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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 92 - Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome (2)

Chapter 92 - Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome (2)

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92. Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome (2)

Before going into the next leftover ring, I activated the 3rd eye to check the player information. I also wondered about the growth of her, and wanted to check whether it worked properly as it attributed or not. I was able to smile when I saw the information of Sol.

< Player Status >

Name: An Sol

< Ability > ( Of the remaining ability points, 4 points have been added. )

[ Strength 20 ] [ Resistance 22] [ Agility 24 ] [ Vitality 30 ] [ Magic 86 (+1)] [ Luck 100 ]

The other attributes and the rings attributes showed growth. When I first saw that, the luck and magic were pretty high, but it would’ve been nice if the strength would’ve gone up another 30 points.

“Our Sol had been putting a lot of effort from the past, so I’m blessed. Congratulations.”

An Sol, smiled very brightly at my voice, it had been long since I saw that smile. If it was going to be like this, then by the end of half year it is possible to get magic up to 90. And for the rest of the year it is possible to take the magic up to 94, the cut-off for a wizards top level point.

Players found that the highest magic ability in this place was 101 points. However, he was just a fraudulent player and ignored the other players. That was what I knew. And in case of strength three people had 98 points and two people had 97 points. And the magic ability of the mages 94 can be considered as the ‘highest’.

Anyway, I felt my heart race, and Sol bowed with her head. Seeing this kind of behavior, I felt very pleased and a soft smile came onto my face.

And seeing such a warm scene, Jung Ha Yeon opened her mouth with a soft voice.

“Hu Hut. Then, everyone has gotten everything, and then this ring will be taken by the captain. I don’t think you will reject this, right?”

“Well. Come on….. what about the ring?”

I already knew the information because the 3rd eye was triggered from the beginning, but I had to ask for the explanation to not raise any doubt. Her eyes, her eyes were burning with intention to explain about it. In her attitude I stepped back a little.

“It does not compare to the ring that increases the magic ability, but……. It is worth more than that ring.”

Is it so. I already know everything about it, but looked at her answer with a little impatience. Jung Ha Yeon had a soft smile and put the ring down in my hand.

“Don’t be surprised. This ring had anti-magic spell. And it seems to have got regeneration.”

“Oh. That is amazing. An anti-magic spell.”

It can be used three times in the day and then charges in the night for eight hours. I was able to see Jung Ha Yeon narrow her eyes, as I had given a textbook answer.

“….. I don’t think you are astonished.”

“No. I was surprised enough. Anyway, we spent a lot of time here, so we need to continue our exploration.”


Jung Ha Yeon had a disgruntled face, but I did nothing wrong. The new equipment were given, the gold and jewels on the floor, and her gaunt face. This time, the west was completely attacked…. At the end, I opened my mouth, and turned away my head naturally.

“Then leader. We have covered all the rooms in this passage. So where will we head to this time?”

“Go North.”

I answered simply.


The end of the North aisle. In front of us, we opened the door of the last room, there was an animal.

“Oppa. What is that? I don’t like the feeling.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure. It looks like a variant.”

I heard the voice of Yoo-Jung. And now the kids were also asking me softly. The animal in front of us was in the shape of a wolf, but had three heads.. and another point of uniqueness was that there was fire being emitted from the mouth and nostril.

“Variant? No, no way, Kerberos? This doesn’t make any sense.”

“No way….. That isn’t possible. Of course it doesn’t.”

I dismissed Vivian’s question with a resolute voice. Kerberos, from the helm of the Hell, was never supposed to be present in the first place. And a real Kerberos, absolutely no way. He was literally a ghastly man, and was over 3 meters tall and mild with ferociousness. Perhaps if the real Kerberos would see this variant wolf with his eyes, and the words of Vivian, he would surely grieve.

There was only variant wolf. But the bones of a few wolves could be seen all over the room, it could be guessed that there used to be more variants. And for some reason, he was the only wolf that survived.


The wolf is originally a clever animal, but the guy in front of us seemed different. I have never saw such a intelligently developed creature. I laughed at my thought idea and then dropped the orders.

“Vivian keeper…. An Hyun, Yoo-Jung…..”



This was a man without courtesy. The variant wolf attacked before my words were conveyed. The animal in the centre spread its mouth wide open and produced a crimson red chrysanthemum. I heard the voices in the back, they were quickly memorizing shield orders but I lifted my left hand with the ring.


The white light came from the ring and sphere of smoke came of from the air and soon disappeared at a very quick pace. At the same time the voices of those who were memorizing the spells stopped and I took a sigh of relief as they were done. In the meantime, I spoke in a casual voice.

“….. at my back. Vivian do you know why I put you as the keeper?”

“Yes. Free.”

At my question, Vivian laughed and I heard her clatter. If Vivian uses the Block of Fire, he won’t be able to defend it. I thought of using Hwajung against the fire, but since it was just fire, I decided to draw back.

