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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 90

Chapter 90

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90 Institute of Ruins (4)

Soon Im Freeson started to float over the magic circle. The appearance was unattractive. The spirits that were summoned by the summoners in the past were wonderful ones, but there were a lot of things that were pretty grim every time Vivian summoned. Of course, I appreciate the performance, and give the it great value.

Wrapped around the thin dry body of it was what looked like a chain, and saw an eyeball on the forehead. Without knowing why the triangle shape of hair that stood on its head got me disgusted. However, I decided to look cool at its sight.

Vivian, with proud eyes, saw her servant Im Freeson and gave him the order.

“Im Freeson? Bring the arms of the guy standing in front of you. Ruler of the 49th legion, show your greatness.”


The mouth of Im Freeson opened, but the words that flowed out couldn’t be understood. It could only assumed that at Vivian’s statement he just answered with obedience. The 49th legion, this dominates the legions, but a little less than 14th Army Quarititatus, who was summoned before.

Charing! Charing!

The chains wrapped around Im Freeson were released. Before long, the chains ran towards the giant with burning speed. The giant crouched looking at the chains which ran towards him, but it was a task of avoiding the chains in this large space.

At that moment I opened my mouth after seeing An Hyun.

“An Hyun.”


I smiled grimly at the answer from An Hyun, which was pretty loud. I looked at his expression, I was afraid that he was disappointed because of the failure of his previous attack. I was more convinced that it was Yoo-Jung who had complaints on this, as she was chirping from far. I just spoke out in a clam tone.

“When Vivian’s Im Freeson finishes his redemption, I will move forward and block the giants’ moves. You will have to use your lance in that time gap, push it deeply on any side. You don’t have to stab it numerous times. Only once. Do you understand what I mean?”

“This time……. I will meet your expectations.”

An Hyun collected the mana at the tip of his lance, and looked at me to confirm his actions. Suddenly, the chains of Im Freeson were rolling itself onto the giants arm.

“Kuahhk! Kuahhk!”

The giant tried to resist the chains with the one hand remaining on his body, but he wasn’t able to take off the chain no matter what. Looking at the chains that wrapped itself around it perfectly, he cried out. And at that time, Vivian gave the signal and my time for hardships began.

If I go from below, it would be possible for the beast to kick me with its foot. So it is needed for me to be careful. So I got up in the air, I pulled my sword as back as I could, and the moment the giants body went descending down.

The giants arm was forcibly lifted to the back but it was trying to stay on foot by pushing its chest out. This was the work of Vivian. And I was desperate to give her support.


So I stretched out my sword and then pushed my sword in the middle of its chest. The giants skin was tough, but it couldn’t be compared with the power that an expert swordsman had. After I felt the sword go inside, I pushed it down more, as much as I could descend my sword into it. It felt like a rotten log when I was piercing it with my sword.


“An Hyun! End it!”


I was able to see the figure of An Hyun who pulled his lance back with very deathly posture. At the same time as my words went to him, An Hyun sprang to the neck of the giant with a battle cry. It was so full of mana that it tore apart the air in the room.

“Kuah! Keuh! Keuahah!”

It was trapped in the chains for a long time, but I was sick of the giant. This one was different from the others. However, this wasn’t mine, it was An Hyun’s, and I saw no mercy in his eyes. The end of the lance went swiftly and into the neck of the giants’.

“Kuk…. Kurrr….”

Phuk! Phakak!

The sound of crumbling. At the same time, the throat of the giants neck split open. No, I don’t think it is broken. The giants neck started pouring out a lot of blood from his mouth, and slowly his body went loose on the floor. To be precise, this could literally be the last of the giants.

“Hahat. Good job. Im Freeson. You can go back now.”

Vivian smiled with an excited face after recalling Im Freeson back. I stroked her head gently. No matter what anyone says, the 1st lead in this battle was Vivian. If she didn’t arrest the two arms of the giant, it would have sprung back. At my stroking Vivian moved her body and smiled widely.

Still. I didn’t forget to praise An Hyun, because the last strike wasn’t something that could be forgotten so easily.

“An Hyun. The last blow was good. Good work.”

“Phew….. My heart is still beating hard. Thank you.”

As soon as I praised, An Hyun left a huge sigh and smiled. Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon had sorry faces as they couldn’t help much. Sol was relieved that no one was hurt. Yoo-Jung looked at An Hyun, and then ignored him. Next time, I would give the opportunity to Yoo-Jung.

I needed to move quickly, because I was going to look at the whole of 1st floor by today. I tried to search the room thoroughly, but there wasn’t even a single item this time. So we went to visit the cold corpse of the giant.

“Uh uh. This big thing is completely destroyed. What is this institute!”

Yoo-Jung’s groaning could be heard, and An Sol frowned a little, but I was satisfied. At last they were beginning to understand the kind of place this Hall Plane is. “Still life is important, you shouldn’t kill it”, if the kids would’ve said things like this, maybe I would’ve dropped them. But the kids were slowly changing. Now, even if the life was going away in front of them, they weren’t surprised anymore.

“Well…. At that moment, the giant was strong, it was difficult.”

I mumbled to myself for a moment and then moved. An Hyun’s breathing was still rough, as if he was still lingering about the battle.

“Then. I will try again.”

