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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 89

Chapter 89

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89 Institute of Ruins ( 3 )

I didn’t go straight into the 2nd floor, but decided to clear the 1st floor and then go up. It would be nice to go up in quick manner, but after Shin Sang Yong read out the ancient article there was a change in my thoughts. If I could find the lance-man that he said about, it wouldn’t be too much to even invest 2 – 3 months instead of 2 – 3 days.

Honestly, I heard some skeptical thoughts. Not much while ago, I wanted to find the chimera alchemist and it eventually come out. I’m not that greedy. And yet I was thinking about the secret, rare and the other classes.

Nevertheless, the reason for this strange anticipation is that I wanted to grow. This was how a normal human would have lived. And if one falls down in the first level, then he really does fall. Then that would be the lowest level that one had fallen into.

But. When I go down, I go down till the hell. When I go up like this, I climb up till the highest level. And now I was on a climb. At least I felt that way. I don’t know how long this upward rising trend will continue. So I wanted to learn as much as I could possibly learn while I was still in a rising up.

At the centre of the hall, I activated the 3rd eye again. I used it again, indeed.

“Leader, in which direction are going to move first?”

To decide on which way we were going to go. With the 3rd eye, I began to detect and see the ways. As Shin Sang Yong said, the hall was in charge of the centre in the first floors structure. If so, then apart from the direction that we walked in, there were three other ways for us to move.

As it was research institute, there were a countless things in the middle. However, there are a few things that could be a space or a room to enter. Six in the west direction, one stairway, and four in the north direction. And one in the east direction. I could guess that the stairway was leading to the second floor.

“Let’s move in this direction first.”

I turned my way to the west passage. It would be better to go through here first. I thought this would be better, because there were many rooms to be explored. If our bodies were the same as before we would have gone in the least number of one, but since their bodies physical strength was restored it was okay now.

Of course, I am the leader of this current party. The leader was originally the caravans captain and has a ranger, but I was standing there alone because I didn’t have a ranger with me. I want an archer player for the next time that I lead the party.

The lead plays a very important role. Depending on how one prepares for the unexpected things to come and the direction that one would take, the leader will be able to ruin or excite the members of the caravan. We don’t have a ranger, it would be alright for Shin Sang Yong or Jung Ha Yeon to stand, but wizards cannot stand at the forefront. They also have a better lead compared to the rangers, and they haven’t complained to me when I took the forefront.

I walked along the passage without any hesitation. The walk got quick. At the first glance the institute seemed to have a complicated structure, but it turned out to be a fairly simple structure if one could distinguish between the room that could be entered and the room that shouldn’t be entered. When I first entered, I couldn’t feel anything in the corridors, except for that one dead. It means there was going to be a need to be careful from the things that I could feel about a room or space.

Of course, there was no guarantee that the second and the third floor were going to be the same as the first floor, so these ideas were only applicable to the passages of the first floor.

After a while. We found the first area. It was a space that was on the outermost side of the western passage that I sensed. The room that I could see in the southern direction felt like a general hospital room, but this room had a different feeling.

A firmly closed iron gate and walls which still had black remnants which seemed like faint marks of blood. And in the inside….. the blood of something that was alive seemed to be flowing. What the hell? Something that was living and breathing for a long time. I stopped at the iron gate and turned towards the party.

“Before, when we visited the centre hall. Those things were surprised as we suddenly opened the gate and went in.”

When I stopped speaking Yoo-Jung looked at me and nodded her head as a sign of saying yes. Yoo-Jung bowed her head after mouthing the words “Huh? What is this?” I just looked at her and then I spoke.

“I don’t feel the presence of many in this room, right now. But it would be better to prepare for a battle like the one we did before, just in case, rather than to retreat. And the ones inside probably knows our situation, so once I open the door, don’t be careless.”

There was a nervous smile on the faces of the members of the party. After seeing them getting ready with their preparations, I approached the door.

“I’ll open the door. As soon as the door opens, we could be attacked immediately. Sol cast a bondage spell, and wizards should cast something to put a limit on his actions. And Hyun and Yoo-Jung it could be of huge size, so move forward slowly. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the other sides should be neglected.”

There was no answer. Everyone just nodded their heads. I added a few more words after that.

“We will have a good advantage if we fight close to the gate, whatsoever, so…..”

I took my hand and placed it on the handle of the iron door. I heard “I wish it is an empty room, without anyone”, from Yoo-Jung, and An Hyun “Hyung is with us.” But I chose not to mind them. The grip on it tightened and I put strength and more strength. Originally, it was a massive iron door, that couldn’t be opened with a single person, but this was nothing compared to my strength.


It was a door that had been closed for a long time, so this sound came out as I had to force it open. With a little more power. I opened the door in that moment at once, something was cracking and wave of bad smell hit my body. and at the same time.


A huge fist came towards my body shockingly, but we didn’t just stay still.


Sol’s order went past me with a white light very quickly. The moment it went, I thought it was nice as the timing was awesome. But the sight that followed later wasn’t so nice.


The arm that was paused for a moment was wriggling itself and then broke past the bondage order of Sol and came towards me once again. Ha. It had the resistance power of magic over the 80 points? I was amazed, I brought the sword and defended myself.

