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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 99 - Su-Hyun’s Madness

Chapter 99 - Su-Hyun’s Madness

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99. Su-Hyun’s Madness


The one in front of me opened his mouth, and it felt like his body was still alive. Yet, I didn’t stop the pace. All most all of the monsters that we have encountered in the second floor so far have all been fakes. I couldn’t let my leisure feeling take over me as this was still a knight. There was a difference between fake. Ah, well except for Gigas.

He too had a built in shield and sword, and his momentum of swinging the sword was not so great. One again, a black light was blooming, when the aura flew to me, it gave me a eerie breath. But at the beginning, the simple attack could not reach me.

If there was the intention for building up the experience points, I would definitely call An Hyun. I felt a little sorry for Yoo-Jung as I chose over her, but I had already decided to end this battle quickly.

Skong! Sarrr…

With the power of the Sword Specialist, I held onto the sword tightly. I could see that the helms of the helmet were burning more.

He and I confronted with each other in the front. I just going to put up the shield but then I frowned.

At that time, I heard a shriek from the back, from Jung Ha Yeon.

“______ Ice Canon!”

Ice Canon is a senior order in the water category. Maybe she was casting it as a shield before I went in. son after, one long ice cone passed, and I could see him darting it with the help of the shield. And.

Pujsk! Puajsk!


The ice cannon of Jung Ha Yeon and the Knights shield both hit each other, and sparks flew, but that was only for a moment. For a while, it was like a tug of war, and the later result was that the Ice cannon was eaten by the shield. The Knight’s shield absorbed the magic of Jung Ha Yeon.

Well, the institute has done very strange things in here. I heard the doubtful voice of Jung Ha Yeon in the back, I moved my feet vigorously, I don’t know what the next move of his was, but first we needed to get rid of the shield.


This time, with the sincere attack from me, the knight couldn’t withstand the power from me and the shield fell down. There was no facial features to him, but I could feel that he was feeling embarrassment from what just happened. I smiled as I saw that that ice cannon was fired into the ceiling from the shield. That seemed to come to this direction. I filled the magic into the sword and then moved it against the chest.


As it touched the chest, he took a step backwards. And catching this opportunity, Yoo-Jung rushed to in front of me and chased towards the knocked down knight.


Sheesh. This time, it wasn’t a sheer coincidence. Not this wasn’t like that. Anyway, the Spirit Knight was pushed backward, his head touched the wall strongly. His grip partially missed the shield as Yoo-Jung immediately removed it, she immediately wielded the dagger. It was a Drum Nanta double fencing which we had seen before.

“Hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat, hat!”

She smiled with a meaning “I don’t understand why you are shielding it” and Yoo-Jung moved her dagger like a storm. Honestly, she didn’t put it like the positions that An Hyun did, but she just randomly wielded it, but here was nothing as nice as hitting a disarmed enemy.

I checked the condition of that guy and just pushed my sword into him and turned around. All the people did nothing at me but look at me with round eyes. Even Vivian who could cast deadly spells, just tilted her head and looked at me.

“Hyu, Hyung.”


“That… no…. that monster still….”

“Hmm? Isn’t it done?”

After I muttered that, I turned my head and I could see the body of the spirit knight was knocked down and was shaking. When he collided, it seemed like the he broke the nucleus of his inner and that was resulting in the shock from the inside.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned back again, then the people standing were looking at Yoo-Jung who was a little farther from their sight. I couldn’t help it. My goal was to raise the experience for the kids quickly, but it looked like the process for the kids to accumulate their experience was beyond my capabilities.

“Yahoo! I knocked it down! Have you seen it An Hyun?”

As if feeling better, Yoo-Jung jumped and cheered shouting out loud. Jung Ha Yeon have a sigh and just looked relieved. However, they didn’t show any other behaviors nor did they talk. But it wasn’t An Hyun.

“This, This is ridiculous!”


Looking at An Hyun who was suddenly complaining, I gazed at him with surprise in my face.



When I asked him with a cold voice, h shouted at me and glared at me.

“This one wasn’t Yoo-Jung’s one! This is what Hyung had done!”

“Hmm…. What so?”

When I said it, An Hyun’s face suddenly brightened. And he turned his gaze towards Yoo-Jung and spoke with a smile.

“See that. Hyung has done it. I proud that I have cleared up this topic.”


I just forgot about the nature of these kids for a while. And this wasn’t the kind of problem to deal with in the moment. I wanted to say it, but I didn’t want to say it a be a bad person, so I just sighed. Jung Ha Yeon had a very complicated look and was switching between me and the kids.

On one hand I wasn’t able to believe the situation that I was in, but on the other hand there was something that I wanted to look into.

“Why do you look so sad?”

“…. It would be hard to raise kids.”

“ha…. Haha.”

When I smiled bitterly, Jung Ha Yeon shed a small smile. And in the meantime, An Hyun and Yoo-jung were still arguing.

“It isn’t? Have you not seen my splendid fencing?”

“Splendid my ass. It was just random wielding.”

“Puf! I don’t go around dancing with a lance like a specific someone.”

No way, was she talking about the time when we were going against the giant in the first floor. At that time An Hyun almost missed his lance, but it was something to laugh about. But, his face flashed red as he had remembered what had happened then.

