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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 100 - Su-Hyun’s Madness ( 2 )

Chapter 100 - Su-Hyun’s Madness ( 2 )

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100. Su-Hyun’s Madness ( 2 )

Thanks to An Sol’s unintended recklessness, the atmosphere of the party brightened. Of course, that person’s face went red and tears were falling down, but what could be done. It was true that everyone laughed. Everyone was able to rest happily and the atmosphere warmed up. I wanted to take a break too, but An Sol came rushing to me and hugged me, so I lost the brake time.

And we resumed the expedition keeping the story of the fallen Spirit Knight behind us.

The other space that was left on the second floor was the haven for the undead. The undead popped out every time we opened the doors of the labs, and every time they came, the eyes of Vivian were burning bright. To be honest, every time I opened the door, I was angry at the staff of the institute for what they did, but I didn’t understand the reason that they chose to do this.

Turning in the clockwise direction, there was a lot of empty space in the other doors. I though that there would be stairway leading to the third floor in the North gate, but I guess my prediction was wrong. Anyway, Sol had rested quite enough in the room of the Spirit Knight, so we moved to the last door of the second floor.

And the moment we had opened the door, it wasn’t the undead that greeted us, but it was the Mummy.

The Mummy itself is difficult to be considered as a tough monster, but he had the ability to regenerate. Although An Hyun and Yoo-Jung cut of the bandages of the Mummy, it regenerated quickly and then threatened the kids constantly. The bandages that I cut seemed to be unable to reproduce, but soon new bandages popped ou from the inside and made it difficult.

In the end, there was only one way. I raised my left hand with the ring.

“Anti Magic.”

The white light from the ring on the left hand was glowing, Jung Ha Yeon had cast an original order.

“Target monster Mummy. Overlap.”

Then , the white light that stretched out from the left hand, moved and penetrated into the bandages that were wrapped around the Mummy. Then the bandages that were covered around the Mummy were glowing in bright white light, it then faded in a quick moment.

I did not learn the advanced spells like ‘Dispel’, but if the situation did arise then I could definitely apply the order. Soon after, the dagger of Yoo-Jung tore into the Mummy, and screams could be heard from it.

An Hyun was still louder with the lance and was attacking its abdomen, and I slashed its throat with my sword to end for once. The Mummy screamed her body and then the body tore down. I shouted cheerfully and then snatched the kids by their backs who were coming to approach me as the dead Mummy fell not much far from me.


The children stomped for a while behind my back, but soon after hey saw the dead Mummy burst and the horrible smell that it gave out, they just closed their mouths. If I had a little more time, then I would’ve flipped over the body of it. Once I checked the Mummy which was now looking like a mop, I let the kids go.

“You’ve worked hard. Miss Jung Ha Yeon’s magical order was really amazing.”

“It was just a minor action compared to the ones who battle in the front. Don’t praise m too much.”

Jung Ha Yeon answered humbly, I just slightly smiled at it, as an indication that I had no hard feelings. On the side, Vivian’s lips were pale and An Sol was blushing. However, now that they knew the capacity of Shin Sang Yong and Jung Ha Yeon, they chose not say anything. It could be said that two wizards were included into the caravan. Especially, the power that Jung Ha Yeon showed in the second floor could be considered equal with that of Vivian’s.

There was a stairway that went to the third floor inside this room. When I was staring at the stairs, Shin Sang Yong approached me and talked.

“Leader. Do you plan to go up to the 3rd floor like this?”

“Yeah. How’s the body condition of the others?”

As I turned my head, the members of the party were all showing me gestures with their hands so show that they were doing fine. However, An Hyun was looking back with a lack of feeling.

“An Hyun.”

“Ha, Yes Hyung. I’m all good.”

When I called out to him, he just nodded his head and answered. I could roughly guess why An Hyun was feeling down.

“Don’t be too sad about the goods that we didn’t get in the second floor. The ones that we have already taken can be considered as a jackpot.”

“Ha…. But Hyung. Don’t you think that we could use the items from the Spirit Knight that we attacked before?”

“No, It is better to leave it alone.”

I was about to say another thing like “Well, try bringing it then?”, but Vivian’s gaze turned towards An Hyun, she shook her head and answered the same thing that I did.

“We shouldn’t call the undead like that…. Anyway, it would be harmful for one player to take the things of another player who had been using it for a while. The weapon that has protected the life of that player, will only threaten yours.”

“Hmm. Master. Can’t we use purification spell?”

“You idiot. Can your body take the toll of the cleansing process of an item with dark attributes? And it is not old, yet it doesn’t have much durability either.”

“Haha. I see. Surely, you are the Master.”

I didn’t say anything and only nodded my head, as I though that it wasn’t entirely true. Despite the explanation that she had given, An Hyun didn’t seem to be convinced and looked at me and just sighed once.

“We have still got the 3rd floor left. Everyone get your strengths up. We are going up right away.”

When I get lance Master, I promised myself that I would give it over to An Hyun so I walked up the stairs that led to the 3rd floor. The party just followed me quietly and moved one after the other.


As I opened the door to the 3rd floor the eyes of the members of the were scanning the space. And despite the long space, we were all desiring to know the horrors of the past. To put it mildly, it was ashes. A space that was literally filled with ash.

In this small space, could a battle have taken place? the group seemed to have lost the words to say, as they watched the pieces and the ashes and the black rusty things that were there.

But there was a valid reason why I lost my words.

The space on the third floor was still and quiet, but there was a faint rustling sound and flint of fire. And at the same time, I saw a chair that was painted with enamel and someone sitting, pounding and screaming.

