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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 95 - Come along?

Chapter 95 - Come along?

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95. Come along?

I sat on the cold marble floor and waited for the others to get ready. Of course, I tried to help with the demolition of the camp, but Yoo-Jung and Sol had been doing that and didn’t want me to come in their direction. This was something women do. However, the two, An Hyun and Shin Sang Yong were eating well. And I was able to have a fairly relaxed preparation time.

I pulled out my sword and put it on my thighs. Thring, this sound rang in the room. The sword that I’m using now is the sword that I took in Mule from a regular blacksmith. As a taker of swords, I knew exactly how to handle and keep the sword.

I reflexively folded my hands. I had a habit of burning the tobacco while brushing and dusting my sword. However, there was a mass on it. I was a little worried, and took out the piece of cloth on it again. Later, after finishing the exploration, I wanted to look into this once entering the city.

Expect for the fact the we weren’t moving, it was sunny. Everyone, was cleaning their sleeping bags and clearing away their breakfast. Jung Ha Yeon was folding her sleeping bag in a way a soldier would. On the other hand, An Hyun squeezed his sleeping bag into a rucksack, but he was getting scolded by An Sol for doing that.

I took a leisure look at those scenes and was carefully polishing the blade with the piece of cloth.

“Lea, leader. Are you planning to go up to the second floor today?”

“HuHu. I guess you were nervous, as you stuttered.”

“Ha Ha Ha. No. This is my habit, a habit. I’m not nervous.”

At my joke, Shin Sang Yong laughed shyly, embarrassed. I nodded my head one or twice. Finally, I pushed a piece of cloth wrapped it around the blade with power.

“I plan to go up the 2nd floor.”

“Good, it is a good decision.”


I paused for a moment without talking. They all had round eyes that looked into mine. I put the cloth into its pouch and then put the sword back. I smiled a little and then I spoke out.

“Once we go up to the second floor you might have to fight the monsters that have a difference in the abilities. A summoned lower-level Asmodian who possess the ability of 100 superior humans. If possible, if I can know the 100 sacrificed devotee and their extent, then I can roughly guess the level of the summoned Asmodian.”

“That is great. I , I will tell you another thing. All 100 of them are the best performers.”

“Thank you. I will look into that.”

Yeah. This was the conversation of the crew members of the caravan. The kids were also learning. I looked at the kids with the sense that no one was looking at me. I sighed and looked at Vivian.

She was still rubbing her eyes like she was sleepy. After the early dinner yesterday, she had discussed with Shin Sang Yong about the record and cleared all the questions of him, that was why she seemed to be tired. However, when the battle starts, she would properly get into that mode, that was why I didn’t say anything.

Soon, two to three people were ready for the expedition.

Finally, I saw An Sol tie up her bag and tie to her shoulders. As everyone’s eyes were focused on me, I opened my mouth with a clam voice.

“You have worked hard. I don’t know, but of course, we will have to work much harder in the future.”


“We cleared to first floor of the lab yesterday. And today, the goal is to clear the 2nd floor and then move onto the third.”


There was no answer from the party. But I could read that they were a little uneasy, especially An Sol, so I added a few more words. but before I opened my mouth, I stared at the bright sunlight that was coming through the window on the ceiling, and then I spoke out the words.

“Today is very relaxing when compared to that of yesterday, since we start the exploration early in the morning. If we manage to clear up the third floor by the end of today, we can return to Mule by tomorrow in the latest. With the things that we got yesterday and the ones that we might receive in the future we will work hard.”

It was then I was able to see the agility in the eyes of the people. it was also the job of the caravan’s leader to be this way, rather than to just explore. The children who were looking at me with bitter expression, were now looking at me with sparkling eyes. I immediately turned my body and spoke.

“The stairs are on the north and east side. There is a total of two, one in each different direction. We don’t need to go far, we will use the east stairs.”

Hence, we stepped forward to stairway leading upstairs. As we stepped up, the old staircase sounded like it was crumbling. All of the members of the party started to climb onto it slowly and carefully.

The stairs were longer than I expected them to be. Moreover, as we climbed up to the top the stairs were in a spiral manner. As we climbed the narrow stairs, there weren’t any words for while, then we stopped in front of the door that was leading to the second floor. It was at that moment that I opened the door.

“Mr. Su-Hyun. Wait a moment.”

The player who stopped me from doing it was none other than Jung Ha Yeon. Looked at her with eyes full of doubt, Jung Ha Yeon asked An Sol to order a protection. And I realized her nervousness. I threw a faint smile. Her meticulousness once again, she demonstrated it once again.


An Sol pointed her staff at me and I saw a translucent globe wrap itself around me. Looking at this, Jung Ha Yeon quickly ordered another spell with both her hands. It was double casting.

“Reflect Shield!”

Jung Ha Yeon opened her mouth once again, and her voice came out again.

“Target protection orders. Overlap!”

