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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 97 - Come Along? (3)

Chapter 97 - Come Along? (3)

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97. Come Along? (3)

At the signal of initiation, Shin Sang Yong moved his left hand to the front.

“Magic Square Of Harmony.”

It wasn’t a small scale attack seen in the past, but it was a full-fledged march of the magic harmony. When Shin Sang Yong recited the tree dimensional spell cam up on his left palm. Soon, unlike the previous one in the past, and brilliant wave of magic sprang up from Shin Sang Yong’s hand, and Jung Ha Yeon sent out her casting too.

The spells of fire and ice, which were released at the same time, they were sucked into the magic circle as quickly as a whirlwind. From now on, everything depended on the capacity of Shin Sang Yong. Since the burdensome task was done, the burden on Jung Ha Yeon and An Sol will be reduced for the next.

“____ . ____. _____.”

Shin sang Yong’s sweat didn’t stop now did his mumbling. Seeing this kind of magic with piercing eyes, there will be a need for a great deal of control and arrangement from now on. And it didn’t take that long. Fortunately, his mumbling was answered soon, the complexion of Shin Sang Yong was brightening rapidly.

After a while, the magic that was on top of the magic circle remained in the air in a shape that couldn’t be understood.

The magic that they both created on the magic circle, the ice crystals pointed to the outside, and the flame on top of them. They had a good start. Shin Sang Yong turned his serious face towards Jung Ha Yeon.

Looking at the magic in the air, and the gaze from him, Ha Yeon wiped her lips. It was a combination magic that was their limit, and they have been trying this from a long time. Soon the magic took over, a heavy burden could be felt into their systems. It was still worth it. She looked at the magic for a while, and then she brought out the last of her energy to cast.


Jung Ha Yeon’s pure voice reverberated as she opened her mouth, the magic that they created was once again surrounded with white light. This time it was inversion position of the magic.


Ha Yeon burst out with a strange voice. She felt dizziness in her head because of the mana that was interfering with the magic spell, and not because of the destruction magic. because of the reversal, enormous mana and reflux was flowing into her system.

However, she succeeded in perfecting the reversal spell of magic and preserving it. The magic of Reverse was similar to that of the original, but different at the same time. What was different is that the flames were actually inside the chunks of ice.

An Sol was watching this from side, she looked at the magic that was perfectly imbued and represented. Bu on the other hand, she was anxious. It was because she had to take over the magic soon.

It wasn’t the end just now. Now, even if this was send out as the order, it would be pretty effective, but the opponent had a resistance for magic. The blood the monster possesses had the power to reject the magic. If that was the case, they needed to add more powerful magic to break it.

Ha Yeon held herself and cast the spell once more.

“_____ targeting…. Shackles. Overlap…”

Overlap order can be seen as a kind of applied magic that could be considered to resemble much like the harmony magic. However, this one only takes place within the magic law of harmony. It couldn’t be totally compared as the magic harmony is still one of the higher application orders.

The magic that the two of them created now flew over to the top of An Sol for the creating of bondage orders. The moment the divine spell and the magic hit, the white light gleamed and filled into the surroundings. This processes of multiple magic going in with each other was a beautiful sight.

Anyway, at last the baton was passed onto An Sol, they have been doing great so far, but that couldn’t be said in the case of the last caster. An Sol, couldn’t stand the burden. And Ha Yeon’s sight fell on An Sol.


An Sol was worried, but she was still standing. Currently, An Sol had 86 as magic ability and Jung Ha Yeon had 87 as her magic ability. Of course, the stats weren’t exact for the both. But now wasn’t the time for facts.

An Sol slowly lifted her cane. From the moment she had entered the Hall Plane, this was the first time that she felt such enormous magical power, and it would be a disgrace to not handle it. But Sol was still positive.

‘….. I can match it. I need to do it fast, fast.. How……’

There were only three orders that An Sol could use at the moment, they were bondage, treatment and protection. She could use it, but she didn’t learn the homing order. And she regretted it immediately. But it wasn’t the time for regrets and An Sol knew it. And Ha Yeon who noticed this girl spoke out with a sharp voice.

“It is alright. Shoot it.”

“Bu, But…”

“Shoot. As long as you keep it with you, the reverse will destroy.”

At those words, An Sol gulped and she went cold. She pointed her staff towards the Gigas in the front. Nevertheless, she hesitated for a while and then finally opened her mouth with a trembling voice.


And. After confirming that Sol had fired her order, Ha Yeon prepared another order.


I was in the middle of the air, and I came back onto the ground by landing lightly. I was ready with my elongated swords, and the Gigas was in front of me. He was certainly strong. Apart from the giant and the basilisk, the Gigas was a dominant one. This was a guy who made his own achievements.

And he was it. I was convinced of the victory when entered the battle with him, he wasn’t a boss monster. Anyway, before the battle with the devil on the third floor, I though that this would lighten up my body. that was because these guys were strong and big.

Anyway, I was ready to take a leap at it once again in order to finish it. I don not have any idea what the kids were doing, but the body the Gigas was fixated on me, so it’s eyes were only focused on me. And as I directed to the Keeper, but Vivian only retrained a single arm instead of both arms. Even if that was it, it was enough for me to take over the monster.

