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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 98 - Come Along? (4)

Chapter 98 - Come Along? (4)

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98. Come Along? (4)

Using the power while descending, I cu it down from the head even though It was very tough.

Kwadhk. Kwadk. Tuktuktuk.

Since I had infused the magic power while cutting the Gigas down, the body o it which was like a stone split in half coolly with a single swipe. I stood on the floor and watched the Ggas’s body slowly break down from halfway in the air and fall down.


The sound with which the heavy body fell down was really magnificent. There was no monster with such strength that I couldn’t handle. I could see it now that this guy was never the opponent for me, in the first place. However, I did feel grateful for the people who followed my order, though it was slightly different than what I asked.

“Hyung. You’ve worked hard.”

An Hyun patted me on the back. I didn’t have to look this time but I felt like he was patting me with the gloves that I had bought. Since the arms of it were tied up by the mages, I might have had to hit its torso or the tail a few times.

An Hyun opened his mouth with eyes which were sparkling, this was a rare look.

“Hyung, you are really awesome.”

“What. The wizards did well.”

“But still, I didn’t realize that you were going to end this guy in a single shot.”

“It wasn’t a single shot…..”

My words blurred half way. Because the expression that An Hyun had was getting more burdensome, I tried to move away. I could hear the words from the back, which seemed to be from Yoo-Jung but I just ignored it.

The faces of the people in the party were holding an expression of spectacles. It was amazing as to how I handled the guy with a sword. Anyway, it was true that all the members had worked hard.

“It was a great magic of harmony. Thanks to you I was able to get a good opportunity.”

“Ah….. yes…. Player Kim Su-Hyun was also great. HaHa.”

Shin sang Yong replied with a little confused face, but he was unable to hide his flustered expression. It wasn’t just the expression, he had seemed to have changed the title of mine to a fully committed leader.

An Sol sighed being relieved. I tuned my head to see the expression on the kids, there wasn’t anything specifically odd about their expressions. They didn’t have any doubts about me, I was just simple “Great” to them. It wasn’t like I had expected them to have any doubts on me either.

However, it was the case with Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon. In this battle I showed them just a fraction of my strength, which they considered to be more for a 0 year player. In other words, I was informed by them that I was different from an ordinary players who were in the same year.

For a while, I just exchanged gazes with Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon, and then I opened my mouth with a gentle expression.

“You used way too much magic. Is your body alright?”

“It is……fine. But…..”

Jung Ha Yeon who spoke the word “But” stopped speaking for a while. A lot of conflicting thoughts have passed thorough her face. There was a very heavy silence between us and then she chose to speak again.

“…. But because of us, didn’t it feel a little comfortable for you?”

Jung Ha Yeon got her composure back together and replied with the clear voice that she always had. When I heard her words, I forced up a smile. Right. She was definitely a woman who distinguishes a situation differently from Kim Han-Byul. Well I’ll just wait on this for now.

In response to her question that was beyond my expectations, I finally managed to bring up a smile and spoke softly.

“Yeah. Very much.”

“Huhh. Wait till the next fight.”

The members of the party just stayed still and were listening to the conversation between me and Jung Ha Yeon. Shin Sang Yong seemed like he had something to say but, since Jung Ha Yeon didn’t give a break, he just scratched his head.

I decided to take a break for a while. And I wanted to eat freely for a till my body’s content. Both of them were a strong performance target for the clans just like Go Yeon-Ju. There was a strong possibility for both of them to accept it my offer to join a clan, but there were cases that they could refuse the offer.

If they refuse….. should I kill?

No. there would be no need to kill. The enemy was a tricky one, it didn’t appear to be the performances in the first round, there was still a little time to consider it.

And as the party moved to settle, I kept on tapping the floor with my finger. Tuk, tuk.


To conclude, my worries were just a tinge.

After leaving the room of he Gigas, we opened all the remaining doors in the space that we entered. One of them was a Cocatris and the remaining ones were all the herd of dead men.

Difficulty can be ordered like the Gigas, Cocatris and then the herd of death. However, comparing ourselves to yesterday, we have been able to handle the equipment in a much easy and simple manner and the event experience also seemed to have improved. Of course, I was a little aggressive, but I didn’t ignore the experiences that the party was gaining from this.

“What, whatsoever I guess my prediction turned out wrong. I’m sorry.”

Shin Sang Yong apologized to me with a dead voice.

At present, we have passed beyond the path connecting the semi divided space and went to the next space. The number of rooms that were present are three, the same interior as the other one. There was a door right next to the passage in the first space, but that wasn’t the case for this one.

I shook my head and opened my mouth with a very calm voice.

“Fine. Since we weren’t present in those days, it would be impossible to deduce everything about the institute from one single record. And the Gigas seemed like an error, and everything else seemed to go as expected.”


At the warm comfort I just gave them, Shin Sang Yong gave out an awkward laugh. Now the most important thing we will see on the second floor highest leveled monster. When 100 human beings were sacrificed, it could summon a lower-level Asmodian. The level o monsters on the second floor was rugged, but it was obviously higher than the ones on the first floor.

“Uhm. Master.”