As soon as Jung Ha Yeon finished the spell, a reflective shield appeared in front of me, and then I saw chunks of water around me, which evaporated and then turned into protective spears all around the shield. The globe shone in bright light, and seeing this the kids were all wowing. I also stared at her with admirable eyes. I didn’t realize that she could give out orders that were this perfect. She was a secondary level magic player, but she did very high level of magic application.


“The place where we are right now are the stairs, and if a monster comes out right in front of us, it could be dangerous. I’m just preparing for the worst, it osnt that I don’t believe in your ability Mr. Su-Hyun.”

At the words of Jung Ha Yeon I just put up a very modest smile as a response. Anyway, I had the duty of getting into the door, before this magic effect disappeared. The kids weren’t talking, their eyes were on the door, to make sure that there wasn’t any monster that would pop out.

“From now on, the caravans second floor exploration will commence. Everyone, Hold on tight and lets go.”

I spoke in a calm voice and opened the doors handle, and the door opened wide. And as soon as I opened a huge monster that we were anticipating didn’t come out. There was just a small space. The moment I walked in, after putting one foot in, I heard a low sound of someone tapping their tongue from behind.



These people. If I could what I wanted, then I would have pushed in the party member inside by force. The party looked at me as they entered inside by following me. I had a sensation so I quickly activated the third eye.

“Humm….. I’m nervous.”

Sol who was worried, came and held my hand with a frown on her face. Compared to the first floor, this one had a malicious feel to it. Anyway, it seemed like the summoning of the Asmodians was a very successful one indeed. I thought of pulling out the heart of the Asmodian and feed it to the kids. Well they were just my thought though, and not to be meant to be heard by the others.

The size of the second floor was similar to that of the first floor, but its structure was completely different. The first floor was divided into four corners, the north, south, east and west. And the rooms were arranged in a passages like manner, the second floor was just cut in half.

Two gateways separated by one passage that went through the middle. I took a look at the space that we were standing in. the space structure was fairly simple. There were many unknown things that were piled up here over the time, and it was a hall that was square. And this room also had a door on its sides, for the passage. in other words, the room had three doors leading to the passages.

“Well. It had a different structure than the first floor. In some ways, this second floor could be simpler.”

“On the surface yes, but thinking about it, we will probably have a fewer successes than we usually have. I’m so out of my mind.”

I could here Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yen talking in the back.

“Hyung. What are we going to do now?”


“Do we just open all the exists? Just go into the next room…”

“Next room? How do you know if there is a stairway leading to the third floor in the opposite side?”

At my words, An Hyun immediately shut his mouth. However, I expected that there would be no stairs that we could take from the place that we were now. Nevertheless, there was a reason as to why we searched all the rooms. It was because I desired to make An Hyun as a Lance maker.

I don’t know about the others, but right now he had the highest loyalty towards me. and regarding the loyalty of An Sol, well, she always displayed subtle emotions which were complicated for me to understand, I couldn’t figure it out even if I was given 10 years to do it. An Sol’s behavior couldn’t be understood so easily.

I thought that maybe she looked at m like an uncle, I had a blank face at that thought. I opened my mouth after I saw the An Hyun was staring at me.

“Maybe we can complete the next kevel faster than I thought. Once we one the door in the space, we will go over to the passage and into the next area.”

“Uh…There are a lot of stuff on the floor. It is uncomfortable to walk”

“Be careful, Maybe there are pieces of bones.”

“Oh my, Oh my, that’s so scary. Iing.”

At the aegyo of Yoo-Jung, all the members of the party were uncomfortable. As I moved forward, An Hyun began to moved behind me, but her had a sorrow expression on his face that I didn’t have any idea about.

However, I was very generous up till here. I made sure that he atmosphere wasn’t too nervous. And when An Hyun an Yoo-Jung kept on fighting, I looked over them very sternly and both of them went dumb. Keeping this atmosphere quiet again, I moved to the door on the left side wall from the direction that we ascended.

I said that there were only three doors, but those doors had enormous pressure on us. Despite seeing from quite a distance, the iron gate seemed usual and the windows on its side too. W all held onto out weapons and moved into the direction of that door.

We walked a little faster, we were able to reach the front door with our goal in 15 minutes. During that walk the translucent globe that surrounded itself around me after the spells of An Sol and Jung Ha Yeon, was getting dim. I looked at all the direction and spoke out quietly.

“I’m opening the right away. All of you should be ready.”

“Hyung. This door seems to be very hot and burdensome…. It seems to be tough to be handled by one.”

“No. It’s possible by one. So don’t be worried and be ready.”

At my determined voice An Hyun just silently stepped back, but his eyes were round as if he was shocked.

As I decided to fight with the possible Asmodians in there, I needed to find back the old wildness that I used to have. And though the party members who were following me were a little worried, I reached out to the big handle of the door that was in front of me. from the inside of the door an unusual aura could be felt.

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