The two began to speak out to each other again. It was spectacular to hear this occasional swearing.

The atmosphere was slowly changing into an awkward manner. I heard these words before too. I didn’t want to let my pride get the best of me especially when I’m with the players who will stay with me for the coming time. I was frowning at this and I was goin to shout loudly.

“Stop it!”

At that moment, An Sol stepped forward and yelled. At her out burst, both An Hyun and Yoo-Jung shut up that instant. Both of them were shocked at the angry shout from An Sol, as she was always a gentle person. Sol made a face of disgust towards them, but when she looked at me she immediately changed her face I found it cute.

“What are oppa and unnie doing now? Don’t you remember what Su-Hyun oppa had said before?”


As she spoke about me, both of them looked at me and kept on doing that. I wasn’t sure as to what I was supposed to say to them. I just decided to watch this situation as it unfolded itself by just folding my arms. These were the kids who never listened to me when I spoke to them normally, but I felt something different with the kids this time.

“We are exploring now. But if you continue to ruin the atmosphere neither I nor oppa, nor the wizards will be comfortable. Do oppa and unnie want to the caravan leader Su-Hyun oppa to ashamed of out behavior?”

Great. She spoke well. She wasn’t a kid who spoke so well. Was she looking for the right opportunity to speak from the past?

Both of their faces became pale, but I could say that what Sol spoke was right. For a while Yoo-Jung just looked for a moment, and then opened her mouth with a low voice.

“Still…. An Hyun keeps starting the fight first… I also fought hard too….”

As to admit it, Sol just nodded her head steadily. No. but what was it that she trying to admit.

“Okay. That was definitely wrong for Oppa to do it.”

“Yah. It wasn’t like that, it was because she was too proud of herself before.”

“No that is not it. Oppa you responded too insensitively. Is it so difficult for you o praise when she is doing good?”

At the end of Sol’s words. Yoo-Jung’s face turned rough. They were making fun, but now they weren’t even able to intervene into Sol’s words. Now came the. “No, I just tried to make fun of you…..” it was obvious that they would try to blame it on the other.

An Hyun was shocked as Sol refused to hear his side of the story, An Hyun had a blank face.

“Ha. There should be praise. But I can’t do it. No, I won’t do it. I won’t so what?”

“Huh…. Oppa. It is not supposed to be like that.”

Yoo-Jung came forward once again to have a word with Sol.

“It is because I want to praised by oppa. Oppa always praises me, Yoo-Jung unnie is pissed, praise her once, you have never said anything nice to her.”


However, An Hyun was silent. After Sol smiling, a gentle motherly smile, she approached An Hyun and grabbed his hand. An Hyun still didn’t turn his head, but he didn’t shake of her hand either. It was like a mother was comforting her son. The mood of the rest of the group went brighter.

An Sol stroked his head with the other hand and with her innocent face.

“There is a saying that dancing praises whales. If oppa is the dance the Yoo-Jung unnie is obviously… no.”


Sol stopped speaking for a while and a question mark on her face. It was like she realized that there was something wrong with what she said.

As we focused our attention on An Sol’s words, we felt a sense of discomfort that we didn’t realize, and then we realized the stagnation of the discomfort in the room.



Suddenly, a heavy static sat down between the members of the party. I closed my eyes as I about o laugh at this situation with no reason at all. Somehow I did try to calm myself down, but I couldn’t do it. I have been suffering from these kinds of hardships for a long time in my life.

Thuk. Thuk.

Jung ha Yeon opened her eyes and closed her lips hard. However, the sound seemed to have come from her closed lips. Shin Sang Yong was also in the same situation with his mouth closing slowly. Only Vivian, she shook her head, but Yoo-jung Wasn’t so patient to begin with.


“…Hmm. I was confused for a moment.”


“Hmm. Anyway Unnie.”

“Puahahah, ahahah!”

In the end, Yoo-Jung couldn’t bear it and bust out laughing. An Sol tried to keep up with the atmosphere, but every time she tried to speak, Yoo-Jung cut her down with her laugh. The other people of the party were trying to hold the atmosphere but Yoo-Jung was laughing like she was about die. Sol’s face went red so she crouched down with a groaning voice.

“It, it was a mistake! Stop, stop laughing at me!”

“Ahha! A little, hahaha! Praise, ah aha ha!”

“Stop, laughing at me!”

Yoo-Jung who laughed and laughed for a while, jumped up from her seat and grabbed both the daggers in her hands. She soon was moving the daggers in both the hands and then was moving her ass. It was a weird dance but then her mouth opened.

“This isn’t a dance. And oppa to praise. Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

Just a word from Yoo-Jung. And. The came out the laughter.

“Kya ahahaha!”

“Ua ah aha ah ahahaha!”

Jung ha Yeon and Shin Sang Yong weren’t able o endure it and then they eventually burst out laughing greatly. And An Hyun too, I could do nothing but laugh. Realizing that I had made a mistake, I dropped the laugh in the very moment. Sol tried to calm herself in the moment, but her face was blushing red, but I can’t stop what was going to come, and then she burst into tears.

“Euah ahng!”

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