“How many Asmodians can be summoned, like the leader said ‘100 monsters similar to the Gigas were sacrificed’?”

“Hmm. That won’t be possible.”

“But still, if.”

At the fuss of Shin Sang Yong, Vivian face showed a sign o discomfort for a moment. However, she just shook her head and then spoke out with a calm voice.

“Like Su-Hyun said, Gigas is a creature of two, basilisk and a giant. Seeing that I think it could be a very highest grade.”


When I asked in a sharpened tone, Vivian just waved her hands.

“I, I don’t know… I.. already told that it was impossible in the first place.”

I turned my head. So this monster could be one of the best.

In terms of the players, they are divided into lower, intermediate, advanced and super class so that it is easy to distinguish, but that was a strict class based society. If it wasn’t the big, then something that was bigger than the peacock may come out. Only one out of the party can make it out of the fight by winning over it. Vivian could put up a good fight, but it was hard to see her win. It was 80% probability that she could lose.

And even if that does come out……

“I think that now is the time to go and explore this space.”

I stood up from my place. I did it because there was a feeling on anxiety that filled between the members of the party. Jung Ha Yeon who had her eyes close, looked up at me when I spoke.

In the meantime, she was still a little uncomfortable, and her skin was awe fully pale. Originally, Jung Ha Yon had a proper control of her abilities and emotions, but in the room of Gigas she came awfully close to looking at god.

And because I could roughly guess the reason I didn’t say anything. Anyway once this expedition will get over there the problem will be to get them into a tie with us.

The group of people who had been sitting for a while, they stood up. Taking the party member I went o the next door that pleased my heart. As I turned, I realized that the rooms in the west and north reacted, but nothing moved in the east.

To open the door in the west direction, we turned to a clockwise position.

During this walk, a heavy silence fell on the people. Everyone had tired faces and that could be seen on their faces. However, every time we cleared a room, the battle with the Asmodians was coming up in the next one.

Also, the fact that there were no rewards of the exploration in the second floor also encouraged such depressing atmosphere to come. Unless there was a turning point that was going to come up to give a new ray of vitality, the more they fought that more heavy their bodies seemed to become. Of course, the goods that we had received on the first floor weren’t less, but a mans greed has no end.

Before long we stepped in front of a massive iron door that took a huge surface.

Before opening the door, I looked at the dull atmosphere in the back. All of them were glancing at my face with a dull expression. I just sighed at this sight and then put my hand on the knob. As it is, I heard a very unpleasant sound, I put in a little more power and opened the door wide.


At the same time as opening the door a cold chill came towards me.


At that moment, translucent sphere surrounded me. Tung, with that sound I could see the source of the spell. An Sol put in the protective spell. I didn’t know when she was preparing in, but I didn’t praise her for it.

This act could actually be praise worthy in other cases, but since An Sol is a priest, this act was a natural to them. The action now wasn’t such a praise worthy one.

“There is a monster. Everyone, be careful.”

After I finished speaking, I took my sword out and prepared myself for another possible attack. However, after the first offence, no other attacks came following it. In the end, I had to get in there.

I took another step inside, I was aiming to look at I, when once again a black light came towards me. I was also prepared this time as soon as it came close I swayed the sword and cut it off, and then secured the safety zone for the members of the party to come in.

After all the members of the party hurried inside I could finally look at the monster that was in front of my eyes. This room was a little darker than the other rooms, but it wasn’t so dark as to be discernible to the naked eye. And the guy who showed up before us….

“It’s a Spirit Knight.”

At my words, Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon frowned at the same time.

“Ha. This lab looks like a collection of magic-resisting monsters.”

I heard the mumbling of Jung Ha Yeon, and I was a bit irritated at it.

There were two horns that were twisted to the middle, and a flame thrower towering on the helmet. The rusty armor had rust marks in a lot of areas. It is difficult to see the human part yet. The other part was covered in with gloves, but the face in the helmet was very small, it was definitely a skull.

The Spirit Knight had a physical attack power, but it also had attacks that were induced with the magic which will be difficult to deal. It had created its own magic resistance, which pretty strong magic resistance. This was why Jung Ha Yeon complained.

As long the facts are considered, it could perform attacks with physical strength, use magic and then have resistance for magic. Of course, the he doesn’t come in the Death Knight so it isn’t a boss monster class. But he was still a worthy opponent.

But. The words that were said, how many of them could be true.

“……. Su-Hyun. Is the Spirit Knight a result of the institute?”

“If the Asmodians were summoned. Then this nothing strange.”

At my clear answer, Vivian frowned. I stared at her for a moment and then turned it away.

“Playing with the soul of a human…. It is unacceptable for an alchemist.”

I followed the voice that came my behind and then stepped a step further inside. However, it would be hard for it to harm us with a simple attack, as we were closing in the distance gradually.


“An Hyun, keeper, Yoo-Jung. Behind me. Sol prepare a bond…. The wizards aid us with secondary spells.. And…”

I turned speechless after a while. I didn’t mention any specific role to anyone, and the only people who didn’t make it into the party were the wizards.

“Don’t overdo stuff.”

After I finished speaking, I rushed towards the Spirit Knight.

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