“I’ll give it a go.”

I muttered to myself and raised the magic. it was at that moment when the sword that I raised high, in order to cut it from the head till its bottom..


From the back came a spell with a huge sound and flew right at the Gigas with an alarming speed. I bent down my knees onto the floor and I paused my act for a moment.

What was it. The mages who were asked to stay back felt some need to memorixe a few spells, but the magic that was coming in this way gives me the feeling that id not want to be hit by it. Id rather not take a chance. Its direction was ambiguous and I thought avoiding would be better, but the magic changed its course and flew towards the left arm of the Gigas.

“Looks like a target specific order.”

Is it a skill of Jung Ha Yeon? It seemed to be a bit of a provocative act, but it seemed to work properly. I decided to wait for a while and smiled at this. I wanted the magic to do its act, but I still a bit curious.

The Gigas ran towards me with a white face with fear of what hit him. I hated such monsters that gave up after an unknown attack. I wanted didn’t want to do it on purpose, but I took the sword up again.

I was able to feel the momentum for a while and the children began to fall back quickly. The children liked what they saw. It would be nice to do this in the usual manner. If they did enter the battle, An Hyun and Yoo-Jung show their own growth every time.

When I stopped the wave of attack. I saw a sign of relief swiftly came onto the face of the monster. But that was a relief that it was going to have before its death. After seeing the magic, I thought o handling it immediately. But I gathered my power slowly under the feet because if I jumped up high then I might have to go though the ceiling, so I had to adjust accordingly.

Before long, the bondage blew with the white light and passed me, and I was able to see it moving in the direction of the left arm of Gigas. But the Gigas didn’t make a move. And I was just regaining my breath.

It seemed to have been twisting its body, but it seemed like Vivian was holding onto him very tightly with the chains on the right arm. And the Gigas who didn’t know that his magic resistance was going to be a complete defeat was just breathing still.

I moved to the side, and the magic flies up in that moment, but it amazes me. it seemed to be a magic that was created based on the magic of harmony of Shin Sang Yong, which was what I expected it to be. I wanted to see more of it, but before I could trigger the 3rd eye. I could see huge masses of ice appearing on the outside clutching the shoulders of the Gigas.

And the sight that followed us was literally spectacular.


The left arm of Gigas, with the order of Sol’s, that was giving out white light. He gnaws at the light in his left arm, his movements became dull. And in that moment.

Kwak! Jojwang!

The ice pricks bobbed Gigas left arm and bobbed the arm up and down. At that moment, the lump of ice spread throughout the arm. I was surprised as the Gigas was shaking his arm vigorously, but the spell still remained because of the spell of Sol, and he couldn’t dispel the magic.

Thus, the magic came, and the last new order seemed to have some from Shin Sang Yong. The ice picks dug into the gigantic flesh of Gigas and served as a channel. Just like injecting the syringe, the air of chlorine trapped in the ice, pushed it into the aisle. In other words, they were putting the magic directly into the body of the giant. This wasn’t bad, this was a vicious way.

Bam! Babang!


At that moment from the left arm of the Gigas a huge explosion could be heard. No matter how much magic resistance one had, there was no way one would be able to handle the magic that was being put directly into the body. The Gigas was shouting loudly. I heard the explosion. The Burn Flare magic. That would hurt like hell.

Before I could take a single step, all this happened in 2 to 3 seconds. I understood the thoughts of all the three people. it would like the it ate up all the magic. and the three spells were visible, but they would have added much more magical power to it. One thing for sure is that An Sol wouldn’t have though of this, maybe Jung Ha Yeon and Shin Sang Yong.

Anyway, this was smart. Their magic was the only thing everyone was looking at. Explosive magic sent into the body to burn the blood in the left arm. And of course, the magic resistance is flowing in the blood itself, so it wouldn’t burn, but it is possible to weaken the magic resistance, that too of the left arm only.

The proof of the this was that, the bondage spell of Sol and the ice magic of Jung Ha Yeon were getting stronger. This is what theses wizards have planned to do in the first place, instead of attacking. They chose to give me a moment when I could attack it directly. So, Vivian succeeded in blocking the right arm, and the remaining three to he left arm.

As soon as both the arms were arrested, the Gigas in front of my eyes, was just like athe food served on the table. This had shown more durability and physical strength compared to guys that I’ve met so far, but this was consuming a lot o time. And if I miss this moment the dignity of the leader will not stand.

I was close to the ground and preparing to jump as hard as I could. I felt a cool breeze. The left arm of it changed so much that it reminded me of mop. Originally I swing my arms to approach it, but not this time. And since it was ice magic, and stupid movement and I could tear of the arms.

There were a lot of emotions on the face of Gigas. Impossibility, agony, astonishment and so on.

I leaped to the ceiling, and the sword to the front helped me descend in a balanced manner. And I bent. From his head I followed the path all the way.

At the moment its eyes met with mine. I went down and fell and so did my sword.

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