.

Those who were in the protective spell were already turned into pieces and were lying on the ground, and those who weren’t were not much different. More than half of them were on the floor. And the others were panting on the floor, and I saw that they couldn’t even cling onto their bodies with their strength. Now it was the turn to close this of.

“An Hyun. Yoo-Jung.”

When I spoke in a quiet voice, the two looked at me and sighed.

“They are already disarmed. Lets go and have fun. I’ll be the keeper here.”

The two looked at each other and ran forward as if they were going into a battle. Similar to the form of burning fire. I smiled at them with my sword out and looked over at Jung Ha Yeon.

Jung Ha Yeon looked at me and grinned. It was like “This is my level, I’m good right?” I smiled at her face and she did the same.

And. I held onto the sword and ran in her direction.

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