“These are the humans that I have seen for a long time….”

A young man slowly turned and faced us. The dark blue skin was covered overall. Horns protruding over the forehead. And wings of demon were flapping behind his back. This young ones identity was Asmodian.

All the people who looked at the image of the Asmodian had confirmed its identity. They didn’t know that they would face the Asmodians already. And it was the same with me. I did know that I would meet the Asmodian, but I couldn’t imagine that I would have to fight him at this place.

“I have seen humans for a long time. But no one speaks anything. Ah it is alright.”

It must be. He must be. The arrogant faces and eyes that were looking down on us. And at the end of each sentence he says ‘fine’. How long have I wanted to meet this guy. How many times I wanted to meet this guy, there were many words to say. In the meantime, all the things that I have buried in the back of my mind for twenty years, they were all awakened from my body.

I rubbed my eyes once and looked at him again. This is reality. I just wanted to make sure that this was a reality so I pinched my hands. I felt my heart throbbing and I clutched the sword in my hand. The heavy handle of it never felt so good as today.

“Why aren’t you saying anything. Just say whatever. Long time no see.”

“Mr. Su, Su-Hyun.”


My heart was beating. Every drop of blood in my whole body was burning hot. I felt like my old self, the me that I had lost because living with the kids. I opened my mouth with a raging voice.

“Nice to….. huh….. meet you.”

“Huhu. You are a man of no manners. Well, I was the one who asked you to speak. I can put you on your knees and show it as an example. A lower man.”

Crazy Bastard.

“This body belongs to the proud Asmodian Belpegor who has the status of a count for the majesty. I say again. Get down.”

“Ah, Noisy. Anyway if you’re a count….. it is a trouble.”

Vivian frowned and muttered. The evil Belpegor of laziness. This guy can be considered as a higher demon. Although he cannot be the highest grade, but it can be said that power which he posses is that of a person who could be the highest grade player. He had his own way to rise.

“If you are aware, be careful of the words and the action that you do. Hm…. I am a devil of idleness, but I wasn’t want to be trapped because I didn’t want to go anywhere. As long as I consider you as humans, I will give you a special case of mercy.”

Listening to him speak, all the party members became uncomfortable.

I hate demons (Asmodians). They are more arrogant than anyone else, they are the slyest among all the ones. For reaching their desires, they chose any method and means to reach it. And they are powerful in their numbers. And because of their mean form of work, I lost someone precious to me. and Belpegor….

“Don’t talk rubbish. I’ll kill you. Crazy bastard.”

< In that moment >, he provided the beginning for it. The moment I saw Belpegor here, I felt a question that had been troubling me. I was surprising enough to find the Belpegor in this Institute of Ruins, and the process is still unknown. However, I seemed to have an idea as to how one of the things in here were done.

Whenever I think about it, I get angry once gain. I smiled and then lifted my sword. I felt that some of the eyes turned towards me because of my heated reaction. But it didn’t matter to me. The most important thing for me is to get the most out of this guy.

I won in the first round skill, but there was no guarantee that I would win once gain. Above all, he is a Master of evil. But I wasn’t afraid of him. No, I felt joy in this situation.

Belpegor looked at me and an interesting smile rose on his face, and then he opened his mouth in a polite tone.

“Humans are fun too. HaHa. I have decided. I’ll write you my chair.”

“That’s your wish.”

“Human, you similar to that of an insect, you are just terrible. However, I am filled with compassion. Mortal beings anyway… if you chose to apologize right now, I will only kill that one fine man. Of course, you others should support me for the rest of your life.”

“Is that so? What about the female humans?”

When I asked that, Belpegor responded.

“That is a definite thing. I wonder, they don’t get to serve this great man. He goddamn human beings who used to be here in the past were like insects and never went out of here. It was pretty boring because of that, but the women were nice in here. Everyone looked the best, I was very satisfied.”

When the members heard him, all their faces, especially the ones of the female players were distorted. I checked their faces once and then I opened my mouth with a ridiculous tone.

“I don’t think that they want to serve you, like ever.”

“Still ignorant. Don’t worry. My stuff is thick enough and long enough to satisfy them. The female humans are the greatest ones of the majesty. They must know that they serve the Belpegor.”


“I told you to b careful. Do you hate to take the role of the chair, though you’ll be alive? kneel down now and I’ll think about an otherwise.”

“There is no need to listen to him anymore. Everybody be ready for battle.”

At my words, the party members took out the weapons. Belpegor looked down at us with his arrogant face and opened his mouth with a dull face.

“Humans have a tendency to talk before performance….. annoying.”

Once he was done talking, I saw a dark blue flame rise in front of the body. I was one of the powers the Asmodians had. And of course, the fire was falling down farther from him. well, the fire was powerful enough by itself.

“It was nice when I was summoned in here the first. But the offerings were scarce. They did make things to put for me but…….”

“Then it sounds like you aren’t in you full capability. Nice. This is going t be easier.”

At my words, Belpegor turned a blind eye.

“Keke. Yes, You’re right, human. The power that I have today is just 70% of my original one. You look like someone who knows this. However. ”

He paused for a moment and then made a sound with his finger. At the same time, I could see the dark flames blooming in front of him and were rushing towards him. Soon Belpegor finished his words while laughing.

“You are annoying. This is all human that you see. You’ll be turned into a handful of ashes in front of the great Asmodian. You’ll be in pain! Ha Ha ha ha ha!”

Watching the fire come at me, I slowly awakened the power of Hwajung. Soon after it, the hotness grew all over my body and I gripped the sword tightly.

And, seeing me do this a smile made its way onto to the mout of Belpegor.

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