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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 94 - Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome ( 4 )

Chapter 94 - Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome ( 4 )

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94. Awesome, Awesome. And Much More Awesome ( 4 )

“When we first entered the institute, I said that this was a laboratory for human experimentation. This is true….. but I don’t know how to say this.”

“There must be some cruel things that you are not able to say.”

Vivian nodded her head and sighed.

“Yes. But not only that….”

She paused for a moment and lifted the record once. I watched Vivian’s face frown and I was curios to see what were the contents in it.

“The experiments that were conducted…. I don’t think it is just humans.”

“If it wasn’t just humans…. Well. Certainly the monsters that we’ve encountered in the past rooms, the one that didn’t look like humans. Do you mean to say that those animals were also experimented on?”

In that question from Shin Sang Yong, Vivian put down the record on the floor and replied with a no good face.

“It would not have been the case in the beginning. The record I read is diary type report written by someone who used this room. It contains pretty detailed information in this diary, but….”

“So. What are the hell is the content of it? This is frustrating.”

In the meantime, Yoo-Jung screamed with a furious expression. Vivian took a deep breath and uttered in a calm voice.

“I’ll tell you, the first floor that we cleared now, these were all failed experiments.”

“If it is a failure…. I don’t get it. Isn’t it necessary for the 1st floor people to stabilize and secure them as much as they could. But why haven’t they controlled the failures?”

At that sharp question from Jung Ha Yeon, Vivian shrugged. Then I realized that the person who asked the question was Jung Ha Yeon and spoke with a strong accent. Jung Ha Yeon never had a conversation with Vivian since joining the party. No, I didn’t even see them make eye contact. Jung Ha Yeon was intentionally avoiding Vivian. This was the first time that she spoke to Vivian. Vivian was stunned with this and answered.

“That, I don’t know that. I don’t know what the people who were doing this experiment were thinking, apart from knowing that this was weird. However, according to the records I just read, it says that everything we encountered on the first floor are a failure. I don’t know if they were generated differently or whether they turned out because of some kind of condition.”

“If that is about the 1st floor, then what about the second or third floor?”

I asked Vivian with a little urgency in my voice. What was important now, weren’t that they were failure. I wanted to know why the word that I saw, was written in this record. I remember when I first encountered an Asmodian in the Hall Plane in the first round. If something like that happened here….. I felt creeps in my whole body.

“I want to catch the human and ask what experiments they were doing, I want to blame them too, but I can’t do any of it now. However, it seems that there are those who have succeeded to some extent in the second floor rather than failures. But, this isn’t the important things…..”

Is she getting into the mainstream now? Vivian spoke briefly after she took a brief moment of silence.

“They have summoned one of the ancient Asmodians after a 100 sacrifice for an experiment and it was a success. It is on the record. These guys…. They later even tapped into the magic of the Asmodians, who are the most evil.”


The kids who heard the word for the first time, were asking what it was. However, I was able to see the pale of Jung Ha Yeon’s and I was worried. A hundred sacrifices to summon. To summon a super low class Asmodian this could be too many in numbers. If so, if the summoned Asmodians above said were over the low class.

Vivian looked at our reactions and opened her mouth with a cautious voice.

“Yeah. Asmodian. Su-Hyun. Do you know about Asmodians?”

“…… a little. I remember reading about it at player academy library.”

My lifts felt dry. There is a space within the Hall Plane called as Magic Space. It’s entering method is precisely called as a ‘portal’. It is a space where living things such as demon or Amsodians. And some of them are…. Well, they can be seen in contrast to being called as angels.

It could be called a normal demon, or a demon that can be called against the presence of an Angel. However, the later possibility is 0%. Such devils, and angels, can’t get into the Hall Plane directly. The problem was that the demons of the past weren’t ever satisfied.

Ordinary Asmodians created by the demons were very powerful and could go against the angels. The Asmodians are able to reveal themselves to the Hall Plane if a certain conditions were met. However, as the power of it varies, not all can be bought, the more powerful the Asmodian is, the more possibility it has.

However, there was a limit for this, one of which was that to bring an Asmodian there is a basis for the sacrifice. The residents of the institute sacrificed 100 of unmatched ones, and it succeeded. I don’t know much about what it could be, but is it is a Balorg Class devil comes out, I would also have to make some sacrifices.

I suddenly felt the sweat dripping. When I think of the ghost and other creatures of the Hell, hey make me sick, but the devil, it makes my head hurt, and to deal with an Asmodian, I was exhausted.

I forcibly emptied my mind. For the time being, the battle for the players is only happening between the monsters. For the Hell and the Asmodian to enter, there is still a long time to happen. I opened my mouth the voice getting out barely.

“If they sacrificed 100 people…. what kind of force do you think that this guy would be.”

“Humm…. I can assure you that it isn’t the lower class.”

Jung Ha Yeon, who was listening, interrupted with a trembling voice.

“Then…. Intermediate”

“It could be more than that. I don’t know the level of the offer of the sacrifice, so it is impossible to say. But if it based on the human basis, a 100 sacrifices could mean a midterm summon.”

Jung Ha Yeon’s face was horrified. Had she ever met an Asmodian before? She moved a little back and then I opened my mouth.

“Have you ever experienced an Asmodian before?”

