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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 96 - Come Along? (2)

Chapter 96 - Come Along? (2)

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96. Come Along? (2)

When I opened the door, I saw a strange smoke come out of the room. At the same time a small cry came to our ears.


The voice was of the malice that couldn’t be hidden.

After taking a step inside, I and the members as we entered and as it was small we forgot what we wanted to say and were just staring. No, we didn’t forget because it was a small room. We couldn’t fit inside the room due to its size. The problem wasn’t that, the problem was that due to the presence of the monster standing up straight in the room, there wasn’t any space.

A huge body that touched the high ceiling. The upper body was in the shape of a human being. At first glance, it was completely covered with muscles, and skin seemed more of steel rather than a soft human skin. And when I looked at the lower body, I could see the long body, but not the two legs of the human being.

The upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

“Giant…? No, it couldn’t be. Mystical beings on the Hall Plane, why…..”

I quickly activated the third eye. Then I read the information of the monster in front of me and I was astonished. What did the residents of the Hall Plane do in the past? No, this meant that this was not enough for them to make a sacrifice. If this monster is not suitable for sacrifice, what kind of demon is on third floor?



I looked up at the giant in front of my eyes, and the party with their hollow faces. For a while, we just looked at it, and soon we saw the Gigas mouth rise a little. He was laughing at us. And at that moment I could feel a desire burn in my eyes. Dare, a monster laugh at me?

Seeing this the Gigas took a step back. I chewed on my lip and opened my mouth quickly after watching the people behind me.

“Vivian. Keeper.”

“What, what?”

Vivian raised her eyes which were round. The same was the true for the other members in the party. At first sight, Vivian was the best one in the party to go against the monster that is pretending to be strong.

The keeper will take the role of defeating in this battle, and the priest and wizards of the party will take the role of guarding. Of course, I usually entered the combat with the kids in the unavoidable situations, and the keeper had the role of taking lead into an original expeditions. Of course, is was possible for a wizard to help from the long distance, and it is strange to put a wizard into the position of a keeper.

The guy in front of you looks like a giant on the surface, but it is nothing more than an experiment. It is a giant-basilisk. It don’t know how much its strength is, but it can be considered as a human that was created by a human. Don’t forget that the person in front of you is less than the 100 sacrificed one.

“Even, even then……”

I saw the stuttering, but I firmly communicated my opinion. To be honest the giants upper body and the basilisk is very powerful. I couldn’t even dare judge how much power it would bring if the both of them were combined like this. I did deal with both of them individually, but this would be the first time that I go against this unified creature. So I had to be very curious and make the best choices.

“As soon as the Gigas moves, the magicians and the priests are expected to step away from the battle in all direct approaches. Please only support us from the secondary position. An Hyun and Yoo-Jung. This time it will be Freeroll. I will go in front of you, and you will take on the role of assisting me from the back. The priority is to be avoided from being attacked by it, and focus of quick reflexes. I need all of you to be able to help me.”

I talked to the people of the party to cut of their hesitation. At the end of the battle strategy the faces of the kids turned white. When I turned away from them, I heard the urgent voice of Jung Ha Yeon from behind.

“Mr. Su Hyun I would rather create a square pattern….”

“This is better than square pattern.”


“There is no time to explain anymore. It is better to do what I said.”


As soon as I finished, the Gigas moved. The huge snakes torso moved and it slides its way towards us. There was no time. In the meantime, however, Jung Ha Yeon was still debating on what I said.

Maybe she can understand what I said. Now, the Gigas moved toward the caravan and its strength was perfectly on par with the composition of members, and its power rose as it came close. And if now moved in a square formation towards it, it would be of no use, it would be a dumb response to do it.

Of course, the things I said had no problems. On the other hand, my point was made very simply. In other words, if we stop the Gigias from the front itself, all the problems could be solved. I could see Jung Ha Yeon was able to realize it, I could see it in her eyes. This time I saw that she had a worrying light on her face, and I immediately sprang forward towards it.

The kids hesitated to rush out there, but then followed me. I would have been disappointed if the kids didn’t run behind me, but they couldn’t leave their oppa or hyung alone. While I went on going forward I smiled at their action.

The distance between the Giags and me was decreasing and I saw hat he was using his right hand. Did he want to shoot me down? I responded to it and I brought out my sword. I thought that I could kill with the first strike itself.

At that moment a message came up in the air.

[Latent, close combat ( Rank A Plus ) is activated. The close combat is already beyond the limit than those who normally handle with weapons. Rank Decision A+. it can be said that you have achieved the highest peak of the ability that can be acquired by a human. It is not possible for this ability to be over crossed.]


Jung Ha Yeon looked forward with a firm face. In her head, a conversation that she had with Kim Su-Hyun had come up.

‘Mr. Su-Hyun! I would rather construct a square patter….’

‘This is better than square pattern’


‘There is no time to explain anymore. It is better to do what I say.’