“After the pre attack of the wizards and Sol, the guys feet will be tied and we will assault in from three directions. I will take the head. You guys should take the back side, and take on the role of dominating it as much as possible.”

“Ok. Oppa.”

“Yes, Hyung.”

“Then keep it occupied until then. Come on. Be careful.”

As I explained it simply, it looked like the kids were enthusiastic as we talked and when we were talking, it moved ahead. Could it hear me? I wanted to check its information with the 3rd eye, but first we needed to take care of the wolf that ran towards us, it was my first priority.

The guy who was running towards me had a little more distance to cover, but he sprang from there, but the direction was different, he jumped towards the direction of Yoo-Jung. Perhaps he instinctively wanted to intend to avoid the strongest and try to capture from the weakest, i.e Yoo-Jung. Not knowing that it was going to attack her, Yoo-Jung was taken aback.


I quickly went to cover for Yoo-Jung. However, he wasn’t playing around with us, after seeing me, he quickly cornered Yoo-Jung towards the empty space in the back. Perhaps if I was able to use high level of agility to cross in the air and land on its back, like that one time in the past. I thought it was a good idea.



Yoo-Jung, she got scared. She adjusted her posture properly, and began to run hastily. To make matters worse, she became flustered as she saw the flame that shot from his mouth and into the air. Even if one floats up, the flames will hit and the guy would fall. I was thinking inside.

“Gust of Wind!”

There was a gust of wind where Yoo-Jung was standing, and we could see that the wind was lifting her body and moving it. The timing though, it was a great timing and Yoo-Jung was brought out from their safely. It avoided being attacked and lost its leverage. This was the skill of Shin Sang Yong.

“Ajusshi! Awesome!”

“Ah, I’m not an Ajusshi….”

When Yoo-Jung shouted with a delighted voice, Shin Sang Yong replied with a calm voice. This was great. This was really great. This time it wasn’t Jung Ha Yeon who got into action, but it was Shin Sang Yong who was in the spotlight.

However, not getting swayed by this, An Sol and Jung Ha Yeon started to order attacking spells.


“Cone Of Ice!”

Sol’s bondage spell wrapped itself around the body of the wolf, and it stopped moving. And right after, ice chunks were created under the ground, and the dew started to rise around the body. It wasn’t aqua, but this was certainly ice. This water magic was familiar.

“Babang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The wolf rattled back and forth while barking like a dog. However, as its body was tied down due to the bondage spells, the ice pincers pushed through the body more and more. But this was over there yet. The pretty lips of Jung Ha Yeon opened as she was ready to do a double casting of a skilled wizard, and I was the witness to it.


Phisat! Phisat! Phisat!

Jung Ha Yeon’s shout could be heard, and the ice pricks that went into its body scattered around. An Hyun and Yoo-Jung were star struck as they watched the pieces of ice that had burst out so beautifully. Though it was stabbed, no one felt bad for it. The three heads twisted around fell then and there at the same time.


“That bastard! This is good. Haha!”

Yoo-Jung watched the series of process go on, clutched onto her dagger as she remembered what happened before and ran over to see the animal. Whether there was an effect of raising the magic ability or not needed to be checked. In other words, she still had the opportunity to attack at her will.

As if pounding the on a drum, I watched Yoo-Jung use her dagger on it.

“Ah ha ha ha ha!”

Yoo-Jung had a spur of moment and used the dagger that way. It was terrible for that wolf to suffer like that. Despite that, she turned back to the animal normally, feeling like she couldn’t achieve her purpose.



After gathering the courage he took a breath, and An Hyun pushed his lance into the mouth. Then, the tongue form one of its head came out. The two reaming heads were on the side, the kids decided to and gradually tried to remove the remaining life out of the variant wolf. I ran and cut of the remaining two heads at the same time.

Pity. It was pitiful to see this. Soon I watched the body of the wolf with comfort as I saw life leave its body. Yoo-Jung was still not done with the stabbing, and at last she finally took out both o her dagger and lifted them in the air. Then came the sound of the lance, that sound was similar to the sound when Yoo-Jung took out the sword.

Then Yoo-Jung felt a little better and then looked at me with a smile. She laughed with blood on her body, I could feel that the members of the party were stepping back.

“Oppa. I did good, right?”

“….. yes. Good job.”

“He he. I got praised.”

I praised Yoo-Jung in an unusual manner. Typically, she was a close-up female novice player who couldn’t adapt to things in a short time. There are more women like this in the modern world, they were treated as princesses. Women who couldn’t kill an animal, but when their live is on line they don’t hesitate to kill even a huge monster. A completed player from the players academy.

However, while I was in thoughts, Yoo-Jung looked at me and laughed a big laugh. I was worried because I shouldn’t be liking this because I saw that the blood was all over her body. This was huge…. I felt a little nervous, but she looked so beautiful to me now. I lifted my hand and slightly touched her.

I wiped away the blood near her eye, Yoo-Jung looked at me for a moment and then close her eyes again, as if she was enjoying the moment.

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