After I spoke that out loud with everyone, I walked into the shadows where the light was blinking. There were still five rooms left to explored.


“Huh. Five times in a row. It’s really depressing.”

“Come on. Even then this is a relief. Although it is not worth less than 20 gold….”

In the back, Yoo-Jung’s complaint could be heard and for that Jung Ha Yeon replied. But realizing that even she was down she lost strength to continue. Since I didn’t understand her feelings, I just walked forward silently.

There is a fun in exploration. Discovering a lot of gold coins and exploring the various magical arsenals and other things. Such explorations were fun ones to do. And when doing those explorations it turns into “What more will come next?”.

But our situation now was opposite. The more I tired, I less I was able to get any items. Of course, we got the reward. It was a small amount of gold coins obtained by searching the room. Compared to the battle so far, it is literally way too less.

To tell in a little more detail, I opened five more rooms including the room where the giant was, but the result that we obtained was zero or could be nil. Rather, there were only monsters in four of the five rooms, and all off them gruesome ones.

The 1st room was a giant, the 2nd one were the dead men, the 3rd room was mud golem, and the 4th was empty and then the 5th room the dead men came out again. The battle was a big battle, but the gold coins that we got were only 10. Of course, as long as we have Vivian, we couldn’t have a hard time in the battle but it was inevitable for her to lose her strength.

And now we were in the 6th room, the last one in the west. Unlike the previous rooms, this room had doors made of wood, not iron. The difference from the preceding rooms were not only the doors. In front of the other visits, there was a pouring out cold air, and this room was just plain.

“This looks like some kind of cleaning to……..”

An Hyun opened his mouth. He also seemed to have discontentment in his voice. Even more than that was Vivian, who spoke in a sharp voice before An Hyun could finish his thoughts.

“Shit. If you look at it, it just looks like a warehouse. Su-Hyun. Lets open this quickly and go to some other place.”

I looked around for a while. The faces of the kids were extremely tired. In the meantime, their bodies were exhausted as they had to battle repeatedly. I looked at Sol and she looked at me quietly. I was thinking of taking a break in the last room, but we had to cover this room first.

“Everyone get yourselves together. It could be in front of the door……… Hold your positions….. What are you all doing now?”

An Hyun and Vivian, who were grumbled and stepped back with stiff face. Oh my gosh. No matter what the result it, there was a door ahead. If I open it without any measures, and it pops out, what would they do then?

The parties watched the front and listened as they all took out their weapons as if a ready sign. I just a sighed and kicked the wooden gate. Unlike the iron gates, the wooden door opened freely.

Fortunately, I couldn’t feel what I felt when we came across the giant in the 1st room. After trying to sense the room and realizing that there was no reaction, I opened my mouth.

“Hmm. There are no guys in there. But it is too dark.”

“___ light!”

Jung Ha Yeon immediately cast the light spell. Soon, I could see the brightly shaped sphere that was created and moved into the room. I put my head in a looked inside more closely.


The light sphere went in and revealed the inside of the room. I grabbed my sword and put it in the back. As I walked into the room, I stopped as I saw a few footprints. And I felt that the people of the party came in a hurry from behind me. And.



“Ohoh! Awe, awesome!”

The shock of everyone in the party could be heard at the same time. The people who followed me were suddenly taken aback because of all the things that were visible to them.

This room was definitely called the warehouse. There were 20 furniture items in one single room. But what was the most surprising was that all the members of the party were distracted by the floor. It seemed like there were gold coins and jewels as well as the mid-sparkly things. I was able to see the expression on the faces of the kids change instantly and I opened my mouth and spoke in a calm tone.

“This seems like a warehouse where weapons were gathered for occasions.”

“It seems like it. Aren’t there the weapons that were made in the ancient times? If these are really ancient weapons…..”

Jung Ha Yeon also had an exhilarating smile and could not hide her excitement. Certainly, the ancient weapons of the time were not only helping with the efficiency of the mana generation but they were also direct. For example, there is a high possibility of raising the stats with the help of these. Such things were rare but here they were.


Yoo-Jung called me out, and her tone was more like pleading. I turned my head as she held my hand, and looked at her. I responded to her expectations by nodding my head.

“Lets gather some of the useful things. If you are not sure, then one person keep a lookout near door.”


As I was done speaking, I was able to see that each member was looking at me. No one wanted to miss this. I noticed the thoughts of the kids and laughed. So I thought that I should do it, so I moved towards the door.

“Ah. That, I will do it. Leader please stop.”

I turned my gaze towards Shin Sang Yong and looked at him, he stopped me with his hand and smiled brightly..

“It is alright. I see that there is some stuff related to magic over there.”

“Oh. No. I’m not going to receive the benefits of the exploration anyway. So it is alright with me. I will ke, keep the look out.”

Soon afterwards, Shin Sang Yong moved towards the front door, even though I said it was alright. But I was able to guess his intention. He seemed to like the atmosphere of our party. He didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere of the party, I could understand people like him.

Of course, he would have want to participate. Nevertheless, he went away with a pleasant face. I was thinking of it for a moment and looked at him as he stood out the door. If he was going to do something like this always, I wanted to take care of a few things.

After gazing at him for a moment, I turned my attention to the floor again. All the people except for Shin Sang Yong were suddenly treasure hunters.

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