Surprised at the voice, Jung Ha Yeon lifted her head with a surprised look. However, I could confirm within a short time…. She nodded her head gently.

“Yes….. a minor tribe accidentally…….”

“How did you all react then?”

Jung Ha Yeon closed her eyes, as if recalling what happened. Before long, she finally opened her eyes and a slow voice came out.

“I don’t remember much. At that time Asmodian was sealed off for some unknown reason. Moreover, the players rushed towards him and attacked him at once. I attacked them with a bunch of magic spells. Of course, the Asmodian at that time wasn’t fully summoned. But they aren’t an opponent to watch.”

“There was also a news that one mid-range Ascendant appeared on the South Continent. Even more surprising one is that, at that time the Intermediate Asmodian was attacked by a single player only. The Asmodians are certainly scary beings, but they are also part of the Hall plane. I don’t know what level it is yet, but you don’t have to be scared.”

Ah ah. You meant her on the South. It was a blonde female player right…. I saw Shin sang Yong look at Jung Ha Yeon while he was connecting to the words of hers. It is only part of the Hall Plane. Don’t know it is a normal Asmodian.

I held my head down and turned back to Vivian once again.

“Su-Hyun. Don’t be worried. I had a bad expression because I hated the summoning of the Asmodians, and I didn’t mean anything else by it. I can win, regardless of whether it was intermediate or inferior. Don’t underestimate Vivian, the ancient alchemist and chimera alchemist.”

“Hmm… thank you. Anyway, we got important information. Good work.”

“he he. No. anyway, what they did in the labs is shameful, but that doesn’t concern us. Wasn’t out purpose just exploring?”


When I accepted it, Vivian spoke out with a bright voice. Someone from beside said “You can summon the masters….” That was strange. But mutually summoned Master who had control was different from the uncontrolled Asmodians.

“So we continue exploring upstairs?”

In her words, I shook my head. Everyone looked at me with surprised faces.

“We will stop exploring anymore for today, we have achieved our first goal, the first floor. It is a little early, but we will camp in this room for today.”

At my firm words, the parties began to look at each other and then their faces turned understanding. Yes. Vivian is right. This was the first place, where I wondered what I was afraid of. I assumed the worst situation without knowing it, but now there was no possibility of that happening.

And even if it happened, and I had confidence to move forward. I activated my player information.

< Player Status >

Name: Kim Su-Hyun ( 0 yrs)

Class: Sword Specialist Master

Affiliated Nation:-


Title. Nationality: Master of Sword. South Korea

Sex: Male ( 24 )

Height. Weight: 181.5cm , 75.0 kg

Alignment: Lawful. Chaos

<Stats ( 12 stats are currently available. )>

1. [ Strength 94 ] [ Resistance 92 ] [ Agility 98 ] [ Vitality 72 ] [ Magic 96 ] [ Luck 88 ]

< Achievement (1) >

Passage Ritual Boss Monster

< Original Ability (1/1) >

Third Eye (Rank S)

< Special Abilities (1/1) >

Advance weapon Mastery ( Rank EX )

< Latent (4/4)> ( 1 point is currently left, but the point has the property to raise the rank, but the point itself isn’t a step up.)

Close combat ( Rank A Plus)

Last Man Standing ( Rank A Plus )

Minds Eye ( Rank A Plus)

Blessing of War (Rank EX)

Firstly, I had the strength that couldn’t be compared now. it wasn’t just about the rise in stats. Other players came to have only one, but I had a bunch of latent, special and unusual abilities. Not only that, but I had the tattoo of the ancient time that was imprinted on my heart, and my mana utilization was increased even more and helps by cleaning all the waste materials inside the body.

And Hwajung. The reason that I managed to live in the first place, in Battle of Atlanta. I had a similar memory that I could recall from the Hell, where it was ordered by a compulsory offering of 1,700 players. I reason I chose the Hwajung was that I was looking for a great merit.

The only fire that could cope with the Hell, was a fire of its same nature.

Even so, even if the Asmodian did correspond to the reward, I had enough self-sufficiency. I’m strong now. I don’t need to get overworked. I was once again filled with the desire to over throw.

Anyway, It would be great for me to stop the summons in the first place, but those weren’t the things I wanted to do. I took a brief sigh and turned off the stats window. I though that it would be good if I could regain my lost stamina before we head out to the second and third floor.

“Oppa. Wanna eat. Rice rice.”



As Yoo-Jung was talking to me, An Hyun responded to her by teasing her, and Yoo-Jung Jumped onto him and grabbed his hands. I nodded and opened my lips after facing everyone. I told them that we would be camping but I hadn’t given them any specific orders yet.

“Lets prepare to camp for now. I’ll step up the camp grounds with mana stones around, and the wizards will install the other magic needed for the camping. And the rest of the kids, prepare something to eat.”

“Oppa. Exception?”

“No exception. Of course, everyone will have to it.”

At my words, Yoo-Jung had a disappointed face and shrunk her shoulders. The people laughed at this for a moment and then they got up to act according to my orders. I took my back pack and silently put my hand in it.

I thought maybe I should use my stats and ability points this time. Listening to Yoo-Jung who was continuously asking something, I quickly pulled out the magic seals into my hand.

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