Ha Yeon chewed on her lips. He wasn’t a reckless person. Though he didn’t act like what he always does, his commanding ability was unmatched now. This doesn’t make much sense either, as he always responded with a calm and logical manner. Veterans who have spent years on this Hall Plane wouldn’t be able to command with that much sense.

This was the first thing that she couldn’t understand. No, she understood. And she was able to guess what he was looking for. And she followed Kim Su-Hyun’s words. She thought it was better to take a step back from the battle. That was said, but the last words that Kim Su-Hyun said.

‘If you are confident that you won’t get in the way of the battle, then go ahead and try it.’

“If it doesn’t work, it will be a distraction, so I’ll stay tuned….”

As soon as she muttered this t herself. A sharp scream came out from the side.

“Khyaaahhh! Oppa! Oppaaaa! Don’t!!”

She was surprised at the scream and saw the scene where Player Kim Su-Hyun, called out the Gigas to his front to confront it. She closed her mouth with both her hands unknowingly. She though that there could be something else, but couldn’t it be……


Even before her thoughts could get over. The distance between them reduced completely, and the moment they hit each other, and huge sound came around and it sounded everywhere.

“Co, come on, prepare the orders!”

“Doing it! Oppa and Unnie don’t stay still and help…..?”

An Sol spoke out in a different tone than usual, but she stopped in the middle. At the same time, her lips spread out even more. Following her gaze everyone turned towards that direction. As soon as all the members gazed at that scene where the battle was taking place, all the spectators spoke out the same words.

“Doesn’t ……. Make sense.”

A literally ridiculous scene happened in front of them. Between the Player Kim Su-Hyun and the Gigas, the player dominated. The Gigas backed away with a single blow.

While everyone was looking at this unbelievable scene with shocked faces, Vivian was quietly reciting her spell. She wasn’t much surprised as the other members of the party were as she had seen this angle of Su-Hyun the other day. And since she already knew about it, Vivian who completed memorizing her spell opened her mouth and her sweet voice came out.

“Come! Im Freeson! 49th legion’s redeemer of Steel, and ruler!”

When Vivian’s voice was heard, Shin Sang Yong, An Sol and Jung Ha Yeon who were blank looked up at her face. As a result, Vivian is a keeper, but she was also the one Su-Hyun needed. They watched as the creature rose from the magic circle and was launching the chains according to the orders from Vivian, and Ha Yeon also decided that she would participate in the battle. The thought of not being able to work her fingers dominated her mind.

‘What kind of magic would be a problem…’

Numerous orders came up to the mind of Ha Yeon, and most of them resided. But one particular order didn’t reside, it was stuck in her head. Ha Yeon confirmed it after seeing the faces of An Sol and Shin Sang Yong. Her eyes changed.

“Miss An Sol.”

“Huh, yes?”

“Prepare a bondage order. And Mr. Shin Sang Yong.”

If it was the voice of others they would have declined, but this was the order coming from Ha Yeon, so they had seemingly accepted it. And Soon Shin Sang Yong, he nodded his head.


“Do prepare it. Please.”

“If that so…..”

Shin Sang Yong stared at Jung Ha Yeon with a distant face. He as well as the lady were both surely thinking of ‘that’. It wasn’t know if this magic would be possible against a giant or not, and since she was much higher than him, there could be some effect on it. So he just answered with a determined face.

“…… I understand. Then what kind of magic spell?”

“I’ll do the protection series. I’ll let you memorize the water and overlap.”

The conversation between the two was very fast. An Sol couldn’t even follow it, she just nodded her head. She didn’t know what to do. Ha Yeon’s frustration rose up, but she opened her mouth.

“I’ll also assign the target. You can just complete the bondage order and shoot at my signal.”

“You have 3 applications? No matter what. It will be unreasonable.”

“I can do it. But I’m not certain.”

Ha Yeon stopped talking for a moment and turned her gaze to the front. The chain that Vivian shot was wrapping itself around the right arm of the Gigas. Though it wasn’t perfectly restrained due to the resistance from the giant, but it still was enough to earn some time. And player Kim Su-Hyun got ready from the ground and went up in the air wielding his sword.

Those amazing bruises that emerged from the sword could be visible from afar, like a sparks of flame. Like a whip, the squad ran against the huge body of Gigas to bruise up. The Gigas was pulling back with a painful scream. That monster was pushed back by player Kim Su-Hyun. Looking at this Ha Yeon moved towards it.

“Please target the left arm. It will create a gap for a moment. I will bind both the arms.”



Shin Sang Yong closed his eyes and began to memorize the order. An Sol also felt something unbelievable, so without staying still she took out the cane and was memorizing order. Ha Yeon who confirmed it all, went into casting her order with a little difference in the time. She started to spell cast the last, but she was the earliest to memorize it.

“Teeth of Crystal!”

“Burn Flare!”

The spells order was completed in an instant. After a while, she saw that Shin Sang Yong and An Sol also finished casting their orders. Suddenly, there was ice in the hands of Ha Yeon, and glowing fire ball in the hands of Shin Sang Yong. They looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time.

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