“Mr. Su-Hyun it’s dangerous…..!”

Phuak! Phewthagthangthan! Bang bang.

“Kerlik! Kerlik! Kerlik!”

Good strength? I didn’t bring out all of my strength, but when attacked I had to take a step back because of it. But this time I pulled the sword to do the technique that I once presented to the boss monster in the Rite of Passage. my own technique based on the principle of obedience.( To use their strength against them after being cornered.)

I combine the impact of the monster that came into my body and with my own strength I revert it back to him. Then I saw his right hand fly back with bursting impact. The thing which fell back screamed in pain.

“…… a giant.”

“Gi, Giant… it’s the first time that I’ve actually seen one.”

Holding onto his pained hand in the room was a giant. With a huge height of 5 meters which could be seen as a spectacular sight, it was hard to see it’s face clearly. In the middle of the body were hanging various engine like devices and artifacts. It wouldn’t be right to call this as a transplant either.

I was able to understand why Sol’s order of bondage couldn’t hold him back. The blood that flowed through the giants of the Hall Plane had a very high resistance towards magic. If in its original manner, it could do beyond than just resist, it could reflect. But this seemed weaker than the normal ones. The lifespan of this giant was slightly increased by the artifacts and organs, but as the time passed I could infer that the giant had weakened.

“Kuahang…. Khuang…. Huuk, huuk!”

“Everyone be alert. This is a giant, but it is in a week state currently. But its magic resistance seems to be alive, so the wizards and Sol, step back for a while.”

“Humm… Direct help would be difficult, but we can help indirectly, that is possible.”

“I won’t say it again. Yoo-Jung, An Hyun and Vivian get behind me.”

“Hyung. Support?”


Not Yoo-Jung but An Hyun was the one who came running towards me. Vivian is an alchemist, but she understood why I called out to her and she came next to me. And I looked to the front where the people changed the formation in a flash. And the giant was standing there on the ground with his remaining arm.

The eyes of the giant met with mine. This giant could also be a victim of the inhabitants experiments. The enemy couldn’t hide the fierceness in its eye. But that was all. I didn’t feel sorry or guilty at it because it wasn’t me that did the experiment on it.

The giants originally had a strong tribal characteristics. In fact, initially at the beginning, the giants were almost half-hearted. They were quite trustworthy to be the co-workers and were pure and innocent beings. However, I had no idea if the guy in front of me could be considered as a co-worker.

From my behind I could hear Vivian mumbling a spell. I saw that the appearance of the giants face turn stiffer.

Hmm. With that sound the left arm of the giant came flying towards me. There was a huge difference in the strikes from the giant, originally the giants had inherent strength. But. Nevertheless, the fist that it wielded contained a mighty force.

He put his head back and his fist cut through the air. I put the sword in my left hand and adjusted my sword so that it would touch its fist. And as I intended, I hit its fist and then I used magic. It was such a sight.

The following scene had happened like this. I studied fencing to complement the lack of strength and magic that the top players had. The essence of swordsmanship is based on Taeguk (太極) . It is based on tenderness and shedding rather than martial power.

The giant’s hand was in such close contact with my face, but as I moved my sword, his arm was dragged. Of course, he couldn’t manage the center of force and his body moved ruggedly. I moved him to the left and then to the right. It looked like a cat that was moving around following the thread ball. This was a moment when a 5 meter giant turned into my pet. And I didn’t let this gap go.


With energetic coherence, An Hyun moved with his long lance. As the giants body shook, it seemed like he was heading towards the body with the intent of giving it a blow. However, I didn’t know if the giants instincts were still intact or not. while the giant was still shaking, An Hyun moved with precision and hit it with the end of the lance and cut his right arm off.

“Ah aht!”

With that power the body of An Hyun tilted towards a side. Although the sound of collision was big, the attack was a bit too straight. It would have been better to aim at its body.

At the same time, the giant used its hand and seemed like the magic I cast on its hand with the sword was ended. I lifted my eyes. There were no regrets. As Vivian was getting ready with the spell, I and An Hyun decided to take some time and play a little.

As a response to my expectations, Vivian’s gentle spell sounded in the room.

“Come! Im Freeson! Ruler of 49th legion the redeemer of steel!”

Now the magic squares that we were familiar came up, and smoky flow into the room. Soon the magic circle began to glow brightly, responding to the summons of Vivian. The giant was rushing as he could feel something unbelievable, the giant instinctively opened up the distance between us.

While I was watching this scene ahead, I heard a pretty voice from Vivian calling from behind.

“Su-Hyun. Im Freeson, that I called this time will be your assistant. You and An Hyun give the giant a critical hit.”

“Do you intent to redeem him back? The giant has already lost enough blood.”

“Hmm. My bounty herself is a strengthened chimera athlete. Look at it. I’ll show you whose strength is more.”

“Will see.”

Vivian and I chatted with each other in peace. And she had smile on her face this time. Im Freeson. I was very excited as to what kind of ability I would see this time. I saw the first attack was a miss, I saw An Hyun who had his grip on the lance tighten and I also took the posture.

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